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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 22



Inside the Nine Grand Floors, Jiang Fang introduced to Luo Feng: ’’The most important rooms in the Nine Grand Floors are of course the 'challenge room', 'training room', and 'gravity room' on the ninth floor! These three rooms were made out of treasure excavated from the archaeological ruins. There are also many training rooms on the seventh and eighth floors. For example, there are copied 'gravity rooms' made by our scientists, etc. Even though they aren't as effective as the ones from the archaeological ruins, they're better than nothing’’


The elevator door opened.

They walked through the lobby on the ninth floor towards the training room.

’’Students are training in the training room and gravity room every month from the 1st to the 30th. In these 30 days, the resting period lasts from 12 PM 1 PM every day. When new students are taking their exam, they usually do it in this hour’’ explained Jiang Fang.

’’And this month is March, with a 31st day. On the 31st, the gravity room and training room are both empty’’ said Jiang Fang as she brought Luo Feng to the door of a room.

Out of the three rooms on the ninth floor, Luo Feng has been to the 'training room' and 'challenge room' already.

A light flashed past Luo Feng and Jiang Fang.


The door opened and Luo Feng and Jiang Fang entered together.

’’This is the gravity room;a gravity room discovered in the archaeological ruins’’ said Jiang Fang. Luo Feng carefully examined the room. The floor and walls of the gravity room were made out of an alloy with yellow and black mixed in. Because of this strange alloy, the entire gravity room felt quite special.

’’Even our scientists haven't figured out this alloy yet’’ said Jiang Fang as she pointed towards the alloy on the wall, ’’Even existences that have surpassed the wargod level can't leave a mark on this wall’’

Luo Feng froze. He looked at the wall beside him and saw a fist mark that was around 5 mm deep.

Jiang Fang's eyes flashed as she said with admiration: ’’This mark was left by our world's strongest fighter, 'Hong'. Within the existences that have surpassed the wargod level, only the head was able to leave a mark on this wall. Nobody else can do this! The head is the strongest fighter on earth’’

’’BEEP!’’ after saying that, Jiang Fang pressed the button to the side.

’’Your body fitness level is at the beginner warlord level, so 9x gravity should be nearing your limit’’ said Jiang Fang as she quickly pressed some button that increases gravity. The number on the display continuously changed

2, 3, 4, 5.....


A shapeless energy instantly covered every single part of his body. Not even given the time to take a breath, the gravity multiplier quickly rose from 8 to 9. Luo Feng felt like everything went black as he directly fell to the floor. The sound of his heart beating was like the beat of a drum and the sound of his blood flowing sounded like a flowing stream;everything was that clear.

’’How do you feel?’’ Jiang Fang looked at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng was barely able to stand up. His face was pale and his body was about to collapse at any moment: ’’I feel extremely heavy and my heart is in pain every time it beats. It's hard for me to breathe too;every single spot of my body is in pain’’. Luo Feng was carrying his ghost blade, which turned into a burden of around 1,000 kg under 9x gravity.

Even though he was carrying such a heavy object, it wasn't as painful as all his blood vessels and organs fighting against 9x gravity.

’’Luo Feng, do you know the significance of the gravity room to fighters?’’ under 9x gravity, Jiang Fang was still smiling and chatting in a relaxed manner.

Luo Feng looked towards Jiang Fang.

’’Fighters absorb energy and transform it into genetic energy. The body then absorbs that genetic energy to improve its genes and strengthen itself!’’ Jiang Fang sighed, ’’However..... once every cell in the body absorbs a certain amount, they become full! They won't be able to absorb any further!’’

’’The more people exercise, the more food they eat’’

’’The fact is that when our cells are involved in our exercise, they are able to absorb more genetic energy, ’’Jiang Fang sighed, ’’Even though we seem tired when we train normally, it's extremely difficult to exercise every single cell in our body’’

Luo Feng nodded, he understood this point. This was also why your body fitness level improves at a higher rate when you reach a higher stage in the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》.

’’But the gravity room is different!’’

’’The gravity amplified by the gravity room affects every single part of your body. Your muscles, bones, blood vessels, organs, cells, and even atoms!’’ explained Jiang Fang, ’’Gravity works on everything. Naturally, it'll work on the smallest parts of your body’’

Luo Feng's eyes flashed.

Indeed, gravity affects every part of your body.

’’So, in the gravity room, especially under the highest multiplier possible!’’ smiled Jiang fang, ’’Even if you stand there and do nothing, every single cell in your body will be affected by gravity and will fight against it, therefore using up energy! This is way more efficient than any form of training you can do’’

’’Yeah’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to nod his head in agreement.

Jiang Fang smiled: ’’Of course, if you train in this room in conjunction, the effect will be even better! You can say...... 2 hours a day in the gravity room will speed up your training speed by ten times!’’

’’Ten times?’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed.


If he relies on the gravity room, wouldn't he just need 3 to 4 months instead of 3 years to become an 'advanced level wargod level spirit reader'?

’’However, there's only one gravity room’’ continued Jiang fang, ’’Even the Thunder Dojo's elite training camp doesn't have one. 183 students have to share this one room. How much time can be divided to you?’’

Luo Feng froze.

’’So the higher your rank, the longer you can stay in this room’’ continued Jiang fang, ’’The gravity rooms that our scientists created can only reach a multiplier of 3. In other words, it can only go up to 3x gravity. When training in the gravity room, you want to reach your limit for the best effect’’

’’And this gravity room excavated from the archaeological ruins has a range of 1 to 1,000!’’ sighed Jiang Fang, ’’Way better than the ones we reproduced’’

’’1,000 times?’’ Luo Feng stared, ’’Who can handle 1,000x gravity?’’

’’Of course, this 1 to 1,000 multiplier was after we modified it to create this display number’’ Jiang fang pointed towards the display, ’’You think the archaeological ruins will have arabic numbers in them? This display number and on/off button was created by us. Of course, we can't modify the main component at all’’


There's only one archaeological gravity room. How long can Luo Feng, a rookie, use it for?

There are more copied gravity rooms created by the scientists, even though they can only reach 3x gravity. In the entire training camp, there are 10 of these gravity rooms.


’’Luo Feng, you're still new and are ranked 183. For the first 28 days of April, you'll follow the other students and hunt monsters in the wilderness and earn battle points on the odd days! For the even days, you'll stay in the training camp and properly learn. At that time, I'll guide you’’ commanded Jiang Fang.

’’Yes, teacher’’ Luo Feng nodded.

In the training camp, you have to grab the chance to absorb as much as possible to strengthen yourself!


Night, 11 PM.

Luo Feng, in his bathrobe, sat in his room and looked at his notebook.

’’Ranked #1, April, eligible to use the archaeological gravity room for 90 hours, training room for 90 hours’’

’’Ranked #2, April, eligible to use the archaeological gravity room for 60 hours, training room for 60 hours’’


’’Ranked #11 30, eligible to use the archaeological gravity room for 6 hours, training room for 6 hours’’

’’Ranked #31 50, eligible to use the archaeological gravity room for 4 hours, training room for 4 hours’’

’’Ranked #51 100, eligible to use the archaeological gravity room for 2 hours, training room for 2 hours’’

’’Ranked #101 end, eligible to use the archaeological gravity room for 1 hour, training room for 1 hour’’

Luo Feng looked at the last line and laughed bitterly.

He just joined, so he's ranked #183. For the entire month of April, he can only use the archaeological gravity room for 1 hour? Training room for 1 hour?

’’Only 1 hour. The person ranked first must feel so good, 90 whole hours. He has to hunt monsters on the odd days, so he has like 15 days to train in the training camp. He can stay in the archaeological gravity room for 6 hours and the training room for 6 hours every day. Improving slowly would be a challenge’’ Luo Feng was envious.

If you stay in the archaeological gravity room for just 2 hours a day, your one day is equivalent to 10 days.

And don't even talk about someone staying in there for 6 hours.

’’Thankfully April is the first month for me after entering the training camp. As a result, I have a special right: I can take the tower of trials test one time’’ Luo Feng thought to himself.

Taking the tower of trials test is a special privilege every student gets after entering the training camp. The amount of time they spend taking that test isn't counted into the time they receive. For example, Luo Feng only receives 1 hour of time in the training room during April. However, he might spend 40 minutes taking his tower of trials test. In all, it's one hour and 40 minutes.

Some people spend a lot of time taking this test, while others spend very little time.

’’My blade technique is still sloppy’’

’’I'll train hard this month and then take the tower of trials test on the 26th’’ thought Luo Feng to himself. Since he counts as a new student, he can pick within the timespan of 12 PM 1 PM on any day to take his test.


With a blink of an eye, it was already April 1st. Luo Feng's days in the training camp officially begins.

April 1st, Luo Feng followed 91 other students and headed towards a city that was around 300 km away from the training camp 1001 city. This name was personally set by the creator of Hong Ning city, 'Hong'. All students must hunt monsters in this city.

Furthermore, there's a satellite in orbit just to observe this 1001 city.

There are absolute rules within the training camp

1. Those who secretly trade monster materials with other students to help them raise their battle points, once found, will be expelled.

2. Those who kill other students, once found, will be executed!


After the ghost blade slashed, a Back Mountain Deer's head that was as large as a small mountain flew up.

’’The monsters in this western area are quite different from the ones in China’’ Luo Feng in the wilderness was like a fish in water. He trained his blade in monster hordes back then. Other students are afraid of falling into monster hordes while Luo Feng doesn't have this fear at all.

So, Luo Feng was quite efficient at hunting monsters and earned quite a few battle points.


’’The state of a blade is split into the categories Basic Expert Complete Conception, these four levels. Right now, you better build up your basics! Train in the copied gravity rooms for 2 hours and practice your blade there! In the blade training room, train your blade there for 2 hours too! After that, you still have to train your blade! If your basics aren't steady, then what can you do?’’

’’When you train, use your brain and think! What can you do to make your attacks flow like water and continue endlessly!’’ ordered Jiang Fang.

’’Yes, teacher!’’


Whether in the gravity room, the blade training room, or the underground training room in Jiang-Nan pagoda.

Everyday, Luo Feng trained his blade technique and even used his spiritual force to observe the trajectory of his blade. With his careful observation, Luo Feng continuously improved himself and bitterly trained.

’’This kid's rate of improvement is quite scary. However, something like this is normal in this training camp’’ even though Jiang Fang was surprised, she expected even more out of Luo Feng.

All sorts of training methods were used on Luo Feng.


Of course, you can't stop your genetic energy training for even a day!

Only when he's relaxed does he occasionally talk with his parents and Xu Xin through his notebook.

’’Luo Feng, you seem quite tired to me?’’

’’Nah. Once I see you, I'm not tired at all’’ Luo Feng laughed as he video chatted with Xu Xin through his laptop.

’’I didn't know that even Luo Feng was this good at saying stuff like this’’


Luo Feng was completely immersed in his days at the training camp. There were many geniuses here;many geniuses that were way better than him! As for spirit readers, there were dozens of them in this elite training camp. In terms of spiritual force, many of them were significantly more powerful than him. Whether blade technique, technique, or force exertions, there was always someone better than Luo Feng.

People here have reached force multipliers of 4x.

For technique, there are tons of people who have reached the conception level.

For the blade's state, Luo Feng is at the bottom of the training camp.

’’This Luo Feng's technique and force exertions were superior in the first place. Even though his rate of improvement isn't the best, it's up there. I'm sure he'll step into the blade's second state soon’’ Jiang Fang was quite satisfied with her student, ’’Luo Feng is entirely capable of charging into the top 10 after two or three years’’


Luo Feng was like a sponge who absorbs nutrients in the training camp with all he had. Whether body fitness level, blade technique, and all the other things, Luo Feng has been showing improvement. This rate of improvement was way faster than training alone! And there were many wargod teachers here that frequently taught class!

Even investigators taught!


April 26, morning.

Jiang-Nan pagoda, Luo Feng's room.

’’Looks like it's quite difficult to charge up the black dragon ranking’’ said Xu Xin in the video chat.

’’It is’’ nodded Luo Feng.

For this entire month, other than sleeping and occasionally chatting with his family and Xu Xin, he put all of his time into training!

His improvement this month is quite astonishing!

’’There are tons of geniuses in this training camp. The guy that lost to me, William, is around #150 on the black dragon ranking. Many students are below #150 on the first year they arrive;charging to the top 120 is as hard as flying up to the sky. And don't even get me started on the top 100’’ said Luo Feng.

Xu Xin laughed: ’’Luo Feng, you're quite good then’’

’’Acceptable. However, I wasn't able to charge into the top 120’’ Luo Feng shook his head. The amount of monsters Luo Feng hunted these 26 days is comparable to the students that have been here for three to four years. Even with that, added with his battle ability amplifier of 4.48 (2.8 x 1.6), his battle score still wasn't enough to charge into the top 120. However, he's still higher than that William!

’’Luo Feng, don't pressure yourself too much’’

’’You're already very strong. Didn't you say you're ranked 2 out of the students that just arrived at the training camp this year?’’ encouraged Xu Xin, ’’And according to what you said...... your battle ability amplifier is way above 4.48. Once you finish your tower of trials test, your battle ability amplifier might raise. You might be able to charge into the top 100’’

’’From what I heard, anybody capable of entering the top 100 soon after entering the training camp is quite the remarkable person’’ sighed Xu Xin.

Because of Xu Xin's background, she knows quite a bit of information about the elite training camp.

’’Today is the day you take your tower of trials test, go for it’’ Xu Xin gave a thumbs up in the video.

’’Hehe’’ grinned Luo Feng.

’’I'll do it, watch me’’

The higher you go in the tower of trials, the higher your level.

When he passed the B grade exam back then, his tower of trials level automatically turned into 1.6. WIth his rapid improvement in technique and speed, his tower of trials level will certainly improve by a lot.


11:50 AM, Luo Feng chatted for a while with his parents.

After that, Luo Feng put on a casual shirt and leisurely walked out Jiang-Nan pagoda. Coincidentally, Zhao Ruo just returned and laughed: ’’Luo Feng, going out to eat lunch?’’

’’I ate already’’ smiled Luo Feng.

’’I just went and looked at the black dragon ranking and saw that you're already ranked #126. You're quite powerful;your senior is only in the top 100’’ teased Zhao Ruo. Luo Feng smirked: ’’Senior, you better be careful. My goal is to charge into the top 100 soon!’’

’’Soon? How soon? 2 months, 3 months?’’ guessed Zhao Ruo.

’’I'll chat with you later, I still need to do stuff’’ Luo Feng didn't say anything more.

He already decided that he'll take the tower of trials test on noon of April 26. Other than Xu Xin, nobody else knows.

After he finished talking, Luo Feng headed towards the Nine Grand Floors.

On his way, quite a few students greeted Luo feng...... students also respected the strong. And Luo Feng was able to become ranked 126 in just a month. Even though the ranking is officially set on midnight of the 28th, Luo Feng's strength is already clear.

19 years old and he's already this powerful.

What about the future?

So these students, whether from South America, North America, Europe, Africa, etc. are on quite good terms with Luo Feng.


On the ninth floor of the Nine Grand Floors, six black students that just finished with their training in the training room and gravity room were having a friendly match.

’’Eh, Luo Feng, how come you're here in the noon?’’ one of the black students that knew Chinese yelled. The other five black students didn't know Chinese;very few students that came from Africa knew Chinese, even though Chinese is used quite often.

’’I have stuff to do’’ smiled Luo Feng as he headed towards the training room. The training room scanned Luo Feng and confirmed his identity.


The door to the training room automatically unlocked and, with a slight push, Luo Feng entered.

’’The training room? How could he enter the training room after 12?’’

’’There's no way he could enter the training room’’ one of the black students spoke his native language quite fluently.

’’Ah, that Luo Feng is a new student;April is his first month here. Every new student has the special right to take a tower of trials test during their first month’’

’’Don't tell me he didn't take his tower of trials test yet? It's already the 26th!’’

’’There's no other possibility. Students can't enter the training room from 12 PM 1 PM’’

’’Holy, he didn't even take his tower of trials test yet and he's already around #120 on the black dragon ranking. After taking his test, how high can he go? Could he reach the top 100?’’

’’A rookie charging into the top 100 in his first month?’’

’’Hurry, let's go to the black dragon ranking. It'll update itself soon enough’’

’’Hurry, let's go!’’

’’To the black dragon sculpture’’

The six black students talked a bunch, all of them astonished. They went downstairs and headed towards the black dragon sculpture at the gate of the training camp. Keep in mind that a rookie in this training camp charging into the top 100 in his first month is virtually impossible. People capable of such a feat become astonishingly great people in the future.

Could it be that......

Another person like this just appeared and is going to charge into the top 100?


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