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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 8



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Grief echoed throughout the entire Heroes' Hall. From the government officials to the generals of the army to the wargod level fighters, all of them paid their respects. Even the national television was carefully recording this scene as the reporter described what was happening in front of the camera. Soon, it was Luo Feng and the group's turn.

As the crowd flowed, the five members of the fire hammer squad quickly entered the Heroes' Hall.

There was just a gigantic photo at the memorial meeting.

’’Just a photo, not even a body’’ thought Luo Feng to himself with amazement. Indeed, once you die after facing the infinite rat tide, not even your bones will remain! Luo Feng and the others respectfully bowed three times while being surrounded by the sounds of grief. Silently kneeling beside them were the powerful wargod fighter's wife and daughter.

Luo Feng and the others quickly left the area.

The mood of the area outside the hall seemed to have relaxed a bit;it wasn't so oppressive like the mood in the hall.

’’Senior Lu Gang was unfortunate’’ sighed Gao Feng as he shook his head, ’’He just happened to fall into the middle of a rat tide. And the leader of the infinite rat tide surely determined that senior Lu Gang was a top fighter of humanity, so it was willing to give up everything to kill him! And once the rat tide is willing to do so, there's no escaping it’’.

Luo Feng said in a small voice: ’’From what I heard from the scenes captured by the satellites, a couple dozen skyscrapers fell and millions of rat monsters died in senior Lu Gang's struggle. One can imagine the scene’’.

Before, Luo Feng, Wan Dong, and the others were only being chased by a small rat tide containing around tens of thousands of rat monsters.

And there wasn't even a single commander level rat monster in that small rat tide, or else how come the rat tide couldn't catch up to Wan Dong and the others' speed? Even such a small rat tide was able to give Luo Feng such pressure. When he thinks about a scene of being surrounded by billions of rat monsters, he couldn't help but to shudder! The fact that the wargod fighter was able to kill millions of rat tide monsters in such a short time showed that he was extremely powerful.

’’If senior Lu Gang was a bit more careful from the start and tried to avoid the center of the rat tide, he wouldn't have died’’ sighed Gao Feng.

The cold outside the Heroes' Hall was heavy, and the streets were filled with those from the circle of fighters, the government, the army, and people from family corporations.

’’Luo Feng’’ a sound carried over.

Luo Feng turned his head and saw Xu Xin in a black outfit not too far away. This outfit gave Xu Xin a small feeling of coldness.

’’Xu Xin, you don't have class today?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’Today is Saturday, so I came over with my family’’ Xu Xin couldn't help but to laugh.

Luo Feng paused, and then laughed at himself: ’’Saturday, oh..... I can't even remember the day of the week once I stopped going to school’’. After you become a fighter, the day of the week doesn't matter at all. When he was still going to school, he was crystal clear on the date.

’’Now that classmate Luo Feng is a fighter, he's different from us other classmates’’ said Xu Xin purposefully.

Luo Feng and Xu Xin chatted like this on the side of the street.

And Xu Gang, who was currently chatting with a middle-aged lady, caught a glimpse of Luo Feng and Xu Xin together. He couldn't help but to frown, and then apologized to the middle-aged lady beside him: ’’Director Zhang, I have some things to attend to. We'll talk about this dividing case later’’.

The middle-aged lady smiled as she nodded her head.

Xu Gang walked to a close spot and paid attention to Luo Feng and Xu Xin out of the corner of his eye. With Xu Gang's vision, he could clearly see Luo Feng and Xu Xin's expressions. Clearly, they were having an enjoyable time, which made Xu Gang's face even worse: ’’Sister is a prideful person, so she usually doesn't like to talk to guys of the same age. How come with this Luo Feng.....’’

Sister Xu Xin has already reached the required age for marriage, so Xu Gang was extremely attentive to her love life.

No matter what..... he did not like Luo Feng.

’’A fighter who'll die off who knows when, and he's still bothering my sister? The deeper they go, the more bitter hardship my sister will have to go through in the future!’’ Xu Gang was enraged, ’’This Luo Feng, I already told him tactfully last time. If he knows, then he should stay away from my sister! He fails to appreciate my kindness!’’

Xu Gang was clearly mad, but what can he do even if he's mad?

He won't foolishly charge in.

’’Hm?’’ Xu Gang's gaze unexpectedly landed on someone not too far away, and with a heartbeat, ’’I'll let Luo Feng have some pain and know his place!’’.

As he thought that in his heart, Xu Gang headed towards the left.

’’Master Xu’’ a seemingly handsome youth whose head was shaved laughed as he gave his greetings.

’’Guo Hai’’ laughed Xu Gang, ’’I didn't think I would see brother Guo Hai here. I thought you were still in the wilderness’’.

’’Senior Lu Gang's memorial meeting is a huge thing, how could I not come?’’ the handsome youth looked towards the Heroes' Hall and shook his head as he sighed, ’’Back then, I received some pointers from senior Lu Gang. Who could've known that such an awesome, powerful fighter like senior Lu Gang would.....’’

Xu Gang felt like Guo Hai was actually sad, and he secretly shook his head: ’’This Gao Hai isn't even that close to wargod Lu Gang. Isn't he putting up too much of a show’’.

As a merchant, he was unable to understand the feeling between the fighters.

Fighters that walk on the border of life and death never forget their favors. Naturally, one would never forget a senior's advice for the rest of their lives.

’’Guo Hai, my sister came here today too’’ laughed Xu Gang.

’’Xu Xin?’’ Guo Hai's heart skipped a beat, ’’Where?’’

Xu Gang laughed bitterly, and then showed the direction with his eyes: ’’Oh, over there, chatting with a young fighter’’.

Guo Hai saw Luo Feng and Xu Xin far away and slightly frowned, he said in a surprised tone: ’’As far as I know, lady Xu Xin rarely talks to fighters, so I'm guessing that this young fighter has a special connection with her’’. Even though he liked Xu Xin, Guo Hai didn't believe that Xu Xin had to like him back.

’’He does have a special connection’’ Xu Gang shook his head, ’’They used to be classmates, so my sister is on quite good terms with this kid. Or else she wouldn't be talking so much with him!’’.

Guo Hai nodded, indeed, Xu Xin rarely talked to young men.

Even though he had quite a bit of self control, Guo Hai couldn't help but to feel a bit jealous.

’’This kid, I warned him before to stay away from my sister. However, it looks like he has some plans of his own for my sister’’ Xu Gang looked at Guo Hai, ’’This kid doesn't even look at his own position. A warrior level fighter, who knows when he'll die. And he still dares to chase after my sister! A commoner chasing after royalty!’’.

Guo Hai frowned, but couldn't help but to feel a bit proud inside.

Young people can't help but to compare themselves to others. As of now, he's already an intermediate level warlord! And he's only 21 years old.

’’Xu Gang, you're right. a warrior level fighter will have a hard time in the wilderness, who knows what he'll die to’’ nodded Guo Hai, ’’If that kid really cares about Xu Xin, he shouldn't her’’.

’’I think so too!’’ followed Xu Gang.

Guo Hai looked at Luo Feng, and asked: ’’Oh yea, what's his name?’’.

’’He's named Luo Feng, and just became a fighter not too long ago’’ said Xu Gang.

’’Luo Feng?’’ Guo Hai frowned, ’’Crazy?’’.

Xu Gang froze and looked at Guo Hai suspiciously: ’’What Crazy?’’.

’’Crazy is a nickname. Only someone who has skill would receive a nickname from others. Usually, people don't even get nicknames even when they want them’’ Guo Hai looked towards Xu Gang and frowned as he said, ’’This Luo Feng has a bit of fame in the circle of fighters. You underestimate him. Even though he just became a fighter not too long ago, he killed over 10,000 soldier level monsters in just two short months. And I heard that they were mostly advanced level soldiers. I estimate that he has the skill of a beginner level warlord!’’.

’’Killed over 10,000 monsters? Two months?’’ Xu Gang blinked twice.

’’And, you said he's a beginner warlord level? A 18 year old beginner warlord level fighter?’’ Xu Gang couldn't help but to exclaim.

Guo Hai nodded.

Xu Gang widened his eyes as he turned around to look at Luo Feng, who was currently joyfully chatting with Xu Xin, and couldn't help but to curse: ’’****, this kid pretended to be weak and tricked me! Who knew he was such a person!’’. A 18 year old beginner warlord compared to a 21 year old intermediate warlord. As for potential, Luo Feng's is slightly higher.

Xu Gang's attitude changed a bit.

’’Who knew that this Crazy also liked Xu Xin’’ Guo Hai let out a smile, ’’Interesting, interesting!’’.

’’Luo Feng, is actually called Crazy..... this nickname’’.

Xu Gang was amazed beyond belief, ’’However, killing around 10,000 monsters in two months! This is indeed quite crazy!’’.


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