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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 26



The filthy odor emanated in the spacious first floor of the supermarket. The steel armored dragon's green, oval shaped dragon egg was currently surrounded by six throwing knives and was being dragged into the bag. After that, the six throwing knives swiftly returned to Luo Feng's thigh pockets.

’’CHI!’’ Luo Feng tightened his bag and immediately secured the dragon egg in the innermost area of the bag.

’’I've earned a ton, now I gotta go now!’’

Luo Feng carried his bulging bag and prepared to leave, but right when he turned around...

’’What's that?’’ Out of the corner of his eye, Luo Feng noticed some things laid out on the ground not too far away from him. Since this is where the steel armored dragon sleeps, it would probably sweep away the things that are distracting to him. Stuff like refrigerators and broken goods have already been swept to the side ages ago.

The ground was empty.

But on the empty ground, there were a few things that were placed not too far from the egg. One could guess that the steel armored dragon probably looked at these things every day.

’’Why would the steel armored dragon put these things in its field of vision?’’ Luo Feng's heart skipped a beat as he swiftly headed over.

As he moved forward, Luo Feng's heart started beating faster and faster.

’’Could it be.....’’

’’Could it actually be.....’’ when Luo Feng arrived at around three meters in front of the goods, he became so excited that he couldn't control himself. He couldn't help but to tightly clench his fists, ’’It really is! Now I've really earned a lot, a ton!’’.

What was in front of Luo Feng was an entire armor set: alloyed battle boots, a uniform, etc. At the same time, there was also a sheathed sharp blade in the sheath of the armor. The material the armor was made out of was pure black. This utter darkness caused one to inadvertently hold their breath..... and the detail on that sheathed blade was way more intricate than Luo Feng's ghost blade.

’’There's no doubt that this is the armor and weapon of a wargod’’ Luo Feng was extremely excited, ’’A glance is all that is needed to tell that this uniform is very special. That blade..... who knows how many times more powerful it is compared to mine’’.

’’And, this is a human's armor set, and yet the steel armored dragon collected it! Perhaps killing the owner of these items is one of the things that the steel armored dragon takes pride in’’. Luo Feng was easily able to figure the situation out, since horde leaders have an intelligence level comparable to a human's. And sometimes, wargods can't defeat the monster horde leaders.

However, the escaping ability of the human wargods is extremely high!

In the entire country of China, the fall of a wargod is an extremely rare sight. Every time a wargod from their respective country falls, the entire country holds a memorial which is broadcasted live! One could imagine just how difficult it would be for a horde leader to kill a wargod!

So a wargod's old gear is also an extremely rare sight in the wilderness!

’’If this gear can make the steel armored dragon so proud, proud enough to collect this uniform set... then this human wargod must be extremely powerful..... And this uniform set has also went through a battle with a high level horde leader, and yet it's barely damaged. The quality of this uniform must be excellent, at least a 9th series!’’ Luo Feng quickly extrapolated.

According to the market price.

An entire Q series battle uniform's full price is 12 billion Chinese dollars. So the half price put in place by the Limit Home would be 6 billion Chinese dollars.

’’A second hand battle uniform probably can't sell for 6 billion. However, it's still possible to sell it for 2 to 3 billion!’’

’’And this is using the price for a 9th series uniform. If this battle uniform is rank SS!’’ Luo Feng could feel his blood boiling.

1st series to 9th series, are respectively divided into the grades: H grade, G grade..... C grade, B grade, A grade, and S grade. These nine grades. A 9th series weapon and uniform would be an S grade weapon and uniform!

And above the S grade is the SS grade!

A SS grade battle uniform can defend against many SS Emperor level monsters' attacks. As for the horde leaders, they definitely are not able to destroy a SS grade battle uniform.

’’If it's the SS grade that's even more valuable than the 9th series..... then that'll be an astronomical price’’ Luo Feng was extremely excited.

9th series (S grade) battle uniform set, full price 12 billion.

And a SS grade battle uniform set, it's full price is an astonishing 120 billion! Definitely not a price that an average person or power could afford to buy!

Know that, this battle uniform can defend against the bites and attacks of many Emperor level monsters. The level difference between an Emperor level monster and a horde leader monster is extremely shocking. An Emperor level monster can sweep the floor with a group of horde leader monsters;absolute domination! As for the existences that surpass the wargod level like Hong and Thunder God, they also can decimate other wargod level humans.


The price of some SS grade gear would be much higher than the S grade.

The full price of an SS grade uniform set is 120 billion, so even it's half price would be 60 billion!

’’If, just if, this is a SS grade uniform set, then even though it's second hand and can't be sold for 60 billion, it's still possible for it to be sold for 20 to 30 billion’’ Luo Feng was extremely excited, ’’Perhaps my earnings this time would be able to earn enough money to buy my brother an Elixir of Life’’.

Of course..... whether or not this battle uniform set is actually SS grade, even Luo Feng doesn't know.

But it's at least a 9th series (S grade) for sure, so it could also be SS grade.

Even though all of this has been said, in reality, all of these thoughts passed through his mind in an instant when Luo Feng walked up to this battle uniform set and blade.

Without delay, he immediately opened his bag.

’’If it's SS grade, then it'll be worth much more than the dragon egg!’’ Luo Feng swiftly controlled his spiritual force and moved the battle uniform, alloyed boots, arm guards, blade, etc. into his bag.


The commander monsters in front of the gigantic supermarket were patrolling the premises. A few dozen commanders were in front of the main gate. Occasionally, they would turn back their heads to look into the supermarket. Through the huge main door, with the commander monsters' eyesight, they could barely see the shape of the oval shaped dragon egg.

Protect the dragon egg! This is the task that their leader, the steel armored dragon, has entrusted to this commander monster squad!

This is also why this monster squad didn't follow to join the battle against the two human wargods.

One of the high level commanders, the bloodthirsty tank, was laying there. His gigantic body was like a hill, and it randomly and slowly turned it's head towards the supermarket's interior..... it doesn't even know how many times it has repeated this action, and in the past, the blurry image of the dragon egg was easily seen.

But this time一一

’’BOOM!’’ the bloodthirsty tank ferociously stood up, it's huge eyes opened wide as if they were about to roll out their sockets. It then immediately let out an anxious roar.

’’HOWL.....’’ the ear-piercing, enraged roar immediately rang around the area.

The other commander level monsters in front of the main gate of the supermarket then turned their heads and looked towards the dragon egg's location in the supermarket, and let out enraged roars one by one.

At the same time一一

All of the commander level monsters, whether the ones patrolling outside, the ones in front of the supermarket door, or even the ones resting on the third, fourth, and fifth floors in the supermarket all roared as they rushed together towards the first floor. Huge holes were smashed in the ceilings and walls. For a time, the entire five story supermarket was rumbling, as if it was about to fall over.

Far away.

The steel armored dragon and the two flame scaled triple halberd boars were still battling against the two human wargods, Wang Tong and Li Kan. At this time, the scales on the steel armored dragon's head were split apart and one of it's eyes was blinded. There were also some signs of blood on Wang Tong, but he was in much better condition than the steel armored dragon.

’’HOWL.....’’ a roar carried from the direction of the supermarket.

The steel armored dragon's only eye basically instantly turned crimson red.

’’ROAR~~~’’ The ear-piercing howl immediately split the sky. The sound formed a visible shockwave that crazily swept around the area. The surrounding concrete floor instantly shattered and even the steel beams broke apart, causing a huge amount of dust to lift up. This enraged howl virtually rang across the entire #003 city!

’’Not good!’’ Wang Tong's face dramatically changed.


This steel armored dragon is enraged!

’’ROAR~~~’’ the steel armored dragon's roar started to become hoarse. One could feel from this roar the flame of anger that won't subside even if drenched in the three major oceans.

The steel armored dragon's speed instantly accelerated to a level never seen before. It didn't even worry whether or not it's body could handle it, and just headed towards the family mart supermarket. The horrifying sonic boom caused the ground, buildings, etc. to burst open, throwing pebbles all around.


When Luo Feng was swiftly putting the battle uniform set and the other objects into his bag, an enraged howl carried from outside the supermarket. Following that roar were the roars of all the commander level monsters, causing Luo Feng to jump.

’’What's going on?’’ Luo Feng hesitated;he was pretty sure he made no sound at all.

The ceiling above and the walls on the Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern sides all burst open, causing gigantic holes to appear. And from these holes came charging the enraged commander level monsters! Protecting the dragon egg was the biggest task handed to them from their leader, the steel armored dragon.

The dragon egg is also the life of the steel armored dragon!

No matter what, and no matter what they have to sacrifice, the dragon egg must be protected!

’’F*k, I've been found. RUN!’’ Luo Feng didn't feel any emotion from stealing the dragon egg. Humans and monsters, this is the war between the two! Monsters want to obliterate humanity, while humanity wants to wipe the monsters off the face of the earth! To make the monsters sad and enraged is a good thing.

Luo Feng instantly accelerated to his maximum speed and headed towards the elevator well. The gigantic commander level monsters that charged into the supermarket immediately chased after. Since the elevator door has been long jammed by Luo Feng, he was able to instantly rush into the elevator well.

’’ESCAPE!’’ Luo Feng immediately soared through the air.

Luo Feng only felt that the entire supermarket was about to crumble. After a ’’SA’’ sound, the elevator well was directly blown up. Several commander level monsters destroyed the elevator well from inside and outside the supermarket. At the exact same time, the monsters on the third, fourth, and fifth floor immediately came rushing over.

’’Not good’’ Luo Feng immediately stepped onto the wall and, like a bolt of lightning, rushed up the elevator well and towards the sky outside!

As long as he can get to the sky, he can escape!

But right when Luo Feng got out, he saw tons of commander level monsters rushing towards him. The monster horde comprised of regular soldier level monsters didn't act much;only commander level monsters came rushing over from all sorts of places..... the weakest monster in the monster squad is a medium level commander.

And more low level commanders were spread out in the monster horde, since they were usually leading their own group of monsters.

And at this instant一一

Even all of those commanders came chasing after him!

All of them jumped, and each of them were capable of jumping over ten meters high. As for the monsters in the third, fourth, and fifth floors, they charged up to the roof, blocking Luo Feng's entire upper entrance.

Above! Below!

Surrounded on all sides!

As for the steel armored dragon whose speed has long surpassed the speed of sound, it was charging faster than it's roar could spread out! With a blurry shadow that laid waste to all in its path, it charged into the smoke filled area. In only a few short seconds, the enraged, crimson eyed steel armored dragon will arrive at the family mart supermarket!


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