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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 40



After stepping into Ming-Yue sector, Luo Feng directly opened the letter.

Even though his brother's girlfriend, Zhen Nan, wrote it for his brother, Luo Feng was worried about its content...... his brother just tried to kill himself yesterday and is extremely emotionally unstable. If there are some stimulating things in the letter, it could make his brother go out of control. Luo Feng wasn't willing to risk it! ’’I want to see as to what exactly is written in here’’ Luo Feng's face was filled with anger but, as he read the letter, his expression started to loosen up.

’’Sigh’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’At least my brother has an eye for people’’. Luo Feng realized from this letter that.....

Nan's parents talked with Luo Hua behind her back! Nan didn't even know that her parents knew that she was dating Luo Hua;she only realized when she heard that Luo Hua tried to kill himself in the pond.

After hearing this, Nan almost fainted.

Her parents wouldn't allow Nan to meet Luo Hua no matter how much she cried and argued. After that, she begged with everything she had and convinced her parents by telling them that this is the last time she'll meet Luo Hua.

However, no matter how many times she called Luo Hua at the gate of Ming-Yue sector, she never received any reply. Since she couldn't even meet Luo Hua, she had no choice but to write a letter and ask his family to hand it over to him.

’’Secretly continue their relationship? Hide it from their parents? Marry after they graduate?’’ Luo Feng read the letter and sighed. Looks like that Nan girl is quite stubborn about this, as she's clearly not convinced by her parents.

Ming-Yue sector villa #199, which is Luo Feng's home. The atmosphere was clearly quite heavy: father Luo Hong Guo sat on the couch in the living room and he seems to have aged a lot just over one night.

’’Dad’’ a voice carried from outside.

’’Feng’’ Luo Hong Guo stood up. At this time, Luo Feng already entered the house and Luo Hong Guo said to him quietly: ’’Your mom is currently in the room with your brother. Your brother's emotional state has stabilized a bit, but, no matter what we say to him, he won't reply at all’’

’’I understand’’ Luo Feng took in a deep breath and headed towards his brother's room.

Squeak! After opening the door, mother Gong Xin Lan, who was sitting beside the bed, saw Luo Feng and stood up: ’’Feng’’.

’’Mom, you can go outside and get some rest first’’ said Luo Feng.

Gong Xin Lan glanced at her little son, Luo Hua, who was sitting on his wheelchair on the balcony without making a sound, and then shook her head before leaving the room.

’’This time, my brother is quite.....’’ Luo Feng found that his brother's face was much paler than before. He made no sound as he just blankly stared out the window;who knows what was going on in his head at that moment.

’’Luo Hua’’ yelled Luo Feng.

Brother Luo Hua sat on the wheelchair without making the slightest movement, as if he didn't hear his brother Luo Feng's voice.

’’Luo Hua, I promise you that you can marry Nan’’ Luo Feng followed up with a second phrase.

Luo Hua's body slightly moved on the wheelchair and then finally turned towards Luo Feng, let out a bitter smile, and then shook his head as he whispered: ’’Brother, there's no point in you saying anything now. Nan and I have no future..... and I have completely given up. I'll never marry a girl in my life! Never! I'm not worthy’’

’’What kind of dumb words are you spouting?’’ Luo Feng slightly frowned as he scolded.

’’Dumb words?’’ Luo Hua immediately became agitated, ’’Am I wrong? Can a handicap like me with useless legs marry Nan? Yea, Nan is willing to be my wife, but what about after that? In the future, everyone will point their fingers at Nan and say her husband's handicapped. How will Nan's family and friends look at her?’’

’’I'm a handicapped person! Just a handicap!’’

’’Nan and her parents won't have any face to meet their relatives and friends after she marries me, and people will always talk behind their back. Even if I make become successful, people will only think that Nan is with a handicap because of what I have and not who I am!’’ Luo Hua shook his head, ’’I don't want such a good girl like Nan to fall to the point where people will always point fingers at her and look down on her’’

’’I don't want to drag her down!’’

’’I will ruin the life of whoever marries me, so I might as well not marry anyone. There's no point in a handicap like me thinking about girlfriends and weddings’’ Luo Hua let out a smile, which carried a bit of insanity in it.


A loud slap landed on Luo Hua's face, which almost made Luo Hua fall out of his wheelchair. Blood flowed out of the side of Luo Hua's mouth.

’’Bro’’ Luo Hua froze.

All these years.

Until now, Luo Feng has never hit him before.

’’COWARD!!!’’ Luo Feng's expression was horrible.

’’There are plenty of handicapped people that can shake the world! There's even one right in our Jiang-Nan city: the wargod 'Yu Yang' whose arms have been useless from birth. But with just his two legs, he earned the nickname 'Gigantic Axe' for himself, for his legs were comparable to gigantic axes! There are tons of similar cases in the circle of fighters, so don't even mention regular people’’ after Luo Feng said that, his brother's face changed again.

Of course Luo Hua knew about these cases.

Ever since he was little, he has been reading way too many cases like this. He can probably spit out over 100 of them in one breath. ’’Your girlfriend wrote this letter for you, take a look’’ Luo Feng handed the letter over.

Luo Hua accepted it with suspicion and, as he read it, the expression on his face started to change yet again.


’’Nan is a good girl, a very good one, and when I'm with her, I feel like I'm in a dream. However, I don't want people to point fingers at her in the future. I really, really don't want that to happen’’ after saying that, Luo Hua couldn't hold back his tears anymore as they dripped onto the letter. Luo Hua raised his head and looked towards Luo Feng, ’’Bro, as long as I can secretly watch Nan enjoy her life, that'll be enough, more than enough’’

’’If you truly care about her, then you'll stay with her’’ scolded Luo Feng.

’’But I just一一’’’’ Luo Hua couldn't help but to reach towards his legs, but the location where his thighs should be have long been... ’’Come with me’’ Luo Feng pushed the wheelchair and directly went out the room.

’’Feng’’ father Luo Hong Guo and mother Gong Xin Lan, who were outside the house, were shocked.

’’I'm going to talk to Luo Hua for a bit’’ with just a slight push from Luo Feng's hands, his brother's wheelchair was horizontally aligned as it rushed towards the second floor's audiovisual room.

Inside the audiovisual room.

’’Bro’’ Luo Hua looked at Luo Feng.

’’Look at the display’’ at the same time, Luo Feng gave his command, ’’Turn on!’’. Beep一一Beep the projector swiftly projected some light onto the wall. Luo Feng sat on the couch as he tapped on the wireless keyboard, entered the 'Home of Limits, warlord discussion board', and searched the board for the three words 'Elixir of Life'.

Very few people actually talk about the elixir of life.

This item is just way too rare, so most warlord fighters can never find any. Naturally, there'll be very little news on it. However, there were still a few dozen related posts.

Luo Feng directly opened one of the posts. Of course, Luo Feng has already read all of these since he has been searching all over for information about the elixir of life.

’’This is.....’’ Luo Hua froze.

’’Look at this post and finish reading it’’ said Luo Feng coldly.

Luo Hua turned his head and started reading the short post that was described the 'Elixir of Life'. Even though it was short, it still explained about the most important ingredients along with the elixir's effect. Naturally, it also mentioned the price that it sold for a while ago. This elixir of life is extremely rare;there's no supply, only demand. Every time it appears, it appears in an auction.

’’The main ingredient is the essence of the horde leader-surpassing, SS rank Emperor level monster, 'Earth Dragon’’s soul. The elixir can let you grow out new arms and legs? As long as you're still alive, you can grow them out no matter how bad of a condition you're in?’’ Luo Hua was completely stunned by what this post was describing and, at the same time, his eyes were shining.

Whether at the ingredients or the effect.

’’No supply and only demand? The most recent elixir of life sold for an astronomical price of 30 billion Chinese dollars?’’ Luo Hua, who was extremely excited, felt like a huge bucket of cold water poured onto him.

’’30 billion?’’ Luo Hua was familiar with investment and stocks.

Since he's familiar with this field, he clearly understands what a gigantic sum 30 billion Chinese dollars is!

’’See that? You can just grow out your legs again with an 'elixir of life'! At that time, you can stand up and confidently stand in front of Nan and her parents!’’ as Luo Feng said that, Luo Hua shook his head.

’’Bro, 30 billion man’’

’’Yea, the assets of the extremely rich men of China near 100 billion. However, that's just the price of their stocks. First, their stocks are restricted so they don't have the authority to sell off all of it. Next, even if they could, the enormous amount would smash the market, since the value of them nears 100 billion. They'll be lucky to sell it off for 40 to 50 billion’’ Luo Hua shook his head, ’’30 billion in cash. Very, very few people in all of China can pull that out’’

Luo Feng took out his cellphone from his pocket and started to log into the Swiss international bank's nameless account.

In just a mere moment, he entered the account.

’’Bro, what're you doing?’’ Luo Hua looked at Luo Feng with confusion on his face.

’’Look at this’’ Luo Feng passed the phone over.

Luo Hua was full of confusion;why is his brother passing his phone over at a time like this? He lowered his head and looked at the phone's display, which was clearly showing the amount of money stored.

’’One zero, two zeroes, three zeroes.....’’ Luo Hua blankly stared at the number '28800000000'.

’’28.8 billion!’’

Luo Hua raised his head towards Luo Feng;his face full of shock. His brother just became a fighter recently, so how did he make this gigantic sum of money! This amount of money is frightening. What he didn't know was that Luo Feng took so many risks that he almost lost his life, and that's with his special spirit reader powers too.

’’Luo Hua’’ said Luo Feng.

Luo Hua blankly stared at his brother, not knowing what to say.

’’All I want to say to you is: your brother definitely has the ability to purchase an 'elixir of life'’’

Luo Feng looked seriously at his brother, ’’And you, will definitely stand up again!’’

Luo Hua's entire body was shaking.

He wasn't dumb;obviously, his brother took a gigantic risk to earn that 28.8 billion, since nothing is free on this world. The larger the risk, the larger the reward. And all of this..... was for him.

’’Bro!’’ Luo Hua hugged Luo Feng and couldn't hold back his tears any longer.

Luo Feng lightly patted his brother's back.

A long moment later一一’’Luo Hua, you're smart, even smarter than me’’ Luo Feng said seriously, ’’You probably know that such a gigantic amount of money can bring about many troubles. So, you definitely can't utter even a single word about this to someone else, including mom, dad, and your girlfriend. Once you say something..... your brother could lose his life!’’

Luo Hua was shocked: ’’Bro, I won't say it even if it means death, I won't let you.....’’

’’No worries’’ smiled Luo Feng.

Luo Feng only said that to make his brother understand the importance of this matter. Actually, even if the two wargods 'Vulture' and 'Scorpion' find out, they won't be able to trace it back to him. Even if his brother foolishly lets the cat out of the bag, how many people would actually believe him?

’’Luo Hua, I told you that you'll confidently stand in front of lady Nan and her parents. And I always back up my words’’ Luo Feng said softly.

’’Okay’’ Luo Hua heavily nodded.

He knew that he'll probably never be able to forget the astronomical number that was showed to him on his brother's phone in the audiovisual room.

And he'll never forget..... the promise his brother gave.


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