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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 26



Candace's pagoda, study room.

After taking a shower, Candace sat in front of his notebook, which has long received two video chat invitations. Candace took a glance: one invitation was from the Paulinus family's headquarters while another was from his aunt Venina※Paulinus who was currently living in China.

He pressed 'accept' on his aunt's invitation.

’’Aunt’’ smiled Candace as he yelled.

’’Candace, my precious, how are you?’’ said Venina passionately.

Candace and his aunt were quite close. His parents haven't been on good terms with each other ever since he was little, so they soon divorced. Venina was the one who raised Candace...... to Candace, Venina is more of a mother than an aunt. The only reason he has his current power is because of his aunt's guidance.

’’Baby, it seems like you aren't doing that well?’’ said Venina.

’’Yeah, kind of’’ nodded Candace.

’’Because of Luo Feng, the family isn't very happy about you right now’’ smiled Venina. Candace couldn't help but to curse: ’’I knew those old guys would pick on this. Towards the end of last month, the family asked me to invite Luo Feng. Yeah, I rejected this proposition. But even if I asked, I wouldn't have succeeded anyway;that Luo Feng already rejected every single invitation he received’’

At the end of March, which was when Luo Feng just entered the training camp, the Paulinus family of the HR alliance initially wanted to invite Luo Feng.

However, Candace and William weren't on good terms with Luo Feng, so how could Candace agree to personally inviting Luo Feng?

’’Those guys just want to make a big deal out of everything you do’’ Venina said carelessly, ’’You don't have to worry about that’’

’’All my brothers are staring at my position and are hoping that I make a big mistake so that they can raise their chances of becoming the successor’’ sneered Candace.

The internal struggles in large families like the Paulinus family were quite cruel.

’’Baby, no worries. Your aunt is definitely supporting you’’ smiled Venina, ’’And there are quite a few people in the family supporting you too. You're already in the world's best training camp, so you are performing quite well. No worries baby, once you graduate from the training camp and gain some experience, you'll naturally be able to control the entire family’’

’’Okay’’ nodded Candace.

’’Your ranking is quite high, so keep working at it and try to charge into the top 30 this year’’ encouraged Venina.

’’I will try my best’’ nodded Candace.

Candace's aunt and uncle were his biggest supporters.

’’Your aunt has a request for you’’ Venina's face wasn't looking too good.

’’What request?’’ asked Candace in a confused tone.

Venina sighed: ’’You know that your brother was killed’’

’’Yeah’’ Candace knew about that.

’’I want you to try and pay attention to this Luo Feng while you're at the training camp. If he turns out to be a spirit reader, tell me as soon as possible’’ said Venina. This Luo Feng's performance attracted Venina and Li Yao's attention too, which was why they asked Candace to help.

’’Spirit reader?’’ Candace was astonished, ’’Aunt, you think Luo Feng might be the culprit?’’

Of course Candace knew about the astronomical bounty.

’’If he's a spirit reader, then he's probably the culprit’’ nodded Venina.

’’The possibility of him being a spirit reader isn't too big’’ frowned Candace, ’’However, aunt, don't worry, I'll pay attention to him’’


For the first 28 days of April, competition was intense. However, now that the ranking was set, the students could relax on the last two days.

29th, 8 AM. In a small practicing hall on the second floor of the Nine Grand Floors.



Luo Feng already greeted three other students when entering the practicing hall and now two other students came in. In all, there were six people: four of them were Chinese and two of them were white. And there were three girls out of the six, taking up half the group.

Considering the male to female ratio in the training camp, it's quite astonishing that there were three girls in a group of six.

’’Luo Feng, you actually charged to #68, nice bro!’’ a tall, buff Chinese youth laughed as he gave a thumbs up, ’’Just one word nice’’

An orange haired white girl smiled as she looked at Luo Feng and a bunch of fluent Chinese left her mouth, ’’In the entire training camp, tons of people were talking about you in the cafeteria this morning. In the past, I didn't realize how great you were. I want to learn from you, so can we train together this afternoon?’’

’’Janet, you've set your eyes on Luo Feng?’’ another white girl laughed, ’’Luo Feng, Janet is asking you on a date, don't miss this chance’’

’’So what if I have?’’ frowned Janet.


’’Haha, Luo Feng, hurry up and grab your chance’’ the others were in an uproar. There were very few female students in the training camp and the male students were willing to marry the other female students. Everyone in the elite training camp is basically guaranteed to become a wargod. If two wargods marry, their children's future will be bright.

Luo Feng froze.

The girls from the West were even more bold than the ones from the East. Teacher Jiang Fang had six students total. Since she was Chinese, she usually only accepted Chinese people as her students..... occasionally, she would accept students from other countries or headquarter cities, but typically females only!



Jiang Fang, wearing a purple training uniform, smiled as she walked in from the door, ’’Today's the 29th and all six of you are here. Hm..... Luo Feng, good job, really good job’’

This blade technique class lasted until 10:30.

Everybody left one by one.

’’Luo Feng, wait a bit’’ spoke Jiang Fang. The other five students left, so only Luo Feng and Jiang Fang were in the practice hall.

’’Teacher’’ Luo Feng looked at Jiang Fang with confusion.

Jiang Fang smiled as she looked at Luo Feng;she smiled so much that her eyes became two lines. It truly is a joyful thing for a teacher to be able to teach such a great student. Jiang Fang spoke softly: ’’Luo Feng, you're only 19 years old and yet you were able to charge to #68 in your first month. You also came from a poor background and received no special training...... I can imagine that all the organizations around the world will offer you amazing things’’

’’Yeah’’ nodded Luo Feng.

’’However, your teacher is going to remind you something’’ said Jiang Fang.

’’Please’’ Luo Feng was curious, what would Jiang Fang remind him?

Jiang Fang said: ’’This elite training camp was started by the Dojo of Limits. Even though the HR alliance, the dojos, and all the countries have a deal that they can all fight over the geniuses fairly, the Dojo of Limits won't easily allow them to join other organizations. So I'm also going to ask you to not join another organization and stay with the Dojo of Limits’’

Even though Luo Feng was already a member of the Dojo of Limits.

There's no saying whether or not he'll stay in the Dojo of Limits forever. For example, he has the right to accept another organization's invitation after entering the elite training camp.

’’Why?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’Because the Dojo of Limits will offer you the best conditions’’ smiled Jiang Fang.

’’The best?’’ Luo Feng was curious.

Smaller powers usually offer better conditions to try and get their target to accept.

And the Dojo of Limits has the best offer?

’’Of course’’ nodded Jiang Fang, ’’Because our head is the world's strongest fighter, he obtains the most treasures from the archaeological ruins! Also, the only supplier of the dragon blood in today's market is our head’’

Luo Feng blinked twice.

Listening to what Jiang Fang said.....

The head, 'Hong', is the richest man on earth.

’’Just wait, in around a day or two, the higher ups will probably summon you’’ said Jiang Fang.


Virtual space.

In a large conference room. The floor was silver, the wall was silver, and the gigantic round table was silver! Only the six chairs were pure black, a kind of black that seems as if it could swallow up all other colors. Right now, on the chairs encircling the table......

sat five people in white robes.

The ceiling of the conference room was an infinite, boundless starry sky.

Out of the five white robed men, three of them were Chinese, one of them was white, and one of them was black.

’’Here is Luo Feng's data’’

’’His tower of trials level is 2.9 and his fist strength level is 2.8, so his battle ability amplifier is 8.12, which is 'superior'’’ said a white robed Chinese man. 1-2 is beginner, 2-4 is intermediate, 4-8 is advanced, 8-16 is superior. Luo Feng just stepped into the range of superior.

A white robed black man nodded: ’’His battle score from hunting monsters is comparable to the old students that have been in the training camp for three years already. His battle ability amplifier is superior;even though he just entered that range, it's comparable to the average fourth year student. Combining the two, he's ranked 68’’

’’Investigator Wang, I agree with inviting Luo Feng, but the conditions you're offering.....’’

’’Vladimir, I think my offer isn't high’’

These five white robed men were discussing here.

If some wargods from the Dojo of Limits saw this, they would surely be extremely excited. Because this is the legendary discussion of the highest level the round table conference! Only six people had the right to participate in the round table conference the head, 'Hong', and the five big investigators. The five big investigators were all existences surpassing the wargod level!

The head and the five big investigators make up the highest level of authority in the Dojo of Limits.

Any one of them could make a country tremble in fear.

Usually, the five big investigators hold the round table conference together;the head himself rarely participates. Since the five big investigators are usually spread out around the world, they usually hold this round table conference in the virtual space. Naturally, other wargods have only heard of this round table conference but have never witnessed it.

’’Five investigators!’’ an electronic sound rang.


The five investigators raised their heads towards the sky. From the starry sky above the conference room, five documents floated down and one landed in front of each investigator. The electronic sound continued: ’’This is the head's decision on Luo Feng's matter. If you have any objections, you can report to the head. If there aren't any objections, then carry this decision out’’

’’Any objections’’ asked the electronic sound.

’’No’’ ’’No’’ ’’No’’ ’’No’’ ’’No’’

The five investigators quickly flipped through the documents and swiftly gave their reply.

’’Then, investigator Wang, please execute this decision immediately!’’ said the electronic sound.


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