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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 30



On the highway, all sorts of abandoned automobiles could be seen.

The sky was already dark and the moon couldn't be seen in the sky. The stars were looking fine, and the weak starlight they emanated barely allowed one to make out the outline of the highway. On a certain section of the highway, the four members of the thunderbolt squad were sitting on top of a toppled bus.

’’Even though the young master's training plan wasn't entirely completed, the young master's skill still raised by quite a bit’’ said the old veteran named Liu as he smiled.

’’Nothing special. But it's still quite a bit from what my dad wants’’ said the mixed youth, Li Wei, as he shook his head.

’’Young master, for your age, you're quite powerful already’’ said the old veteran named Liu. Ka Long and Pan Ya nodded in agreement.

Li Wei shook his head: ’’It's not enough, not even close to enough! There are plenty of intermediate level warlords that are around 20 years old in Jiang-nan city. My parents are both powerful wargod fighters, so how can their son be so weak? Oh, also..... Pan Ya, you previously said that fire hammer squad's Luo Feng was only 18 years old last year right? And he's already a low level warlord! Me, the son of two great wargods, can't even compete with some random kid?’’

’’Yes, yes’’ responded the old veteran named Liu.

’’Young master, you're the strongest’’ added the white brute Ka Long.

Li Wei slightly smiled.

The tiger fang captain, Pan Ya, exclaimed, ’’Indeed, it is as the young master says. Compared to the young master, Luo Feng isn't even worth a dog's ass! However, this Luo Feng is like a thorn in my side now. The fire hammer squad and tiger fang squad have always been on bad terms, and now that I'm the only person left in the tiger fang squad, the fire hammer squad will surely try to deal with me! Maybe the others won't pose too much of a problem, but this Luo Feng improves way too quickly!’’.

’’He just recently became a fighter and he's already a low level warlord. I'm sure that he'll soon surpass me too. When that happens, there's no doubt that I'll die!’’ Pan Ya let out a long sigh.

Indeed, Pan Ya was full of regret.

When he previously met Luo Feng in the resupplying base, Zhang Ze Hu advised him to kill off Luo Feng. However, Pan Ya was afraid of making the rest of the fire hammer squad enraged, so he didn't take action! But who knew that ever since then, Luo Feng's skill rapidly climbed up and even managed to earn the nickname of 'crazy'. Killing off around ten thousand monsters in two months, most of them being high level soldier level monsters. This crazy incident has long spread throughout the circle of fighters in Jiang-Nan city.

Sadly, Pan Ya never encountered Luo Feng until he came to #003 city.

’’Aren't you going to join a new fighter squad when you get back’’ said the mixed youth Li Wei.

’’Yea, but the fire hammer squad will never forget this grudge. They might pick a time to secretly shoot a bullet at me’’ said Pan Ya with a bitter face. He didn't forget that the tiger fang squad did the exact same thing to the fire hammer squad. And with his current strength, he'll certainly die if he was ambushed by a sniper rifle all of a sudden.

Pan Ya looked towards the mixed youth Li Wei and asked: ’’Young master, if you ever have the chance to go through your information network in the Underground Alliance, could you notify me where Luo Feng is in the wilderness?’’

’’Sure, no problem’’ said Li Wei heartily.

The old veteran named Liu and the white brute exchanged glances. They have long knew that Pan Ya purposefully put on a worried look to try and get that young master to use some of his power.

However, since the two of them are just bodyguards, they weren't going to bother with such a thing. And these days, Pan Ya was pretty good at kissing ass, which put the old veteran named Liu and the white brute in a good mood. Adding to that, Pan Ya's squad did indeed suffer great losses, so it's okay to help him out a bit. ’’It's not early anymore, so we should rest now. We still have a long way to go tomorrow’’ spoke the old veteran named Liu.

Immediately, the four members of the thunderbolt squad started to rest.

Unlike in the summer, most fighter squads rest in the night during the winter and hit the road during the day! It's hot in the summer, so they rest in the morning to avoid the sun and run in the night when it's cool.


Deep in the night, the members of the thunderbolt squad either had their legs crossed or were laying on the ground as all of them rested. Except for the young master, the other three were only resting with their eyes closed. They didn't dare to fall asleep..... who knows when a monster will appear in the wilderness.

Getting eaten by a monster while you're still in your dreams, that'll surely be something to regret.

’’Hm?’’ Pan Ya, the old veteran named Liu, and the white brute virtually opened their eyes at the exact same time as they heard a sound.

The sound of footsteps!

Suddenly, a shadow passed the bus and then suddenly turned his head..... the passing fighter established eye contact with Pan Ya, the old veteran named Liu, and the white brute.

’’I can't believe I encountered them!’’

Luo Feng wanted to curse the heavens. He was originally in a great mood and wanted to return home, but who knew that the four members of the thunderbolt squad were hiding behind a bus and resting. Because the bus was blocking his vision, Luo Feng didn't know that there were four people ahead of him. By the time he walked past the bus and discovered them, it was already too late!

’’Luo Feng!’’ Pan Ya roared, his eyes flashing with anger.

Jeez..... he thought he would have to search long and hard for him! But who knew that this Luo Feng, this Luo Feng actually appeared in front of them alone!

’’Oh, so this guy is that Luo Feng. I've seen you before’’ the mixed youth, the young master Li Wei, just woke up and was already standing up. He coldly looked at Luo Feng..... Li Wei wasn't dumb: he long knew that the tiger fang captain Pan Ya wanted to kill Luo Feng. Now that Luo Feng has come to them himself, nothing more needs to be said.

Pity could be found in Li Wei's eyes as he looked towards Luo Feng.

’’Luo Feng, you barged into the gates of hell yourself’’ the tiger fang captain Pan Ya glanced at the old veteran named Liu. The old veteran named Liu slightly nodded...... previously, Pan Ya asked senior Liu to help him eliminate the fire hammer squad. However, they weren't able to find the fire hammer squad that time.

’’Tiger fang captain!’’ Luo Feng's face changed dramatically.

Barged into the gates of hell? Even a stupid person could figure out that Pan Ya had the intent to kill!

However, without the other three on the side, it'll be hard to say who'll kill who.

The three people on the side were a problem. Both the veteran named Liu and the white brute were 'advanced level warlords'. And even though that young master was weak, his background was horrifying! Several wargods are standing right behind him!

Luo Feng turned towards the old veteran named Liu, the white brute, and the mixed youth and said, ’’This guy here, the tiger fang captain Pan Ya, has a grudge with my fire hammer squad. I'm sure the three of you can see what he's about to do. The law says that fighters aren't allowed to kill each other! Of course, since we're in the wilderness now, the law is powerless’’

’’I don't ask for the three of you to stop them, but to just stand by and not interfere. Let me and this Pan Ya have a battle to the death!’’ Luo Feng looked towards the mixed youth, ’’This young master here must be young master Li Wei. Even though I have not exchanged many words with young master Li Wei, I have heard of young master Li Wei's huge name before. It was from my fire hammer squad comrades that I heard you were young master Li Wei..... if I knew that, then I would've gave the twin headed black striped snake to you’’

Luo Feng humbled himself and praised this young master Li Wei.

’’Yup yup’’ young master Li Wei slightly smiled, as he was clearly enjoying the praise of this genius fighter.

’’As long as this Li Wei and the other two don't interfere, this'll be easy. Even if I kill Pan Ya in a direct confrontation, with Li Wei and the other two's status, they probably wouldn't bother to deal the matter’’ Luo Feng expectantly hoped.

Pan Ya immediately glanced at the old veteran named Liu. They had an agreement to get rid of the fire hammer squad.

’’Who are you? Speaking in such a roundabout matter like this!’’ scolded the old veteran named Liu.

’’Senior’’ Luo Feng humbled himself.

’’Who's your senior’’ the old veteran named Liu glared, ’’Pan Ya's two comrades were probably killed by you! Since you killed Pan Ya's comrades, even death won't wash away your guilt!’’. Li Wei smiled on the side as he prepared to watch how his subordinates will go about killing Luo Feng.

Luo Feng is a genius?

Killing a genius is also a very interesting thing.

’’What should I do, what should I do?’’ Luo Feng's face was bitter.

’’I can definitely kill Pan Ya alone, but it'll be hard if the other three come into play. Especially that young master Li Wei..... if they act, should I fight back? If I don't fight back, I'll die. If I do fight back..... then even if I can kill all of them, I'll be in gigantic trouble after killing Li Wei’’

’’But if I don't kill him and Li Wei takes his revenge, it'll be even worse!’’

Many different kinds of thoughts flashed across Luo Feng's mind instantly.

The old veteran named Liu, the white brute, and Pan Ya split up as they approached Luo Feng.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Luo Feng threw three throwing knives straight towards Pan Ya, turned around, and then ran!


Pan Ya's triangular saber swiftly blocked two of the throwing knives. He then dodged the third one.


The old veteran named Liu, the white brute, and Pan Ya instantly accelerated as they prepared to kill Luo Feng.

But right when they did that, the two throwing knives that fell on the ground after being deflected by Pan Ya instantly shot towards the heads of the veteran named Liu and the white brute! The veteran named Liu and the white brute were turned away from the two throwing knives. Adding to that, Luo Feng's spiritual force accelerated the throwing knives to insanely high speeds!

The throwing knives were a bit faster than a bullet fired from a sniper rifle! Before the sound of the sonic boom reached them, the throwing knives that were several times faster than speed have already arrived!

’’PU!’’ ’’PU!’’

Two eerie black lights instantly went through the heads of the veteran named Liu and the white brute from behind! With two ’’PENG’’ sounds, their heads directly bursted open. These two unsuspecting advanced level warlords were directly and instantly killed!

’’WHAT!’’ exclaimed Pan Ya.

The throwing knife that pierced the head of the veteran named Liu flew along a curved arc and instantly shot towards Pan Ya! A direct attack! Sadly, Pan Ya was only an intermediate level warlord. He desperately waved the triangular saber he had in hand and barely grazed the edge of the eerie black light. However, the eerie black light slightly changed paths.


Pan Ya's head was directly sliced off!

’’AH!’’ All of this happened too quickly. The mixed youth, Li Wei, who was happily observing couldn't help but to widen his eyes and immediately go for his tactical communications watch as he saw the heads of the old veteran named Liu and the white brute burst open.


The third throwing knife dodged by Pan Ya directly drew across Li Wei's neck!

A huge head, a head worth an astronomical price, flew up just like that. Fresh blood sprayed from the wound like a fountain!

In an instant!

The four members of the thunderbolt squad, killed!

’’The rabbit got hasty and tried to bite someone!’’

’’You really think I wouldn't have killed you!’’

’’F*k you, you just have wargod parents. Even if they actually find out that I'm the killer..... I could always expose my identity as a spirit reader, give up my freedom, and join the core of the Dojo of Limits.

Furthermore...... who knows whether or not your old dad can actually find me!’’ Luo Feng put away his throwing knives and at the same time, turned into a shadow and ran off the highway into the grass filled fields.


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