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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 21



’’What are you looking at on your phone?’’ Zhao Ruo smiled as she walked over. The other students from China went over too.

’’Oh, the notification of the balance change in my bank’’ answered Luo Feng.

After saying this, William's face on the side became even worse!

’’Balance change? Hehe, you just entered the training camp and earned 5 billion;such an event is quite rare in the training camp. You better treat us all, and treat us to the best stuff possible’’ said Zhao Ruo. The other students from China also talked one by one.

’’Of course there's no problem!’’ Luo Feng looked at Zhao Ruo with a weird expression, ’’Senior, didn't you say that you would personally cook if I won?’’

’’Uh...... this.....’’ Zhao Ruo rubbed her head.

’’Zhao Ruo, I heard that nice and clear too. You did indeed say that’’ said Shi Jiang in a serious matter.

Zhao Ruo frowned and looked at Shi Jiang: ’’Senior, I didn't know that you were this evil too. Alright, I'll cook then!’’

In the lobby of the ninth floor, the Chinese youths chatted happily.

However, the group from the EU wasn't that happy as they chatted in English. A short, brunette girl couldn't help but to complain: ’’William, how could you lose to a rookie. You're not that good at controlling your force, but your blade technique is above average compared to those who entered at the same time as you. How did you lose? Did you underestimate him?’’

’’No’’ frowned William, ’’I tried my best. That Luo Feng is better at controlling his force’’

’’Force exertions?’’

’’William’’ a tall, skinny, blonde youth spoke on the side, ’’If you lost, then you lost. However, we can't let that Chinese kid get away with 5 billion Chinese dollars so easily. In the future..... we'll figure something out to make him spit it out’’ the blonde youth spoke extremely quietly. The others all nodded.

That's how it is in the training camp.

If you win a bunch of money from me, I'll definitely figure out a way to win it back! If I can't win, then I'll get my seniors to help. Of course, you could always act like a turtle hiding in its shell and never accept any challenges.


Luo Feng was in quite a good mood. Even though he couldn't cleanly win his match, he was able to realize his weaknesses! This is a good thing. More importantly...... with the 5 billion he made, he now has enough to buy an elixir of life.

’’It auctioned off for 30 billion last time, and that counts as a huge price. If there's another elixir of life, it might not reach 30 billion’’

’’I should have enough money now’’

’’Even if the price is too high, I can still borrow money from the bank!’’

Everybody has a limit to how much they can borrow from the bank. For fighters, the higher their position and the stronger they are, the more money they can borrow from the bank! It wouldn't be hard for the students of the world's best training camp to borrow over 10 billion. Of course..... the interest rates on these loans are quite high.

’’Go, let's eat lunch’’

’’Haha, let's eat on the 2nd floor today. Luo Feng's treat’’ yelled Zhao Ruo.

’’No problem, senior can burst her stomach open as she eats’’ laughed Luo Feng.

At this time, the youths from the EU walked over. The leader was a guy who was tall and skinny;his cold gaze was set on Luo Feng: ’’Luo Feng, your strength is really amazing..... and I'm really itching to fight. I wonder if I have a chance to have a staked match with you! You choose the stakes. No matter how large of a number you choose, I'll play!’’

Silence. Quite a few students in the surrounding area quieted down.


Things are becoming more interesting now. The students from Russia, USA, India, Hong Ning headquarter city, and other headquarter cities were all watching, all of them hoping for things to become more chaotic. They expectantly watched the battle between the students from the EU and China.

’’Whatever I choose?’’ Luo Feng gasped as he carefully looked at the guy in front of him.

This guy was nearly 1.9 m tall, but was quite skinny. His eyes were extremely cold and he naturally had an aristocratic feeling to him. While looking at the guy in front of him, Luo Feng connected him to the legendary beings vampires!

He's letting him pick any price he wants?

This white youth's power is extremely, extremely high for sure.

’’How bold, just what you'd expect from the successor of the Paulinus family, rich’’

’’Bold my ass’’ Zhao Ruo couldn't help but to curse.

A low, gentle sound rose.

’’Candace, you were ranked 42 on March's ranking and have been in this training camp for three years already. Even so, you still feel like it's perfectly appropriate for you to have a staked match with Luo Feng?’’ within the group of Chinese youths, Shi Jiang took a step forward and frowned, ’’How about you have a staked match with me. Likewise, you pick the price. No matter how high of a price you pick, I'll fight!’’

Candace's face changed. Who is Shi Jiang?

The fact that he's able to steadily stay within the top 5 shows that his strength is at the top of the training camp! Isn't staking with him just gifting him free money?

’’Shi Jiang, you should have a staked match with Reinatus’’ said Candace.

’’So you know how to be scared too’’ Shi Jiang looked towards Luo Feng.

But Luo Feng was looking at Candace......

Shi Jiang and Zhao Ruo both jumped out of astonishment.

Don't tell me that this Luo Feng wants to fight against Candace also? Candace isn't William. That guy named William just entered the training camp for a year! Candace has been here for three years already, and he's ranked 42. He is quite the excellent student in the training camp.

Seeing this, Candace was extremely happy: ’’Is this Luo Feng really that cocky? He actually wants to fight me?’’. Candace immediately and seriously said: ’’Luo Feng, I, Candace※Paulinus, would really like to have a match with you to test our skills, I wonder if......’’

’’Candace※Paulinus?’’ Luo Feng said to himself.

Indeed, didn't one of the Chinese students say, ’’Just what you'd expect from the successor of the Paulinus family’’. Luo Feng's heart jumped...... the Paulinus family! The Vulture Scorpion couple who wants to kill him even in their dreams! And that Scorpion is named Venina※Paulinus!

The blood sister of the Paulinus family's head.

’’I didn't think that I would encounter someone from the Paulinus family here too’’ thought Luo Feng.

’’Sorry, I still have to eat lunch with my seniors’’ smiled Luo Feng. After saying that, he walked with Shi Jiang and the others to the elevator. Luo Feng wasn't dumb..... he wouldn't fight against someone if he had no confidence of winning.


Night of the same day.

The night wind blew. In the courtyard of Jiang-Nan pagoda.

’’Luo Feng, this is teacher Jiang. For the five years you'll be in the training camp, you'll be with teacher Jiang’’ introduced Shi Jiang.

Luo Feng looked in front of him with shock. A young, beautiful girl wearing a purple training uniform with an amazing body: busty and skinny.

Teacher Jiang?

All the teachers in the training camp are at least wargod level! And each of these wargods must have something special about them to be able to be selected to guide these geniuses. This teacher Jiang..... no matter how Luo Feng looks, she's quite young and probably not much older than him. And this person is actually going to be his teacher for the next five years.

’’I'm Jiang Fang’’ the purple clothed girl gave off the overall feeling of a blade!

’’For the next five years, I'll be your direct teacher’’ continued Jiang Fang, ’’There are currently five students with me. You'll be the sixth’’

Luo Feng slightly bowed: ’’Teacher Jiang’’

’’Okay. Take your blade and come with me’’ spoke Jiang Fang.

’’Yes’’ Luo Feng immediately took his ghost blade and put it on his back as he walked out with Jiang Fang.


Who would've known that he would have a female teacher in the elite training camp.

As they walked in the training camp, Jiang Fang smiled: ’’I heard you beat William this afternoon, right?’’

’’Yes’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’The state of William's blade is quite good;it has reached the second level. Not bad, you were able to defeat him’’ Jiang Fang nodded her head with satisfaction and pulled out two curved blades from her waist, ’’Come, Luo Feng...... show me your blade technique and fight against me! I won't exceed your power or speed!’’

This Jiang Fang is already at the wargod level in terms of body fitness level. Because of genetic energy training, she seems quite young.

Even though she looks like she's around 20, she's actually 30 something already.

’’Yes, teacher’’ Luo Feng pulled out his ghost blade.

’’Attack!’’ commanded Jiang Fang.


Luo Feng charged forward like lightning and his blade cleanly struck towards Jiang Fang. The curved blade in Jiang Fang's stayed still;she only moved her left hand. ’’CLANG!’’ In the instant the curved blade in her left hand collided with Luo Feng's ghost blade, Luo Feng felt a peculiar, powerless feeling. Before he even pulled his blade back, the curved blade's light flashed across Luo Feng's neck and then went back.

’’You lost’’ frowned Jiang Fang as she looked at Luo Feng, ’’Again’’

Luo Feng's spiritual force was already surrounding Jiang Fang's curved blade. If Jiang Fang tried to slit his throat, his spiritual force would've directly controlled the curved blade.

There was no helping it.......

That blade was really horrifying.

’’Yes’’ Luo Feng attacked again.

’’CLANG’’ ’’CLANG!’’ Jiang Fang's left hand's curved blade only touched against Luo Feng's blade twice before leaving his body completely exposed.

’’How is your blade technique so poor?’’ Jiang Fang looked at Luo Feng with confusion, ’’Did you really defeat William?’’

Luo Feng was ashamed inside.

Being belittled by this female wargod teacher..... Indeed, the speed and power of her blade wasn't even as fast or powerful as his, but it was always able to easily destroy his rhythm. And the blade's attack just came wave after wave, which easily and completely destroyed him!

In terms of the blade's state..... who knows how many times more powerful this Jiang Fang is compared to that William. And Jiang Fang only used a single blade;the other curved blade hasn't moved at all.

If he uses his 'spiritual force', he might be able to have a go at it.

However, if he's only using his blade, he'll lose to the point where he can't lose any harder.

’’Teacher, I relied on speed and power to control that William. With that, I defeated him’’ said Luo Feng.


Jiang Fang let out a face of joy, ’’Looks like your force exertion is quite powerful. Force exertion requires extremely high control over your body! This shows that you're quite good on the basics of controlling your power. Hm..... even though your blade technique is quite sloppy, it can be improved in the future! What's your fist strength level?’’

’’2.8’’ answered Luo Feng.

’’Hmhm, your fist strength level is so high despite just entering the training camp. No wonder you were scouted for’’ Jiang Fang nodded with satisfaction, ’’Luo Feng, don't feel bad about your sloppy blade technique;this is normal! You guys are so young. If the state of your blade and your technique is extremely high, then that would be too horrifying. I trained ever since I was little. Only after 20 years of bitter training could I reach today's state’’

’’Come with me’’

Jiang Fang sheathed her curved blades and walked in front. Luo Feng followed this female wargod teacher.


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