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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 24



Jiang Fang was one of the most famous people in the circle of wargods.

She was born into a poor family around the few years that the Grand Nirvana period was going on. She was quite ill-fated: her husband died to save her in the wilderness. Because of this, Jiang Fang ignored all the power struggles between the organizations and relationships;she merely focused completely on her martial arts. And she actually managed to become someone great.

Nicknamed 'Moon Witch' Jiang Fang.

Her curved blades were god-like. Usually, she didn't like to get into arguments and didn't like the arguments and fights going on between fighters. She would rather be an instructor in the Dojo of Limits. This Jiang Fang has been in the elite training camp for nearly 10 years. Other than studying her blade technique, her only other hobby is

to watch her students become great.

To watch her students surpass the students of the other teachers!

’’Jiang, congratulations’’ said a bald, skinny black man.

’’Luo Feng himself is talented’’ smiled Jiang fang. The white brute with a huge moustache said in accented Chinese: ’’It was because of lady Jiang Fang's teachings. There's a quote in Chinese, what was it again? It was...... great students come from great teachers!’’. In the training camp, there were very few female teachers.

And Jiang Fang had many wargod students, so she had tons of connections. She was also extremely powerful herself and was beautiful.

There were really quite a few wargods that were chasing after her.

’’Luo Feng's out’’

After hearing this, Jiang Fang couldn't help but to turn her head. She saw Luo Feng in a simple casual outfit walk out of the Nine Grand Floors.


After walking out of the Nine Grand Floors, Luo Feng saw teacher Jiang Fang coming from far away. Teacher Jiang Fang was the flower of the training camp;even quite a few male students were chasing after this teacher. Since a wargod's life span is much longer than the average person's, the students didn't mind their 10 or so years of difference in age.


Luo Feng respected Jiang Fang. In this past month, Jiang Fang has helped him a lot.

’’Teacher’’ said Luo Feng respectfully.

’’Not bad, you're #99 now on the black dragon ranking’’ Jiang Fang smiled as she complimented, ’’How did you do in the tower of trials exam?’’

’’I failed the second floor's A grade exam’’ said Luo Feng helplessly.

He already knew that the steel armored scorpions would be hard to deal with, but he didn't know how strong they actually were until he fought them. Each of these scorpions had sharp claws and a phantom-like tail. Even though he improved a lot, he was only able to kill 36 of the 50 steel armored scorpions after doing everything he could. Finally, he was surrounded by the scorpions, dragged under the sand, and then killed.

A steel armored scorpion horde in the desert is really scary.

In the end, his tower of trials level became 2.2.

’’The steel armored scorpions are indeed a pain’’ encouraged Jiang Fang, ’’Keep at it! Right now, you're ranked 99. There's still around two more days until we reach midnight of the 28th. Work hard these two days and try to stay within the top 100. My reputation will increase as a teacher of someone who could charge into the top 100 in his first month’’

Luo Feng smiled.

He'll work hard!


Around 8 PM, private training camp cars came one after another as they drove to the gate of the training camp. The students that went to hunt in the wilderness came in one by one.

’’I heard Luo Feng charged up to #99 in the afternoon?’’

’’I heard that too, Luo Feng sure is doing us Chinese seniors a favor, haha’’

The first thing these students did when they entered the training camp was raise their head towards the black dragon ranking. Because these students handed in their monster materials and received battle points, quite a few of them rose in rank by one or two places. Only an extreme few didn't raise, or even dropped.

’’#101? Luo Feng fell to #101’’

Candace just entered the training camp and heard this phrase. He couldn't help but to let out a smile as he raised his head.


Luo Feng, who was still #99 in the afternoon, was #101 now.

’’The closer it gets to the midnight of the 28th, the harder everyone works. Luo Feng, you want to get into the top 100?’’ Candace sneered, took up his backpack, and headed towards his building.


Dawn of the 27th, Luo Feng left the training camp with 91 other students. When leaving the training camp, Luo Feng found out that his ranking was #102. Clearly, the 91 other students that returned last night caused quite a bit of change in the ranking.

For the entire day of the 27th, Luo Feng hunted monsters.

Only until nearing 10 PM did he return to the training camp.

’’Luo Feng, your harvest today was quite good’’ on the training camp's private car, a worker of the Dojo of Limits collected the materials and put the money in Luo Feng's card. Luo Feng's contribution points rose too...... at the same time, he received battle points for the training camp, ’’Your ranking should be able to raise by a few spots’’

’’Thanks to your blessings’’ smirked Luo Feng.

The main entrance to the training camp.

After getting off the car, he walked as he looked towards the huge black dragon sculpture. All of his attention was focused on the dragon scales. With ease, he found his name

’’NO.98 Luo Feng (570403)’’

’’Charged to #98?’’ Luo Feng smiled and then headed back to Jiang-Nan pagoda.

A group of white youths came and one of them said in fluent English: ’’That Luo Feng is smiling? Even though he's #98 now, it'll be the 28th tomorrow, which means he won't be able to hunt monsters. When the 91 students return from hunting monsters, Luo Feng will probably be squeezed out of the top 100’’

’’Jason, you're making fun of other people? If I recall correctly, you were #179 in your first month?’’


April 28th, 10 PM.

Quite a few students were happily chatting on the floor next to the gigantic black dragon sculpture in the training camp. They worked hard for nearly a month and did everything they could. All they could do now was wait here for the final results.

Outside the training camp, a residential apartment around 3 KM away.

’’Hurry, get all the equipment set up’’

’’All of you hurry up. The boss gave you guys so much money to do this. Doing something like this is like being on vacation! The boss only told us to do a few things, so we better do them as best as we can. Got it?’’ howled a sturdy man with short, dyed blonde hair. The other five people swiftly set up the equipment.

’’Got it’’

’’Captain, we're done’’

On a gigantic screen on the wall of the room appeared a ranking;it was indeed the black dragon ranking.

’’Very good’’ nodded the sturdy man with short, dyed blonde hair nodded, ’’Wait until the ranking to set at midnight. Once that happens, we'll notify the boss right away. Oh yea, the boss told us to especially take notice of our China's Luo Feng’’

’’Got it’’

The rest of the five happily responded.


There were many other informants other than this squad in Hong-Ning city, especially near the training camp, paying attention to the black dragon ranking. Not only were students in the elite training camp paying attention to the ranking at midnight, but also many organizations all over the world.

These organizations have information on every single student on the ranking.


April 28th, 10:18 PM.

Nine Grand Floors training room.


The door to the training room opened. Luo Feng, in a dark green training uniform, was laying on the sofa as he put on the helmet and entered the virtual space once again. On the other sofa was a black girl. In just one or two minutes later, the black girl took off the helmet and opened her eyes. She cursed once or twice before leaving the training room.

No more than one person can enter the tower of trials at the same time!

So when one student enters, another student will leave.

Second floor of the tower of trials.

In the infinite desert, the 50 steel armored scorpions crawled out the sand and surrounded Luo Feng.

’’Today I have one hour to play with you scorpions’’ Luo Feng was full of the will to fight.


The battle instantly began!


The tower of trials exam ends right when you die. That's why when Luo Feng failed last night, his exam was over! However..... other than to take his tower of trials test, as rank 183 in March, Luo Feng had one hour to use the training room and the archaeological gravity room.

And Luo Feng decided to use his training room's one hour from 10:20 PM 11:20 PM on the 28th.

In this one hour, Luo Feng can keep trying even if he fails. No matter how many times he fails, he can retry. However..... once time is up, whether pass or fail, he'll immediately be kicked out of the virtual space.


The 50 steel armored scorpions, whether leaping or burrowing into the sand or charging, came from all directions. Luo Feng was phantom-like and the light from his blade was like a mist from a dream. He destroyed the steel armored scorpions formation and killed them one by one.


The blade's light flashed past and three steel armored scorpions fell from the air.

Luo Feng, who had a wound on his face, couldn't help but to laugh: ’’Damn, after dying three times I finally passed the A grade exam of the second stage!’’. As long as time isn't up, he can retry no matter how many times he dies.

’’Used 5 minutes 6 seconds to kill 50 low level commander level steel armored scorpions. Second floor's A grade exam, you pass! Congratulations, student Luo Feng’’ an electronic sound reverberated around the scorching desert. A light flashed and all the corpses of the steel armored scorpions corpses disappeared. Luo Feng's body was also returned to its best state.

Luo Feng was clear.

That the A grade exam of the second floor was basically his current limit. He died three times to pass this stage. As for the B grade exam, unless under special circumstances, he won't be able to pass it within a short amount of time.

’’I'll just use it to train my technique and blade technique’’

’’Maybe my technique will step into the perfect level’’ Luo Feng held his ghost blade and continued his trials.


Around 10 into the night, a training camp's private car stopped outside the main gate. Two fully armed students walked in. One of the two students was Candace※Paulinus. The 28th was the day he went out to hunt.


The blonde haired youth, William, greeted him as he smiled, ’’Congratulations, you're already #38’’

’’What rank is Luo Feng?’’ Candace and William walked side by side towards the black dragon sculpture.

’’You see, rank 101. Oh, 102, it's 102 now’’ William pointed towards the gigantic black dragon sculpture. Candace rose his head and looked at the black dragon ranking and nodded as he laughed: ’’To tell the truth, that chink's strength isn't bad. However, he's dreaming if he wants to charge into the top 100 in his first month!’’

’’A rookie charging into the top 100 in the first month;it's time for someone from the EU to do that. Today is the 28th, and Luo Feng hunts on the odd days, so he indeed has no hope left’’ smiled William.

Candace also laughed heartily.


’’It changed’’

’’Luo Feng's ranking raised’’

’’Weird, today is the 28th so Luo Feng can't hunt today, how did his ranking rise again?’’ a bunch of students spectating were astonished.

Candace and William, these two blonde youths, raised their heads and looked;they also froze in surprisement.

Luo Feng's ranking actually went from #102 to #98.

’’Today is the 28th, how did this Luo Feng raise his rank? Did someone do a staked match with him with battle points as the wager?’’ Candace seemed like he just saw a ghost, ’’Impossible!’’

’’Impossible, how did he raise his rank today?’’ William couldn't believe this either.

It doesn't matter whether they believe or not, because this is the truth!

Actually, Luo Feng just passed the second floor's A grade exam, which caused his tower of trials level to raise from 2.2 to 2.3. Because of this, his ranking rose slightly.

Time passed minute by minute, the students were all discussing the ranking. Luo Feng's current rank was at #98.

10:56 PM.



’’Oh lord’’

All the students were flabbergasted.

Candace and William were dumbfounded as they looked at the new ranking NO. 82 Luo Feng (570403), from #98 to #82, isn't this jump a bit too crazy. At that time, the nearly 100 students gathered there were all in an uproar: this jump was just too huge.


’’I bet he did a staked match with someone and had battle points as the wager! Someone purposefully gave Luo Feng battle points through the staked match!’’ yelled a student immediately, ’’Cheater’’

Some students just couldn't believe that Luo Feng, who didn't go to the wilderness today, could have such a gigantic increase in ranking.

’’He didn't cheat, Luo Feng is in the training room right now!’’ a phrase of English rose.

’’He's in the training room right now, we saw him enter’’

said a group of white and black youths, male and female, that came from the direction of the Nine Grand Floors. The arguing genius students quieted down one by one. Actually, only an extremely small amount of people yelled 'cheater';only a very small amount of these 180 or so geniuses are envious.

’’Luo Feng entered the training room at 10:20 PM. Right when I finished, it was his turn’’ said a black youth.

’’Rebecca, Luo Feng was after you?’’ a white youth walked over.

’’Yes’’ the black youth nodded.

’’Oh, so Luo Feng was in the training room. Looks like he raised his tower of trials level, which raised his ranking’’

all of these students were looking forward to this, since only five genius students were able to charge into the top 100 within their first month in the history of the training camp. However, the earliest case was 20 years ago while the latest was 8 years ago. Something like this hasn't happened in the training camp for a while.

And this time, it seemed like Luo Feng was about to make a miracle.

’’In March, Luo Feng was last place on the black dragon ranking, so he only has an hour in the training room’’ laughed a yellow skinned middle aged man, ’’It'll be 11:20 soon. At that time, no matter what, he'll be kicked out the virtual space for sure. Fellow students, let's see how the ranking changes at 11:20 PM’’

It was currently 11:18.....



Candace and William, the two blonde youths, stared at the ranking.

’’It won't raise, it won't raise anymore’’ repeated Candace to himself in his heart.


11:20 PM sharp, the ranking updated once again

NO.68 Luo Feng (570403)


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