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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 23



Dragon, whether for westerners or easterners, is a very respected and special name.

Before the Grand Nirvana period, no type of wild beast had the right to be called a dragon!

And after the Grand Nirvana period, after all the beasts' genes mutated, all sorts of unique, horrifying monsters were born. The pig-type monsters have many categories, the dog-type monsters have many categories, cat-type monsters, rat-type monsters, gecko-type monsters, wolf-type, tiger-type, snake-type, eagle-type, bear-type.....

Each type has quite the number of species!

Other than these, there are some extremely special and rare monsters. No one knows how they came to be or what they evolved from. They were probably monsters that were born under extremely special conditions! These monsters will have some unique names, according to their strength...... humanity will bestow upon them different names.

Steel armored dragon! This is one of the special dragon species!

Because it's speed, power, defense, knowledge, body structure, etc. are almost perfect, the humans have called it the 'steel armored dragon', giving it the title of 'dragon'. To be able to receive such a name, one can imagine how powerful and horrifying the steel armored dragon is!

’’HOWL~~’’ The steel armored dragon's tail, which was practically longer than it's body, was swiftly waving around, causing a dark green, hazy image to appear.

The steel armored dragon's body was crazily headed towards 'Shadow Blade' Wang Tong.

’’PU!’’ Because of the steel armored dragon's attack, the asphalt sidewalk directly split open.


Wang Tong and the steel armored dragon, one human and one monsters, first rammed into one of the residential apartments. The concrete wall of that residential apartment, like tofu, split open. With a brutal sweep from the steel armored dragon's tail, all the walls and pillars of the building came tumbling down.

RUMBLE~~ The entire residential building fell, causing dust to fill the sky.

Hu~ Hu~

Wang Tong's body was like a wave of soft wind, each of his lightning-fast movements had the taste of wind in them. The rhythm was clearly free. Even though the steel armored dragon's attack was astonishingly quick and strong enough to cause a shocking shockwave, none of them were able to injure Wang Tong at all. And some of the scales of this steel armored dragon split into two.

’’Who would've known that even after laying eggs, this steel armored dragon is still this powerful’’ Wang Tong was extremely anxious, ’’Since I'm a human, my body can't take as much of an impact as this steel armored dragon can’’.

’’The saying goes that if you always defend, you're sure to lose. I can dodge to the side for a time, but I can't continue this forever’’.

’’However, with it's defensive capabilities, unless I hit it's weak spot, just one or two broken scales wouldn't affect it at all’’ Wang Tong frowned, ’’No chances, looks like I have to risk it and make my own chances’’.


’’Too messed up’’

Luo Feng, who was spectating on the balcony of a tall building from far away, couldn't contain his excitement as he watched the two wargods, Wang Tong and Li Kan, battle against the three commander level monsters. All the concrete sidewalks, asphalt roads, commercial buildings, and even buildings that were over 10 stories tall that got in their way could only split open or fall. None of them could block their battle. And a falling building that's over 10 stories tall couldn't even hurt a hair on their bodies!

’’It is said that the bodies of horde leader level monsters are even tougher than diamond and that even guided missiles can't harm them! Looks like they weren't lying!’’

When the buildings that were over 10 stories high fell, even if some of them smashed against the steel armored dragon, a shake of the steel armored dragon's tail was enough to directly smash apart the falling concrete, exposing the reinforced steel within. After throwing them up, the scales of the steel armored dragon weren't even scathed at all.

Easy and relaxed, the speed of the horde leader monster and the human wargod's movements all surpassed the speed of sound!

’’Well, this is a high level horde leader monster and not a normal one, but a 'steel armored dragon'. This is way more powerful than the black-crowned golden eagle that I saw on T.V a while ago’’ as Luo Feng watched, his blood boiled, ’’Sadly, the exchange of blows between the them are just too fast, I can't even see them clearly’’. Luo Feng could only see the terrifying destructive power caused by the fight between both sides.



Along with the monstrous, enraged roars came over ten million monsters under the lead of around 30 commander level monsters that covered the entire ground as they came charging. For a time, the entire ground was shaking. The two flame scaled triple halberd boars that were currently cooperating as they fought against the huge brute, Li Kan, immediately let out some excited, sky-shaking roars.


’’That huge brute named Li sure is strong’’ Luo Feng was spectating from the balcony and looked at the scene below that seemed like the world was ending, ’’That mace is powerful and his dodging is extremely quick, it's absolutely the 'Ru Wei class' dodging technique, and he's very experienced with it. He's able to use the every single part of the surroundings. He's even able to use the monsters charging at him. This control over the battlefield is way above me’’.

Luo Feng critiqued and at the same time, absorbed experience.

Even though he's also Ru Wei class, he still isn't able to perfectly use every part of the surrounding area to assist him in a battle to the death.

’’And that guy named Wang is even stronger’’

Luo Feng's amazement showed through his eyes, ’’His technique, not only does it far surpass the 'Ru Wei class', but it also surpasses the huge brute named Li's ability to 'control the surrounding'... it has reached a natural level with it's own will. His body is just like the wind. For technique, he's definitely a master!’’.

Even though Luo Feng's technique is superb, there's still an obvious difference when compared to these two wargods.

Actually...... Luo Feng didn't know exactly who these two were.

Shadow blade 'Wang Tong', an advanced wargod that is famous around the world! His best partner, 'Bear Strength' Li Kan, is an intermediate wargod whose speciality lies within his strength. His strength could be compared to an advanced level wargod's.

These two people have gone through huge amounts of battles to the death and are the absolute elite of this world, so they have huge amounts of experience.

Which is why their technique was so superb.

’’The man named Wang is injured’’

’’No wait, it was a trick. The steel armored dragon's head is injured now’’ Luo Feng's eyes were wide open as he observed through the binoculars in hand.

’’****, the entire monster horde is enraged, even those two flame scaled triple halberd boars are enraged too’’

’’Wait, even though that steel armored dragon is heavily injured, it's even more enraged than before. That man named Wang is trying his best to dodge out of the way’’.

Luo Feng was extremely excited, ’’Oh yea, that man named Wang is trying to avoid this steel armored dragon's spirit! This wargod sure is cruel, and his blade sure is fast!’’. Luo Feng realized that the man named Wang desperately tried to control the rhythm of the battle, but even though the steel armored dragon has been weakened from laying an egg, it's body structure was still way above this Wang Tong.

’’Rhythm, yes, control the rhythm of the battle’’

’’If this goes on, then maybe the man named Wang can actually kill that steel armored dragon. Hmhm, at that time, maybe they'll even get the steel armored dragon's dragon egg. An egg that can give birth to the unique species 'Steel armored dragon', that sure is worth a lot’’.

Suddenly, Luo Feng's eyes flashed.....

Dragon egg!

’’Steel armored dragon, the two flame scaled triple halberd boars, these three horde leaders have all come out. The two wargods are here too! Which also means..... since there's no horde leader monster at the monster nest, I would have a chance to enter the nest and steal the dragon egg?’’ Luo Feng could only hear his heart go 'THUMP' 'THUMP', as if it was about to burst out his chest.

His heartbeat was like the beat of a drum!

Excitement, nervousness!

Luo Feng wasn't planning to steal the dragon egg before. He thought that once the two wargods head over there, they'll be fighting against the three horde leader level monsters at the old nest. If that happens..... then if he goes, he'll just be flying towards his death. However, the situation now is different.

’’For brother to truly stand up from his wheelchair and walk under the sunlight like a normal person, he would need an 'elixir of life'. This 'elixir of life' is worth at least 30 billion! Unless I become a wargod, then, at this rate, it'll take a super long time for me to earn that much money. Stealing this dragon egg away is the perfect chance!’’.

Once this thought appeared in Luo Feng's mind, he couldn't contain himself anymore.

The price of a dragon egg is beyond high. Since the corpse of a dragon isn't too hard to get, but a dragon egg is...... Since receiving the news of a dragon laying an egg is extremely difficult, and the monsters that have received the title of 'dragon' are extremely proud. Once they think they might die, they would rather destroy the egg than allow it to fall into human hands.

Because of this, the amount of dragon eggs that humans have got around the world is extremely low. Naturally, the price would also be high.

’’Even though that family mart is a monster nest and there are huge amounts of monsters stationed there... no horde leader monsters are there right now! If I fail, then I'll just escape!’’ Luo Feng clenched his teeth, ’’I'll go for it. If I succeed, then I'll earn a ton!’’.

Instead of continuing to spectate, Luo Feng immediately jumped off of the balcony on the 16th floor and headed towards the ground like an arrow.


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