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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 23



In the training room, Luo Feng turned on the lights.

Luo Feng lay on the sofa and picked up the dark blue helmet beside him. This brain computer interface 'helmet' let out a dark blue reflection under the shine of the light.

’’The higher my ranking goes the better!’’ said Luo Feng softly. He kissed the helmet and then put it on.



The land here was an infinite silver, the sky was the infinite universe.

The only building here was the seven floored tower that wanted to pierce the sky tower of trials.

’’Name: Luo Feng

Gender: Male

Identity: Elite training camp official student

Tower of trials level: 1.6’’

Luo Feng laughed. Under the virtual space's reminder, Luo Feng swiftly put on his battle uniform set and equipped his weapon, shield, etc. After that, he directly stepped within the tower of trials.


On a large grass plain, Luo Feng appeared out of thin air.

’’Luo Feng’’ an electronic sound reverberated around the entire plain, ’’You already completed the first floor's B grade exam, Next, we'll move on to the C grade exam. Your objective is to kill 200 raging bulls within 50 minutes. Within these 200 raging bulls, 190 of them are low level commander level while 10 of them are medium level commander level. Good luck!’’

Luo Feng grinned;his gaze was as sharp as a blade.

Since he's been in this training camp for a month already, Luo Feng was clear on what he would have to deal with on each stage of the tower of trials. When he took the B grade exam, he had to deal with 100 low level commander level raging bulls. This time, he has to deal with 200, and 10 of them are medium level commander level. And he just has his beginner level warlord level body.

Get rid of all of them within 50 minutes to pass!

’’HU~~’’ 200 mighty raging bulls instantly appeared on the grassy plains. Some raging bulls within this horde were gigantic, flame-colored raging bulls.


The ground rumbled. Under the lead of the 10 medium level commander level raging bulls, the horde charged towards Luo Feng like a roaring tide! With Luo Feng's body fitness level, he'll probably lose the ability to fight after taking one direct hit, since he'll be trampled by the horde as a result. So this time, no errors are allowed.

’’Come!’’ Luo Feng held his hexagonal shield in one hand and his ghost blade in the other as he grinned and charged towards the entire horde!


When Luo Feng was taking his exam in the tower of trials, quite a few students learned about what Luo Feng was doing thanks to the broadcasting of the six students from Africa. This Chinese student who charged up to rank 126 right after entering the training camp didn't even take his tower of trials exam yet.

He just started taking it today!

He didn't take the test and is already rank 126. Is he going to charge up to the top 100 after taking the exam?

Quite a few students eating lunch quickly finished up and headed towards the black dragon sculpture. Each of them paid attention to any change that could happen on the black dragon ranking. Actually, this ranking changes extremely frequently, all the way until midnight of the 28th.


At this time, on a ruined three story villa in the wilderness' 1001 city.

Candace※Paulinus, who was wearing a black battle uniform set, sat alone. He had his water bag in hand to rehydrate himself. Even though he was the successor of the 'Paulinus Family', one of the nine core families of the HR alliance, Candace never lowered his expectations of himself.

’’My own strength is the most important thing. Everything else is meaningless!’’ Candace took a small sip of water, ’’It's already the 26th, so there's only two days left until the ranking is set. Looks like I can reach the top 50 with no problem’’

As of now, Candace was already ranked 39.

’’I'll see if I can get into the top 30’’ Candace's nose was straight and his gaze was cold, ’’Who would've thought that that Chinese kid could improve so quickly;he's already around 120’’. Ever since the staked battle between his good friend William and Luo Feng, a small group led by Candace frequently went to mess with Luo Feng.

For example, stealing Luo Feng's prey in the wilderness.

Or getting in the way of Luo Feng's hunting.

The training camp only banned 'killing each other' and 'private trades'. Causing trouble wouldn't bring you any punishment.

’’Hm?’’ Candace looked towards the tactical communications watch on his wrist.

’’A phone call from William?’’


After William sent out his command, the call quickly went through.

’’William, you're even calling me while I'm in the wilderness. Could it be that you miss me?’’ teased Candace.

’’Candace, let me tell you something..... that Chinese kid just started taking his tower of trials exam today’’ William's voice carried out of the tactical communications watch.

’’What does his tower of trials exam have to do with us’’ right after saying that, Candace's face changed dramatically, ’’What did you say..... he, he just started taking his tower of trials exam today? Are you saying that he never took the exam these past 26 days? He didn't take the exam and was able to charge up to around rank 120? How is this possible? Impossible!’’

Candace really disliked Luo Feng, so of course he wouldn't want to believe that Luo Feng was powerful.

’’I don't want to believe either, but my brother, I have to tell you, this is the truth: Luo Feng is taking his tower of trials exam right now. And right now, a few dozen people in the training camp are watching the black dragon ranking right here waiting for the ranking to update. Quite a few teachers in the training camp came too’’ William's fluent English came out quickly, ’’If this Luo Feng really charges into the top 100 in his first month, then that'll be incredible’’

’’I don't believe this!’’

Candace's eyes were like a poisonous snake's, ’’I don't believe that he'll be able to charge into the top 100’’

’’I don't want to believe either, but you'll know if you're here in the training camp’’ said William helplessly.

’’Stare at the black dragon sculpture and don't hang up. Tell me right when it updates!’’ commanded Candace.



In the tower of trial's first floor of the virtual space;the vast grassy plain.

Corpse after corpse of raging bulls were laying on the ground, their blood dying the grassy plain. Luo Feng's body was full of blood as he stepped on the corpse of a raging bull;his face was pale and some blood trickled down the side of his mouth.

’’Used 41 minutes 26 seconds to kill 190 low level commander level raging bulls, 10 medium level commander level raging bulls. C grade exam, you pass! Congratulations, you have passed the first floor of the tower of trials, student Luo Feng’’ the electronic sound rose. Along with it, the entire plain disappeared in a flash. The surrounding area became a desert!

An infinite, boundless desert!

This is the second floor of the tower of trials. According to what Luo Feng knows, each tower of trials is split into the different grades: A, B, and C. For example, after finishing the A grade exam of the second floor of the tower of trials, your level becomes 2.3. After finishing the B grade exam, 2.6. After the C grade exam, 3.0.

As of now, Luo Feng just completed the first floor's C grade exam, so his current level is 2.0.

’’Who would've thought that the 100 raging bulls in the B grade exam would become 200 raging bulls in the C grade exam, what a horrifying change’’ Luo Feng reminisced about the killing that just happened and was frightened, ’’With the 10 medium level commander level raging bulls, even though they weren't that much of a threat themselves...... they divided up the other raging bulls and formed small groups that coordinated their attacks.’’

Unlike the raging bulls in the B grade exam that just swarmed over Luo Feng.

The C grade exam has organized groups.

Unless Luo Feng's blade technique was way better than before, he would've failed in one of the clashes with the horde.

’’Luo Feng, congratulations on passing the first floor. Next, you'll take the second floor's A grade exam. Your objective is to kill 50 'low level commander level' steel armored scorpions within 10 minutes, good luck’’ the electronic sound echoed around the entire desert.

Steel armored scorpions: an extremely common monster in the desert area, one of the most common scorpion type monsters.

’’According to what the other students said, the bodies of these steel armored scorpions are quite small, so 10 or even over 20 of them can attack one person at the same time! The way they dodge is also quite peculiar, making them hard to fight against. The A grade of the second floor is way, way harder than the previous exams!’’ Luo Feng was under a lot of pressure.


Within the infinite desert, dark red colored scorpions crawled out the sand one after another. Clearly, these scorpions could easily dig into the sand. The plating of each of these scorpions was dark red and its long, sharp tail was jet black;nobody would doubt the power of its tail.

Tower of trials second floor A grade exam, begin!


In the wilderness' 1001 city, Candace was leaning against the wall as he chatted with William.

’’Changed, Luo Feng's ranking changed!’’ William's surprised voice carried out from the tactical communications watch.

’’How much did it change by?’’ Candace was shocked.

’’It went from #126 to #108’’

After hearing this, Candace took in a deep breath: it actually turned into #108. A rookie in this training camp charged to #108 within his first month. This was indeed quite shocking. At this moment..... Candace was slightly regretful. From what Luo Feng has accomplished now, he'll surely become quite scary in the future.

But since they're already foes.....

’’I guess I could just stop harassing him and stay away from him’’ Candace sneered, ’’Furthermore, he's just #108;he hasn't entered the top 100 yet’’

Candace didn't know that Luo Feng's ranking only went from #126 to #108 because he passed the C grade exam;his tower of trials level went from '1.6' to '2.0'. This means that Luo Feng's score increased by 25%! The change was astonishing.

’’It changed again!’’

’’Candace, the ranking changed again’’ William's voice carried out of the tactical communications watch.

’’What is it?’’

’’It turned into #99! He's in the top 100!’’

Candace's face changed.


In the training camp, in front of the black dragon sculpture at the main gate.

A few dozen students and around 10 wargod teachers were all excited and surprised when Luo Feng's ranking turned into NO. 99.

’’A rookie charged into the top 100 within his first month, something like this only happened five times in the history of this training camp. All five of those people were absolute geniuses. The first time something like this happened was 20 years ago. Out of these five people, four of them are already advanced level wargods, while one of them passed the wargod level and became an existence surpassing the wargod level’’ a Russian white brute who had a huge moustache yelled passionately.

’’Very good’’

’’This rookie named Luo Feng probably has superb technique, speed, and blade technique’’

’’Hurry, hurry and contact the investigators, tell the investigators about this!’’


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