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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 19



A beginner wargod's one year of hard work could only earn him around 5 billion. Even though these geniuses of the elite training camp have extremely bright futures and receive money from all sorts of different organizations, 5 billion is still quite a large number. Usually, only spirit readers or students with high ranking use such high stakes when challenging each other.

Of course, there are unexpected situations too. For example, when two people argue and get into the mood, they could raise the stakes to an extraordinarily high amount!

’’5 billion?’’ William squinted and carefully examined Luo Feng.

’’Luo Feng......’’ Zhao Ruo and Jiang Chen looked at Luo Feng with surprise.

’’If you're too scared then nevermind’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’Senior Zhao Ruo, Jiang Chen, let's go’’. Zhao Ruo and Jiang Chen woke up from their astonishment by now and immediately laughed as they went with Luo Feng. Jiang Chen even sneered at William before he left. Because of William, he lost a ton of money.

Seeing how Luo Feng was about to leave.

’’Wait’’ yelled William.

’’What, not scared anymore?’’ Luo Feng looked at William, ’’5 billion. Not playing if it's lower’’

’’Alright, 5 billion, I'll do this’’ even though he had trouble with the Chinese tones, it was clear from William's eyes that he was going to go for this with everything he had.

’’Alright, nice!’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Say a time’’ William was full of confidence.

’’Tomorrow’’ said Luo Feng.

It's hard to say an exact time, since there's only one battle room. It might be in use by other students, so you have to check the computer system first before you can arrange for an exact time.

’’Alright’’ William rubbed his nose, laughed, and then turned and left.


Jiang-Nan pagoda.

After hearing of this, senior Shi Jiang, who went to the Nine Grand Floors to train, immediately rushed back to Jiang-Nan pagoda. No matter what, Shi Jiang and Zhao Ruo were like Luo Feng, all from China's Jiang-Nan headquarter city! Not only that, but they're older than him and entered this training camp earlier than he did.

Naturally, they would help Luo Feng.

’’Luo Feng’’ Zhao Ruo was a bit angry, ’’Why would you bet with him? Do you think you're a genius fighter with amazing power who can't lose to anyone in the same age group as you? Is that why you're confident?’’

’’You're just being cocky!’’

Zhao Ruo said angrily, ’’Many people who just entered the training camp are tricked into doing these 'staked matches' with the seniors. 80 to 90 percent of them lose...... you can enter this training camp because you're a genius of geniuses. So which one of us here isn't a genius of geniuses? And they have been learning in this training camp for a long time’’

’’Alright, Zhao Ruo’’ Shi Jiang spoke on the side.

’’Senior Zhao Ruo’’ Luo Feng laughed as he poured his tea, ’’Don't be angry. Oh yea, you said that William has a battle ability amplifier of 'intermediate' right?’’

’’Yea’’ Zhao Ruo froze.

’’Looks like Luo Feng is prepared’’ Shi Jiang looked at Luo Feng with astonishment.

While battling to the death in the virtual space, the two people have the exact same body fitness levels. So at this time, you'll have to see how they handle their strength, speed, technique, etc.

The battle ability amplifier equals 'fist strength level' multiplied by 'tower of trials level'.

A battle ability amplifier of 1 2 is beginner. Many of the students who just entered the training camp are in that range.

Battle ability amplifier of 2 4 is intermediate. In the elite training camp, many people are able to step into the intermediate level after 1.5 years of training. That person named 'William' is precisely intermediate.

Battle ability amplifier of 4 8 is advanced. These count as passing students in the elite training camp.

Battle ability amplifier of 8 16 is superior. This is the marker of an 'excellent student'. Because the range of 8 16 is quite large, the gap between people who are all at the superior level could be quite large.

Battle ability amplifer of above 16 is extraordinary! Also called the 'super level', even the world's strongest fighter 'Hong' and 'Thunder God' would be fighting over taking a person like this as their disciple. All the countries and organizations of the world would be willing to pay enormous sums to invite these so called 'Legendary' figures.

’’Hehe, a bit’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’If you're confident, then it's all good’’ Shi Jiang punched Luo Feng in the chest and encouraged, ’’Let that William know that us Chinese can't be taken advantage of that easily’’

’’Okay. Seniors, I need to go train now. There's no helping it, now that 5 billion is on the line, I'm under lots of pressure’’ said Luo Feng purposefully.

’’Pressure my ass’’ said Zhao Ruo with a hmph, ’’ '1 billion is just too little' and '5 billion. Not playing if it's any lower'. Hehe, that tone was boss’’. Luo Feng laughed bitterly at Zhao Ruo's words. How is this Zhao Ruo like a girl at all, she's way too bold.

Luo Feng immediately said: ’’Seniors, you guys do what you need to do’’

After saying that......

Luo Feng immediately returned to his living quarters. On the day of the 30th, other than to eat, Luo Feng stayed in his underground training room and underwent his speed training! He started at noon and trained all the way until around 7 PM. Only until then could he use the 2.8x force brought by the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》's third stage in his legs as much as he pleased.

With the third stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, Luo Feng's speed, without the aid of his spiritual force, rivals an 'advanced level warlord'!


8 PM.

After washing up, Luo Feng, who was wearing a bathrobe, was sitting in front of his notebook.

’’That William guy has a battle ability amplifier of intermediate, which is 2 4! What about me? My fist strength level should be 2.8’’. Even though he didn't test it in the training camp, this so called fist strength level is basically how high your power can go based off your original strength.

He can explode 2.8x the force, so his fist strength level is 2.8!

As for the tower of trials level, according to what I heard from the many discussions my fellow students were having in the training camp, 100 raging bulls should count as the first floor's B grade. Since I passed, my tower of trials level is 1.6!

’’My tower of trials level definitely, isn't just 1.6, but just 2.8 x 1.6 already makes my battle ability amplifier surpass 4’’

’’He's trying to pick on my inexperience?’’

’’Hmph, even though I haven't been in the wilderness for long, I've already killed more monsters than many fighters would ever kill in their entire life’’ Luo Feng opened his email.

This notebook, which the training camp provided, was connected to the training camp's network.

In the email was a message.

’’Letter of challenge?’’

This 'William's Letter of Challenge' was sent after he applied to the training camp's computer system.

’’Accept!’’ Luo Feng made his decision.

It's not enough to just reply to this email;you also have to prepare 5 billion Chinese dollars and send it to the special account of the 'Challenge System'! Only after William and Luo Feng both deposit their money into this special account can this match be organized.

At that time, only Luo Feng and William will have permission to enter the battle room!

Both payments automatically enter the winner's account.

’’Just 5 billion isn't it?’’ Luo Feng took out 5 billion from his Swiss nameless account and directly deposited it into the training camp's special account.

’’In the past, I wouldn't dare to move this amount of money without thinking twice. However, now that I entered the training camp..... which organization isn't willing to pay an astronomical price for me?’’ Luo Feng isn't worried that Vulture and Scorpion's suspicions will raise after the money is transferred to his normal account.

There's no way that they would be suspicious.

It's normal for students in the training camp to have over 10 billion in their accounts!


An email arrived.

Luo Feng opened it.

’’Such high efficiency. It already determined the date? March 31st, 11:15 AM?’’


In another pagoda.

A few white men and women were gathered together.

’’He already transferred the money over. The date is tomorrow at 11:15 AM’’ said William Edison. A tall, skinny blonde youth beside him couldn't help but to say: ’’William, you're too careless. This is 5 billion Chinese dollars...... I think there's something dangerous is going on this time’’

’’Candace, what're you worrying about?’’ William's gaze was cold, ’’I'll definitely win this time’’

’’You have a higher probability of winning’’ the blonde youth named Candace nodded, ’’If this Luo Feng's strength greatly surpasses the average rookie that enters the elite training camp, he would've entered much earlier;he wouldn't have waited until now. This shows that he isn't much stronger than the average rookie’’

’’However, he dared to propose a bet of 5 billion’’ Candace frowned, his eyebrows were like two sharp blades, ’’I think you should still be careful’’

’’Candace, you're the #1 successor of the Paulinus family, you don't have to care so much about a measly 5 billion bet. Also, it's just Chinese dollars, not euros’’ laughed a brunette girl on the side.


William※Edison, from the EU, has challenged the rookie Luo Feng from China!

The wager is 5 billion Chinese dollars!

This news spread through the entire training camp like a hurricane. A wager of 5 billion, and against a rookie! These two points caused many students to come to the Nine Grand Floors on the 31st.

March 31, 11:10 AM.

Nine Grand Floors, ninth floor.

Around 45 students were gathered here. There were people from the EU, America, China, Russia, etc.... basically, people from all six countries have arrived. Even some rookies that just joined this year rushed over here too. Some of the rookies in that group were picked on before.

’’5 billion Chinese dollars, isn't that just around 40 billion Rubles? What a wager’’

’’I wonder if William or that rookie will win’’

The large nosed white youths mumbled on the side. From their language and looks, one could tell that they were from Russia. In today's world, one earth dollar equals 3.5 Chinese dollars, which equals 30 Rubies.

’’William※Edison, Luo Feng, enter the battle room!’’

An electronic sound reverberated in the lobby of the ninth floor.

Luo Feng and William exchanged looks and headed towards the training room.

’’William, beat that kid’’ yelled Candace※Paulinus.

’’Luo Feng, you better beat him to death. If you win, your senior will cook for you personally’’ Zhao Ruo was also yelling. Many students were supporting each side, since this battle was a battle of senior vs rookie, and also the first EU vs China exchange. In this training camp, the students were extremely competitive.


The door to the battle room opened. Luo Feng and William both entered.

Luo Feng scanned the room. This battle room had virtually the exact same layout as the training room;there were two sofas and two dark blue helmets here too.

’’Luo Feng, thanks for the free 5 billion’’ William slightly smiled as he lay on the sofa.

’’I hope you won't cry later’’ Luo Feng also lay on the sofa.


Both of them put on their dark blue helmets at virtually the same time.


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