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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 10



Evening. Luo Feng was walking on the street. Since it was in the university area, the streets were filled with young male and female students.

’’Hello’’ Luo Feng dialed Xu Xin's number, ’’It's me, Luo Feng!’’. Last night, Luo Feng and Xu Xin video chatted for a long time. He told Xu Xin that he would come see her today. ’’Night Spring Post? Intersection? Alright, I'll wait for you there’’

Luo Feng hung up and quickly came to the intersection called Night Spring Post. The reforesting of this area was done quite well. Luo Feng leaned against a post on the street and silently waited. At the same time, he couldn't help but to think about what his good brother was talking about. What he said clearly resonated with Luo Feng. ’’Indeed, it's status!’’

’’The first time I met Xu Xin's brother, Xu Gang, he looked down on me and told me to stay away from his sister. From his point of view, I was just a rookie fighter that wasn't good enough for his sister!’’

’’That great young master, 'Li Wei', also thought I was a little shrimp. If I was a wargod or a child of some wargod, he probably wouldn't have dared to touch me’’. Of course, even though young master Li Wei allowed his underlings to kill Luo Feng, Li Wei ended up giving his life in the end. ’’If I become an existence that surpasses the wargod level, if I become comparable to investigator Zhu, would the Vulture Scorpion couple dare to pull off something like the astronomical bounty?’’. People have different statuses in different circles.

In a university, a fighter or a rich person counts as people with high status in the circle of students. When looking at the whole of Jiang-Nan headquarter city, a beginner level wargod is famous!

If you look at the entire world, powerful wargod fighters like the 'examiners' of the Dojo of Limits shake the entire world.

And existences that surpass the wargod level like investigator Zhu, the investigators that stand at the top of the Dojo of Limits, are treated with respect by huge countries. And those so called huge families are just a joke to them. At this level, money has very little effect. ’’Existences that surpass the wargod level around the world are super rare’’

’’My goal right now is to become an advanced level wargod spirit reader as fast as possible! When that happens, would I even be afraid of Vulture and Scorpion?’’. To get what he desires and to do what he wants to do, he has to raise his status!

Truly powerful fighters, like Hong, just need to say a single sentence to make the countless powers around the world fight over being the first to do his bidding. This is status!


Jiang-Nan university's Gate.

’’Xu Xin, you're not eating dinner with us anymore?’’ a few female classmates looked towards the nearby Xu Xin, who smiled as she waved her hand: ’’I still have things to do. I'll be eating outside tonight’’. After saying that, Xu Xin headed towards the night spring post intersection nearby Jiang-Nan university's gate and met up with Luo Feng, which her other female classmates witnessed. ’’Hm?’’ one of the girls with large eyes raised a cell phone that seemed quite expensive and pointed it towards the night spring post intersection.

’’Look, look, Xu Xin's with a guy’’ said this large eyed female classmate as she pointed her phone towards the intersection. Even though night spring post intersection was around 500 meters away from the school gate, which was too far for regular eyes to discern someone's looks, the capabilities of modern phones are too great.

The phone can take photos and videos. This large eyes girl's phone can even record someone's face that's 1,000 meters away.

’’Hey, it's true!’’ the other girls leaned over and looked, ’’He seems quite handsome’’

’’Oh shoot, I forgot something back in the classroom. You guys go first, I'll catch up soon’’. The large eyed girl started running towards the school and quickly arrived at a corner of the empty track field. She took up her phone and immediately sent out the small video she just recorded.

In a suite of a high class hotel not far from Jiang-Nan university, a young man wearing a bathrobe was laying on a sofa. A seemingly beautiful girl, who was also wearing a bathrobe, was massaging him. Another seemingly pure young girl was also lightly massaging his feet and even happily chatted with the guy. Suddenly, his phone rang. ’’Hello’’ the young man picked up his phone.

’’Young master Wang, Xu Xin just went out to eat dinner with a guy I don't know. I just sent you the video’’

’’Oh’’ the young man frowned, ’’Alright, you did a good job’’

After saying that, the young man opened up the video and took a close look. The scene with Luo Feng and Xu Xin was incredibly high quality, and the young man slightly frowned: ’’Luo Feng? Who could've thought that this Luo Feng would run all the way over to the university area to look for Xu Xin. Looks like his relationship with Xu Xin isn't normal!’’

’’You guys go down’’ the young man waved his hand, ’’Tell uncle An to come’’

’’Yes, young master’’

The two girls obediently went away. Soon enough, an old suit wearing butler came and bowed: ’’Young master’’

’’Uncle An’’ the young man stood up and frowned, ’’Xu Xin just went out to eat dinner with Luo Feng’’

’’Luo Feng?’’ this butler, uncle An, couldn't help but to be surprised. He was clear that this young master, 'Wang Xing Ping’’, transferred to Jiang-Nan university from Kyoto headquarter city just to get closer to his prize. And, all the information about guys that are even slightly close to Xu Xin was recorded. Naturally, Luo Feng's information was recorded too. Not only that, but three of Xu Xin's female classmates were bribed! At the same time, there were probably around 100 people around Jiang-Nan university that belongs solely to him!

’’Ruining their relationship should be easy’’ said Wang Xing Ping coldly, ’’Just a fighter. Uncle An, I'll hand this mission to you. First find out where they're eating tonight. I'm sure I don't have to tell you what to do next? I only have one request一一ruin their relationship!’’. The butler, uncle An, nodded as he replied: ’’I'll prepare immediately!’’

’’Okay’’ Wang Xing Ping waved his hand. The butler immediately and respectfully went away.

In mere moments, in another suite of the hotel. The butler, Uncle An, was currently looking at two young girls he just found. These two beautiful girls were quite cute and could easily trigger a reaction in the bottom half of the body.

’’Your goal, is him!’’ the butler, Uncle An, pointed towards a display. The display was currently showing a photo of Luo Feng and another one of Xu Xin. ’’His name is Luo Feng and is from Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Yang Zhou city. His phone number is . . . . . record all of this information and add his phone number to your contacts’’

’’Yes’’ the two beautiful girls obediently nodded.

’’This is the plan, look carefully’’ as he said that, the butler, Uncle An, lightly tapped his notebook, which then displayed the contents of the in depth plan. The two beautiful girls took a look and made eye contact with each other.

’’We understand, uncle An’’

’’Alright, Luo Feng is at the nearby ristorante Yinuo, go’’ commanded the butler, Uncle An. He watched the two beautiful girls leave and then looked at the plan on the display. He couldn't help but to shake his head, ’’Luo Feng, you also count as quite a hard working fighter. Sadly, our young master has his eyes set on Xu Xin, so you have no right to touch her’’


Yinuo, a quite stylish ristorante near Jiang-Nan city. The music there was like a flowing river, improving the atmosphere even more.

Luo Feng and Xu Xin sat in a corner. The candles were lit on the table;this is the legendary 'candlelit dinner'. For Luo Feng's sake, Xu Xin requested that seats nearby them were empty so that nobody could bother them.

’’You're going there?’’ smiled Xu Xin, ’’Yeah, this is a good thing for you. I heard that as long as you can enter the world's best training camp, you'll become a wargod in the future with no problem..... Future wargod, I'll congratulate you first’’ as she said that, she lifted up her glass of wine. In the glass was red wine with an extremely low alcohol content.

’’Thanks’’ Luo Feng also smiled as he lifted his glass.

After lightly taking a sip, Luo Feng and Xu Xin started chatting. They chatted about Xu Xin's complicated family matters and then Luo Feng's family. The two of them happily chatted. Even though they were just chatting like that, they seemed like a couple. It's just that neither of them moved the relationship to that point.

’’Sis, I heard that guy last night was really great?’’

’’Why would I trick you. I mean, I'm quite experienced and have tasted quite a few men, but the one last night was just..... fantastic. Hehe, my heart is going wild now that I think about it. I'll go find him to play some more in a few days’’

’’You know his cell phone number?’’

’’While he was sleeping, I used his cell phone to call my cell phone and then recorded the number’’

Two quite beautiful girls were chatting in small voices on the table beside the table next to Luo Feng's. However, this restaurant was just way too quiet, so Luo Feng and Xu Xin heard every word clearly. The two of them could only exchange a funny glance;they didn't think that they would be able to hear such a conversation here.

Luo Feng and Xu Xin continued to chat.

Around half an hour later.

’’Well, let's go’’ the sisters finally stood up.

Suddenly, one of the 'sisters' walked past Luo Feng and then walked back a few steps. She carefully examined him and said in a surprised tone: ’’Eh? I didn't think it was really you. I felt like it was you when I looked at your back, but it was just too dark so I couldn't see clearly. Now that I look, it's really you. Wow, what a coincidence to meet you two days in a row’’

’’Sis, who's he?’’ said the girl on the side in a confused tone.

’’Two days in a row? This young lady, I don't think I've ever seen you before’’ said Luo Feng as she looked at the beautiful girl in front of him, ’’I think you have the wrong person?’’

’’Ehhh一一’’ the cute girl took another careful look and then glanced at Xu Xin on the side. She then said, ’’Wrong person, wrong person. I'm really sorry’’

Xu Xin frowned on the side as she witnessed this scene. Xu Xin hates things like one night stands...... and the scene that just took place in front of her couldn't help but to raise her suspicions: has Luo Feng actually played with this cute girl before? Fighters are always fighting on the border between life and death, so it's quite normal for many of them to blow their money on some beautiful girls. In the past, Xu Xin always thought that Luo Feng wasn't this type of person. But now that she witnessed this scene......


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