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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 24



While Luo Feng headed towards the nest of the monsters, Jiang-Nan city that was around a thousand miles away was still in a time of peace;this was where humanity's peaceful land was.

Yang-Zhou city, Ming-Yue sector.

A blizzard last night caused the entire sector to be filled with snow. A group of kids happily made some snowmen and fought in snowball fights. A couple old people were also slowly and freely taking a walk inside the sector. The streets outside of the sector were filled with manly sports cars and Coupes with beautiful curves. Sometimes, an extravagant car with flying capabilities could be seen flying by.

Chen Gu and his wife sat on a clean stone bench as they watched their children make snowmen not too far away.

’’The headquarter cities are definitely a better place to be in’’ Chen Gu couldn't help but to sigh.

’’They are good, since the wilderness is filled with monsters. Only fighters can go out there. I say, old Chen, when are you going to retire from your fighter squad?’’ Chen Gu's wife on the side said sadly, ’’You've been giving it your all for all these years. It's about time you take a break and enjoy life’’.

Chen Gu looked at his wife, and then looked at his son at a distance: ’’My wife, I can't keep thinking about retiring! Our fire hammer squad is currently in a period of rapid growth, and I want to fight with my old brothers for a bit more. Maybe after another one and a half years, my strength won't be able to keep up with the squad's. And at that time, the squad is probably going to recruit new members. When that happens, I'll retire!’’.

Chen Gu was clear.....

Besides Luo Feng, the members of the fire hammer squad were quite old. With Luo Feng's astonishing rate of improvement...... after another one and a half years, Chen G, Wei Qin, and Wei Tie probably can't keep up, so it'll be normal for them to retire.

’’I heard from Luo Feng's parents that Luo Feng still hasn't returned. Is he still in the wilderness?’’ asked Chen Gu's wife.

’’Hm, yeah’’ Chen Gu nodded.

’’Isn't he trying too hard’’ Chen Gu's wife couldn't help but to sigh, ’’He should know when to stop. And the headquarter city is so peaceful and comfortable’’.

The headquarter city is comfortable, and it's free from the threat of monsters. Today's technology brings mankind various types of comfort.

As for the wilderness, danger lurks everywhere.

’’What do you understand, if everyone just wanted to enjoy themselves, then how would mankind fight against monsters?’’ Chen Gu couldn't help but to scold, ’’It is because of the efforts of countless scientists and their painstaking work and, more importantly, the power of the wargod fighters, and even the existences beyond the wargods! Because of them, humans can peacefully live in headquarter cities!’’.

A headquarter city and the wilderness are practically two different worlds.

One is a comfortable, peaceful world.

One is a bloody world where danger lurks in all corners. In the wilderness, only the absolute elite, the 'fighters', can venture there.

’’Oh yea, my wife, when Luo Feng's parents ask you again, you just tell them..... Luo Feng will be back soon’’ said Chen Gu.

’’I understand’’ Chen Gu's wife nodded.


Unlike the atmosphere of the headquarter city, a peak showdown was going on with two wargods and three horde leaders in the northern outskirts of #003 city, a city with practically the largest amount of monsters in all of Europe and Asia.

’’I need to increase my speed!’’

’’Otherwise, if the monster horde leaders achieve victory and return to the nest, I'll have no chance at all. If the human wargods achieve victory, then I'll still have no chance if they go to the monsters' nest’’ Luo Feng was speedily moving forward, ’’My only chance is this small timing where they're fighting against each other’’.

Luo Feng, who was supported by his family and friends in the headquarter city, was now using all of his power to race through the city that was densely packed with monsters.

Luo Feng quickly entered the smoke covered area.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng gasped and dashed into the 5th floor of a six story residential building. From the window and through the smoke ahead, tons and tons of all types of monsters were densely packed on the streets. Even some shops, residential buildings, offices, etc. were densely packed with large amounts of monsters.

With the supermarket as it's core, the smoke covered area was filled with monsters!

’’What should I do?’’ Luo Feng frowned, ’’The monsters are too densely packed. I have practically no chance of entering without attracting any attention’’.

Even the two great wargods Wang Tong and Li Kan can't enter this densely packed area without attracting any attention. They can only choose to barge in with force!

’’If wargods can't sneak in, then if I try, I'll die for sure’’.

’’Looks like, there's only one way!’’ Luo Feng shook his head as he laughed. Luo Feng's biggest advantage compared to the wargods is...... flight!


Luo Feng unbuckled the hexagonal shield on his back and, under the control of his spiritual force, the shield hovered in front of Luo Feng.

’’Hmhm, flying into the nest of the monsters. Exciting’’ Luo Feng leaped onto the hexagonal shield, which just hovered around half a meter away from the ground.



The hexagonal shield shot out of the window with astonishing speed. When Luo Feng controls a knife, he can make it surpass the speed of a bullet fired from a sniper rifle! However, the weight of the shield added with Luo Feng's weight is a bit much. But with Luo Feng's powerful spiritual force, he can still make the hexagonal shield travel at near the speed of sound.


’’I can't fly too quickly, or else the sonic boom would be too loud and therefore attract the monsters' attention’’ Luo Feng stood on his shield as he flew around 50 meters above the ground.

Since the smoke was thick, the field of vision of both humans and monsters was small. Because of that, Luo Feng wasn't discovered!

’’The smoke sure has helped me out a lot’’

Just like this.....

Even though the monsters were all over the ground, the shops, the residential apartments, and the offices, the monsters under the steel armored dragon's command were all land monsters and not flying ones, so none of them could fly..... that, and the small field of vision prevented the monsters from discovering Luo Feng.

’’Family mart!’’

Luo Feng, who was in midair, barely found the short building that took up a lot of space. The entire family mart had five stories. According to the original design, the first and second floors were part of the supermarket. As for the third, fourth, and fifth floors, they were used for larger home appliances, etc. Of course, after dozens of years, these goods are unrecognizable after being ruined by monsters.

But the five story building was practically the same as it was when it was built.


Luo Feng took out the binoculars from his bag and carefully observed. Even though there was a lot of smoke, looking through the binoculars was still clearly more effective than using the naked eye. Through the window that has long been shattered, a few monsters on the third, fourth, and fifth floors of the family mart could be seen.

Strangely enough, there weren't any monsters on the first and second floor.

And there were huge amounts of monsters everywhere in the surrounding area near the supermarket.

’’The intellect of the horde leader is extremely high, like a human's!’’ Luo Feng thought to himself, ’’If I was the horde leader, then I would certainly wish that my underlings would be restricted from coming to the place I was living at. So the first and second floor is most likely where the horde leader, 'steel armored dragon', lives!’’.

’’As for the third, fourth, and fifth floor, his elite forces should be the only ones that have the right to live there. I guess they're commander level’’.

Luo Feng carefully observed from above the five story supermarket. He even circled around the supermarket and examined this monster nest from all directions. Without absolute certainty, Luo Feng wouldn't dare to barge into this monster nest.

’’This is ’’

Luo Feng was in midair, holding his binoculars as he observed the ground below him. This pair of binoculars was especially made for fighters. It was expensive, but at the same time, also very effective. Luo Feng could barely see the monsters standing in front of the front door of the supermarket..... These monsters were all huge and had slick fur and detailed scales.

’’Medium level commanders, This one is a medium level commander, high level commander, medium level commander, high level commander..... medium level commander..... high level commander.....’’ Luo Feng continuously differentiated.

After differentiating 52 monsters, Luo Feng stopped looking at the other half of them.

’’Out of these 52 monsters, there are 32 medium level commanders and 20 high level commanders! Not even one low level commander’’.

’’There are probably near a hundred commander level monsters in this horde stationed at the front of the monster nest. I estimate that there's around 60 to 70 medium level commanders and 30 to 40 high level commanders’’ Luo Feng speculated as he gave out some numbers, and couldn't help but to be surprised.

Holy shit!

This monster nest, besides the huge amounts of monsters outside, even has this 'commander squad'! And there are 30 to 40 high level commanders!

If it's a beginner level wargod, he'll probably flee! If he fights, he'll most likely die!

An intermediate level wargod, might have a chance.

An advanced level wargod, probably can rush through the defense of this commander squad.

’’What should I do? There are monsters on the third, fourth, and fifth floors! And there are countless amounts of monsters surrounding the supermarket and there's even a commander squad in front of the front door..... How can I get in? How can I, under the condition of not attracting their attention, steal that steel armored dragon's dragon egg away?’’ Luo Feng speedily thought to himself while he stood on his hexagonal shield in midair in the smoke filled air.


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