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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 37



’’The HR alliance, the Dojo of Limits, and the Thunder Dojo. Even though my identity will be revealed when selling materials to them, I can still tell them to put the money into my nameless account. However, their higher ups could easily reveal the fact that I earned a ton of money’’ frowned Luo Feng, ’’Looks like I can only sell them through the black market!’’

Where there's light, there's darkness!

The competition over buying materials has always been quite fierce. The HR alliance is the alliance between many families and financial groups. Even though this alliance is, for the most part, stable, there's still quite a lot of competition going on inside. Some financial groups and families hold more positions in the HR alliance and therefore enjoy more benefits.

Because of competition, all sorts of services exist.

You're a fighter that wants to hide his identity and sell some materials? Alright! If other managers won't do it, I'll do it!

You're a fighter that wants to store money in another country's nameless account? Alright, everything will be done for you!

As long as you have valuables, tons of material purchasing managers will fight over them!

’’Hmhm, so many messages’’ Luo Feng entered the 'Warlord fighter discussion area' and just simply typed in the three words 'Selling monster materials'. Tons and tons of posts then appeared.

Reading the huge amounts of replies also shows safety and credibility.

’’I want to sell the dragon egg, battle uniform, and blade. Yea, I better not sell it in Jiang-Nan headquarter city. I better sell it somewhere else’’ Luo Feng read the posts one by one, ’’Hm, this one seems good! Quite a few famous warlord fighters are replying to this post. Huh, even a wargod has replied to this post!’’

The Home of Limits discussion area is divided into three ranks: Warrior level, Warlord level, and Wargod level.

Warrior level fighters can only view and post in the warrior discussion area. Warlord level fighters can view and post in both warrior and warlord discussion areas.

Wargod level fighters can view and post in all three discussion areas. Everyone's account corresponds to their personal ID, so they can't fake it.

’’Quite a few people sell their things to him, so his credibility is pretty good. From Kyoto headquarter city?’’ Luo Feng slightly smiled as he nodded, ’’Wang Hou? This name sounds pretty boss, yup, it'll be him’’


Morning of the second day, Luo Feng left home to walk around several places in Yang Zhou city and purchased a cell phone and sim card. Most cell phones need your real name, but some stores sell sim cards without the need to check your ID card. In this world, as long as you have money, people are willing to take risks.

As he bought the cell phone and sim card, Luo Feng also bought glasses, a fake moustache, and some other simple accessories.

’’Hello’’ Luo Feng stood in his home's training room and dialed that Wang Hou's phone number using the new cell phone.

’’Hello, how are you. I'm Wang Hou. How can I help you today?’’ Wang Hou's voice was gentle. He left some special contact information in the Home of Limits' fighter discussion area just for these types of scenarios. Most of the people who call him are pretty powerful fighters, since normal fighters don't have any treasures to sell.

Luo Feng smiled, ’’I want to sell you some things that will blow you away’’

’’Oh? What kind of treasure?’’ Wang Hou's voice, carried from the phone, had a hint of surprise in it.

’’Worth over 10 billion!’’ said Luo Feng.

On the other end of the phone.

Wang Hou was originally happily chatting with a white skinned beauty with a great body, but when he heard this, he immediately stood up. Ignoring the beauty, he directly went to a corner near the window and said quietly, ’’I can handle this. As long as you can bring it out, I can take it! I'm sure you have heard of my credibility. This credibility was built up from trade after trade, so you have no need to worry about the price’’

Over 10 billion!

This is definitely a huge trade. Usually, only wargods offer such a huge trade.

’’Alright, when you pay, I hope you can send the money to Europe's Swiss international nameless bank, is that alright?’’ Luo Feng continued to speak.

’’Absolutely no problem. Many fighters who cooperate with me like to store their money there’’ laughed Wang Hou.

Swiss international banks have always been popular even before the Grand Nirvana period.

Building up the name of a bank or a financial group is extremely difficult, but destroying it is simple. These Swiss international banks have been building up their name over such a long period of time, therefore bringing them lots of business.

’’May I ask when you plan on coming?’’ asked Wang Hou.

’’I'll go to the main sector of Kyoto headquarter city these two days. I'll contact you at that time’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Alright, alright. I still don't know your name’’

’’My last name is Wei’’ answered Luo Feng.

’’Oh, Mr. Wei, then I'll wait for your grand arrival’’ Wang Hou's voice had a bit of passion in it.

Luo Feng smiled as he hung up. He has never attempted these kinds of things before, but it seems like..... it's really easy. Just one phone call and everything's organized.

’’First, I should open an account in a Swiss international bank’’ Luo Feng used his new phone in his hand to swiftly enter the web page of a Swiss international bank and quickly applied for a 'nameless account'. The password was simple, yet safe with its triple part 12 character code comprised of Chinese characters, alphabetical letters, and numbers.

’’Done, now I just have to wait to sell my stuff’’

That night, under the light of the first floor's living room, Luo Feng sat around a table with his family and ate dinner.

’’Dad, mom, I'm going out tomorrow to deal with some business’’ laughed Luo Feng, ’’I'll probably be able to return the day after tomorrow’’

’’Oh, where're you going?’’ Luo Hong Guo looked at his son with a look of astonishment.

Luo Feng laughed: ’’To meet a fighter friend’’

’’Hong Guo, don't bother asking. Maybe Feng is going to meet his girl friend’’ snickered mother Gong Xin Lan on the side. Luo Feng was dumbfounded because of this. Gong Xin Lan continued, ’’However, son, truth be told, you're quite old now. After next year you'll be 20. You should start getting into a relationship. A relationship needs at least one or two years before marriage. By then, it won't be early’’

Brother Luo Hua also laughed on his wheelchair: ’’Yea, bro, even I'm faster than you. You better step up your game’’

’’You little kid’’ Luo Feng shook his head as he laughed, ’’Oh yea, how're you doing with your girlfriend Nan?’’

’’What else, of course the same as usual I guess’’ Luo Hua was extremely happy.


The morning of the next day. After eating breakfast with his family. Luo Feng carried his gigantic backpack as he left his home. He didn't ride on the Dojo of Limits' private car, but took a cab to the train station.

Beside the train station was a 'Kungfu' fast food restaurant.

Fast food restaurants like Kungfu, KFC, McDonalds, etc. always have an astonishing amount of people entering and leaving them. Luo Feng entered this 'Kungfu' fast food restaurant, randomly ate some stuff, and then entered one of the rooms in the restroom. After locking the door, Luo Feng swiftly drew some basic makeup.

He wore the glasses, pasted on the moustache, slightly darkened his skin color, wore a hat, and made his shoes taller.

Suddenly, Luo Feng seemed like a completely different person.

In this kind of fast food restaurant, hundreds of people are inside at any time. With people passing and going every single moment, who would notice Luo Feng? After Luo Feng finished his basic makeup, he left the fast food restaurant and rode the fastest train leaving Yang Zhou city.

As of now, it's quite costly to protect the trains, so regular people rarely leave the headquarter city. Fighters don't have to pay anything..... as long as they show their fighter ID card, they don't even need to purchase a train ticket to board the train. They can also get off whenever they want.

This is one of the privileges of a fighter.


The same day, around 6 PM.

’’Dear guests, the train is about to enter the station. Guests who are getting off at Kyoto headquarter city, please get off the train from the front door with all your belongings’’ with the broadcast inside the train, Luo Feng carried his bag as he got off the train.

’’Kyoto headquarter city!’’

Luo Feng looked around, ’’The largest, most populous city in China that's also its political center?’’

’’However, compared to Jiang-Nan headquarter city, it's not much bigger. It's just that the humidity here is way lower, so it's a bit colder’’ Luo Feng smiled as he left the train station and called a cab. He headed straight towards an entertainment area, 'Will Palace', that's quite famous in Kyoto city. It's also considerably high class.

In front of the main gate to the area stood uncountable beauties wearing all sorts of clothes, which made it seem like one was entering the country of women.

’’Mister.....’’ a man wearing a suit slightly smiled.

’’Give me a personal, quiet room. I don't want anyone to bother me’’ Luo Feng flashed his fighter ID, which made the receiving manager much more polite: ’’Understood, please follow me’’

Will Palace, room G #3.

’’Mister, all the wine is inside here’’ said the manager respectfully, ’’May I ask if you need anything else?’’

’’No need, and without my permission, I don't want anyone to come in here’’ ordered Luo Feng.

’’Understood, there's a service list and phone over there. If you have any sort of request, feel free to order us’’ said the manager as he smiled and left. Luo Feng easily locked the door and, at the same time, scanned the entire room with his spiritual force. There was no sort of recording device in the room. The room also had a beautiful design with an extremely delicate flooring made out of monster fur on the ground.

Luo Feng looked at the screen on the wall, which displayed a list of services.

’’Damn, they sure can enjoy themselves’’ Luo Feng shook his head as he laughed and dialed that Wang Hou's number.

’’Hello, Mr. Wei’’ Wang Hou passionately yelled.

’’Wang Hou, I'm in Will Palace's 'Chinese Lobby' G #3 room in the main sector of Kyoto headquarter city’’ responded Luo Feng.

’’Alright, understood, I'll be there within an hour’’ a hint of excitement could be heard in Wang Hou's voice.

After Luo Feng hung up, he laid on the sofa and made himself some tea with a tea bag taken from the cabinet.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng felt his phone in his pocket vibrating.

’’Who's calling me?’’ the phone in his pocket is Luo Feng's old phone, and not his new one.

Luo Feng picked up his phone and looked: a call from home.

’’Hello’’ Luo Feng picked up his phone.

’’Feng, your brother, your brother had an accident’’ mother Gong Xin Lan was sobbing as her voice carried over.

Luo Feng was startled as he ferociously stood up.

Smash! The dropped tea cup shattered as the tea inside spilled out.


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