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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 6



Yang-Zhou city's Ming-Yue sector, Luo Feng's home.

In the lobby, Luo Feng was currently merrily eating dinner with his parents and brother. Luo Feng only stayed in the wilderness for seven or eight days the first time he went. However, this time he was gone for nearly two months. Even though they kept in touch via phone, the joy of actually meeting Luo Feng way surpasses talking through a phone.

After dinner, Luo Hua's room.

’’Luo Hua, what are you writing?’’ laughed Luo Feng as he asked after seeing a word document on his brother's laptop with a lot of words on it.

’’Reviewing the losses in last month's stock and patching up my theory on the stock market’’ laughed Luo Hua as he replied, ’’Brother, this main theory of mine actually took a few months to build up. However, to actually complete it will take much much longer than that’’.

Luo Feng laughed: ’’Luo Hua, don't tell me about this. I have no idea what you're saying anyway. Oh yea, how have the stocks been the past three months?’’.

’’They haven't been good, a huge drop of 10%. However, the stock I chose count as quality stocks, so with some manipulation, I was able to earn around 50% in the last three months’’ said Luo Hua with a face of confidence. After seeing that, Luo Feng also let out a smile. Actually, Luo Feng also researched a bit about stocks on the internet.

As of now, the stock market is completely globalized. However, the situations in each region are different. The stock market could entirely collapse and some regions could undergo inflation. Some places could be attacked by monsters and undergo astonishing deflation.

Under these random situations, it's extremely hard to trade stocks.

’’Oh, in other words, you earned 10 million?’’ said Luo Feng in a surprised tone. Since Luo Feng earned a lot from the 'hunter' three months ago, he lent his brother 20 million. Even though he had faith in his brother, it would be too risky to lend him too much money.

’’Hm, pretty good’’

Luo Feng took out his phone, quickly entered the internet bank, and made a transaction.


Luo Hua took out his phone and was shocked. He received a message saying that his balance has changed ’’Your card ending in 3206 has increased by 50 million on 11/30 21:51″.

’’Brother, 50 million?’’ said Luo Hua out of shock as he looked towards his brother Luo Feng. 50 million was no small number. As of now, Chinese dollars are quite valuable. The exchange rate between the earth dollars is only around 3.5. Even for many rich Chinese businessmen and merchants, making them pull out 50 million isn't too realistic.

’’Luo Hua, keep working, I'm sure you can do it’’ laughed Luo Feng.

Luo Hua's eyes flashed and he nodded seriously.

Controlling such a huge amount of money as he entered the stock market gave Luo Hua a sense of accomplishment. For a handicapped person like him, he has made the stock market his career a long time ago. He has played through all types of stocks since a few years ago, and is finally confident in what he does.

You can say, he already has the foundation of a master.

However, even a master can fail in the stock market. Because of this, there is a lot of psychological pressure.

’’Don't stay up too late’’ said Luo Feng as he laughed and went downstairs.

50 million, Luo Feng didn't really mind. His training in the past two months has earned him over 80 million. The amount of money he made was admirable to many fighters, but unfortunately, they can't learn Luo Feng's method..... Luo Feng is a spirit reader. And if Luo Feng really wanted to make money, he could use his spiritual force to kill large amounts of commander level monsters.


Last night was stormy, but tonight, the stars were bright. The starlight shone through the glass in the second floor's training hall. Luo Feng was swinging his ghost blade over and over again at an extremely high frequency. And every time he swung his blade, he pushed himself to his limit to unleash the《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, and since he bitterly practiced for 20 hours straight in the resupplying base, swinging his blade at an extremely high frequency would tire him out in just 30 minutes.

After that, Luo Feng would undergo his Dao-Yin technique training, 'Nine Stage Hun Yuan'.

Finally, he would undergo the genetic energy training 'Wu Xin Xiang Tian'.

’’CHICHI~~’’ Luo Feng, who was undergoing 'Wu Xin Xiang Tian', sat cross-legged and couldn't help but to let out a face of joy. He clearly felt that all the cells in his body were crazily gobbling up the cosmic energy, ’’After finishing the first stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, my training rate almost doubled! And now, after completing the second stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, every cell in my body became even more hungry and can absorb even more genetic energy’’.

Time passed minute by minute.

After a while.

As if all the cells in his body joyfully burped, none of them could absorb anymore and were completely satisfied.

’’After finishing the first stage, my training rate doubled! After finishing the second stage, even though my training rate didn't raise as much as the first time, it still increased by around 30%!’’ Luo Feng was amazed. The 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 was indeed amazing and unrivaled. With that Dao-Yin technique, his training rate increased even more.

’’I trained bitterly at home for a month and then trained in the wilderness for two more months. I wonder how much my strength has increased from these past three months’’ thought Luo Feng expectantly.

Indeed, Luo Feng was improving rapidly every single day for the past three months.

Since he's a spirit reader, his spiritual force has been subtly making his body stronger. This is one reason why spirit readers grow so quickly. Also, Luo Feng is training in the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 and has been fighting on the border of life and death for the past two months.

All three of these factors combined have made Luo Feng's rate of growth around five to six times faster than an above-average fighter.

’’I'll go test for a bit in the Limit Hall tomorrow to see how strong I am’’. Luo Feng wanted to see the results of his bitter training.


Dawn, around 5 AM. Luo Feng was headed towards the Limit Hall.

’’Crazy, up so early?’’. There were a few fighters doing their morning practice in the sector.

’’Crazy, I heard you made a ton these past two months’’

’’You better treat us to something. Treat us brothers in this sector to a cheerful, good meal’’

Quite a few fighters laughed as they gave their greetings.

Nobody knew much about Luo Feng's huge earning from the 'Hunter Silver Moon Wolf', but quite a few people in the circle of fighters recognized Luo Feng from the crazy slaughtering he did. Killing 10,000 soldier level monsters in two months is indeed a 'crazy' battle record.

So getting the nickname 'Crazy' isn't so weird.

Also, because of this, Luo Feng has gained much more respect from everyone. No matter how stupid someone is, killing 10,000 monsters will make you extremely experienced. Practice makes perfect.

’’Alright, no problem, want to go tonight’’ laughed Luo Feng.

After entering the Limit Hall, a reception lady in the lobby saw Luo Feng and yelled: ’’Mr. Luo, so early, there aren't even any people here yet. Would you like something to drink? I'll arrange for it’’.

’’Not right now, but prepare some tea and dessert. I'll eat it when I come down’’ laughed Luo Feng, and then he directly went up stairs.

Limit Hall's sixth floor.

Luo Feng was extremely thankful as he looked at the gigantic training hall on the 6th floor. This was where he went through the prospective fighter exam. Who knew that, in a blink of an eye, that prospective fighter from before is now a true elite fighter. Luo Feng turned on the fist strength machine and the speed testing machine.

After turning on the speed tester, Luo Feng stood on the track.

’’Let's see my power’’. Luo Feng, who was relaxed, instantly shot out with a ’’HU’’ sound like an arrow leaving its bow. In a blink of an eye, he rushed through the track and started slowing down.

Luo Feng looked at the speed tester, and the display showed ’’78.6 m/s’’

’’Not bad’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed.

Normally, 60 m/s is what you would need for your body fitness level to reach an advanced level warrior. And 90 m/s is what you need to reach a beginner level warlord.

’’Let me test my strength’’ Luo Feng walked in front of the fist strength testing machine, took in a deep breath, and let his force explode!


The fist smacked into the tester like a cannon ball and ferociously shook the whole thing, the display showed '6,121 kg'。

Usually, 4,000 kg counts as an advanced level warrior. And 8,000 kg counts as a beginner level warlord. Of course, this is just a number that estimates your strength. Your true skill is determined not only by your body fitness level, but also by your record of slayed monsters.

Body fitness is just a portion of your strength.

’’Now let's test the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》's force exertion’’. Luo Feng took in a deep breath and then suddenly opened his eyes. He exerted force through his feet, which caused the entire floor of the training hall to shake a bit. The powerful force instantly carried from his feet to his waist. KAKAKA~~ each section of Luo Feng's spine held up, and the powerful force carried to his right arm.

At the same time, his waist and back let out two connected force exertions like the rippling on the surface of a puddle.


Second stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, 210% power, explode!

As Luo Feng's fist moved, it continuously accelerated. It brought along an explosive shock wave, as it directly smacked into the machine.

’’BOOM~~’’ the target fell down and then slowly straightened itself again.

The display also paused for a bit before showing the number ’’12,928 kg’’。

’’Alright!’’ Luo Feng let out a smile on his face. 6121 times 2.1 is 12,854. However, fist strength is just an estimate, so it can be a bit higher or lower. In other words, Luo Feng's full power nears 13,000 kg of force.

His actual body fitness level is an advanced level warrior's.

However, with the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, he reaches the beginner level warlord. And he is way past the required 8,000 kg. A beginner level warlord's fist strength is usually between 8,000 kg and 16,000 kg.

’’Finally, let's test my reaction speed’’

Luo Feng entered the reaction speed testing room and switched it to the 'beginner level warlord' mode and set it to begin 'in 5 seconds'. After pressing the red button, Luo Feng swiftly ran into the circle.

Inside the circle.

After around 5 seconds, ’’BEEP~~BEEP~~’’ the cannon of the reaction speed tester machine started rotating faster and faster until it reached an astonishing speed. After that, little rubber bullets shot out of the dozens of muzzles in the main cannon, which flew towards the red circle.

’’So fast’’ Luo Feng stood in the middle of the red circle and started moving swiftly.

His steps were light, yet quick.

And very relaxed. If you could find someone who has the same reaction speed as Luo Feng, they probably wouldn't be as relaxed as him, because..... Luo Feng's technique has reached the 'Ru Wei class'. With the Ru Wei class' technique, Luo Feng is able to maximize his dodging ability.

PU! PU! Two bullets hit Luo Feng, but Luo Feng didn't hesitate and kept dodging.

One minute later, the cannon stopped rotating.

Luo Feng then walked to the display and looked carefully: ’’Hm? 60 seconds, 21 hits, 0 contacts with the red light, excellent?’’ Luo Feng was amazed at this grade. He was actually able to receive a grade of excellent on a beginner level warlord's reaction speed test! You can clearly see the results of the Ru Wei class!

Actually, this 'reaction speed testing machine' technically tests your dodging ability!

And your dodging ability is dependent on your speed, reaction speed, awareness, etc. However, this is the best way of testing it.

’’78.6 m/s’’

’’Fist strength of 6,121 kg, I can make it near 13,000 kg at best’’

’’Reaction speed test, beginner level warlord, excellent!’’

Luo Feng was extremely satisfied with the results. He was clear that his body fitness level should make him an advanced level warrior, but with help from the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 and Ru Wei class, he's able to make his attack power and reaction speed reach a beginner level warlord.

After testing, Luo Feng went downstairs cheerfully. In the lobby on the first floor, quite a few fighters were sitting and chatting.


’’Luo Feng’’ Chief instructor Wu Tong was also there and laughed as he said, ’’Did you come this early to watch the prospective fighter exam? You didn't watch the past few times. Well, this time is good too, come and see how these rookies test. Maybe you can test them when the time comes?’’.

Luo Feng froze.

Prospective fighter exam?

Yes, today is 12/1. Every first day of the month is the day of the prospective fighter exam.


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