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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 27



The roars of hundreds of commander level monsters rang into the sky. At this moment, over a hundred commander level monsters were directly above Luo Feng, and there were even more waiting on the ground! However, there are only around 60 medium level commanders and just 30 high level commanders within these hundreds of commander level monsters. The rest are all low level commanders.

But with such an astonishing amount, even a beginner level wargod can't escape!

’’Shit’’ Luo Feng sharpened his gaze while he clenched his teeth

His body was in midair, but with a peculiar turn, he dodged an attack from a commander level monster! Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! With his spiritual force used on his shield, sheath, blade, battle boots, and arm guards, he was able to apply various amounts of force on many different areas of his body, causing his body to dodge in a weird pattern in midair. Note that these monsters are all huge, so Luo Feng's body is quite small in comparison.

Because of this, under normal circumstances, only two to three monsters maximum can attack Luo Feng at the same time! Dodge! Keep dodging! None of the monsters could change direction in midair, so they could only helplessly fall down as they let out disgruntled roars. As for Luo Feng, he was like a butterfly. His 'tiny' figure quickly, rapidly, and erratically changed directions in midair, causing all of the monsters' attacks to strike just the air.

’’Almost, just one or two seconds more and the monsters in the air will dramatically decrease. After that, I'll be able to escape’’ Luo Feng was basically using all of his energy to escape, and he didn't dare to touch the ground.



Right when the commander level monsters in the air touched the ground, they virtually immediately organized after one of the high level commander level horned boar let out a deep howl! Around 60 monsters jumped together and formed a two layer 'encasement' in the air.

Commander level monsters are quite intelligent, and high level commanders' intelligence is nearly comparable to that of a human's! Since they failed before, the monsters immediately changed their battle plan! They organized themselves and jumped together, forming an encasement to completely block Luo Feng.

’’RUMBLE!’’ Another group of commander level monsters came jumping.

Another layer added to the encasement! Three layers, four layers, five layers! Nearly two hundred commander level monsters came leaping and formed a five layer encasement headed straight towards Luo Feng.

’’Aren't these monsters a bit too smart, they found out a way in an instant’’ Luo Feng looked at the 'encasement' formed by the monsters that gave him no room at all and couldn't help but to feel nervous. Adding on to that, the monsters gave no time at all for Luo Feng to think and instantly arrived in front of him.

’’Gotta put everything on the line!’’

Luo Feng clenched his teeth and pretended to dodge. Naturally, the 'encasement' formed by the large amounts of monsters froze, and Luo Feng finally got close to one of the medium level commander level bloodthirsty tanks.

’’HOWL~’’ The bloodthirsty tank with flaming red scale roared and widely opened it's mouth as it's eyes turned crimson red. The teeth in it's mouth were like a saw chain that could easily rip apart steel. The four powerful hooves that were able to support it's gigantic body also came cruelly stomping towards Luo Feng.

’’Hmph!’’ A black light flashed in front of Luo Feng.

PUCHI! The black light instantly shot into the huge mouth of the bloodthirsty tank. With a BOOM, the tough skull of the bloodthirsty tank was pierced and it's cerebrospinal fluid flew out. The eerie black light then drew a curved light as it flew back towards Luo Feng. The eyes of the previously enraged medium level commander level bloodthirsty tank instantly dimmed.

With a contraction of his body, Luo Feng was right below the abdomen of the bloodthirsty tank!


Luo Feng was contracted below the abdomen of the bloodthirsty tank. With the bloodthirsty tank's gigantic, truck-like body, it was easy for Luo Feng to hide below it.

Whoosh! Luo Feng pushed the bloodthirsty tank's corpse and directly charged upwards! The bloodthirsty tank's corpse acted as a shield. When the commander level monsters above saw their comrade charge up, they hesitated. With just this small instant..... Luo Feng already rammed away the other monsters with the huge corpse above him.



The commander monsters in the back didn't delay and started crazily attacking the bloodthirsty tank's corpse.

Trampling! Ramming! Biting!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! More commander level monsters on the ground caught sight of that damned human and actually stepped on the monster's corpse to jump up. They started ferociously leaping one by one! These commander level monsters can usually jump to a height of around 10 meters high, and sometimes even 20 meters high. And they can also jump extremely quickly!

’’RUMBLE~’’ Luo Feng could only feel waves of powerful attacks coming from above the monster corpse on him.

Thanks to the gigantic monster corpse, Luo Feng was able to pass through nine layers of the encasement. However, the shocks of the attacks still dealt Luo Feng's body a damaging blow. With his organs shocked and a ’’PU’’ sound, he couldn't stop a mouthful of blood from spurting out his mouth.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

’’Not good!’’ Luo Feng, whose mouth was still bloody, saw the coordinated monsters come swooping towards him one by one.

’’With a cycle of jumping, falling down, and then jumping back down..... this attack will never end! I can't even escape!’’ Luo Feng's face changed dramatically.


And the uninjured eye of the steel armored dragon that was currently flying past the speed of sound seemed like it was about to shed tears of blood. Under such extreme speed, the floor split open every time it's foot touched the ground. Under it's astonishing speed, it wouldn't even need two seconds to cover the 800 meters left between it's current position and the city.

The wave of monster attacks drove Luo Feng into despair.

’’That steel armored dragon isn't even 10 miles away, so it's going to arrive soon with it's super speed’’ this thought instantly flashed across Luo Feng's mind. Soon, that high level horde leader, the steel armored dragon, is going to arrive. When that happens, he'll truly have no chance of escape. With the steel armored dragon's speed, he wouldn't be able to dodge any of it's hits.

’’I gotta stake everything!’’

’’I gotta keep trying as long as there's even a sliver of hope. If I don't give it my complete and absolute all, there's no doubt that I'll die!’’

Within a second, Luo Feng made his decision.

With his teeth clenched, Luo Feng had his ghost blade in hand and his shield on his back as he made an erratic movement in the air, causing him to directly ram into a commander level horned boar in midair. Luo Feng cruelly stomped onto the spine of the horned boar, sending it flying back towards the ground and even killing a regular soldier level monster in the process. Luo Feng used this force to ferociously fly back up!

Charge! Charge! Charge!

’’Howl~’’ ’’Howl~’’ ’’Howl Howl~’’ The commander level monsters flew towards Luo Feng with bloodshot eyes, but Luo Feng's spiritual force has already spread out and has covered a scope of 15 meters.

Five meters to the upper left came a medium level commander level 'horned boar', while three meters to the upper right came a low level commander level bloodthirsty tank.

The two monsters came flying down from above. Luo Feng mind, who was on the verge of death, was able to work at an unprecedented speed and instantly make his decision.

PU! Luo Feng used the horned boar to give himself a boost, thus increasing his own speed.

PENG! Three monsters rammed into each other in midair.

In just one second! Luo Feng turned into a mirage and continuously charged upwards as he passed 21 commander level monsters. Whether he used them to gain a boost, killed them, or even suffered injuries from them..... no matter what, he used every way possible to increase his speed! He has to use any and every method in his arsenal to reach the sky!

’’Pu! Pu! PUCHI!’’

Luo Feng finally escaped from the leaping monsters in the air. Once he got out, Luo Feng consecutively spit out three mouthfuls of fresh blood. His 5th series battle uniform was damaged and fresh blood was leaking out of his chest.


Luo Feng, whose face was already pale, was extremely excited. He became even more excited as he looked at the surrounding smoke. If he even made one tiny mistake, he would've died. And yet, he couldn't believe that his frenzied struggle enabled him to escape.

’’Looks like a human's limits can be forced out’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to laugh, ’’In that short moment, I actually managed to take into account the positions of all 81 commander level monsters in the area and approached 21 of them to escape. Is this..... the technique that's above the Ru-Wei class, the 'Perfect' level that's able to take the surroundings into account?’’

Luo Feng knew that the classifications for technique were 'Basic level'一一'Intermediate level*', 一一'Perfect level', 'Conception level'.

The intermediate level uses the smallest amounts of movements to dodge an attack and therefore using the movements as efficiently as possible.

The perfect level takes the environment into control. It uses anything, like life, rocks, structures.... etc. in the surroundings to accurately dodge. This is the 'perfect' level technique! The old wargod 'Li Kan' is at this level! And shadow blade 'Wang Tong' has reached a level even higher, the 'Conception' level.

’’There's still a huge difference between me and that huge wargod brute. First, he's just a fighter so he doesn't have any spiritual force to help him investigate the surroundings. As for me, I'm constantly spreading my spiritual force throughout the surroundings to see what's going on. Next, it was only on the border of life and death was my mind able to calculate that quickly. A truly perfect, 'perfect' level wouldn't need even the mind's calculation’’.

Just a short second of extreme calculation was enough to give Luo Feng a slight headache.

’’HU!’’ In a short moment, Luo Feng rushed up to a height of 60 meters in the air. The several hundred commander level monsters and the uncountable amount of regular soldier level monsters either angrily roared or leaped with all their might. Some dozens of monsters already in the air even jumped on each other to give themselves a boost!

’’Get out of here!’’ With a thought, a black light flew over! PUCHI! The high level commander level monsters that couldn't dodge in midair had their heads pierced through by Luo Feng's throwing knife and fell down to the ground.

’’Haha...... Time to go!’’ With a thought, the buckles on Luo Feng's back loosened and the shield flew below Luo Feng's feet. Whoosh! Luo Feng directly and speedily flew away.

’’ROAR’’ An ear piercing howl instantly carried over. The sound waves rippled the layers of Luo Feng's ears. ’’My ears hurt like crazy’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to cover his ears as he looked back.

What was seen was a gigantic body with deep green scales covering its entire body. It was like a light drawing across the sky as it directly flew over. The owner of that cold, one eye that gave off an enraged killing aura was indeed the steel armored dragon! High level horde leader一一Steel Armored Dragon!!! ’’This is 80 meters up in the air, isn't that jumping distance a bit too messed up’’ Luo Feng was shocked as he immediately and swiftly turned in the air and moved along a beautifully curved arc as he tried to evade the steel armored dragon.

*TL note: I didn't know that 'Ru Wei' was actually talking about an actual level, since they never mentioned the classifications until now. If I wasn't sure, then I can't just say ’’Intermediate’’ since that would imply there are low and high levels. So from now on, Ru Wei class will be changed into intermediate level.


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