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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 2



Sixth floor of the Limit Hall, in the empty training hall.

Luo Feng turned on the fist strength testing machine and its display lightened up.

’’I'll punch without the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 technique first and just use my regular strength’’ Luo Feng slightly adjusted his breathing. After that, like a rampaging gorilla, his right arm and shoulder charged forwards and his fist drew across an arc.

PENG! A low knocking-like sound rang on the machine and the power of the fist violently shook the machine for a bit. The fist strength testing machine displayed a number一一 '9981 kg'.

’’Oh, it increased this much’’ Luo Feng looked at this number and couldn't help but to let out a happy smile, ’’Last time it was 6,121 kg and now it gained 3,000 kg more’’. Actually, this number was also within Luo Feng's prediction. Normally, after training on the border between life and death, your strength will increase exponentially.

So, for the month where Luo Feng was in #003 city, Luo Feng improved extremely quickly.

And for the two months he was at home, since Luo Feng completed the third stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 right before he returned home, his rate of improvement was significantly higher than before.

With these three months, his strength has also increased by this much.

’’According to the body fitness level estimates, the range 4,000 kg to 8,000 kg represents an advanced level warrior! And 8,000 kg to 16,000 kg represents the range of a beginner level warlord!

In other words, my body fitness level is comparable to a regular beginner level warlord’’

Luo Feng smiled as he readjusted his posture.

This time, Luo Feng was preparing to use the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 technique. Sadly, even though he purchased the first four stages of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 and has been training for the past two months, he hasn't been able to complete it no matter what he does. At most, he was only able to control his power more accurately.


Luo Feng yelled deeply and his breath shot out of his mouth like an arrow. As he yelled, his right arm instantly drew across the space and, in that short interval, it drew across the space, started accelerating, and instantly broke the sound barrier. As a result, a horrifying sonic boom rang. The steel hammer-like fist heavily smashed onto the machine.

’’RUMBLE~~’’ the machine ferociously swung forwards and backwards before stabilizing.

’’Feels good’’ Luo Feng looked towards the display.

The display paused for a bit and then displayed the number一一'28081 kg'.

’’Hmhm, 9,981 times 2.8 is around.....’’ Luo Feng calculated in his mind, ’’Around 27,947. So a punch of 28,000 kg is acceptable’’

Luo Feng was quite satisfied with this number: 28,000 kg is quite horrifying.

That's 28 tons of fist strength! Even a truck is only a few tons, so one can imagine how powerful this fist was.

According to the body fitness level estimates, 16,000 kg to 32,000 kg belongs to the intermediate level warlord range. However, even if they're both intermediate level warlords, the difference between 16,000 kg and a seasoned intermediate level warlord is extremely gigantic.

If Luo Feng swung his blade with that power, he would be considered powerful for an intermediate level warlord.


As the chief instructor of the Limit Hall, chief instructor Wu Tong frequently comes to the Limit Hall.

’’A sonic boom?’’

Wu Tong, who was in a quiet room on the fifth floor, suddenly heard the sonic boom on the sixth floor and jumped out of surprisement, ’’What kind of powerful person caused that sonic boom?’’ Wu Tong turned into a shadow and directly flew across the stairs and charged towards the sixth floor. The training hall of the sixth floor was mostly empty;only one person was there一一Luo Feng! At this time, Luo Feng was still standing in front of the fist strength testing machine, thinking about his current level of strength.

’’Eh?’’ Luo Feng turned around, ’’Uncle Wu’’

’’Damn, you little kid, were you the one who made that sonic boom? Let me see how powerful your fist was’’ Wu Tong was extremely surprised as he walked towards Luo Feng, but when his gaze landed upon the fist strength testing machine's display, he couldn't help but to freeze, ’’28,081 kg?’’

Wu Tong couldn't help but to stare at Luo Feng, as if Luo Feng transformed into a monster: ’’You did this?’’

’’Who else?’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’However, my body fitness level isn't this powerful’’

’’The 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》?’’ Wu Tong guessed in an instant. He knew long ago that Luo Feng purchased the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 instruction manual. However, many powerful fighters don't purchase this instruction manual even if they have the money, since many can't even complete the first stage.

’’Even if you're practicing the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, it shouldn't be this absurd. What's your normal fist strength? Up to what stage have you completed in the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》?’’ Wu Tong followed up his question.

Luo Feng smiled as he answered: ’’Regular fist strength is around 10,000 kg and I've finished the third stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》. No matter how much I train, I can't grasp the fourth stage’’. Luo Feng wasn't planning on hiding his progress on the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, since his strength will gather attention anyway.

Letting out some of his special points will still reap him some benefits.

As for his identity as a spirit reader, Luo Feng won't reveal that. Even before the vulture scorpion couple started investigating the culprit's identity with the 'Astronomical Bounty' case, Luo Feng never wanted reveal his identity as a spirit reader...... because around the entire world, spirit readers are even more rare than fighters, and fighters are pretty rare in the first place! The appearance of a spirit reader will complicate things a lot.

’’Messed up, you're too messed up, you're a monster’’ Wu Tong couldn't help but to hammer Luo Feng's chest, ’’I knew you were quite talented, since I scouted you for the Dojo of Limits. Even though the fact that your body fitness level reached the 'beginner level warlord level' is quite astonishing, I'm not too surprised, since some people grow even faster than you. However..... you actually managed to complete the third stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》in just a measly half a year! This is just too absurd, monster, monster!’’

There are talented people everywhere. There are tons of people whose body fitness level grows at an insane rate! For example, during the few short years of the Grand Nirvana period, the strongest fighter 'Hong' and the second strongest fighter 'Thunder God' became existences that surpassed the wargod level. In just a few years, they grew to that level where they can even fly!

One can imagine how many geniuses there are on this world! However, the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 has nothing to do with body fitness at all.

Luo Feng's fitness level rose quickly and he was able to finish the third stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》;he's definitely a monster. Only one or two of these monsters appear a year around the entire world.

’’Hurry, test your speed and show me the results’’ Wu Tong passionately went to turn on the speed testing machine for Luo Feng.

Luo Feng laughed.

Whoosh! His body instantly accelerated like an arrow leaving a bow and then stopped after a few breaths.

The display on the machine showed the number一一’’128m/s’’

’’Not bad, this is the level of a normal beginner level warlord’’ smiled Wu Tong as he nodded.

Luo Feng was pretty happy too.

He was clear that as a fighter's fitness level increases, his strength will continuously increase too! Strength is okay, but speed..... as you advance, speed becomes harder and harder to increase.

Since the faster you are at sprinting, dodging, and jumping, the more air resistance you'll encounter! The faster you are, the larger the resistance, which is why speed is harder to increase.

’’Speed of 128 m/s, strength of roughly 10,000 kg, with the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》: around 28,000 kg. And my reaction speed test gave me a rank of superior for the 'intermediate level warlord' test’’ Luo Feng frequently trains with the reaction speed testing machine, so he has long been clear of his current level.

With his Ru Wei class technique and a bit of knowledge on the ’’Perfect level', Luo Feng's dodging abilities are quite astonishing.

As Luo Feng and Wu Tong were chatting...

Jiang-Nan city's main city sector's airport.

The word airport is a very foreign word.

Ever since the Grand Nirvana period, the amount monsters in the sky has increased, raising the standards on airplanes by who knows how many times. The cost to construct an airplane is insanely higher than the cost it took before the Grand Nirvana period. The so called 'airplane' has basically no relationship with most people.

There indeed still exists commercial airplanes, but the cost of each ticket for a normal person is insanely expensive! Even a rich person would be reluctant to buy a ticket.

In the waiting area of the airport, the chairman of the Dojo of Limits headquarters and the three chiefs below him, the Big Four of Jiang-Nan city's Dojo of Limits, were waiting.

’’He's here!’’ Zhu Ge Tao smiled as he looked towards the sky.

Whoosh! A shadow virtually instantly appeared in the sky above the airport and then dramatically slowed down as it passed through the city's defense system. After that, it slowly descended. This was a gigantic, blue UFO-shaped commercial airplane that was around 30 to 40 meters in diameter. An enchanting, blue light reflected off the surface of the aircraft.

Beep! The hatch of the commercial UFO-shaped aircraft opened and a staircase extended from it. The Big Four of the Dojo of Limits immediately walked to the side of the staircase. Only people with status were able to come directly to the side of the aircraft. In total, there were around 10 people.

The passengers of the aircraft started coming down the staircase and each of them were of special status.

Keep in mind that.....

Aircraft like these are extremely, extremely rare throughout the entire world! When flying in the air, the aircraft has to guarantee the safety of its passengers. First, the aircraft's surface's material is comparable to a Q series battle uniform and a Q series weapon. Even though it's just a thin sheet, it can completely fend off attacks from a horde leader level flying monster! At the same time, the aircraft is equipped with an expensive mechanical wave cannon! This mechanical wave cannon can completely decimate an emperor level monster that dares to fly near the aircraft.

With all of this, the safety of the passengers is guaranteed. At the same time, the cost to construct it is extraordinary! For example, a Q series ghost blade is 3 billion, half price 1.5 billion. Cheapest price available in the palace of wargods is 1 billion. And the actual value of the blade is around 0.8 to 0.9 billion. If you just count solely the Ke-luo alloy, it's around 0.6 billion.

And the entire surface of the aircraft is made out of that material.

A 30 m to 40 m diameter aircraft, even though it's just the surface, the high density causes it to total at around 30 tons. Just the price of the Ke-luo alloy reaches billions and billions of Chinese dollars! Once you add on the mechanical wave cannon and the other stuff.....

A commercial aircraft, just the cost to construct it, is like a galaxy away from the cost to construct an aircraft before the Grand Nirvana period.

Furthermore, the maintenance fee of these types of aircraft is also astonishing! Each time they encounter an attack from a flock of flying monsters, they'll naturally have to expend tons of energy to fend them off.

That's why the prices for a ticket is extremely absurd! Many average rich people wouldn't even purchase one.

’’Old Yang!’’ The chairman of the Dojo of Limits headquarters smiled as he yelled.

A middle aged man wearing a grey robe smiled as he walked over: ’’Steel hand, haha, long time no see’’

’’Old Yang, you came here to check out that Luo Feng's strength right? Well, leaving the small matters aside, let's go, us brothers will have a nice talk’’ smiled the chairman of the Dojo of Limits headquarters.


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