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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 39



Luo Feng couldn't help but to let out a smile. The fact that the blade is 0% damaged means that it'll definitely sell for a good price.

’’This weapon was probably used to battle against a monster lower than the SS grade’’ smiled Wang Hou as he said.

If an SS grade weapon is used to battle against an SS grade emperor level monster, miniscule damages will start to pile up on the blade. As long as the damages continue to pile up over time, it might break.

However, if an SS grade blade is used to battle against horde leader and commander level monsters, then it'll take absolutely no damage at all.

’’Wang Hou, what price can you offer for this blade?’’ continued Luo Feng.

’’If you try to purchase a blade like this, it'll cost 30 billion, half price 15 billion. If you purchase it in the Palace of Wargods, the lowest price will be 10 billion’’ smiled Wang Hou, ’’I'm sure that you know all of this already’’

Luo Feng said nothing.

Know this?

He didn't know much about the legendary 'Palace of Wargods'. He didn't think that the best deal for a weapon in the palace of wargods would be even cheaper than the Dojo of Limits' half price.

’’'100 billion' is the cheapest price possible in the Palace of Wargods, and the cost to create this blade is around 9 billion. If I purchase this blade, then I'll have to pay tons of fees before I can sell it again! So the highest price I can give you is 8 billion: any higher, and I won't gain any profit at all’’ explained Wang Hou.

Luo Feng understood that if you ask for 9 billion when the cost to make it is 9 billion, you might as well ask the market to make one again. Why would they bother buying your used good? Even though this blade is 0% damaged, there's no guarantee. After all, the weapons sold by the HR alliance, the Dojo of Limits, etc. all have their word to back up the quality!

’’Alright, 8 billion then’’ smiled Luo Feng as he nodded.

’’Straightforward’’ Wang Hou also smiled, ’’Mr. Wei, how about we have a friendly chat for a bit later? I'll pay! This Will Palace is one of the nine greatest palaces, so if you want to find some girls, feel free to mention your requests. Age, height, three sizes, education, looks, virgin or not, etc.’’

Wang Hou explained skillfully. This is a huge trade! The best service in this Will Palace is probably a couple million per night.

However, with this trade, a couple million isn't even worth mentioning.

’’Wang Hou, don't rush, I still have more things’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to say.

’’More?’’ Wang Hou froze.

He thought that they were done with the dragon egg and blade, since the price has indeed exceeded 10 billion. Who would've thought that there were even more treasures to be revealed? And clearly, this Mr. Wei in front of his eyes brings out his things from worst to best! If the dragon egg was 5 billion and the SS grade blade was 8 billion, then what about the final treasure?

’’Hurry, hurry and show me’’ Wang Hou was getting a bit excited.

Luo Feng slightly smiled and brought out the final treasure from his bag一一一 an entire battle uniform set! Including the boots, arm guards, vest, etc.

’’Man, what a person’’ Wang Hou couldn't help but to take in a deep breath, ’’Could this battle uniform set also be SS grade?’’. Depending on what kind of equipment it is, even if they're both SS grade, the difference could be enormous. For example, when comparing a throwing knife, which doesn't need that many materials to make, and a blade, the price difference is huge.

And the harder it is to make, the more expensive it is: an extremely flexible battle uniform is way more expensive than blades and swords.

’’Take a look’’ Luo Feng placed the battle uniform set on the table.

’’Okay’’ Wang Hou immediately used the detectors that previously examined the blade. The dreamy light once again enveloped the battle uniform and examined every part. The detector's display also swiftly showed a huge amount of numbers. Wang Hou looked at the display and smiled at Luo Feng: ’’Mr. Wei, I can tell that this battle uniform is at least S grade. Whether or not it's SS grade, we'll have to see’’

Luo Feng smiled and said nothing.

’’Hm?’’ Wang Hou's expression suddenly focused as he stared at the display;his smile was completely gone.

’’What happened?’’ Luo Feng frowned.

’’Look at this’’ Wang Hou turned the display towards Luo Feng, and Luo Feng took a close look.....

Two items have already been evaluated一一S grade battle boots, S grade combat trousers, the rest were still being evaluated.

Luo Feng's face slightly changed.

S grade?

This uniform set was S grade! Even though SS grade and S grade are only apart by one grade, the price difference between the two is like the difference between the sky and the earth.

’’How could this be?’’ Luo Feng didn't think that Wang Hou would deceive him, since Luo Feng has seen these delicate detectors before when selling his materials to the HR alliance and the Dojo of Limits..... and according to what he knows, these detectors always compare their data to the main database before making their conclusion.

In other words, the results are always recorded by the main database, so no one would dare to falsify the results.

’’Hu!’’ Wang Hou took in a breath, ’’Alright, it's all done. Mr. Wei, I'll give you some bad news first. Your uniform set isn't a SS grade set. At the same time, I'll tell you some good news. Your battle uniform set isn't a S grade uniform set either’’

’’Because, it's a uniform set made out of both S grade and SS grade components!’’ smiled Wang Hou, ’’The vest of this uniform set is SS grade’’

Luo Feng secretly let out a breath.

The results were clear on the display: all the components of the uniform were S grade except for the vest, which was SS grade. And the most important part of the uniform set was the vest, since it's the main part of the whole uniform.

’’The powerful fighter that used this uniform set probably didn't have enough money, so he only bought an SS grade vest!’’ smiled Wang Hou, ’’This is a very common course of action in the palace of wargods’’. Luo Feng could figure out that the other parts of the uniform set were still S grade.

’’What price will you offer?’’ inquired Luo Feng.

’’A complete SS grade uniform set is worth 120 billion in the Dojo of Limits, half price 60 billion. In the palace of wargods, the lowest price is 40 billion! This SS grade vest is the core of the entire uniform set, so the price of it is half of the price of the entire uniform set! 0% damaged;if you purchase this in the palace of wargods, the lowest price is 20 billion’’

’’However, the material of this vest is clearly not worth 20 billion, so my offer will be lower. The highest price I can give you is 15 billion for this SS grade vest’’ smiled Wang Hou, ’’Of course, with my authority, I'm unable to move such a large amount of money so quickly. If you're willing to sell it to me, you'll probably have to wait 15 minutes for me to get the money together’’

Luo Feng's heart pounded.

Dragon egg for 5 billion, SS grade blade for 8 billion, and this SS grade vest for 15 billion. Totaled up: 28 billion! Extremely close to 30 billion.

’’What price can you offer for the other components of the vest?’’ asked Luo Feng.

Keep in mind that everyone's body size is different so, naturally, the battle uniforms come in different sizes too. Luo Feng has tried on this uniform set before, and it was clearly too large for him. This was why he didn't plan on keeping it.

’’This.....’’ Wang Hou slightly frowned, and then said, ’’Mr. Wei, I'll be honest with you. First, all the other parts of the uniform set are damaged. Because of this, we can't directly sell them. Next, the market for battle vests is extremely good, but for battle boots and combat trousers..... 一 一一 一 一 we'll do this!!’’

’’In the Dojo of Limits, a complete S grade battle uniform set is 12 billion, half price 6 billion. The lowest price for it in the palace of wargods is 4 billion. And your S grade uniform set is missing the core component: the 'combat vest'. In the first place, the price wouldn't exceed 1.5 billion, and your parts aren't 0% damaged, so I can only give you the price of 800 million!’’ Wang Hou shook his head as he laughed, ’’And this is because of the previous trades we just did. I dare say that no one else would be willing to buy these parts for 800 million’’

It was because of Wang Hou's credibility that Luo Feng went all the way to Kyoto headquarter city.

Wang Hou's price offers are fair, so there's no need to bargain any further.

’’800 million’’ Luo Feng hesitated, and then nodded, ’’Alright, 800 million!’’. These parts were useless to him anyway.

’’Mr. Wei, do you have anything else?’’ asked Wang Hou.

’’Nope’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to laugh, ’’Calculate the total and then transfer the money to this account’’ as he said that, Luo Feng took out a paper which had the nameless account he applied for at the 'Swiss international bank' and the corresponding identification password.

Wang Hou smiled as he nodded: ’’Dragon egg for 5 billion, SS grade blade for 8 billion, SS grade battle vest for 15 billion, damaged parts of an S grade battle uniform set for 800 million. In total: 28.8 billion!’’

’’Mr. Wei, please wait a moment. I'll prepare the data of the uniform set and send it over to get permission to transfer the money’’ Wang Hou swiftly typed some numbers on the detector's keyboard as he said that. The dreamy light from the detector enveloped the battle vest and sent the specific data values to his headquarters.

Around 10 minutes later.

’’Beep beep’’ Wang Hou took out his cell phone and let out a smile.

’’Mr. Wei, the money should be in the account now’’ said Wang Hou as he looked at Luo Feng, ’’We contacted headquarters to make an internal transfer at the Swiss international bank, which was why we were able to instantly transfer so much money’’

Luo Feng's cell phone also rang.

After taking out his cell phone to take a look, a message was displayed

一一’’Valuable diamond level guest, your account ending in 189891, as of 23:36 on the 8th, has received a transfer of 28800000000 Chinese dollars. Remaining Chinese dollars in account: 28800000000 dollars. (Swiss International Bank)’’

’’Glad to do business with you’’ Luo Feng smiled as he extended his hand.

’’A big customer like Mr. Wei needs to help me more in the future’’ Wang Hou passionately shook hands with Luo Feng, ’’Is Mr. Wei planning to......’’ Wang Hou gave a look.

’’Sorry, I have things to do’’ Luo Feng carried his backpack, ’’Then I'll be going first’’

’’Oh, go ahead. I still need to organize these things anyway’’ Wang Hou smiled. Luo Feng got on the train and left Kyoto headquarter city. Only until the morning of the second day at around 7 AM did he arrive at Jiang-Nan city's Yang-Zhou train station. Luo Feng went inside the bathroom at the Kungfu fast food restaurant next to the train station and took his accessories off. After washing his face, he returned to his original appearance.

’’Time to go back home’’

Luo Feng got on the cab and arrived at Ming-Yue sector's gate. Ming-Yue sector was a fighter sector, which was very strict on who could enter. Naturally, the cab had to stop in front of the gate.

’’I'm back’’ Luo Feng let out a sigh. That dragon egg, blade, and uniform set were like a hot potato. 28.8 billion! That, added with the money he already has, nears the total to 30 billion. Furthermore, he'll have more opportunities to make money in the future.

’’Luo Feng’’ the bald, old guardsman of Ming-Yue sector yelled.

Luo Feng turned his head.

The bald, old man laughed: ’’There's a young lady named Zhen Nan. Last night, she came to the gate of the sector and called over and over again, hoping to meet your brother, without success. Later on in the night, she came to the sector again and asked for my help to transfer a letter to his family member. She hopes you can hand the letter to your brother Luo Hua’’

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng's heart skipped a beat as he accepted the letter.


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