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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 27



The last day of April, morning. There was a drizzle outside and it was a bit cool.

Hong-Nin headquarter city, a quiet, ancient-styled pagoda in the elite training camp.

Jiang Fang, who was wearing white clothes, sat cross legged in the training room. She breathed in and out deeply and slowly. In the process, Jiang Fang started sweating from every part of her body and her skin was slightly red. Suddenly, a long flute sound rang, causing Jiang Fang to open her eyes.

’’Who would call at this time?’’ Jiang Fang got up with confusion and walked bare footed across the training room, towards her cell phone in the corner.

She looked at the name displayed on the cell phone.

Jiang Fang's face changed and immediately changed her attitude by quite a bit: ’’Investigator Wang!’’

’’Jiang Fang, go contact your student Luo Feng and bring him to me’’ a slightly hoarse sound carried out from the cell phone.

’’Yes’’ replied Jiang Fang.

After hanging up, Jiang Fang let out a smile: ’’Like I thought, the higher ups are going to find Luo Feng. Well yeah, we haven't seen a student that charged into the top 100 in his first month for eight years already, and Luo Feng's #68’’. The summons from the higher ups were entirely in her predictions. After that, Jiang Fang dialed Luo Feng's phone number.


This person is currently busy.


’’How come he's not picking up’’ Jiang Fang frowned and put her cell phone away. She changed clothes and started to walk towards Luo Feng's place.


Jiang-Nan pagoda, in Luo Feng's underground training room.

Luo Feng was shirtless and barefooted;he was only wearing long pants. At this time, he was completely drenched in sweat and his hair was completely wet.

’’CHOP!’’ In this five meter long and wide underground training room, Luo Feng's feet moved and charged forward like lightning. At the same time, he chopped with his bare right hand. ’’CHI’’ The air made a paper tearing-like sound which was followed by a sonic boom. And after chopping with his right hand, Luo Feng used the momentum to take a step back.

Luo Feng's spiritual force clearly felt his chop splitting the air like water, which caused a powerful sonic boom.

His hand was like a real blade and each chop surpassed the speed of sound.

In this alloyed training room, Luo Feng's figure was sometimes blurry and sometimes clear. Each of his steps were astonishingly fast and his hand attacked the air like a real blade. Each and every one of his attacks were exploding with 2.8x their original force.

After punching a thousand times, your technique becomes natural.

This is one of the phrases that Jiang Fang has said. Jiang Fang said that whether blade technique, technique, etc. the only way to improve is by practicing over and over again. If you just sit there and think, you won't improve no matter how much thinking you do.

Want to improve your technique?


Want to improve your blade technique?


Want to improve your fist strength level?


Use your brain while practicing again and again over a long period of time. Only by doing this will you improve!


Jiang Fang, who was wearing a black, loose training uniform made out of silk, held an umbrella as she arrived at Jiang-Nan pagoda.

’’Luo Feng!’’ yelled Jiang Fang right when she arrived at the courtyard of Jiang-Nan pagoda.

A young girl with an umbrella in hand jumped off the second floor of the neighboring pagoda;she was precisely Zhao Ruo. Zhao Ruo giggled: ’’Teacher Jiang Fang, if you want to find Luo Feng, you could've just called. No need to personally come’’


In Luo Feng's pagoda, a shadow appeared on the first floor and flew up the stairs: ’’Teacher, I'll be down in a moment’’

Zhao Ruo and Jiang Fang froze.

Both of them were experts with amazing vision. Of course they saw that Luo Feng was barefooted and only had long pants on.

’’He sure is hard working;his body is drenched in sweat’’ praised Zhao Ruo, ’’His body is quite nice too, right teacher?’’

’’You little girl’’ laughed Jiang fang.

She actually got teased by this Zhao Ruo.

Zhao RUo made a funny face and giggled.

’’Where's Shi Jiang, he's not here?’’ asked Jiang Fang.

’’Senior Shi Jiang went to the Nine Grand Floors this morning. Unlike us, he gets a ton of time in the training room and archaeological gravity room’’ Zhao Ruo shook her head and purposefully sighed, ’’How sad. In one or two years, Luo Feng will probably charge into the top 10. When compared to them, I'm so pitiful!’’

Jiang Fang laughed: ’’If you want to improve, then you better start thinking’’

At this time, Luo Feng, wearing a casual outfit, charged downstairs with an umbrella in hand: ’’Teacher’’

’’Come with me’’ said Jiang Fang.

Luo Feng obediently held his umbrella and left Jiang-Nan pagoda with Jiang Fang.

Walking in a fog filled training camp had a different taste to it.

Jiang Fang glanced at Luo Feng and smiled: ’’Luo Feng, investigator Wang wants to see you’’

’’Investigator?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

Investigator: That's the title of the absolute top of the Dojo of Limits. Rumors say that the head and the five big investigators make all the decisions in the Dojo of Limits! As the strongest fighter on earth, the head can't involve himself with many things, which is where the five big investigators come into play.

’’I told you last time that the higher ups want to meet you, didn't I?’’ laughed Jiang Fang.

’’Teacher, what should I be aware of when meeting this investigator?’’ Luo Feng was a bit nervous.

He's an investigator after all!

An existence standing at the peak of humanity with extraordinary strength. Luo Feng has only took a glance of 'Zhu Xi' from far away back at wargod Xu Gang's memorial. At that time, all the big figures from the government and wargods were all extremely polite to him.

’’Don't worry, you're not going to beg him for anything. And the Dojo is the one that wants to recruit you’’ Jiang Fang lightly described, ’’So, don't be too nervous. I believe that when investigator Wang sees you, even if he doesn't smile, he won't be acting like investigators usually do’’

’’You just have to watch your attitude a bit and don't get cocky. Just treat him like you would treat a senior or a teacher’’ said Jiang Fang.

’’Oh’’ nodded Luo Feng.

As he followed Jiang Fang, he quickly arrived at the wargod teachers' residential area. While there, he discovered a seemingly normal, quiet villa. This villa had a Tang dynasty style to it. The only thing particularly different about this villa when compared to the other wargods' villas was...... it took up a bit more space.

’’Teacher Jiang Fang, Mr. Investigator is currently waiting for you and student Luo Feng’’ at the gate of the villa, an old butler smiled as he said that.

After entering through the gate.

Luo Feng glanced and saw three women currently chatting in the lobby of the villa.

’’Hey, it's Jiang’’ one of the women that had nice skin and gave off an aristocratic aura smiled, ’’Old Wang is waiting in the guest room upstairs. Old Wang just said..... let that Luo Feng kid go up alone. Jiang, come and chat with us. We can play mahjong later?’’

’’Yea Jiang, don't just train all the time’’ said another woman.

These types of women are usually the family of wargod teachers.

’’You go up first’’ said Jiang Fang.


Luo Feng went up the stairs alone. When he arrived at the second floor, he smelled a faint, yet relaxing, smell of tea. Following the smell, he easily arrived at the guest room's door.

The door was left open.

’’Come in’’ a hoarse voice rang.

Luo Feng walked into the guest room and instantly saw the only other person in the room a skinny man that was sitting cross legged. He had a moustache and seemed to be around 40 years old. From his looks you could tell that he was quite handsome when he was young. At this moment, this skinny man's eyes were closed and had prayer beads in one hand.

A tea cup was placed on the table in front of him.

’’Mr. Investigator’’ Luo Feng slightly bowed.

The skinny man slightly opened his eyes. As he was being stared at, Luo Feng felt like his body left this world. The guest room was just this simple room, and this skinny man was like the 'spirit' of this room;the pressure he gave off was enough to suffocate Luo Feng.

’’Sit!’’ the skinny man pointed in front of the table.

There weren't any chairs in this room, how does he sit?

Luo Feng could only copy investigator Wang and sit cross legged on the floor.

’’Carefully look through the contract in front of you. If there isn't any problem, sign it’’ said investigator Wang quietly. After that, he closed his eyes again and rubbed his prayer beads.

On the table was a contract that was made up of three papers total.

Luo Feng took and carefully examined them.

Unlike normal contracts, this was an official recruitment contract of the Dojo of Limits. For example, when a regular fighter joins the Dojo of Limits, they receive no salary, just like Luo Feng from the past! Even though they have no salary, the Dojo of Limits doesn't request much from them.

However, this contract was different!

There was authority and money! But there was also responsibility!

’’Five billion chinese dollars a year?’’ Luo Feng slightly frowned. This price wasn't high;in fact, it was quite low.

A beginner level wargod could make this much money in a year.

And Luo Feng is currently treated better than advanced level wargods. None of the other organizations that invited him offered a price lower than 10 billion chinese dollars.


’’According to this contract, only an extremely small amount of people in the Dojo of Limits have a salary?’’ in the contract, there were lots of information about salaries. Even the highest position, the 'investigator', only receives 10 billion a year.

The Dojo of Limits doesn't pay that much.

However, people usually don't join the Dojo of Limits for money!


Luo Feng's eyes flashed when he flipped to the third page.

’’If your battle ability amplifier reaches 12 by August 1, 2057, you will be eligible to receive a Q series battle uniform set, a full collection of weapons, any complete instruction manual, and one portion of dragon blood worth 80 billion’’

’’If your battle ability amplifier reaches 12 within the range of August 1, 2057 January 1st, 2058, you will be eligible to receive a Q series battle uniform set, a full collection of weapons, and a drop of chrysoprase worth 30 billion.

’’If your battle ability amplifier reaches 16 by January 1st, 2060, you will be eligible to receive a SS rank battle uniform set, a full collection of weapons, any three complete instruction manuals, one portion of dragon blood worth 80 billion, and one set of 'Black God' from the archaeological ruins’’

’’If your......’’


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