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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 1



’’Let's go downstairs and eat with mom and dad’’ smiled Luo Feng.

’’Okay’’ Luo Hua felt like he was a completely different person. Before, he thought that his future was full of despair;he thought living his life would be no better than death itself. But after seeing the miraculous effects of the 'elixir of life' and the ginormous number on Luo Feng's phone, Luo Hua was full of energy! Pushing the wheelchair, Luo Feng brought Luo Hua downstairs.

Father Luo Hong Guo and mother Gong Xin Lan were sitting on the sofa without making a sound. From yesterday until today, in just one day's time, the couple has suffered too large of an impact.

Their little son tried to commit suicide and now he's extremely emotionally unstable.

’’What should we do’’

’’What on earth should we do’’ the two of them had no solution. Breakfast has long been finished in the kitchen, but nobody had the heart to eat anything.

Suddenly一一’’Dad, mom!’’ Luo Feng pushed the wheelchair and brought his brother downstairs and he smiled as he yelled, ’’Where's breakfast? Let's eat breakfast together’’

’’Breakfast?’’ Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan both stood up.

Luo Hua also smiled: ’’Dad, mom, I'm hungry already’’

Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan stared at their son, Luo Hua, as if they were looking at a monster. Soon after, they ferociously woke up and Luo Hong Guo immediately said: ’’You're hungry? Good, good. Hurry, hurry and bring us breakfast!’’

’’Qin’’ Gong Xin Lan yelled as she charged towards the kitchen.

Father Luo Hong Guo also ran towards the kitchen. In a moment, the entire household was filled with energy;the heavy atmosphere from before was nowhere to be seen.

Luo Feng laughed as he watched this scene unfold: ’’Well, now we're past this problem. With time, my brother's legs will be able to grow out and he'll be able to stand up again. Our family will be even happier when that happens’’

Why did he bother taking the risk to steal the dragon egg? Isn't it to hurry up and make enough money for his brother's elixir of life?

Maybe the heavens were helping him, since he got the battle gear of a wargod when stealing the dragon egg. Thanks to that, he almost instantly received the gigantic 30 billion.


Jiang-Nan city, main city sector.

In the living room on the first floor of a villa on the peak of the Marvelous mountain in the Jiang-Nan mountain water sector, the fighter called 'Scorpion' in the circle of fighters, Venina※Paulinus, was currently sitting on the couch with a cold face.

And beside her, was 'Vulture' Li Wei who sat there without an expression, as if he was a blade.

’’What results do we have’’ said Li Wei coldly.

In the living room, the middle-aged butler wearing a black suit said respectfully: ’’Sir, Madam. After investigating the targets for a few days, we picked out 12 people. However, even though we carefully investigated each of the 12, we still don't have enough evidence to confirm who the culprit is’’

’’In other words, you still can't even pick out a target?’’ Li Yao's raging, explosive anger could be seen in his eyes.

Hu! The black suit wearing butler felt like he was being stared at by a gigantic monster and couldn't help but to hold his breath as he respectfully said: ’’In these group of people, their motives range from being pressured by the HR alliance and wanting revenge by killing the young master, to having grudges against the young master's bodyguard 'Ka Long'. Some of them even have grudges against the young master's bodyguard 'Pan Ya' from the tiger fang squad...... we can pick out 8 of them that have such motives. However, these motives are very small, extremely small. If their brains are still working properly, they wouldn't kill the young master’’

’’Trash! If they have a grudge against Wei's bodyguard, they'll kill Wei? And that, what, tiger fang squad, what kind of shitty squad can enrage such a powerful enemy!’’ yelled Li Yao as he scolded, ’’Remember, the person who killed Wei is someone who can instantly kill two advanced level warlords and two intermediate level warlords. He killed them so quickly that none of the four were able to send out a message!’’

’’Yes’’ the butler responded respectfully.

’’Keep in mind that this culprit is extremely powerful and is just hiding his battle record! To be able to instantly kill two advanced level warlords;with this power, he should be at least 20 years old’’ Li Yao commanded, ’’The targets we investigated, other than the ones that have already died, are quite young and weak. Some of them even just passed the 'Fighter Combat Exam'. You think those little shrimps have enough power to instantly kill two advanced level warlords?’’

’’You are right, sir’’ respectfully replied the butler.

Li Yao coldly commanded: ’’Carefully investigate their past and see which one of them could be hiding their skill. Once you think one of them has that possibility, check them!’’

’’Understood!’’ the butler didn't dare to say any extra words.

’’Okay! Once even a sliver of a hint of them being a 'wargod' level fighter or a spirit reader appears, stick onto them even more!’’ said Li Yao coldly, ’’Of course, we have to investigate the high priority targets, but don't let the low priority ones go either. Record their info, from bank accounts to wilderness battle records to what their family and friends are doing. Record all of that’’

’’Yes’’ respectfully replied the butler.

’’You've been following me all these years, so I want you to do this with absolutely everything you can and have, understood?’’ Li Yao's voice sank and had a hint of killing intent in it.

The butler's forehead couldn't help but to start letting out balls of sweat: ’’Understood’’. Of course he knew how powerful this man in front of him was. Even the advanced level wargod, 'Scorpion' Venina※Paulinus from the Paulinus family, didn't dare to go against Li Yao.

’’Go!’’ Li Yao waved his hand.

The butler swiftly left.

After the butler left, the only people left in the living room were the couple Li Yao and Venina※Paulinus.

’’Yao, if the culprit prepared to kill our son, he probably didn't bring his tactical communications watch’’ said Venina with her accented Chinese, ’’This shows that maybe none of the targets are the culprit’’

’’I know this possibility exists’’ said Li Yao coldly, ’’However, we have to grasp every chance we can. If there weren't too many people..... I would rather kill a thousand of them than let one go!’’ a cold light flashed in Li Yao's eyes. This case has around 500 targets involved, with the Dojo of Limits, the Thunder Dojo, the government's army, etc. behind them.

These people are all near the headquarter city and enter the headquarter city sometimes, which was why Li Yao didn't kill them all.

If there were only a few dozen people, he wouldn't be afraid to take action.

’’Yao, who do you think would do it?’’ frowned Venina as she asked.

’’There are less than 10 advanced level wargods that have a grudge against me, Li Yao, on the entire earth. We also made quite a few enemies by letting you have the seat of the HR alliance's HuaXia sector director back then. Thankfully, I successfully came out of the ancient archaeological ruins back then, so those stupid freaks didn't dare to take action!’’ said Li Yao coldly, ’’The culprit who killed Wei better not let me find out who he is’’. In the eyes of the two powerful fighters Venina and Li Yao, they ones with highest possibility of being the culprit was one of their wargod enemies from the past.

However, they won't stop investigating the 506 suspects either.


Yang Zhou city, Ming-Yue sector.

Luo Feng was quite relaxed: when he's free, he'd chat with the fighters at the Limit Hall, but he usually spends most of his time immersed in the《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》.

’’Hello, captain’’

In the reaction speed testing room of the Limit Hall, Luo Feng walked to the side to pick up his phone, ’’Oh, you guys are going to the wilderness again after new years on March 1st? Sure, I'm fine with that. I wanted to stay at home for a bit anyway and safely spend my two months here, along with polishing up on my blade techniques. Alright, okay, we'll go after new years’’

’’You already know about my brother's situation? This kind of stuff sure spreads quickly’’

’’I can't, even I can't do anything with these kinds of things. But there's no problem, my brother's already fine. Yea, I'm training my technique right now. Okay, we'll talk later’’

Luo Feng hung up and left the phone in the corner. After that, he walked back towards the reaction speed testing machine.

We say it's a testing machine, but Luo Feng has completely treated it as a training machine.

’’Intermediate level warlord test, time: 10 minutes’’ Luo Feng adjusted the testing time on the reaction speed tester: this was already the greatest amount of time possible. Getting shot by a huge amount of rubber bullets is actually good for training one's dodging abilities, so Luo Feng likes to come here and train.

With a body drenched in sweat, Luo Feng put his phone and some other random things into his pockets.

’’For most of the time of the month I was in the wilderness, I've been absorbing genetic energy to strengthen my body. Now, I'm not too far from the standards of a 'low level warlord'’’

’’I have to keep working hard and see how much stronger I can get in these two months’’

Time passed day by day. On New Years' eve, Luo Feng and his family happily went to a Chinese New Year banquet. Luo Feng and his family also went to meet some friends. As for relatives? Luo Feng didn't really have any relatives, since his father and mother were both orphans after the Grand Nirvana period.

The Grand Nirvana period destroyed many families, causing many to become orphans.


February 26, dawn.

Luo Feng, in a white dojo uniform, smiled as he headed towards the Limit Hall.

’’Crazy, going to the hall so early in the morning?’’ a brute with a big moustache smiled.

’’I'll be going to the wilderness soon, so I have to hang on to my last few minutes and train and train’’ smiled Luo Feng as he said. The brute with the big moustache glared: ’’Dammit crazy, stop saying things that'll make people mad. Hanging on to your last few minutes? I was there when you were taking your prospective fighter exam and, in a blink of an eye, you've already surpassed me’’

Luo Feng laughed: ’’The waves in the back always push the ones in the front in the Yangtze river, so of course each generation has to be stronger than the next’’

’’Go go go, stop making me mad’’ laughed the brute with the big moustache as he scolded.

Luo Feng entered the Limit Hall and came to the sixth floor.

There are rarely any people in the Limit Hall at dawn so, as usual, it was empty here.

Luo Feng wouldn't have come here if it wasn't to test the fruits of his recent training. Last time he tested, his strength neared 13,000 kg and he received the grade 'superior' on the low level warlord reaction speed test. Luo Feng slightly warmed up, ’’It's February 26 now. I wonder how much my fitness level has went up after these three months!’’


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