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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 17



Tower of trials floor 5, eligible to receive the title of 'investigator'...

Luo Feng couldn't help but to reread the part about the archaeological 'Black God' set.

What exactly is this 'Black God' set?

Envious! So envious! Even a country has to deal with an investigator with caution.

In other words..... if you reach the fifth floor of the tower of trials, your authority on this world will shoot up to the sky! You also get a mysterious archaeological 'Black God' set.

Even though Luo Feng didn't know what that was, he could guess that it was something really good!


Soon enough, Luo Feng finished reading the student notice file. From what Luo Feng read, the three most important things in the training camp were tower of trials level, fist strength level, and the black dragon ranking!

’’So that's where the points come from’’

Battle score comes from 'battle points' multiplied by the 'battle ability amplifier'. And battle points are simple, since there's only one way to get them hunt monsters.

One low level commander level monster equals 1 battle point

One medium level commander level monster equals 10 battle points.

One high level commander level monster equals 100 battle points.

One low level horde leader level monster equals 1,000 battle points.

Of course, in the elite training camp, very few would bother hunting low level horde leader level monsters even if they had the ability to kill them! Since after you kill two low level horde leaders, your ranking will raise to the 'wargod level' rank, which means you'll graduate and leave the training camp.

Students are rarely willing to leave.

And the 'battle ability amplifer' is quite simple too: your 'fist strength level' multiplied by your 'tower of trials level'.

For example

If someone has 1,000 battle points, a fist strength level of 1.5, and a tower of trials level of 2, then their battle ability amplifier is 3. As a result, their battle score will be 1,000 x 3 = 3,000!

’’The training camp takes fist strength level and tower of trials level quite seriously. If your battle ability amplifier is just slightly higher, then your score will be huge’’ Luo Feng finished this student notice PDF file and then picked out some video lessons from this notebook provided by the training camp.

There are many wargod instructors in the training camp to teach lessons.

However, the training camp was clear that many of these world geniuses have quite odd personalities and wouldn't be willing to go to class properly. Because of this, they have 'video lessons', where they record every single class. All these recordings are inside every student's notebook!

Of course...... if you actually go to class, then you can directly ask the teacher questions and let the teacher instruct you one on one.

The efficiency would be way higher than watching a video lesson.

’’However, I've never been to a wargod's lesson before, so I should start by watching these video lessons’’ Luo Feng carefully looked at the file names.

The levels of technique were similarly divided into Basic level, Intermediate level, Perfect level, and Conception level. Luo Feng opened several videos about these four main levels. Most of them were talking about the intermediate level, since the perfect level was clearly very hard for the teachers to describe in words.

You need to experience it for yourself;it's extremely difficult to teach.

And the conception level is even harder to express in words.


4:35 PM.

Luo Feng was still sitting in front of his notebook and watching a video about how to use your strength.

’’Teacher, my fist strength can reach 1.8x my normal strength. However, my legs can only reach 1.5x my normal strength. Teacher, you said that your legs can explode in strength in the same matter that your fists can. How come my multipliers are different then?’’

In the video, a black youth asked a question. The video's language was set to Chinese, so Luo Feng could naturally understand what was going on.

In the video, a white brute smiled as he said: ’’You have to experience this for yourself! Carefully think about how your fist exerts its strength and then go back and train your legs! You already reached 1.5x, which shows that you are improving. You have to rely on yourself for the rest. I can only show you the way’’


As if struck by lightning, Luo Feng sat in front of his laptop dumbfounded. After that, he let out a face of immense joy, slapped his head, and jumped up: ’’I'm really stupid. I'm so, so stupid. I can't believe I couldn't even realize such a simple thing!’’

’’Holy, I can't believe I never realized this problem!’’

’’Yea, if your fists can exert their strength in a certain way, then naturally, your legs can do so too!’’ Luo Feng's body was slightly shaking, ’’Through the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》technique, my strength can reach 2.8x of my normal strength! However, my sprinting speed has always remained at a normal beginner level warlord level's speed!’’

’’I can't believe I didn't realize that since I can send the force through my arms, I can send it to my legs too!’’

Luo Feng laughed bitterly.

The concept was simple. Advanced fighters could explode their strength after skillfully controlling it. Naturally, your legs can do so too! Luo Feng just never connected those two ideas after all this time.

’’Regular fighters aren't spirit readers, so they can't use spiritual force to increase their speed!’’

’’If so, then how would fighters training the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 fight against higher ranked fighters if they only have powerful attacks? A beginner level warlord probably can't even keep up with an advanced level warlord's shadow!’’ Luo Feng can fight against fighters of a higher rank because of the support of his spiritual force.

’’I'm dumb’’

’’The force exertions of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》can be used on the legs just like they can be used on the arms. With this, both legs will become super powerful and fast! Only by keeping up in power and speed can you fight fighters of a higher rank.

Luo Feng's eyes were shining.

’’I can reach 2.8x of my normal strength. In other words, after my legs reach 2.8x, my speed will fly up!’’ to the true advanced fighters, speed is more important than power. If your speed is way greater than your opponent's, he'll be playing in the palm of your hand.

’’Speed! I need to increase my speed!’’

Luo Feng couldn't bother to continue watching the video lesson and immediately shut his notebook and charged downstairs.


Every student's building had a training room in the basement. This underground training room was made out of Ke-Luo alloy, so students can train to their hearts desire.

In Luo Feng's building's underground training room.


After turning on the lights, the light shone through the various tiny holes in the Ke-Luo alloy ceiling, brightening up the entire room. The underground training room was around 2.5 m high, 5 m long, and 5 m wide. The walls were all dark green. Clearly, these alloys weren't pure Ke-Luo alloy;they had other materials mixed in too.

On the Ke-Luo alloy floor, various dents made by fists and feet could be seen. These were left behind by previous students.

’’HU’’ Luo Feng ferociously charged forward and exerted his strength into his fist and directly punched at the Ke-Luo alloy wall.


At the end of February, Luo Feng's fist strength neared 10,000 kg. Now it's the end of March. In the time of one month, Luo Feng's fist strength increased by a ton: his fist strength reached 11,500 kg, which clearly showed he was improving at a faster rate compared to the previous months. Under the explosion of 2.8x, it surpasses 30,000 kg! In other words, one punch from him surpasses 30 tons.

The alloyed wall slightly shook. A faint, 1 cm dent was made by his fist.

Clearly, Luo Feng was still very weak compared to the seniors that used to live here. Those seniors probably had wargod level power!

’’I'll check out my legs' strength!’’ Luo Feng started using the force exertion technique from the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》.

First attempt of the first stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》!

One extra exertion of force on top of the original force.

’’PU!’’ ’’PU!’’ Luo Feng's right leg blurred as it continuously kicked.

’’There's some feeling’’

’’Yea, send out the force’’

’’Just like this!’’

Since Luo Feng already reached the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》's third stage, it was easy for him to reach 1.4x of the force in his leg. With that, Luo Feng started swiftly charging back and forth like lightning in this narrow 25 m²room. While also doing swift horizontal dodges to the left and right, he began his swift technique training.

When fighting in a real battle, your body has to constantly change directions. Sending out 1.4x of the force constantly is much more difficult than just using your original strength.

After 20 minutes, Luo Feng's two legs were completely used to exploding 1.4x of his normal strength over and over again!

Luo Feng is already able to explode 2.8x of his normal strength when swinging his blade over and over again. He already has the experience, so now he just has to apply that experience to his legs. The only thing he needs is time to get used to it.


Next is the second stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, attempt to let both legs reach 2.1x of the normal strength.


’’Luo Feng! Aren't you working a bit too hard? Bitterly training in the underground training room on the first day? It's almost 8 PM. Tonight, our Chinese brothers and sisters are going to hold a banquet to welcome you’’ senior Zhao Ruo's voice came from outside.

Inside the training room.

Luo Feng, whose excitement couldn't be hidden, finally stopped with his body completely drenched in sweat.

’’It's almost 8? I entered the underground training room at around 4. Who would've known that around three hours already passed’’ Luo Feng was extremely joyful inside, ’’In three hours, my leg are pretty much set. I can continuously maintain them at 2.1x when dodging nonstop. As for 2.8x, that'll probably take some more time’’

Luo Feng immediately charged out of the underground training room.

’’Senior, I'm going to go wash first and change clothes. I'll be right back’’ said Luo Feng.

At this time, the rain already stopped. Shi Jiang and Zhao Ruo in the courtyard couldn't help but to shake their heads as they laughed after seeing Luo Feng drenched in sweat.

’’This Luo Feng is pretty hardworking’’ complimented Shi Jiang as he laughed.

’’Well yea, but this guy kept bitterly training until 7:30 in the underground training room even though the banquet starts at 8’’ said Zhao Ruo helplessly. She wasn't too surprised though, since virtually everyone in this training camp was extremely hard working. However, there aren't too many people like Luo Feng who start bitterly training in the underground training room on the first day they arrive at the camp.


After washing up, Luo Feng put on some relaxing casual clothes and stood in front of the bathroom's mirror with a bright smile on his face: ’’Mirror, oh mirror. I'm sure that I'll reach 2.8x soon enough. When that happens, my speed will multiply! With such an increase in speed, how far can I reach in the tower of trials?’’

What does it mean to double your speed? It'll be scary to see how much your strength increases as a result. If Luo Feng combines his doubled speed with his technique that's at the intermediate level and reaching the gates of the perfect level to the B grade exam, then Luo Feng would be able to take out those 100 raging bulls with no trouble.

’’Okay, time to participate in the banquet! Let me take a look at all those geniuses from China’’ Luo Feng smiled at the mirror and then turned around and swiftly headed downstairs.

With seniors Shi Jiang and Zhao Ruo, they left Jiang-Nan pagoda and headed towards the camp's gathering of those from China.


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