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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 9



He was completely shocked, but Xu Gang quickly regained his composure. As he examined Luo Feng from far away, the merchant quickly came to a conclusion, ’’This Luo Feng is still young, but he's already a beginner level warlord! And the conditions he had back home weren't good at all, so being able to come to this stage is indeed quite rare! I'll look at it this way..... if he's able to become a wargod level existence some day, then I'm afraid that my dad and the others will have no choice but to let sister marry him’’.


’’A fighter is ultimately a fighter. Even Lu Gang can die, so who knows when he'll die. Whatever, whatever, I won't think any further. I'll just see how Luo Feng will grow from here’’ thought Xu Gang to himself. Indeed, a warlord level fighter is really nothing to a big family like the Xu family.

The memorial meeting was still ongoing, but some fighters were already starting to leave.

After the five members of the fire hammer squad left, they immediately started searching for a nice looking hotel with a classical style. The owner of this restaurant knew that there were quite a bit of people attending the memorial meeting today, since the memorial meeting was broadcasted across the country. Once he saw the direction Luo Feng and the others came from, along with the fighter-only car beside them, the owner of the restaurant immediately understood who these five were and led them to the best room on the third floor.

’’Alright, go now’’ Chen Gu quickly ordered some dishes and waved his hand signalling the waiter to leave.

The most beautiful female waiter of the restaurant snuck a peek at them and then obediently left the room.

’’****, I was in a pretty good mood today until I saw the bastards of the tiger fang squad. Just seeing them completely destroyed my great mood!’’ Gao Feng couldn't help but to say out of anger while clenching his teeth. Before they left, Luo Feng and the others met the tiger fang squad, who also came to pay their respects.

’’Captain, there's no need to get so angry over those bastards, it's not worth it’’ Wei Tie shook his head.

’’After we enter the wilderness, we'll find a chance to get rid of them’’ laughed Wei Qing coldly.

Luo Feng frowned and scanned the entire room with his spiritual force to make sure there weren't any hidden listening devices.

After seeing Luo Feng like that, Gao Feng laughed as he said: ’’Luo Feng, no worries! This restaurant counts as a high class one, so people who eat in rooms like these are usually quite important people. Classified information frequently goes around here. If the owner of this restaurant dares to eavesdrop, he's looking for death!’’.

Chen Gu also spoke: ’’Who cares if someone is eavesdropping. We just talked about killing people, but we didn't kill anyone yet. We can't even talk about it with our mouths?’’.

Luo Feng laughed in agreement.

’’Captain, are there any annoying figures behind the tiger fang squad*?’’ asked Luo Feng, ’’If there are, then we have to be cautious’’.

*TL note: No matter where I looked, it said ’’fire hammer squad’’, but considering the context, I'm pretty sure it's the tiger fang squad (it could just be a typo, but this is the first time I've ever seen a typo like this on all the sources I checked).

’’Who could there be?’’

Gao Feng sneered, ’’It's not like their parents are wargods’’.

’’Oh yea, senior wargod Lu Gang has three children, two sons and one daughter. And the oldest son and daughter are warlord level experts. Only the second son's strength is average’’ sighed Wei Tie, ’’These experts are just not the same. Even the daughter is so powerful already’’.

’’Oh, three children and two of them are warlord level?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’That's quite normal’’.

Gao Feng said, ’’Luo Feng, you haven't been in the circle of fighters for a long time, so you probably aren't too sure. Actually, a powerful fighter's children will also be quite powerful! For example, the world's strongest fighter, 'Hong', is an existence that surpasses a wargod. And his sons and daughters are all wargod level!’’.

Luo Feng blinked twice, he really didn't know about this.

’’It's quite simple actually’’ laughed Gao Feng as he continued, ’’When a fighter trains, every cell in his body absorbs genetic energy, perfecting the genes in his body. The genes of his body continuously get better! And in that process, the stronger the fighter, the higher quality his genes will become’’.

’’And when he marries and has kids, those genes are passed onto the next generation!’’.

’’It's not weird for children of the exceptionally powerful fighters like 'Hong', 'Thunder God', and 'Zhu Xi' to reach the wargod level! Because their genes are already great. However, this doesn't carry completely. If they aren't as powerful as their parents, it'll lead to each generation getting weaker and weaker. Eventually, the genes of that family will become average again’’.

Luo Feng nodded.

Genes are indeed passed when having children. The children of powerful fighters have an advantage right at birth!

The door opened, and the waiter came in with the food.


After the waiter put everything on the table and left, Gao Feng sighed as he said: ’’Actually, if humanity keeps on going like this, the genes of the powerful fighters will spread around, therefore increasing the quality of all the genes of humanity! However, when a weak person marries a powerful person, their children could be quite normal’’.

’’So, it's very hard to raise the quality of the genes of humanity as a whole’’.

’’Powerful people raise the quality of humanity's genes, while weak people lower them’’.

’’However, one point is clear. As time passes, the genes of humanity as a whole will continuously rise in quality! One day, almost all of humanity can become fighters!’’.

Luo Feng slightly nodded at Gao Feng's conclusion.

’’Of course, for every single human to become a fighter... who knows how long that'll take! 500 years? 1,000 years? 50,000 years?’’ laughed Gao Feng as he shook his head. Evolution for all of humanity is indeed a slow process.

Luo Feng and the others quickly finished lunch and, after the dishes were taken away, ordered some tea.

’’Old Chen and Wei Tie and his brother have pretty much gotten used to their strength. Let me see, we'll go into the wilderness these two days’’ said Gao Feng as he looked at the others, ’’Anyone have any opinions?’’.

’’How about, the day after tomorrow?’’ spoke Chen Gu.

Luo Feng nodded: ’’Let's depart on the day after tomorrow. However, captain, where are we going to this time?’’.

’’Haha’’ Chen Gu laughed, ’’This time we surely won't be going to those small country level cities. Our squad is much more powerful than it was before’’. Saying that the squad as a whole has increased in strength by at least 10 times is no exaggeration.

’’Let's go to a major city area’’ Wei Tie and Wei Qing's eyes flashed.

In the past, they were only willing to fight a bit in prefecture-level cities.

’’How about we get arrogant and try the #003 city?’’ said Gao Feng quietly as he took in a deep breath.

’’#003 city?’’.

Luo Feng and the others were completely shocked.

#003 city, what does that represent?

You could say it's one of the most horrifying areas in all of Eurasia. This place is near the sea, so there are large amounts of ocean monsters. This city also has one of the highest building densities, so the amount of monsters here has reached an alarming amount. There are many horde leader level monsters, and even monsters that surpass the horde leader level live here!

Large amounts of top fighters come here!

Fighters from other headquarter cities in Asia also come to this area just for this city!

Here, is where human fighters and soldiers slaughter each other!

Here, is where the center of China's economy was before the Grand Nirvana Period Shanghai city!

’’There?’’ Wei Tie and Wei Qing were both shocked.

’’That's too much, the difficulty gap is too great’’ Wei Tie couldn't help but to say, ’’How about we go to #023 city in old Suzhou first?’’ No matter how arrogant, anyone would tremble in fear after hearing the name of #003 city. This place is where the real dragons, snakes, and alligators appear!

Gao Feng looked at the others and laughed: ’’Scared?’’.

’’Who's scared, whoever goes to #003 city will get major bragging rights’’ Chen Gu's eyes flashed, ’’Go, of course we're going! #003 city is a gigantic city anyway, probably more than 10 times larger than the other cities. We're just creeping along the border, what is there to be afraid of’’.

’’Luo Feng, what about you?’’ the group looked towards Luo Feng, since he was the top fighting force of the squad!

Luo Feng contemplated. Of course Luo Feng knew about the legendary #003 city.

What #003 city means to humans today versus what Shanghai meant before the Grand Nirvana period, they are both special!

’’Okay, we can go. But we have to go slowly from the suburbs’’ nodded Luo Feng.

’’Of course we're going slowly from the suburbs, or am I tired of living? I don't want to die yet’’ laughed Gao Feng, ’’Some of my old friends are all drifting around #003 city. That is where all the top fighters appear. Hmph hmph..... of course we're gonna have to start going there too’’.

Being able to survive in #003 city is a symbol of strength!

Because there are large amounts of alligators there. There are large amounts of commander level monsters even in the suburbs. And along the riverbanks are quite a few horde leader level monsters! So those without strength wouldn't dare go to #003 city.

’’Alright, then everyone get some rest. We'll depart tomorrow towards #003 city’’ laughed Gao Feng.

’’Alright, to #003 city!’’.

The blood of Luo Feng and the others were boiling.


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