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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 20



There was only one building in the infinite silver land a stage!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A yellow skinned youth and a white skinned youth appeared out of thin air on the stage;they were precisely Luo Feng and William.

’’Please select your weapon and battle uniform set’’ a huge sound reverberated around the entire land. At the same time, a gigantic amount of weapons and armor appeared in front of Luo Feng, just like the time at the tower of trials. Luo Feng skillfully selected the ghost blade, hexagonal shield, and a battle uniform set that fit his size.

The two of them swiftly equipped themselves.

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng's gaze landed upon a pillar on the stage. Words started to appear on the pillar

’’Name: William※Edison

Gender: Male

Identity: Elite training camp official student

Battle ability amplifier: Intermediate’’

After reading that, Luo Feng turned and looked to the pillar to his side. The introduction on the pillar was exactly the same, other than the name and the battle ability amplifier, which was 'beginner'.

’’Please select your battle location’’ a virtual voice rang again.

In front of Luo Feng and William appeared eight different locations.

’’You choose’’ smiled William, ’’So you won't make any excuses when you lose’’

’’Then..... the gymnasium’’ Luo Feng casually picked a battle location.

’’Gymnasium?’’ William let out a surprised face and carefully looked at the Chinese youth in front of him. Is he really confident or just cocky?


The sky and earth shook. Luo Feng and William's surroundings started changing. Instantly, Luo Feng and William appeared in the middle of a gigantic gymnasium. The gymnasium was also completely empty;there were no obstacles. Around the gymnasium were enough stands for tens of thousands of spectators to watch the match.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A blinding light brightened up the entire gymnasium. The entire gymnasium held only two people: Luo Feng and William.

’’Challenge, begin!’’ the electronic sound echoed around in the gymnasium.

William had a long sword in one hand and a round shield in the other as he confidently looked at Luo Feng, ’’Luo Feng, I gave you a chance to pick a location that would give you the advantage. However, you picked a gymnasium with no obstacles at all! I'll let you know the true difference between a veteran and a rookie in this training camp!’’

’’Come’’ Luo Feng slightly squinted.

This shall be his first opponent in the training camp.

The sides of William's mouth slightly curved. His body ferociously and instantly passed through a distance of around 50 meters. Like a ray of light, his long sword created ripples in the air as it thrusted directly towards Luo Feng's forehead. At the same time, Luo Feng backed off and swung his blade as fast as lightning!

’’CHI!’’ The long sword in William's hand slightly shook as it collided with Luo Feng's ghost blade.

It then went along Luo Feng's blade and shot towards Luo Feng's neck with a horizontal strike!


Luo Feng retreated explosively while moving his hexagonal shield to block it.

’’HUA!’’ The long sword instantly drew across a delicate arc. It actually followed the movement of the hexagonal shield in Luo Feng's left hand as the blade drew towards Luo Feng's right hand.


Luo Feng basically instantly backed off to a distance of 100 meters away as he directly jumped onto the stands.

’’What, scared?’’ William laughed loudly as he, with his round shield in one hand and long sword in the other, slowly walked towards Luo Feng, ’’Luo Feng, you might think you're extremely powerful compared to a regular fighter, but no veteran in this training camp is as simple as you think they are’’

’’This time, just think of this 5 billion as your tuition’’

Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at his right hand. The armguard on his right hand's wrist had a white mark on it. However, there was a wound on his arm and blood already started coming out. Thankfully, the wound wasn't deep.

’’His blade isn't fast, but I was completely controlled during that short engagement? As if his attacks were naturally formed, there were no openings. One attack followed the other, all of them offensive’’ a few balls of sweat couldn't help but to seep out of Luo Feng's forehead as he squinted, ’’I can only use speed to control him!’’

William was still calm, as if a gentleman in a banquet.

’’It's not good enough to just have have a swift blade. You have to reach the point where it moves like a cloud and flows like water;use all sorts of attacks from all sorts of positions to form your offense!’’ William smiled, ’’After entering the training camp, as long as I remained within the camp grounds, I practiced my blade for over 5 hours! I only rested after my arm hurts like crazy’’

’’You still need years before you can defeat me!’’ William stepped on the ground.


He directly flew towards the stands.

’’HU!’’ Luo Feng's eyes were shining as his ghost blade's speed shot up to the extreme. Multiple forces merged into the ghost blade. Hu~~ As if a hypnotizing cold light that's carrying an electric current, the unrivaled momentum and heart stopping speed directly shot towards William's head!


This attack can be described in one word Swift!



A series of sounds rang as the willow branch-like long sword in William's hands clashed with Luo Feng's ghost blade. Right after that, William's body flew back. CHI! A gigantic, shocking crack directly appeared on the stands ahead. Smashed, shattered rubble flew around in all directions, some even smashing onto the plastic chairs.

’’What a swift blade. However, your blade technique is really just average’’ William laughed loudly as he jumped back onto the stands.

As he jumped onto the stands, the plastic chairs flew away one by one, as if William was a wild hurricane.

’’I admit that your blade technique is superior to mine. However..... you're too slow!’’ Luo Feng completely exploded his speed when William appeared in front of him! In terms of speed, Luo Feng is definitely around 50% faster than William! This isn't even on the same level anymore.

Clearly, in terms of exploding his strength, William is quite lacking compared to Luo Feng.



These two humans who were both moving at over 100 m/s have completely turned into two mirages, especially one of the black shadows, whose speed was clearly faster than his opponent's. Every time they clashed, the air exploded and formed currents visible to the naked eye.

One attack, another attack! And another!

Luo Feng was relying on his speed;whenever he had a chance, he'll attack. If he didn't have any chances, he'll dodge, and then attack!

Luo Feng himself has realized that he is quite far off in terms of actual blade technique compared to William.


William angrily yelled: ’’you..... You, if you have skills, then fight against me from the front!’’ William was so enraged that he even yelled out english. Luo Feng's current battle style was quite sinister, since he was just relying on his quick speed and blade to punish people! He wasn't fighting from the front at all.

’’From the front?’’


’’I'll grant your wish’’ as Luo Feng's voice echoed around the gymnasium, Luo Feng's attack was aimed at William's left side.


Luo Feng stepped three times. These ghost-like steps actually dodged William's sharp blade. William himself was extremely surprised: ’’Impossible’’. He only felt a shadow float past him. William now knows he's in trouble, since he already lost sight of Luo Feng.


The blade's light flashed across William's neck and his head flew up.

’’PU!’’ fresh blood sprayed towards the sky.

William's body fell powerlessly, his blood scattered across the already destroyed plastic chairs.

’’Challenge, Luo Feng wins!’’ the electronic sound reverberated within the interior of the gymnasium. Everything in the gymnasium became blurry and then disappeared.

In the silver land, on the empty stage.

Luo Feng and William were standing.

’’Impossible’’ William stared at Luo Feng, ’’I couldn't have lost! I was chosen to enter the elite training camp and I've already been bitterly training here for a year. For this entire year, I've been working hard on my blade technique, control over my force, etc. for virtually every single day. My strength is much higher than it was compared to when I just entered. How could I lose to a rookie like you?’’

’’A loss is a loss’’ spoke Luo Feng.

William clenched his fists tightly.

If it was just a regular, casual match, then it wouldn't matter too much if he lost. However, this match attracted many students. He'll lose respect and..... a gigantic sum of money! William definitely wouldn't be happy to lose this huge amount.

’’You already lost’’ Luo Feng looked at William in front of him and couldn't help but to compliment, ’’I admit that you are way above me in terms of blade technique’’

Way above!

His speed and power was way above his opponent's, but he couldn't win! Because his blade technique was extremely simple. In the past, Luo Feng thought that his blade technique was pretty good, especially when his 'spiritual force' boosts its speed. In the wilderness, he was unstoppable. However, when put against with a genius like him, William......

His blade technique is incomparable!

William's technique flowed like water, one attack after the next. As if the waves came over and over, Luo Feng couldn't help but to retreat!

Thankfully, Luo Feng was finally able to unleash his 'perfect level' technique at the end! His speed was already above his opponents. Adding his special technique to that, it's natural that he'll win in one attack!

’’My speed and power are above my opponent's but I couldn't even win. In the end, I had to rely on my phantom-like technique!’’ even though Luo Feng was the victor, he wasn't too satisfied with himself.


William clenched his teeth. If he knew that Luo Feng wasn't satisfied, he would probably be even more mad.


Nine Grand Floors, lobby of the ninth floor.

Young men and women of all skin color from all sorts of places on the world were gathered here: some were bald, some had a small ponytail, some had shockingly gigantic bodies, and some were extremely skinny and small..... These genius fighters from all over the world were waiting and discussing here.

’’That guy named Luo Feng will realize the difference between rookies and seniors!’’

’’Wouldn't it be okay if he just lost 1 billion? He just had to yell 5 billion’’

’’If he wants to gift us money, why wouldn't we accept?’’

A few youths from the EU were laughing as they chatted. Students from other places of the world also chatted, but it was pretty clear that most of the people here thought that William would win. The seniors almost always win against the rookies. Only in an extremely small amount of challenges do rookies ever attain victory.

’’Challenge, Luo Feng wins!’’ an electronic sound echoed around the lobby.


Everyone in the entire lobby went silent.


The youths from the EU were all wide-eyed.

’’Oh, lord!’’ a few white and black youths from America were also surprised.

’’40 billion rubles was won by Luo Feng?’’ the youths from Russia were shocked too.

And thus, another case of a rookie defeating a senior in the training camp was recorded in the training camp's history.

Luo Feng defeated William.

’’KA!’’ The door to the challenge room was opened. William, whose face looked extremely bad, and Luo Feng, who was holding his cell phone, came out together.


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