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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 25



Even during the night, the names on the black dragon sculpture that was around 20 stories high were clear.

And in this moment, the nearly 100 students and some wargod teachers under the black dragon sculpture all looked at that name with astonishment ’’NO. 68 Luo Feng (570403)’’. Everyone knew that it was 11:20 PM right now, which was very close to midnight.

All the students that went out to hunt also returned, which means that the chances of this ranking changing were very, very small.

In other words

It's basically a fact that Luo Feng will be #68 on April's ranking.

’’This is huge!’’

’’Where did this messed up Luo Feng pop out of’’

’’Oh lord!’’

Even the calmest people were stunned by this name: the ranking #68 itself isn't much, but it's different for a student that achieved the rank of #68 in his first month. The significance of this is way greater than an old student that has been in the training camp for 4 or 5 years achieving rank #1!

’’Impossible, #68?’’ disbelief filled Candace's dark eyes.

He didn't want to believe this!

’’Candace’’ whispered William on the side.

’’Bullshit!’’ Candace whispered, ’’From now on, don't mess with this Luo Feng’’

’’Okay’’ nodded William.

’’What bullshit luck’’ cursed Candace. A chink that he disliked achieved #68 in his first month;how could he be happy? But no matter how unhappy he became..... logic told Candace that he was just letting his feelings get the better of him;he didn't have a huge grudge against Luo Feng that he would hold to the death.

He'll just hold in his anger, not mess with Luo Feng, and pretend Luo Feng doesn't exist!

’’This Luo Feng is going to become great’’

’’He sure is’’ said a chubby yellow skinned youth, ’’Only five people in the history of the training camp charged into the top 100, and the most recent case of that was eight years ago. And Luo Feng didn't just simply charge into the top 100, he's #68!’’. Even though 98 and 68 are both in the top 100, the difference between them is gigantic.

Rank 68, compared to rank 98, is definitely way more powerful!

Everyone knew.....

That every country and powerful organization on earth paid attention to talented people. If someone like Luo Feng was ignored, then that would be weird! Luo Feng with his rank 68 is even more important than the person ranked first! Do we even need to explain how he's going to be treated?


In a residential apartment three km away.

’’Holy shit!’’

The eyes of the sturdy man with short, dyed blonde hair widened as he looked at the ranking on the screen. He stared at the name that was rank 68, 'Luo Feng', and widened his eyes even more. As the captain of this squad of informants, he clearly knew all the information about the students here. He knew exactly......

about the significance of Luo Feng achieving rank 68.

’’Hurry, contact the boss!’’ the sturdy man's face was fierce.

’’Captain, it's not even midnight yet’’ giggled a girl wearing revealing clothes.

’’F*king hurry up and contact the boss! RIGHT NOW!!!’’ the sturdy man glared. All of a sudden, the girl that was just giggling realized the weight of the current situation and immediately started to contact their boss.



’’This genius is from China. Contact the general, I want to speak with the general immediately’’



’’He's only 19 years old and came from a normal family;he didn't even receive any special training when he was little’’

’’This Luo Feng is really messed up. Hurry, contact the head!’’ commanded a middle aged Chinese man.


At this moment, all the organizations representing their respective country, major families, mercenaries, etc. in Hong Ning city were all reporting to their superiors after witnessing the latest update in the black dragon ranking in the training camp!

Someone who could place into the top 100 in a month is an absolute genius.

And #68 is even better.

And he's only 19!


For the five great countries and the two powerful dojos, a fighter with a rapidly increasing fitness level are worthy to take note of, but by all means not someone to go out of their way for! For body fitness level, dragon blood and some other goods not revealed to the public......

can all easily strengthen the body!

In other words, you can just use up large amounts of money to increase someone's body fitness level!

However, technique, fist strength level, etc. cannot be improved like that. To improve those, you have to battle, train, and rely on your ’’experience’’ and ’’comprehension’’! In terms of the elite training camp...... 'battle ability amplifier'! Just a bit of your strength can be multiplied several times.

That is skill!

And Luo Feng clearly has a high battle ability amplifier!


Jiang-Nan headquarter city, main city sector.

Female dorms of Jiang-Nan university. One of the 602 rooms was Xu Xin's. In this dorm was a public living room and four smaller rooms. One girl lived in each of the small rooms. A dorm like this in the Jiang-Nan sector is considered quite high class and you have to pay an extremely high amount of rent.

’’Younger sis, I think that young master from the Wang family is pretty good. He's also head over heels for you’’ said an extremely attractive mixed girl. She laughed as she lay on the sofa with a nice, hot cup of coffee in hand.

’’Older sis, sister Xu Xin likes that Luo Feng, so don't talk about that Wang family's young master’’

These four girls, including Xu Xin, were currently gossiping.

’’Don't talk about that anymore’’ frowned Xu Xin.

Xu Xin was clearly unhappy, so the other three girls just laughed and then didn't say anything further. To be able to live in this dormitory shows that their families are special. However, Xu Xin's family is still the best out of all of them.

’’Hm!’’ Xu Xin randomly flipped through an economics textbook. However, her attention wasn't on the book.

Xu Xin was annoyed!

She was annoyed because she's at the age where she can get married already. In this age, many girls marry while they're still college students. Xu Xin is from the Xu family and has a pretty high position. As a result, many people are chasing after her, and quite a few of these people were connected to the Xu family in some way.

Xu Xin has a tough personality but, especially the attitude of her family, there are too many things troubling her.

’’Hm?’’ her phone rang.

’’A call from brother?’’ Xu Xin held her phone with confusion. She entered her room and closed the door before picking up.

Xu Gang's figure appeared on the screen of the cell phone.

’’Brother, what is it?’’ asked Xu Xin in a confused tone.

’’Great news, GREAT NEWS!’’ Xu Gang was smiling brightly on the screen of the cell phone, ’’Hey, sister, your eye for people is really extraordinary...... this Luo Feng did something absolutely amazing’’

Xu Xin was still confused as she asked: ’’What thing? Oh, you mean entering the top 100 of the elite training camp's ranking?’’

’’Not just a simple top 100, but #68!’’ Xu Gang was delighted, ’’This news spread like a hurricane;which HR alliance family doesn't know about this? All the five great countries and headquarter cities know about this too. At least for this moment, every major organization on earth is talking about Luo Feng!’’

Xu Xin didn't hear what Xu Gang said after.

She only knew one thing

Luo Feng is ranked 68.

Xu Xin wasn't a simple, normal girl;she knew a lot. So, she absolutely knew what this rank means!

’’Sister, the family completely approves of the relationship between you and Luo Feng. Not just our parents, but even our grandparents' generation completely approve of you and Luo Feng!’’ Xu Gang smiled as he said that. Naturally, the people who make the decisions in the Xu family are the people in their grandparents' generation.

Xu Xin didn't know whether to curse or to laugh after hearing this: this is what a major family is like!

’’Oh, understood’’ Xu Xin nodded.

’’Damn, not excited at all?’’ laughed Xu Gang.

’’Hehe’’ Xu Xin squeezed out a smile, ’’Happy now, bro?’’

The call was soon finished.

Xu Xin's smile widened: ’’Now there's nothing left to worry about!’’. Since her family completely supports the relationship between her and Luo Feng, Xu Xin can just ignore all of those young masters bothering her. Without the influence of her family, Xu Xin wouldn't even care about those people.

’’The storm is over!’’


Xu Xin sat in front of her notebook and contacted Luo Feng.


Hong-Ning headquarter city, elite training camp.

Luo Feng ran back to his pagoda like a beaten dog after hearing what his seniors Zhao Ruo and Shi Jiang said.

’’Holy shit, I caused such a commotion after charging to rank #68?’’ Luo Feng recalled the moment just now where right when he walked out of the training room and especially out of the Nine Grand Floors..... he was 'attacked on all sides'. Students came to congratulate him and quite a few students representing their respective organizations came to send their invitations.

Invitation after invitation.....

Their conditions were amazingly great!

Virtually all of them offered over 10 billion per year! This is definitely an astronomical price only used when inviting an 'advanced level wargod'. Right now, Luo Feng is enjoying better treatment than an 'advanced level wargod'!

’’Man, that training tower! It kicked me out the virtual space right when my one hour was up’’ Luo Feng sighed, ’’If I could stay in there for just a bit longer, then... hehe’’. Truth be told, Luo Feng's harvest in the tower of trials was immense.

The second floor of the tower of trials was extremely hard!

Initially, Luo Feng had no hope of passing the second floor's B grade exam: in just a short three minutes, he was killed three times! However, on the fourth time, Luo Feng managed to once again step into the state of the 'perfect level technique'. While in that state, Luo Feng coordinated his power and speed.

All of a sudden, he directly passed the B grade exam!

When that happened, Luo Feng's ranking jumped from #98 to #82! Jumped up by 16!

After that, the C grade exam!

When there was half a minute left from his one hour being up, an electronic sound suddenly reminded Luo Feng: 30 seconds remaining! With this reminder, Luo Feng was distracted for a slight moment..... PUCHI! Death! However, he can't just blame the virtual space's reminder, since the C grade exam was too hard.

Just a slight distraction ended up in his death!

However, Luo Feng still managed to receive a tower of trials level of 2.9, since Luo Feng was over half way done with the C grade exam.

When that happened Luo Feng's rank jumped from #82 to #68.

’’I maintained my perfect level technique state for the entire B and C grade exams, which is over 40 minutes. I guess I have finally entered the perfect level’’ Luo Feng was filled with joy inside. His true battle power would definitely multiply if his technique goes up by a level, or else how could he have easily passed the B grade exam and almost pass the C grade exam?


A sound carried over from the notebook;an invitation to video chat.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng walked over and couldn't help but to let out a smile as he sat down, ’’From Xu Xin?’’

He immediately pressed 'accept'.

A video appeared on the screen of his notebook, and it was indeed Xu Xin who was in it.


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