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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 31



Like an arrow, Luo Feng shot through the grassy fields;his speed reaching an astonishing level. Using his spiritual force to lighten the burden and also using it to push on the shield on his back..... Luo Feng is moving much faster than he would if he was empty handed.


Sprint! Sprint as fast as you can! Don't stop sprinting!

’’I need to leave the scene as fast as possible. With Li Wei's background, once he dies, his family will probably have some special type of advanced technology to notify them! When that happens, they might use a satellite to investigate the scene! If they find me, then I'll be in trouble’’

Luo Feng doesn't know much about satellites, and he doesn't know how they work either.

But when the wargod 'Lu Gang' died, the satellite recorded the rat tide explosion. Quite a few people observed the recording through special means.

’’After they find out about Li Wei's death and find the spot where he died, they'll use a satellite to investigate..... all of these steps will certainly take time. What I need to do now is get as far away as possible as fast as possible. And running in the grassy fields should make it harder for the satellite to discover me’’ Luo Feng ran with his eyes red. Without his spiritual force, it'll be impossible for Luo Feng to sprint faster than 100 m/s.

But now, his speed was around 150 m/s.

150 m/s, which is near 900 meters every 6 seconds. That'll be 9 km every minute! 45 km in 5 minutes!

This speed is extremely horrifying. Usually, only 'intermediate warlords' can achieve such a speed.

However, Luo Feng didn't dare to take any chances.....

He'll never forget the time where two great wargods came to save the thunderbolt squad when they were surrounded by a monster horde. This shows how big Li Wei's background was.

’’Thankfully, I'm a member of the Dojo of Limits’’

’’Well, it's too late to regret it now! My parents and brother are all living in the fighter sector of the Dojo of Limits anyway’’ Luo Feng has never worried about the safety of his family..... since if the fighters of the world join the Thunder Dojo or the Dojo of Limits, the safety of their families is guaranteed after moving to the respective Dojo's 'fighter sectors'.

There was once a case of the 'Blood Blade'.

'Blood Blade' was an advanced level wargod who had a grudge against 'Fang You', one of the fighters in the Dojo of Limits. However, 'Fang You' has long passed away in the wilderness, so the powerful 'Blood Blade' took his anger out on all of Fang You's family: relatives, parents, children, nephews, nieces, and grandchildren......

All of them were killed!

Immediately, the public was enraged! Note that fighters frequently pass away in the wilderness. The family these fighters leave behind are always protected by all the fighters in their Dojo! Because nobody knows who will die and who will live, so naturally, everybody works together to protect each other's families.

So一一whoever dared to lay a hand on a member of the dojo's family, becomes the enemy of the entire dojo!

Once the news of Fang You's families' death spread around, all the fighters in the Dojo of Limits around the world enraged!

A fighter's family is something you should never touch!

If you kill them, you become enemies with all the fighters in that dojo!

After that, the world's strongest fighter, 'Hong', personally appeared to investigate the matter. After finding out that the murderer was 'Blood Blade', he used all of the information networks in not only all the governments of the world, but also the HR alliance to search for the advanced level wargod fighter who fled to the wilderness. After that, an investigator whose authority was only below 'Hong', the chief instructor of the world headquarters of the Dojo of Limits, was sent out. This person was also an existence that surpassed the wargod level!

This investigator brought a staggering 36 wargods with him to hunt down 'Blood Blade'!

In the end, Blood Blade killed himself. He was probably afraid of being caught and tortured!

After that incident.....

The creators of the two largest Dojos, the 'Dojo of Limits' and the 'Thunder Dojo'一一Hong and Thunder God even hosted and broadcasted around the world the memorial meeting for Fang You's family. These two absolute strongest fighters also expressed their anger in this memorial meeting!

Whoever dares to touch a fighter's family is declaring war against all the fighters in the Dojo of Limits and the Thunder Dojo.

And in this memorial meeting, representatives have been sent out from each headquarter cities in the five countries of the world and even from the HR alliance to respond to these two strongest fighters! From then on..... nobody dared to harm a fighter's family!

Every country has made it the law to prohibit fighters from killing each other. But as everyone knows, nobody can control what goes on in the wilderness. Also, fighters frequently fight on the border of life and death, so once they have a grudge, it'll be normal for them to kill each other. So the killings between fighters..... every organization can only keep pretend to ignore it, unless someone has enough evidence like a video.

Only then, will the dojo or government take action.

Or else, they wouldn't deal with it.

However..... if a grudge between two fighters start to affect their families, then they are dragging in all the powers of the entire world into the conflict!

’’Let's enter #023 city’’ Luo Feng charged from the highway to the closeset city, #023 city. He was finally able to let out a sigh of relief when he arrived.

This #023 city is what was called 'Suzhou city' from before the Grand Nirvana period.

’’This city is big, so there are probably a lot of fighters here. I don't want to attract a lot of attention while I'm here’’ thought Luo Feng to himself.



On the highway, blood was splattered onto the bus on the side. The corpses of the four members of the thunderbolt squad were also on the ground.

Ten seconds after the mixed youth, Li Wei, died.

’’BEEP!’’ An area near the chest on the battle uniform of Li Wei's headless corpse immediately sent out a signal!

Jiang-Nan headquarter city, main city area. In a small sector called 'Jiang Nan mountain water' that was ranked #2 out of the six most extravagant sectors in China and ranked #1 in Jiang-Nan city.

Jiang-Nan mountain water sector.

In the most extravagant area of the entire main city area were some preserved mountains and rivers. When Jiang-Nan headquarter city was first built, many of the mountains and hills had to be leveled in order to make room for the dense population. The mountains and hills were removed and replaced with many tall residential buildings. Only in this sector, which took up several miles, did these beautiful mountains exist. There were even man-made waterfalls and lakes, making this the place where countless high ranking government officials and rich people wished to live.

You can't get into this place with just money. You can't get into this place with just power!

In all of China, there are six headquarter cities!

In these six headquarter cities, beautiful sectors like these aren't common. And this sector ranks first in Jiang-Nan headquarter city and ranks two in all of China.

In Jiang-Nan mountain water sector, a villa on the peak of Marvelous Mountain.

The misty starlight encapsulated the entire peak of the mountain. ’’HUAHUA~~’’ the sound of a waterfall carried from far away. On the balcony of the villa on the peak of the mountain was a person wearing a loose, deep blue uniform and sitting with his legs crossed. His cold face looked like a sculpted rock and, even though his eyes were closed, one could feel his cold aura emanating from him.

His entire body gave off a heart chilling feeling!

He was one of the strongest fighters on the entire earth, an advanced wargod 'Li Yao' whose nickname was 'Vulture'!

’’BEEP BEEP!’’ An ear piercing sound suddenly came from a seemingly regular looking watch on his wrist.

’’Hm?’’ Li Yao suddenly ferociously opened his eyes, which flashed like lightning.

’’Wei!’’ Li Yao's sculpture-like cold face suddenly let out a face of surprisement and rage.

’’Contact Wei's two bodyguards’’ Li Yao commanded his watch. His watch was one of the most advanced products of the HR alliance, which is currently not sold on the market.

’’The two bodyguards died too?’’ a faintly glowing light could be seen in Li Yao's eyes.


Li Yao instantly transformed into a shadow as he directly rushed into the third floor of the villa. This third floor had dozens of rooms, one of which was a large auditorium. The hazy shadow came together and stood in the auditorium.

’’Turn on! Enter fighter search mode!’’

With Li Yao's command, a gigantic apparatus on the side of the auditorium shot out a misty light, which focused in the center of the auditorium and became a 3D hologram.

’’Mr. Li Yao’’

All that could be seen in the 3D hologram was a person, who was an old man wearing a black suit. This black suit wearing old man was looking at Li Yao.

Actually, right when the 3D hologram was formed, the apparatus projecting the hologram also recorded Li Yao, which was then projected into another target in the auditorium.

’’Confirm the location of my son Li Wei’’ all that could be seen on Li Yao's face was haste, ’’Search for the positions of all the wargods in a 100 mile radius of his position.

’’There are no wargods within a 100 mile radius of Li Wei's position’’ said the black suit wearing old man.

’’How is that possible? Not even half a minute has passed yet’’ Li Wei's face changed dramatically.

With the device in his son's battle uniform, it'll send a signal 10 seconds after it detects the heart stops beating. From then until Li Yao began his search, not even 30 seconds has passed. Even if a wargod runs past the speed of sound at a speed of 400 m/s, that isn't even 30 miles yet. So how come nothing could be found?

To Li Yao, only a wargod level fighter could kill his son's two advanced level warlord bodyguards so quickly that they didn't even have the chance to report.

’’How can this be.....’’

Li Yao didn't dare to hesitate and immediately commanded, ’’Search for all the advanced level warlord fighters within 100 miles!’’

’’Searching for wargods is a privilege granted through membership of the Palace of Wargods. Searching for warlords..... needs an S rank member of the underground alliance’’ said the black suit wearing old man. The HR alliance has a way to find out the positions of all warrior and warlord level fighters. However, the way the HR alliance uses to find them is a bit sneaky!

The 'tactical communications watch' they sell have a secret to them.

Since the tactical communications watch is able to perform various functions like transferring money to another person's bank account, it's connected to their respective fighter's fighter card and identification number! Through the tactical communications watch, they can naturally pinpoint anyone's location.

However, they wouldn't dare to reveal this secret! Once they reveal it, millions of fighters will start to boycott their things. Even though they're the only power that currently sells tactical communication watches, they didn't dare to enrage the public. So...... only an S rank member of the underground alliance is allowed to use this function to search for fighters lower than the wargod level.

Only the highest of highest ranking members in the underground alliance have the authority to do that.

And advanced level wargod 'Li Yao' did not have such authority.

’’BOOM!’’ an explosion carried from far away.

A shadow instantly charged into the auditorium, a white, blond haired lady. However, her delicate face was a bit twisted and her dress was a bit ruined under her extreme sprinting..... she was previously attending a banquet and, like Li Yao, received news of her son's death.

’’Yao!’’ this elegant lady's eyes were red.

’’We can search now right’’ Li Yao stared at the 'black suit wearing old man' in the 3D hologram. However, the black suit wearing old man was looking at the elegant lady.

This lady was the blood sister of the current director of the Paulinus family, one of the nine core families of the HR alliance. At the same time, she was also the advanced level wargod Venina※Paulinus, nickname 'Scorpion'. As of now, she's the director of HR alliance's Huaxia sector.

She ranks 3 in the members of the HR alliance in China, so she is an S rank member.


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