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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 28



’’Even though the steel armored dragon is a high level horde leader, it can't fly. It can only sprint and jump. And of course, it can't change direction in midair, so getting rid of it should be easy’’ Luo Feng was certain that he could escape. With his hexagonal shield below his feet, he directly flew across a curved arc in the air and headed straight towards the clouds!

The only eye that the steel armored dragon had left stared at Luo Feng menacingly.

’’ROAR~~’’ Under its enraged howl, the steel armored dragon ferociously swung its tail!

The 10 meter long dragon tail instantly turned into a green mirage as it swept towards Luo Feng. The distance that Luo Feng pulled apart was instantly covered again by this 10 meter long dragon tail. The high level horde leader level 'steel armored dragon' could sprint past the speed of sound, and the speed of its sweeping tail was 10 times faster than its sprinting speed!

This dragon tail was several times faster than a bullet fired from the best sniper rifle! This is why high level horde leaders are horrifying!


Probably because the dragon tail was too fast, high pressured airstreams were produced.

’’It won't hit me, it's still 50 to 60 cm off!’’ Luo Feng instantly determined.

The tip of the dragon tail was off by Luo Feng's chest by half a meter;it couldn't hit him. However, the extremely high pressured airstream smashed against Luo Feng's chest like a gigantic sledgehammer. Thanks to that, Luo Feng felt like he couldn't breathe for a bit.

’’PENG!’’ Luo Feng's body was thrown away and he had to start stabilizing the shield.

’’Just what one would expect from a high level horde leader. The high pressured airstream brought by the dragon's tail almost knocked me out’’ Luo Feng could feel a mouthful of fresh blood coming up his throat and couldn't hold it any longer. With a ’’PU!’’ sound, a mouthful of fresh blood shot out.

Luo Feng looked at the steel armored dragon that was still in midair and only saw its gigantic body falling towards the ground: ’’You're not even a flying type monster. Unless you reach the Emperor level, you'll never be able to fly!’’

Luo Feng smiled, completely relaxed himself, and then set his foot on his shield and flew upwards.


The feeling of flying is really fantastic!

’’ROAR~’’ the steel armored dragon stepped on the sidewalk in the city and leaped to the roof of a residential building that was a couple stories high. Once again, it ferociously jumped..... and at that instant, the roof of the residential building instantly crumbled. As that happened, large amounts of concrete directly tumbled down from the building.

And the steel armored dragon used this jump to jump to a height of around 100 meters high, roaring as it charged towards Luo Feng.

’’Steel armored dragon, no matter well you can jump, it's futile’’ when Luo Feng saw that steel armored dragon jump to the roof of the residential building, he started ascending..... by continuously ascending, he easily reached a height of 300 meters above the ground.

The steel armored dragon could only powerlessly fall back to the ground.

HU! The steel armored dragon whipped its tail against the air, using the resistive force to make it fall back to the ground more quickly.

’’It's useless’’

Luo Feng continued to pull higher and even started to head away from the city.

’’RUMBLE~~’’ an ear piercing sound carried from below.


Luo Feng, who was up in the sky, lowered his head and saw that steel armored dragon running around in the city. Sometimes it would jump over residential apartments, sometimes it would run on the sidewalk, and sometimes it would step on the buildings as it sprinted. It tried to stick to Luo Feng like glue as it chased him.

’’I can't believe it's not giving up!’’ Luo Feng's face slightly changed, ’’As a high level horde leader, the steel armored dragon's sight is extremely messed up. Even if I fly up to a distance of two to three thousand meters above the ground, it'll still be able to see me as long as nothing is blocking its vision!’’. Putting high level horde leaders aside, even Luo Feng can see a human two to three miles away.

So, of course, it wouldn't be weird for this steel armored dragon to see someone five to six miles away.

’’I'm not flying past the speed of sound, but its sprinting past the speed of sound, so it'll be hard to lose it. I guess the only way left is to fly above the clouds!’’ Luo Feng started pulling higher again!


Feet on his hexagonal shield, he directly started flying upwards again, hoping to past the clouds. After he's above the clouds, the steel armored dragon won't be able to see him again. Naturally, it won't be able to chase him any longer.

’’GA~~’’ ’’GA GA GA~~’’ as ear piercing calls from birds rang, a black, gigantic, densely packed flock of flying type monsters was seen coming from the West. And this gigantic flock was headed towards Luo Feng.

’’I'm such an idiot!’’ Luo Feng insulted himself. The sky was the territory of the flying monsters. Only astonishingly powerful aircraft are able to fly in the sky..... as for human fighters, if they dared to fly in the air, they'd naturally get hoarded by the flying type monsters' attacks!

Before the Grand Nirvana period, the birds had superb vision. So it's not even necessary to explain how great their vision is now.

These flying type monsters probably saw that he was flying in midair, so they instantly summoned the flock to surround him!

’’I'm much more flexible compared to the monsters on the land near the family mart supermarket’’

’’But compared to these flying type monsters..... that'll be jumping towards my death!’’ Luo Feng didn't hesitate at all. Right when he noticed the black, dense flock of flying type monsters, he instantly charged back down towards the city.

Fighting against the flying type monsters in the air means absolute death!

And as long as he stays far away from the lone steel armored dragon, he still has some hope.

’’ROAR~~’’ when the steel armored dragon saw that the flying human actually started to come back down, it immediately headed towards Luo Feng.

Luo Feng, in the process of his descent, followed the path of a huge arc!


Luo Feng, like lightning and with a BOOM, directly smashed into a window on the balcony on the 12th floor of a residential apartment. The glass on the balcony immediately blasted open and Luo Feng charged in.

’’RUMBLE~’’ Like a deep green flash of light, the steel armored dragon ferociously charged and directly smashed into the balcony of the 8th floor of the residential apartment that Luo Feng charged into. Under the horrifying force of impact, the entire residential apartment shook violently. The concrete walls supporting the center of the building started to burst open, and the entire building started to slowly fall down.


The steel armored dragon roared its monster speak and locked onto a moving shadow in front of it. The shadow that Luo feng formed, once again, charged into another residential building.


The steel armored dragon was afraid that its hesitation would allow Luo Feng to escape, so, without any hesitation, it directly rammed into the spot that Luo Feng passed through..... the entire residential building was sliced in half from the center, and then slowly started to fall down again!

This is a medium sized sector, so only taking 12 story residential apartments into account, there are at least 20 of them. However, in chasing Luo Feng, the steel armored dragon has already led to the destruction of eight of them..... by going through the windows of the residential apartment, Luo Feng wasn't affected much. For the steel armored dragon's gigantic body, blasting away a residential apartment had a large effect on it.

But, the steel dragon had no other choice!

Because the residential buildings were blocking its vision!

’’RUMBLE~’’ When it destroyed the 8th residential apartment, the steel armored dragon suddenly stopped and stayed still on the ground.

The 8th residential apartment slowly fell down and towards the steel armored dragon. However, the steel armored dragon didn't dodge. With a BOOM..... the entire residential apartment smashed into the steel armored dragon, but with the hardness of its scales, the residential apartment was like tofu and didn't harm the steel armored dragon at all.

’’HUMAN, HUMAN.....’’ the steel armored dragon angrily roared as it looked around.


It lost Luo Feng!


In a dark electrical room in an underground parking lot below the small sector, Luo Feng was leaning against the wall.

’’Breathe, breathe’’ Luo Feng breathed slowly. He could feel a throbbing pain coming from his chest, and fresh blood soaked out of the chest area in his battle uniform.

’’I received quite a serious wound this time. I already received a heavy wound when escaping from the encasement comprised of large amounts of commander level monsters from earlier. And now, the pressurized airstream generated by the steel armored dragon's tail hit my chest, making the wound even worse’’ Luo Feng lightly rubbed his chest and a throbbing pain carried from it, causing Luo Feng's face to go pale.

Even though he was heavily wounded, Luo Feng was in quite a good mood.

’’That steel armored dragon probably can't find me if I hide in this electrical room in this underground parking lot’’ Luo Feng let out a smile. When he charged towards this sector, his escape plan was already formed.

In a sector like this, there must be an underground parking lot.

He went through the residential apartments over and over to block the steel armored dragon's vision..... no matter how sturdy the steel armored dragon is, ramming into the residential apartment buildings over and over again had to have some sort of effect on it. Then, Luo Feng managed to grasp his chance. The entrance to an underground parking lot was not too far away from the 8th residential apartment. Naturally, he took his advantage and directly charged towards it.

After the 8th residential apartment fell, the rubble covered the entrance to the underground parking lot. It looks like it would be quite difficult for the steel armored dragon to guess where Luo Feng is afterall.



On the surface, the steel armored dragon's enraged roar carried over. This roar was much louder than its previous roars.

’’RUMBLE~~’’ What quickly followed was the vibration of the earth. At this time, all sorts of different roars also started ringing.

Note that this steel armored dragon is the leader of all the monsters in a 20 to 30 mile radius. With a command, the monster horde comprised of over 100,000 monsters immediately spread out and headed towards every direction! Under the command of low, medium, and high level commanders, the monsters scanned the area in search of the human.


In the dark, cold underground parking lot, the electrical room.

’’The roars of the monsters aren't stopping and the ground keeps shaking. That steel armored dragon probably mobilized the entire monster horde in search of me’’ Luo Feng's face changed. It would be hard for the steel armored dragon to find him alone, but with several tens of thousands of monsters searching in every possible location..... he'll probably be discovered if he stays put here.

Since this sector is definitely where the steel armored dragon will focus on.

’’Looks like I won't have the chance to tend to my wounds’’

Luo Feng stood up and was quite relaxed, since the previous scenario was much more dangerous than his current one. After all, he has already escaped.

And now, would he still not be able to get away?

There are tons and tons of tunnels making up the #003 city's subway system.

’’Hm, if I remember correctly, there should be a tunnel not too far away from here! I'll enter the underground tunnel and follow it. Then I'll be able to easily get out of #003 city. The tunnels are small, so even if there are monsters, they'll be smaller and weaker ones. At the very least, monsters like the steel armored dragon won't be able to squeeze in.

’’It's time to go back home, back to the headquarter city’’.

’’Once I get back, I'll sell this dragon egg, that battle uniform set, and the blade! I don't know how much it'll sell for and whether or not I can get 30 billion’’ even though Luo Feng's chest was throbbing with pain, his heart was only filled with infinite hope.

Even though he has been working himself like crazy this time, if he's able to allow his little brother to grow out a new pair of legs, then it'll all be worth it!


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