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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 13



’’Ranking?’’ Luo Feng looked at the list of names on the huge black dragon's scales and couldn't help but to ask, ’’Ranking for what?’’

Yang Hui laughed as he looked at Luo Feng: ’’You think you can just relax once you enter the elite training camp and just ride your way to the wargod rank? What a joke! The environment in the elite training camp is much more competitive than anywhere else. The rankings determine how much stuff you can get! For example, who gets to use one of the unique treasures from the archaeological ruins? The higher your ranking, the more resources you receive! And as for the people who are ranked at the bottom three, if they get ranked there for over three times, they're disqualified’’

Luo Feng was astonished, since he didn't know that it was possible to get disqualified from the elite training camp.

’’Well, stop asking questions. Once you pass the B grade exam, you'll learn all the rules. If you don't pass the B grade exam, then there's no point in knowing the answers to your questions’’ Yang Hui looked up at the huge dragon sculpture, ’’Haven't you guys realized why this dragon sculpture is special?’’

’’Aura’’ said Ya Xia.

’’Spirit’’ said Luo Feng.

Both of them were stunned by the dragon sculpture. When they looked into the eyes of the sculpture, they felt like they were being stared at by a monster even more horrifying than a high level horde leader level steel armored dragon;it caused fear from the bottom of their hearts! Luo Feng wasn't even this terrified when he saw the steel armored dragon.

’’This was a real SS emperor level monster, a black dragon born inside a volcano! After the head slayed it, he left its two eyes inside this dragon sculpture’’

’’The materials making up this dragon sculpture are quite expensive. Of course, the most expensive thing in this sculpture is its eyes, since they're the real eyes of a black dragon!’’

’’The dragon's eyes were designed to glare at the entrance of the gate, so once someone enters the gate, they'll be stunned after looking into the eyes of the dragon sculpture’’ laughed Yang Hui proudly, ’’Just this pair of dragon eyes is already worth over 10 billion!’’

Luo Feng and Ya Xia exchanged glances. Holy shit, they actually used the eyes of a black dragon in a decorative sculpture! Damn!

’’Come with me, remember, don't run around’’ commanded Yang Hui.

’’Yes’’ Luo Feng and Ya Xia carried their backpacks as they followed Yang Hui.

Even though it's called a training camp, it was extremely beautiful and dreamy;it gave one the feeling that they have arrived at an ancient palace. There were precious flowers and trees everywhere and even flowing rivers and streams. After a few main palaces, detailed pavilion after pavilion could be seen all around. Sometimes you could see dojo uniform wearing young people walking out of the pavilions. In the group of young people were males and females and white, black, and yellow people.

’’Look, those young people far away are all officials members of the elite training camp’’ Yang Hui pointed at the huge nine story tower in the exact middle of the training camp, ’’Even though there are only nine floors in that tower-shaped buildings, its height is comparable to a regular 20 story building's height. All the students are headed there. That tower-shaped building is called the 'Nine Grand Floors'!’’

Yang Hui smiled: ’’The Nine Grand Floors is where all the students learn and train. The special training rooms are in there too! In the training camp, the students are always in there except when they sleep’’

Luo Feng and Ya Xia were extremely well-mannered as they walked in the training camp, since they weren't students here. Each and every single student in the elite training camp, with Luo Feng's judgment, had a completely different aura compared to the regular fighters outside. This was where all the demonic geniuses of the world gathered.

’’A lot of these 182 students graduate every year! So every year, we accept一一43 people’’ Yang Hui smiled as he walked, ’’However, 2/3 of these people come from our Dojo of Limits' basics training camp. Only 1/3 comes from the other parts of the world’’

Luo Feng froze.

No wonder一一一一

Around 30 people are accepted every year and 2/3 of them come from the basics training camp. That means only around 10 spots are left.

’’So, Ya Xia, after you enter the basics training camp, you still have hope of entering the 'elite training camp'. However, the number of students in the basics training camp is way higher than the number in the elite training camp. Because of this, the competition for the spots are intense. You better work hard in the future’’ said Yang Hui as he looked at Ya Xia.

’’Understood’’ Ya Xia's eyes were shining.

The limit in the basics training camp is three years, while it's five years in the elite training camp!

’’Ya Xia, stay here first. Don't run around. I'll bring Luo Feng in there to deal with his housing’’ said Yang Hui.

A two story building. Even the furniture here was antique.

’’Since our head is Chinese, he loves the style of ancient China. Because of that, he built Hong Ning headquarter city based off of that style. This training camp especially, since even the furniture is like that. So while you're here, you won't have any couches or television’’ smiled Yang Hui, ’’Thankfully, the head is merciful and allows everyone to bring a notebook’’

Luo Feng was speechless. There was no television, washing machine, etc. Thankfully, there were electronic plugs.

’’You just rest well here. If you want to eat something, just make a call and someone will bring you food’’ said Yang Hui, ’’You better not run around today. Tomorrow at noon, I'll bring you to the Nine Grand Floors to take the B grade exam. If you pass, you'll become an official member of the elite training camp. If you fail, you'll go to the basics training camp’’

Luo Feng nodded: ’’Understood’’

Yang Hui soon left after that.

Luo Feng was the only one left in the quiet room. He went to the second floor's study room and left his backpack there. Afterwards, he went to the balcony and looked at the entire camp.

’’This is the world's best training camp? It's quite quiet here’’ Luo Feng's hands supported his body against the wooden pole of the balcony as he appreciated the view of the camp.

Not too far away was a flowing stream. From there carried a voice in standard Chinese, ’’Hey, from China?’’

Luo Feng turned his head and looked down. He saw a young, white dojo uniform wearing yellow skinned man. His eyebrows were thick and his eyes were big. He had a steel spear in his hands as he smiled.

’’Yea’’ responded Luo Feng.

’’I'm Tian Qiong’’ smiled the yellow skinned young man as he greeted, ’’From Northeast headquarter city’’

’’I'm Luo Feng, from Jiang-Nan headquarter city’’ smiled Luo Feng.

The person named Tian Qiong smiled: ’’Since you're living here, I assume you're going to take the entrance exam? Work hard! There are quite a few Chinese here..... once you enter the camp, we can all meet up’’ after saying that, this Tian Qiong headed towards the Nine Grand Floors with his spear in hand. As he walked, he occasionally waved his spear around.

PU! The ear piercing sound from the thrusting spear changed the Luo Feng's face, who was on the balcony: ’’This person's spear technique is way better than Zhang Ke's!’’

Luo Feng's judgment abilities are extremely great right now. When that person named Tian Qiong thrusted his spear, it felt like all the air surrounding him gathered on the tip of his spear.

’’Even though I named my blade technique, 'Thunderbolt', I've barely touched the start of it. Compared to him, I'm way off’’ Luo Feng had no pride left at all.

Just a random student's spear technique was clearer superior to his blade technique!

Luo Feng realized一一

Only the geniuses of geniuses could enter this training camp! Whether they competed for the spots after accepting three years of training and graduating from the basics training camp or were accepted from every part of the world, none of them weren't outstanding!

’’I have to stand my ground in this elite training camp, or else I won't even have the right to stand up against the two wargods Vulture and Scorpion!’’

’’Of course, I have to pass the B grade exam first’’

After training his genetic energy until late into the night, Luo Feng enjoyed a nice rest. Even though he hasn't officially entered the training camp yet, the ranking on the black dragon sculpture and the random thrusts from that 'Tian Qiong' from before made Luo Feng realize: his future in the elite training camp will be extremely competitive.


11 AM. Luo Feng had a luxurious lunch. Only until 11:30 AM did wargod Yang Hui appear.

’’The weather's not so good today. It's almost noon and yet the sky's already dark. Looks like we'll have a storm soon’’ Yang Hui walked in and laughed as he looked at the table, ’’Not bad, you have quite the appetite. If you're ready, then follow me to the Nine Grand Floors’’

’’Do I need to bring anything? Weapons? Battle uniform?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’No, just come with me with nothing in hand’’ said Yang Hui.

Luo Feng headed towards the Nine Grand Floors with Yang Hui!

Each story in the Nine Grand Floors was around six meters high. Since the width of the Nine Grand Floors was over 130 meters, it was definitely a gigantic tower. Even though the building seemed quite ancient from the outside, it was extremely technological in the inside. The floors were made out of sturdy alloys. Sonic booms and yells could easily be heard.

’’Go, to the ninth floor’’ Yang Hui and Luo Feng entered the elevator.

The elevator was extremely fast. ’’DING!’’

The doors of the elevator opened and revealed the top floor of the Nine Grand Floors. The ninth floor was a spacious lobby. In the lobby were a few cushions where young men and women chatted in English, French, or even Chinese. When Luo Feng came here, quite a few people turned their heads towards him.

’’Bro, Chinese?’’

’’Chinese’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Good luck! Once you enter the camp, we'll have another Chinese member’’ laughed a bald young man.

’’Dream on’’ an accented phrase of Chinese came out of a black girl's mouth. There was a butterfly tattoo on the black girl's face and she sneered as she glanced at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng followed wargod Yang Hui's lead and entered the interior of the lobby. There was a passageway here with large rooms on both sides. Soon enough, Luo Feng was brought to the innermost room. The room wasn't big and was a bit dim.

’’PA!’’ The lights were turned on. There were only two sofas in the room, and each sofa had a faint blue helmet on them.

’’Our human scientists worked quite hard to create these two helmets. These two helmets mimicked a brain computer interface linked to a virtual space machine’’ said Yang Hui as he pointed towards the helmets, ’’We could only create these simple brain computer interfaces. As for the actual machine that creates the virtual space, that ancient thing has been sleeping underground for who knows how many years’’

Luo Feng froze as he stared at this helmet: ’’Virtual space?’’

Too crazy.

Something that only exists in sci-fi. According to what Yang Hui said, humans as of now have only been able to create the 'brain computer interfaces'. As for the actual machine that creates the virtual space, humans haven't been able to create that at all.

’’We're still using that same old machine underground. Human scientists don't understand that machine at all, so don't even mention creating it’’ said Yang Hui shook his head.

’’Okay, once you wear that, you'll enter an extremely realistic virtual space. You could say that it's exactly the same as real life’’ said Yang Hui, ’’After you enter the virtual space, we'll let you enter the 'Tower of Trials' to take the B grade exam!’’


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