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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 25



The supermarket was square shaped and had an open space. That space was originally made for customers to leave their cars and to allow more customers to enter the supermarket. Before the Grand Nirvana period, there were over 100 million people living in the surroundings. And that's not including potential customers who visited from other areas.

However, in the present day, the open space was filled with countless monsters.

’’How can I enter the steel armored dragon's nest and steal the dragon egg away?’’

’’Should I rush as fast as I can through the first or second floor's window?’’ Luo Feng, still in midair, watched the densely packed monster horde below, ’’With all these monsters, quite a few of them would see me rush in! And then it'll be over!’’.

’’I should go down first. Staying in midair like this uses up quite a bit of spiritual force’’ Luo Feng flew above the center of the supermarket. The supermarket took up a huge amount of area! Likewise, the area of the roof was just as astonishing, and it was completely empty;not a single monster in sight.

This isn't surprising, since even the monsters enforce their levels.

Horde leader, commander, soldier!

With the supermarket acting as the core of the monsters' nest, the monsters living here are also the ones with the highest position in the monster horde..... either commander level or horde leader level! These monsters don't like dealing with the weather, so most of them lived on the third, fourth, or fifth floor.

As for the steel armored dragon, it had the first and second floor all to itself.

The two low level horde leader 'flame scaled triple halberd boars' lived in a commercial building right beside the supermarket, around 100 meters away.

Only the countless regular monsters have to deal with the rain and wind as they stay in the open space. And whether a horde leader monster or a commander monster, they naturally wouldn't allow those regular monsters to enter the core area, which is why there wasn't a single monster on the roof.


Directly descending from the sky, Luo Feng flew down to the middle area of the roof. The monsters in the open space were all quite far from Luo Feng, so they didn't discover him.

’’How am I supposed to enter the first and second floor?’’ Luo Feng stooped on the roof, ’’The third, fourth, and fifth floors are probably all filled with the elite of the monsters!’’.

’’The open space of the supermarket is also filled with countless monsters’’

’’How am I supposed to get in?’’

All the plans Luo Feng formulated were rejected in his mind. Clearly, the nest of the steel armored dragon was like a steel wall, extremely difficult to barge into.


The battle between the two wargods and the three horde leader monsters made it seem like the sky was shaking and the ground was shattering. Countless howls of monsters quickly followed after a roar and the sound of a building falling carried over.

And Luo Feng was still stooped as he thought to himself.

’’That's it!’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed, ’’The supermarket has five floors above the ground, but with the underground parking lot, there's six floors in total!’’

’’These kinds of supermarkets all have elevators, and there should be two of them. One of them is opened to the customers, while the other one is used to transport the supermarket's goods. This elevator well is a direct passage! As long as I can find this elevator passage, then I can directly fall to the first and second floors in a breath!’’

Of course, the elevator well could've been destroyed by monsters already.

But since the elevator well is so small, and the monsters don't want to destroy the infrastructure of this supermarket, then the tiny elevator well in the side of the supermarket should have a huge chance of surviving. Furthermore..... the supermarket has two elevator wells: one for the 'customer elevator' and the other for the 'freight elevator'.

’’The elevator well!’’ Luo Feng started searching on the roof near the sides of building.

The method for searching was quite simple: Luo Feng extended his spiritual force through the stairs of the roof and searched through the infrastructure below. Of course, only spirit readers can use this method! Luo Feng was extremely careful as he was virtually crawling across the roof, afraid of being caught by the huge amounts of monsters below.

’’Found it!’’ Luo Feng let out a face of happiness, ’’Yes..... extend, extend downwards’’

’’Fourth floor, third floor.....’’

Luo Feng kept extending his spiritual force downwards as he investigated the infrastructure of the elevator well. The entire well wasn't damaged too much, since the monsters apparently protected this supermarket quite well. This is their home after all!


Two black throwing knives started hovering and lightly drew a circle on the roof! This 9th series throwing knives was way tougher than diamond, so, as if it was cutting through tofu, it quickly cut out a circular hole in the roof. That stone circle, affected by Luo Feng's spiritual force, started hovering and then softly landed on the side, making no sound at all.

’’Hmhm’’ Luo Feng lowered his head as he looked down, ’’This elevator well, yup, seems like it's a bit bent at the third floor's elevator door. But overall, it hasn't changed much’’.

Luo Feng let out a smile.

The hexagonal shield started hovering beside him, and Luo Feng stepped onto it, ’’Go down!’’. The hexagonal shield slowly descended, making no sound at all. Fifth floor, fourth floor, third floor..... the steel wires and the steel elevator door could all be seen, but have long been covered by dust. It has been far too long since the last person has used them.

’’This is where the first floor is’’ Luo Feng hovered in front of one of the elevator doors.

The elevator door was sealed shut, and with a heartbeat, two throwing knives immediately stuck into the gap between the shut elevator doors. They then lightly pushed towards both directions.

’’CHI CHI~~’’

Perhaps because the elevator door hasn't been opened for too long, but it actually made a sound at a time like this, frightening Luo Feng.

’’I'm inside the supermarket and there aren't any monsters on the first and second floor. If the sound was extremely quiet..... then the monster squad outside shouldn't be able to hear it’’ Luo Feng took a deep breath and extremely slowly opened the elevator door. Since he opened it slowly, the sound the doors made was also very small.

When the elevator doors were half way opened, thanks to his spiritual force, Luo Feng easily used his understanding of the elevator's door's structure to bend the steel and jam the elevator door.


Luo Feng continued to hold his breath. Not daring to relax even the slightest bit, he lightly moved forward and stepped on the ground. His hovering shield then immediately dropped beside him, and the two buckles on his back, with his spiritual force, naturally sealed the shield in place.

’’This place smells so bad’’ a thick, nasty odor emanated around the first floor. After breathing a bit of this smell, Luo Feng's body started to become uncomfortable.

’’Where's that steel armored dragon's dragon egg?’’ Luo Feng carefully moved forward, his spiritual force used on his body, shield, and combat gear to cause his body to become as light as a swallow. Each of his steps were light and made no sound.

’’Hu! Hmhm!’’

Luo Feng raised his head and looked above. The ceiling between the first and second floor was basically entirely broken. Only the framework of the supermarket on the side wasn't broken. All the broken, old stalls and rotten food have been pushed to the sides. Sometimes, Luo Feng's road is blocked, so he has to use his spiritual force to lightly make a path.

’’The steel armored dragon would probably live in the center of the supermarket, since that's the most spacious area’’ Luo Feng directly headed towards the center. Slowly, Luo Feng started to see an oval shaped ball.

’’The dragon egg?’’

Luo Feng held his breath and slowly moved forward.

The monster howls from outside the supermarket carried in, causing Luo Feng to be even more careful. Each of his steps were as light as light can be.

’’This place smells even more’’ The closer Luo Feng got to the oval shaped ball, the more apparent the odor became, ’’I guess the steel armored dragon is usually there, and this odor is caused by the steel armored dragon's body’’. Quickly, Luo Feng arrived at a distance of around 10 meters away from the dragon egg and was already able to clearly see the dragon egg.

This was a dragon egg that was around one meter tall. The egg shell was blue, and there were some light lines on it.

’’The dragon egg of the steel armored dragon!’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed. He was already in grasping distance of the egg.

’’But who knows what kind of traps the steel armored dragon could've put around the dragon egg to stop others from stealing it. However, since the dragon egg is alive, my spiritual force probably can't move it’’. With a thought, Luo Feng's six throwing knives flew over and cut open an oval shape in the ground below the dragon egg and lightly dragged the entire egg, like an iron ring dragging the dragon egg.

Just in case, the blunt side of the knives carried the dragon egg.

’’Dragon egg, come’’ Luo Feng already opened his bag and started to open the bag one layer at a time. He opened half of the bag. The entire bag can store an object as large as a person.

The steel armored dragon's dragon egg slowly flew over.....


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