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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 11



When destroying the relationship between a couple, especially when involving someone like Xu Xin who lives in a huge family, your tricks can't be too obvious. If so, Xu Xin's suspicions would be raised too easily! Because of that, uncle An didn't plan on destroying their relationship in one go;he planned on splitting the attack into several waves.

For the first time, he simply wanted to raise Xu Xin's suspicions. Clearly.....

He succeeded.

This simple scene where she mistaken Luo Feng for someone else was enough to raise Xu Xin's suspicions.

’’Wrong person? There's no way she mixed their faces up. This girl even looked at luo Feng carefully to confirm his identity. How can she say that she has mistaken him for someone else? Way too fake’’ Xu Xin saw through this in a glance. At the same time, Luo Feng's expression wasn't looking too good at the moment;why is he getting involved in such messed up things.

’’Sorry, really sorry. I've mistaken you for someone else’’ apologized the beautiful girl, ’’Let's go’’

What else can Luo Feng say?

They already said they mistaken him for someone else.

’’You two ladies, please wait a moment’’ said Xu Xin.

Luo Feng froze and looked at Xu Xin. However, Xu Xin's head was only faced towards the two girls.

’’Oh, is there something you need?’’ the two beautiful girls turned their heads toward Xu Xin and the 'sister' asked.

’’Didn't you just say you met him two days in a row.....’’ Xu Xin just started to speak.

’’Not your boyfriend’’ followed the sister, ’’One of my good guy friends, Da Shan’’

Xu Xin nodded: ’’Da Shan? Oh, so when you said you met him two days in a row, you mean you met with that 'Da Shan' yesterday too?’’

The 'big sister' and 'little sister' exchanged glances. The big sister glanced at Luo Feng and then smiled towards Xu Xin: ’’Of course. It wasn't just a simple meeting: we stayed together throughout the night as well! My Da Shan sure is great, I wonder how good your boyfriend is......’’ she started to snicker slightly as she said that.

’’Over the night? Oh, then it looks like you two really did mistake him for someone else. My boyfriend and I video chatted late into the night yesterday. Since the session lasted for around three to four hours, there's no way he could've spent some time with someone else that night’’ smiled Xu Xin. Suddenly, the faces of the two beautiful girls changed dramatically. The cat's out of the bag!

There's a problem with the plan: the plan never took into account the possibility of Xu Xin and Luo Feng video chatting for so long. The two beautiful girls exchanged a glance;panic could be seen in their eyes. The beginning step of the plan just started and they failed, so the second and third step won't even have a chance to begin. The two beautiful girls dropped off a few phrases and then immediately left.

Luo Feng laughed when he saw this and then looked at Xu Xin with a surprised look: ’’Xu Xin, we only chatted for like an hour last night, how come you said three to four hours?’’

’’Well, just wanted to see their reaction and scare them a bit. As expected, their faces changed dramatically’’ giggled Xu Xin, ’’If my guess is correct, these two girls were probably sent from my brother or some other young master. However, this plan was quite well done’’. Indeed, the 'mistaken person' act by the two beautiful girls rose Xu Xin's suspicions slightly, but there was a hole in their plan一一

Xu Xin indeed video chatted with Luo Feng yesterday for around an hour, which made Xu Xin suspicious..... would Luo Feng go out to play after video chatting late into the night? Not too realistic, so Xu Xin followed up with some questions and exaggerated a bit. The two beautiful girls immediately thought they've been found out and escaped in a hurry.

’’Nice, nice’’ Luo Feng gave a big thumbs up.

’’These family matters are quite messy. Sorry that you had to go through such a joke’’ apologized Xu Xin.

Luo Feng suddenly laughed: ’’You said before...... 'My boyfriend and I video chatted', oh...... boyfriend...... hehe’’ Luo Feng laughed in a weird matter.

’’Luo Feng, I didn't know you were like this too! I only said that because of the situation I was in’’ Xu Xin couldn't help but to blush.


After leaving the restaurant, it was around 8 PM;the sky was already dark.

Along the street of the university area, Luo Feng escorted Xu Xin back to the dorm area of Jiang-Nan university. After going through the 'destruction' of the two beautiful girls, Luo Feng and Xu Xin's relationship improved even more. The two of them would make fun of each other, but they just wouldn't officially set the relationship into stone.

The stars filled the night sky.

’’No need to go any further, I'm going in now’’ Xu Xin looked at Luo Feng, ’’Do your best in the elite training camp’’

’’Okay’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Xu Xin's face was slightly red as she stood at the staircase at her dorm, whether because she drank red wine or because of him: ’’I, I can't believe I got messed up so much just because of what that girl said. Why would I get so mad? Because of him..... am I really....?’’

Luo Feng was also inside the sector of the dorm. In front of him were a couple people in the shade of a tree.

’’Luo Feng’’ spoke someone in front of him.

Luo Feng looked carefully and saw six people under the tree. Leading them was a rich young master who looked pretty good and had white skin. Behind him was an old man and four burly brutes. Just looking at these brutes was enough to know that they were fighters. Someone who can get four powerful fighters to be his bodyguards?

Probably not someone normal.

’’I'm Luo Feng, who might you be?’’ smiled Luo Feng as he looked at the rich young master.

’’I'm Wang Xing Ping from Kyoto headquarter city!’’ the rich young master walked over, ’’I've come to see you just to deliver a single phrase: You better stay away from Xu Xin!’’

’’What if I don't stay away?’’ said Luo Feng as he looked at the rich young master.

’’Oh?’’ frowned Wang Xing Ping.

’’I know your identity: the great young master of the Wang family of Kyoto headquarter city. Kyoto headquarter city's Wang family is one of the nine core families of the HR alliance’’ said Luo Feng as he looked at him.

Wang Xing Ping smirked: ’’Very good. It seems like you're someone who knows the rules. There are rules in every area, and what you must do is follow those rules. If you break the rules and do something you shouldn't do...... you won't be able to handle the consequences! Do you understand what I'm saying?’’

Night time is the dorm area's most crowded time.

Quite a few university students that were eating snacks and walking around noticed Luo Feng and Wang Xing Ping's group, since Wang Xing Ping's underlings weren't regular people.

’’Rules?’’ Luo Feng narrowed his eyes.

The Wang family of China is one of the nine core families of the HR alliance and their influence on society is tremendously huge. Normal people definitely can't imagine what these families are capable of.

’’Luo Feng, you should know that not everyone is equal. Even though everyone yells ’’everyone's equal’’, everyone is not. Some people can only follow the rules and laws, and even when they do, they get in trouble. Some people can pick up all the beautiful girls they want and break all the rules: beat people up and even kill people. But those people don't get into any trouble. Some people..... can ruin a family with a single phrase. Some people can force a young man with a beautiful future ahead of them to obey their every command, even if they're a fighter’’ Wang Xing Ping looked at Luo Feng, ’’You probably know which group I belong to, and which group you belong to!’’. The superiority he held in his bones wasn't covered up at all in this talk. Luo Feng said nothing.


As Luo Feng and Wang Xing Ping talked, a couple was holding hands not too far away from the dorm sector.

’’Tao Tao, really sorry. I'll be out of the country for a whole three years. Of course, I'll come see you over New Years’’ the one speaking was precisely the one who was headed towards the Dojo of Limits world headquarters with Luo Feng, Ya Xia. The girl holding Ya Xia's hand was his girlfriend since high school.

’’Ya Xia, it's fine. We can talk over the internet frequently. It's just three years, it'll be over really quickly’’ the girl named Tao Tao grasped Ya Xia's hand. Ya Xia was definitely a legend in Jiang-Nan university: he's handsome, has a nice temper, and all his friends think highly of him. His family's great too because his father's a wargod!

He himself was also powerful. Since he's headed off towards the 'basics training camp', he might become a wargod in the future! Since his father is also a wargod fighter, tons of girls would be chasing after this young man. Initially, quite a few people were trying to ruin Tao Tao and Ya Xia's relationship.

’’But you better not mess around’’ Tao Tao looked at Ya Xia.

’’Okay’’ Ya Xia nodded.

’’Hm, what's going on ahead?’’ Ya Xia looked in front of him with a confused look on his face. As a genius fighter, his eyesight was able to discern the looks of the people ahead. ’’Wang Xing Ping, huh, that's senior Luo Feng? Tao Tao, remember I told you about a super powerful fighter that's leaving the country with me? He's right ahead of us’’ said Ya Xia.

’’Where is he?’’ Tao Tao was quite curious.

’’Come, I'll bring you to him’’ smiled Ya Xia, ’’Senior Luo Feng's temper is quite good. He's in the shade of the tree’’

Wang Xing Ping looked at Luo Feng: ’’You're a beginner level warlord level fighter right. These people here are 100% loyal to my Wang family. You guys, tell Luo Feng your ranks’’

’’Intermediate level warlord’’

’’Intermediate level warlord’’

’’Intermediate level warlord’’

After the three brutes spoke, the final bald, middle-aged brute smiled: ’’Advanced level warlord! Young man, you should know your place. Even a wargod wouldn't dare to act so arrogantly in front of one of the nine core families of the HR alliance. Your future is bright, so don't ruin it for yourself’’

Luo Feng's eyes brightened and he smiled as he nodded, ’’Young master Wang, you sure are great. Four bodyguards: an advanced level warlord and three intermediate level warlords’’. Young master Li Wei had two advanced level warlords and an intermediate level warlord back then. However, Li Wei died.

’’Brother Wang, you're here too’’ a familiar voice rang.

Luo Feng turned his head and so did Wang Xing Ping and the others. Ya Xia and his girlfriend Tao Tao came into their vision.

’’It's young master Ya Xia’’ said the butler, Uncle An, in a small voice.

The four bodyguards also smiled towards Ya Xia. Wang Xing Ping smiled towards Ya Xia. This Ya Xia's father is one of the wargods of Jiang-Nan city. Since he has a nice temper and many connections, quite a few wargods are his brothers to the death. When faced with such a wargod, even the Wang family has to treat them with respect.

Furthermore, this Ya Xia is quite talented himself, since he's about to enter the basics training camp. He might be able to become a wargod in the future.

’’Ya Xia, what a coincidence, you're here too’’ Wang Xing Ping's previous attitude towards Luo Feng disappeared;he was now much more approachable.

’’Haha, I saw senior Luo Feng here, but I didn't expect brother Wang to be here too’’ Ya Xia smiled as he looked at Luo Feng, ’’Senior Luo Feng, you know brother Wang too?’’

’’Senior Luo Feng?’’ Wang Xing Ping frowned. Usually, fighters only call someone 'senior' when they're from the same dojo and clearly more powerful than them. And Ya Xia is calling Luo Feng 'senior'?

’’Ya Xia, I just met with Wang Xing Ping just now, so I'm not too familiar with him’’ smiled Luo Feng.

Ya Xia laughed loudly and said to Wang Xing Ping: ’’Brother Wang, you love meeting genius fighters right? Senior Luo Feng is way better than me. This time, senior Luo Feng is leaving the country with me, and Luo Feng is entering the world's best elite training camp!’’

’’Elite training camp?’’ Wang Xing Ping's heart thumped dramatically: oh shit!

Each country's army tries everything possible to earn a spot in the elite training camp, since every person that enters the elite training camp will become a wargod in the future! And the special training in this elite training camp makes these wargods way more powerful than other wargods that trained by themselves.

Every elite training camp student has an immensely high position. Even the nine core families of the HR alliance want these students on their side.

These students will become extremely powerful in the future and all their fellow students are also absolute geniuses from all over the world. After they all graduate, each and every one of them are wargods! Their own abilities, added with their connections...... each of these students will become an important member in the Dojo of Limits or in the government's special forces;even the HR alliance invites them as special guests. They are the absolute top! Even the government treats these guys like masters, since they are actually masters!

These demon students are also extremely intelligent and naturally form a group! One demonic genius fighter is already insanely powerful. If you add ten of them or a hundred of them into a group that looks out for its members, they become an extremely powerful force that none of the core families of the HR alliance are willing to mess with.

This is also why the huge families spend tens and hundreds of billions to try and get a spot in the elite training camp! And these students..... might even become the students of 'Hong' and 'Thunder God'.

’’F*k, this, this Luo Feng all of a sudden.......’’ Wang Xing Ping wanted to smash his head a couple times. He was a perfectly normal fighter, how did he all of a sudden......

’’Senior Luo Feng, brother Wang is a great person who loves to make friends’’ smiled Ya Xia towards Luo Feng. After that, he turned his head towards Wang Xing Ping, ’’Brother Wang, how about me, senior Luo Feng, and you find a place to chat later?’’ as he said that, he even purposefully winked at Wang Xing Ping.

From Ya Xia's point of view, he's doing Wang Xing Ping a huge favor. How many of these demonic genius fighters exist on earth? Everyone would want to try and get to know them if given the chance.


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