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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 33



Humans can be controlled by money, and a gigantic amount of it can make one go mad.

100 billion!

’’Pretty cruel’’ Li Kan couldn't help but to take in a deep breath.

’’Even I'm affected’’ sighed Wang Tong as he shook his head, ’’Just what you'd expect from the director of the Huaxia sector, blood sister of one of the nine families' Paulinus family's director. The rich are always going to be rich’’. Even around the entire world, not many advanced level wargods have such wealth.

Yes, hunting horde leader level monsters and selling them is good money, but are horde leader monsters that stupid?

They have intelligence equal to that of a human's. Once they sense danger and feel like they have no chance of winning, they'll choose to run away! Once a horde leader level monster decides to run away, it'll definitely command thousands of thousands of monsters to obstruct the wargod's path...... even if they can't obstruct the wargod, it'll definitely slow them down.

So killing a horde leader level monster is extremely difficult! The stronger they are, the harder it becomes. So the usual situation is, 'an advanced level wargod hunts a medium level horde leader', 'an intermediate level wargod hunts a low level horde leader', and 'a beginner level wargod hunts a high level commander'. The chances of success are higher this way.

For example, Wang Tong and Li Kan's attempt to hunt the 'steel armored dragon' ended in failure.

And the amount of monsters isn't limitless. The stronger the monster, the fewer there are! For example, when Luo Feng and the others of the fire hammer squad were in that small sector and hunted large amounts of commander level monsters, it became significantly harder to find them later..... because the amount of commander level monsters in that area lowered. But this isn't the worst part, the worst part is一一 you'll attract the attention of the commander level monsters' leader, the 'horde leader'. The fighters are usually able to discover the danger after killing a lot, so they'll run away. However, this also proves the point that killing monsters to earn money is no easy task. Most importantly...... wargods also have to spend tons of money. Things like weapons and battle uniforms, which one of these things doesn't cost a gigantic amount? A top tier instruction manual also costs so much that it's frightening! Many wargods even have to borrow money from the bank.

There's no helping it, wargods need to spend too much money.

For example, if an advanced level wargod fights against a 'high level horde leader', then he'll have to buy a 'SS grade battle uniform set' to be safe, since a Q series (S rank) battle uniform can only defend against most S rank horde leaders' attacks, but not all of them.

SS grade battle uniform set, SS grade weapon, which one doesn't cost a fortune?

A SS grade instruction manual and even ultimate instruction manuals like the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 are just as expensive! To fully equip yourself with the perfect gear, how many 'medium level horde leaders' will you have to kill? This is something that most advanced level wargods won't be able to achieve.

And don't even mention the special treasures available in the 'Palace of Wargods': those treasures are even more expensive.

It is no lie that many wargods on the entire earth have to borrow money from the bank! Of course, an extremely small amount of wargods are an exception. For example, wargods with special abilities like wargod level 'spirit readers' or wargods with extraordinary skills, or wargods with a huge background! It'll be easy for the sons and daughters of 'Hong' to get money, simply because of the influence of 'Hong'.

The HR alliance is the world's top financial group. They control over half of the world's economy and have control in virtually every field.

Their wealth is also just as astonishing.

Venina※Paulinus is the director of the HR alliance in China and is the blood sister of the man who is both the head of the Paulinus family and a top executive of the HR alliance. Does anyone even need to ask about her wealth? Her wealth mainly comes from her family and the HR alliance, and not from hunting monsters. Even her husband, Li Yao, can't compare to her.


Jiang-Nan headquarter city, Limit Hall.

Zhu Ge Tao was wearing a black dojo uniform and sitting cross legged in a training room. As time flowed, the morning light slowly started to shine into the room.

’’Hu’’ Zhu Ge Tao opened his eyes.

’’Open’’ as Zhu Ge Tao spoke, the projector projected some light which formed a gigantic display onto the wall. Zhu Ge Tao has a habit: every morning, he'll check the news on T.V to figure out what's going on around the world.

The reporter's voice echoed around the training room.

’’What?’’ Zhu Ge Tao froze as he stared at what the morning news was describing on the display.

’’100 billion?’’ Zhu Ge Tao blinked twice.

100 billion!!! Zhu Ge Tao fiercely stood up as his heart rate increased. This amount of money is too crazy. He, one of the Big Four of Jiang-Nan city's dojo of Limits headquarters, couldn't even control his surprisement.

’’Vulture and Scorpion, so it's that couple! Well, makes sense. What kind of normal wargod can bring out 100 billion!’’ Zhu Ge Tao was amazed, ’’And this news broadcast was directed at the entire population in the country. In other words..... not only fighters, but regular people will know about this too. The HR alliance's influence is sure great, being able to bring out this news on China's television channel’’

100 billion, even Zhu Ge Tao is affected! It seems like that he, Zhu Ge Tao, frequently offers some geniuses and powerful fighters many benefits. However, he does most of that with his special privileges in the dojo, so he barely has to take out his own money.

’’Enter the Home of Limits, wargod fighter discussion section’’ commanded Zhu Ge Tao.

The display suddenly and quickly changed as it entered the wargod fighter's discussion section.

As an advanced level warlord, he doesn't have the rights. But as his identity as a chief instructor, he's granted access to the section.

’’Hmhm, the entire discussion section has indeed become lively. It looks like fighters from South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and other places all have their blood boiling’’ laughed Zhu Ge Tao, ’’However, this case happened in China, so this gigantic sum of money will probably end up in the hands of a Chinese’’

’’100 billion is just like throwing a fat sheep into a pack of wolves’’

Indeed, the entire world has been stirred up by this gigantic sum. Even existences surpassing the wargod level have to sigh at this. Since wargods are so moved by this...... don't even mention a regular citizen! Regular citizens are toiling just for their rent;even 100 million is an astronomical number for them. Don't even mention 100 billion.

Stirred! The entire world is stirred up! Virtually every information network couldn't help but to start investigating this case: find this person! #023 city was a huge city that contained hundreds of millions of people. #023 city is high risk high reward, so many fighters are attracted there.


On the eighth floor of some 12 story residential building in the western section of an old city.


The crazed winds howled and the snowflakes danced. The chilly air charged into the house incessantly, and the floor of the room was absolutely freezing. Luo Feng sat cross legged on a torn cushion as he lightly polished his throwing knives. The only thing in his mind was the astonishing news his tactical communications watch just received: the news of the astronomical bounty.

’’I can't believe they're spending so much money on my bounty. Even I feel like reporting myself’’ Luo Feng lightly placed his throwing knife onto the ground, took out another knife, and started polishing it, ’’100 billion. However, the parents of Li Wei aren't fools. They'll only give the money to someone who can bring clear and absolute evidence’’


Luo Feng doesn't think that there's anyone on this earth who has evidence of him killing Li Wei! Back then, to prevent himself from being caught by the satellite, he rushed straight into the fields after killing Li Wei and the others.

’’Unless my luck is really that horrible. So horrible that there just happened to be someone hiding next to the highway and happened to record my face and my actions’’ but Luo Feng thought that the chance of this is no higher than the chance of fishing up a needle in the sea. Actually, the only thing Luo Feng is afraid of is.....

His fire hammer squad comrades!

’’This bounty described the identity and skill of the other three people who died with Li Wei. And the bounty even said that the murderer is most likely either someone with the power of a wargod level fighter, or a spirit reader’’ Luo Feng's face sank, ’’If the captain, Wei Tie, Wei Qing, and brother Chen see this, they'll probably connect this to me!’’

Without a doubt, the other four members of the fire hammer squad easily connected this bounty with Luo Feng! First, Luo Feng stayed in #003 city to kill the tiger fang squad. And one of the four people that died was the tiger fang captain, 'Pan Ya'.

Next, the bounty itself said that the murderer is either someone with the power of a wargod or a spirit reader! And everyone in the squad knows that he's a spirit reader. Extrapolating with the two points above is indeed very easy.

As a matter of fact, this was exactly the case. When this astronomical bounty was revealed, the other four members of the fire hammer squad were stunned as they guessed it was Luo Feng.

’’Just because they can guess, doesn't mean they have evidence!’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

The fire hammer squad guessed it was Luo Feng.

And a few wargods guessed that the murderer was a wargod who had a grudge with the Vulture, Scorpion couple! Anyway, all of these are just groundless accusations: not one person had sufficient evidence.

’’When Li Wei encountered danger last time, Li Wei's parents instantly found the two closest wargods and asked them for help’’ frowned Luo Feng, ’’In other words, Li Wei's parents have enough power to instantly find the fighters in a location. If they can find wargods, then warlords and warriors would be even easier to find’’

From Luo Feng's point of view.....

Locating wargods is much more difficult than locating warlords and warriors!

’’They'll probably find out that I wasn't too far from the scene at the time’’ frowned Luo Feng.

This point is extremely disadvantageous! Actually, Luo Feng didn't know that wargods can locate other wargods through a system in the palace of wargods. Most wargods definitely can't locate other warlords and warriors. However, Luo Feng's blind guess hit the mark, since Li Wei's parents did indeed locate the hundreds of people around the area.

And he, Luo Feng, was one of them!

’’I'm probably one of the suspects, but since I'm weak, the chances of being caught should be quite low’’ frowned Luo Feng, ’’However, captain, brother Tie, brother Qing, and brother Chen... if one of them reveals the fact that I stayed in #003 city to kill the tiger fang squad and the fact that I'm a spirit reader..... then, even though it's not pure evidence, Li Wei's parents will definitely make me into the 'number one suspect'’’

Suddenly, Luo Feng felt a vibration on his wrist.

He lowered his head and looked at the display on his tactical communications watch.

’’A phone call from captain Gao Feng?’’ Luo Feng slightly frowned.


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