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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 7



Luo Feng couldn't help but to laugh. This world is indeed quite interesting. 5 months ago he was a member of the dojo that came here to test. At that time, his family still lived in a cheap home. In a blink of an eye, he's now living in the Ming-yue sector and is easily making millions!

’’You should still do the testing, uncle Wu. At that time, I'll drop by and take a look’’ laughed Luo Feng as he sat on the side. A waiter immediately brought tea and desserts.

’’Crazy’’ a dojo uniform wearing man, who was also an instructor at the Dojo of Limits, laughed as he said, ’’I heard that you killed over 10,000 monsters in the past two months? And that they were mostly high level soldier level monsters? Then have you reached the 'beginner level warlord' level?’’

’’Seems so’’ nodded the person beside in agreement.

Wu Tong also nodded: ’’There's no way that an advanced level warrior could kill all these monsters so easily. Even if Luo Feng hasn't reached the beginner level warlord level, he's basically at that level. I remember that Luo Feng is training in the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, so it seems that the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 has shown its effect’’.

Luo Feng froze.

Isn't that why?

He killed over 10,000 monsters in a bit less than two months, and most of them were definitely high level soldiers. Indeed, it would be really difficult for an advanced level warrior to have such efficiency. No wonder they all think that he has reached the 'beginner level warlord' level.

’’The 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 is extremely hard to train in, and the price for that instruction manual is extremely expensive’’ said the other fighters.

’’Yea, it is very hard’’ laughed Luo Feng as he nodded, ’’I just coincidentally had some small breakthroughs’’.


Everyone there, including Wu Tong, noticed that Luo Feng had a different look in his eyes. The 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 is an ultimate instruction manual. Quite a bit of people have bought this instruction manual, but quite a bit of fighters have also failed to just enter the first stage. Training in this instruction manual means that...... you'll be able to dominate your battles!

’’Luo Feng’’ a sound carried from outside. Luo Feng turned his head and saw brother Chen.

’’Luo Feng, I heard you came back but I didn't think you would be here so early’’ laughed Chen Gu as he walked over, ’’Oh yea, are you planning to go to senior Lu Gang's memorial meeting tomorrow?’’.

’’It's such a big case, so we're all going. Luo Feng, you come too when the time comes’’ said chief instructor Wu Tong.

Luo Feng sighed with emotion, and then nodded.

Of course he has to go to such an event.

Their senior, Lu Gang, who passed away in the grade 3 rat tide was a powerful wargod! Even though Luo Feng didn't personally experience a rat tide, he was in the wilderness when the rat tide exploded..... He couldn't help but to feel sorry for the dead. Seeing how his senior has passed away, naturally Luo Feng will go and pay his respects.

On the day of the prospective fighter exam, Luo Feng and the others watched the tender juniors' test. There were a total of 8 people, and 3 of them passed.

There was actually someone Luo Feng was familiar with out of these 8 people. An elite member of the Zhi-An region's Dojo of Limits. However, this elite member didn't pass.

Day 2, dawn. The temperature was low. In the funeral parlor of Jiang-Nan city's 'Heroes' Hall', security was extremely tight since many people were coming to pay their respects to their senior, Lu Gang.

The five members of the fire hammer squad were all gathered together, and all five of them wore black.

’’There are quite a few people here today’’ said Chen Gu as he took in a breath. Luo Feng looked around, and just the surrounding streets were all filled with people who have come to pay their respects. Most importantly Today is the first day of mourning, so only fighters, family members, high ranking government officials, etc. are allowed to come.

And from tomorrow until the seventh day, the regular citizens are allowed to come in to pay their respects.

Even so, there were over 10,000 people gathered here, and all of these people were upper class people in Jiang-Nan city. Some of them were at the top of large businesses, the government, and the army. There were also a huge mass of fighters. In the group of fighters, there were even powerful wargod level fighters!

If a wargod dies, it is normal for the other wargods to come pay their respects.

’’The national television came too’’ said Luo Feng as he watched their vehicle.

’’A wargod's memorial meeting is broadcasted across the entire country’’ said Gao Feng thankfully, ’’Barely any wargods die across the entirety of China each year’’.

Only fighters that are ranked wargod or higher can get broadcasted across the entire country. Warrior and warlord level fighters will never be able to enjoy such great treatment. Also, only the top generals of the army receive this kind of treatment too.

’’Look, it's the mayor of Jiang-Nan city. He's over there, the leader that frequently appears on television’’.

’’Hmhm, look over there, it's the head of the Xu family, one of the 12 families of the HR alliance’’.

After Luo Feng heard about the Xu family, he couldn't help but to look over. An old man who was a bit fat and had white hair all over his head, seemed to be around 80 or 90 years old. However, he naturally had an aura of high authority around him. Behind him were four of his subordinates.

’’Over there is the powerful wargod level fighter Zhu Ge Shan. He's our chief instructor Zhu Ge Tao's brother’’.

Quite a few fighters were discussing.

The people who came here today were indeed important people. Whether in the world of the government, the army, businesses, or fighters, all of them were at the top.

’’The memorial is starting’’ said Gao Feng as he looked ahead, ’’However, we have to wait for a bit before we can enter’’.

’’Let's wait, we rarely get to see all of these people’’ laughed Chen Gu.

Luo Feng and the others stood by the street and waited in the back with a large amount of fighters. The VIPs ahead already started to enter.


A gloomy, dark saucer shaped fighter aircraft directly flew over from far away, and the army surrounding the heroes' hall didn't attempt to block it. And the powerful wargod fighters, the mayor of Jiang-Nan city, and all of the top officials in the army and government that entered the memorial all came out to greet.

’’A big one has arrived’’ Chen Gu's eyes flashed.

’’Damn, what kind of person came?’’ even Gao Feng was shocked.

The people who were at the scene were already at the top of China's upper class society. For example, the wargod fighters were at the top of the fighters. The mayor of Jiang-Nan city is, without a doubt, a top official. There are only six headquarter cities in China, so he is much more important than a governor before the Grand Nirvana period.

However, all of these people have come out to greet.

’’Who is it?’’ Luo Feng looked carefully. All the fighters, and even the reporters from the national television, stared closely. Nobody dared to make a sound.

Complete silence.

The saucer shaped fighter aircraft slowly descended, and its mechanical door opened.

A thin man who had an aquiline nose and whose clothes were black came down the steps of the fighter aircraft. It didn't seem like he was in a good mood, and tears could be seen in his eyes. Just his presence caused the people in a 10 meter radius to feel like they were falling into darkness. He is the deity in that radius.

’’Mr. Zhu’’ a powerful wargod fighter spoke.

The aquiline nosed man sighed and didn't say anything. The wargod fighters, the mayor of Jiang-Nan city, and all the top officials from Kyoto city and the army nodded and headed straight towards the heroes' hall.

The other people followed behind him.

Complete silence.

Only until after these important people entered did discussions start to rise from outside.

’’Who is that guy?’’ Luo Feng was full of curiosity. This is, without a doubt, the type of man who was at the top of the top of China. Wargod fighters rarely greet even a country's leader. Usually, wargod fighters don't respect high ranking officials.

’’No idea’’ Chen Gu and the others shook their heads.

Gao Feng's ears moved a bit and then he said quietly: ’’Someone ahead said that the guy just now is named 'Zhu Xi'. I heard of the name Zhu Xi. Back then, he was an extremely famous wargod level fighter. However, I haven't heard of him since;he rarely showed himself. I read on the internet that this Zhu Xi has already surpassed the wargod level and is one of the peak existences’’.

’’An existence that surpasses the wargod level?’’ Luo Feng and the others took in a deep breath.


An existence like that can go head to head with an entire country! A whole country has to bow down to this kind of person. This is indeed one of the top existences of human society. No wonder all the top officials of the businesses, government, army, and even wargod fighters came to receive and greet him.

You can say

Such a person is like a 'god' to humanity.


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