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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 12



The nights of early spring were cold, but Wang Xing Ping's brain was melting and his face was astonishingly hot: ’’This is the worst thing I've ever ran into in my life. How many students does the world's best training camp accept every year all over the world? Only one person gets in every few years in Jiang-Nan city! And now I actually encountered someone and even threatened him.....’’ if Wang Xing Ping was the head of the Wang family, he might have the authority to threaten that person. However, the Wang family's head is his grandpa!

His grandpa has quite a few sons and over a dozen grandsons! He's a direct descendant of his grandfather and therefore has a higher position than the other grandsons, but that's not even close to enough to determine who will become the next head. The internal struggle is extremely competitive: the successors are all decided by the family.

After his grandfather gives up his spot, his father's generation goes up.

After a couple dozen years, it'll be his generation's turn!

Even if Wang Xing Ping is able to become the head, he'll have to wait quite a few years.

’’I have some of the family's power, but only an extremely small portion’’ Wang Xing Ping clenched his teeth, ’’If the family knew that I started a fight against a student of the 'world's best training camp', the first thing they'll make me do is apologize. After that, I'll have to organize a negotiation with Luo Feng to attempt to calm the situation!’’

Wang Xing Ping was clear of his family's rules.

If you can't kill them, befriend them!

Even the five great countries wouldn't dare to send people to the Dojo of Limits world headquarters that Luo Feng is about to enter! Because that place is the territory world's strongest fighter, Hong. Hong's name is more explosive than a nuclear bomb.

’’Hey, brother Wang, what're you thinking of?’’ smiled Ya Xia as he urged.

Wang Xing Ping took in a deep breath as he looked at Luo Feng, and then lowered his head and deeply bowed: ’’Luo Feng, this is my, Wang Xing Ping's, fault. Please don't mind my actions!’’

Apologized? This Wang Xing Ping actually bowed as he apologized!

’’What, what, what's going on?’’ Ya Xia froze as he looked at Wang Xing Ping and then at Luo Feng. Even if he's blind he could tell that something was wrong with this situation.

Luo Feng looked at Ya Xia and smiled: ’’Nothing, it's just that young master Wang Xing Ping had a little misunderstanding. Well, I still have things to do, so I'll be going first!’’ after saying that, Luo Feng turned around and walked away on the dark, concrete street.

After Luo Feng left, Ya Xia whispered: ’’Brother Wang, what happened? You enraged this Luo Feng?’’

’’I messed up big time’’ Wang Xing Ping straightened his back, ’’However, Ya Xia, thanks a lot for this. If you didn't tell me about this Luo Feng's identity, I would've offended him without knowing who he was!’’.

The current Luo Feng has no power to do anything, but in a few years, once he becomes a wargod and enters the higher ups of the Dojo of Limits, dealing with some random rich kid of the Wang family is easy. In front of the Dojo of Limits, not just the Wang family, but even the entire HR alliance has to lower their heads!


’’FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!’’ once he returned to the hotel, Wang Xing Ping ferociously slammed the great bottles of wine on the counter around. Bottle after bottle of extremely expensive high quality wine slammed on the table, the wall, and the ground.


As the shattering sounds rang, butler, uncle An, said nothing as he stood in the corner. After unleashing his rage, Wang Xing Ping furiously sat on the sofa, ’’Uncle An, find and bring a pair of twin sisters here’’. Wang Xing Ping's eyes were cold like a wolf's. Every time he encounters some trouble, he'll want to vent.

’’Young master’’ butler, uncle An, couldn't help but to say.

’’DON'T WORRY, NOBODY WILL DIE!’’ Wang Xing Ping turned his head and coldly looked at the butler, uncle An. Under Wang Xing Ping's glare, the butler didn't dare to say anything more.

’’Yes’’ butler, Uncle An, turned his head and walked out of the room.


After encountering Wang Xing Ping, Luo Feng just treated it as a joke and forgot about it. For the next few days, Luo Feng spent most of his time on the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》. Time flowed like water and, with a blink of an eye, it was March 22nd, the day that Luo Feng leaves the headquarter city!

March 22nd, 1:30 PM. Jiang-Nan headquarter city airport.

’’Feng, once you get there, take care of yourself’’ said Luo Hong Guo.

’’Got it, Dad’’ smiled Luo Feng.

Gong Xin Lan's eyes were teary as she held Luo Feng's hand: ’’Feng, watch yourself!’’

Every time Luo Feng enters the wilderness, his family becomes extremely worried. However, after a while, especially after living in a fighter's sector like Ming-Yue sector, his parents understood一一 this is the path of a fighter!

’’Luo Feng, it's time to check in’’ said wargod Yang Hui from far away.

’’Coming’’ responded Luo Feng.

Luo Feng looked at his parents and then immediately ran towards Yang Hui. Not too far away, Ya Xia was also saying goodbye to his parents and then went along with Luo Feng and wargod Yang Hui through the security check. The Dojo of Limits chairman, Ya Xia's family, and Luo Feng's family watched them as they left.

There was only one extremely huge saucer shaped commercial plane in the entire airport. Luo Feng went through the tunnel and entered the commercial plane.

’’Mr. Yang, your seats are in the first class cabin’’ smiled the beautiful female flight attendant.

’’Okay’’ Yang Hui nodded and went up the stairs.

This was Luo Feng and Ya Xia's first time riding a huge commercial plane like this, so they were extremely curious. Luo Feng, like many others riding this plane for the first time, was looking around with curiosity. The interior of the plane was dreamy. Since the plane was saucer shaped, the cabins were split into the top level, middle level, and bottom level. The top level was the first class cabin, while the middle and bottom levels were normal cabins.

’’Round?’’ Luo Feng looked at the wall on the top level and noticed that it, along with all the other things, were round. The seats were also placed in a circular manner, ring after ring. Naturally, there were more seats in the outer rings. And in the very middle was a 3D hologram.

E21 was Luo Feng's spot. He, Ya Xia, and Yang Hui sat side by side. The other passengers soon came in one by one.

’’Luo Feng, Ya Xia, this is your first time riding a plane, so the Dojo of Limits will pay for you two’’ said Yang Hui, ’’If you ride an airplane again in the future, you'll have to buy the ticket yourselves. The cost for a ticket for the Chinese large commercial planes from the six headquarter cities to our world headquarters is 10 million for a normal cabin and 20 million for the first class cabin!’’

Luo Feng sighed inside.....

No wonder even the average rich person wouldn't ride these planes. It'll be good for some rich person's company to be worth over a hundred million. Spend 10 million for a plane? They probably would be reluctant to do so.

’’How is this first class cabin better than the normal cabins below?’’ Ya Xia couldn't help but to ask.

’’The size of the seats and the level of comfort’’ smiled Yang Hui.

’’I don't see how these seats are wide?’’ Ya Xia couldn't help but to say.

’’That's because you haven't sat in the seats in the normal cabins below!’’ laughed Yang Hui, ’’You have to keep in mind that there are barely any commercial planes on this world;the cost it takes to build and maintain each plane is disgustingly high. Because they're so rare, they'll want to squeeze in as many seats into the plane as possible! So even though you can sit in the normal cabins, you can't stretch your legs’’.

Ya Xia blinked twice.

Luo Feng shook his head. Double the price just for a larger seat! However, for the people at the top of the world, 10 million and 20 million really don't have much of a difference.


With a rumble, the plane finally lifted off. However, the round cabins were completely sealed and had no windows, so Luo Feng and the others couldn't look outside.

A recently famous movie was playing in the middle of the cabin! It was quite realistic thanks to the 3D hologram.

’’If you want to watch it, put on your headphones. If you don't, then just rest. We'll arrive at the world headquarters in around an hour’’ Yang Hui closed his eyes.

After around an hour and 20 minutes, the commercial plane landed at the Dojo of Limits world headquarters一一Hong Ning headquarter city's airport. Luo Feng and the others left the airport and got on a private car.

Inside a long cadillac.

Luo Feng and Ya Xia were looking out the window and were amazed. The entire headquarter city was extremely beautiful and the buildings were all based off of ancient China: pavillons could be seen everywhere.

’’During the Grand Nirvana period, the head brought a bunch of people to this place and created a simple human base, allowing many people to escape here. As time flowed, this Hong Ning headquarter city grew bigger and bigger!’’ smiled Yang Hui, ’’Our Hong Nin headquarter city is located at western Asia, close to Europe. Because our head is here, this is the safest headquarter city in the entire world!’’

’’Many rich people and fighters come to our headquarter city every year. However, the head always controls the population of the headquarter city. As of now, the population of the entire headquarter city is only around eight million’’ smiled Yang Hui, ’’If the head didn't regulate the population, it'll be normal for it to reach a value of 200 to 300 million. However, quality over quantity! Our Hong Nin headquarter city has the highest fighter birth rate in the entire world! As of now, there has never been an emperor monster that dared to mess around at our Hong Ning headquarter city’’ said Yang Hui confidently.

Luo Feng and Ya Xia's eyes were filled with astonishment.

The entire world has five great countries and 23 headquarter cities! And Hong controls a headquarter city and the Dojo of Limits. Add his own virtually invincible strength to the equation..... 'Hong' is indisputably the most powerful man on earth! #1 in strength and #1 in authority!

’’We're at the training camp, let's get off’’ said Yang Hui, ’’This is the elite training camp. Ya Xia, you come and take a look too. If you keep working hard, you might have a chance to come here’’

’’Okay’’ Ya Xia had trouble suppressing his excitement.

Luo Feng and Ya Xia got off the car and went through the training camp's huge gate with Yang Hui.

Right after going through the gate, they saw a gigantic sculpture of a dragon. A gigantic black dragon that was around 50 meters tall was staring at Luo Feng;it's invisible aura instantly pressured Luo Feng, causing him to choke. Ya Xia's face was completely white on the side. Only after Yang Hui coughed lightly did Luo Feng and Ya Xia wake up.

’’Startled just by a sculpture?’’ laughed Yang Hui.

Luo Feng's forehead was full of sweat;this dragon sculpture pressured him more than the steel armored dragon. On the scales of the 50 meter tall black dragon were tiny screens, which displayed a list of names.

NO.1 Reinatus Bridge (530321)

NO.2 Zhu Qiang (540601)

NO.3 Eben Perth (520316)

NO.182 Jaclyn Bernard (570319)

From the top of the dragon to the bottom, the scales displayed a full 182 names.

Yang Hui smiled on the side: ’’This is the ranking. As of now, there are 182 students in the elite training camp, which are the geniuses of geniuses from all over the world. Everyone is ranked based off their battle scores! Luo Feng, if you pass the B grade exam, you better work hard and raise your ranking’’


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