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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 22



On the first floor of the trashed residential apartment, large corpses were laid out one by one with the scent of blood emanating away from them..... because of the killing from before, the monsters didn't dare to come close, causing this area to be silent for a short time. And Luo Feng suddenly bursted out from the second floor of that residential apartment and the two throwing knives in the ground immediately flew back into Luo Feng's thigh pockets.

’’Two wargods will, not long from now, fight against that high level horde leader steel armored dragon. I should hurry and get to a good spectating spot!’’ Luo Feng glanced at the largest corpses, which were the two commander lion mastiffs, and shook his head as he sighed, ’’The wargods sure dissected these two corpses cleanly. The two most important materials were taken away’’.

Originally, Luo Feng wanted to get some benefits for himself.

Luo Feng became a blurry shadow and swiftly headed south.

’’The steel armored dragon's nest is 10 miles away from here, which is that family mart..... then I'll pick a residential apartment three miles away from there’’ Luo Feng made his decision while he sprinted. In this monster infested city made out of concrete and steel, even a spirit reader can't let his guard down.

Sometimes he would sprint, and sometimes he would slow down to check around.

Overall, he was still pretty fast. 10 minutes later, Luo Feng entered the 16th floor of a 18 story residential apartment building!


Two eerie black lights rotated as they landed into his thigh pockets. Luo Feng smiled as he lightly opened the door to a room on the 16th floor. The room was sealed shut, but the formless spiritual force easily opened the lock, causing the huge door to open.

’’The door to this room was locked and wasn't destroyed. Looks like no fighter or monster came in here before in the past 30 to 40 years from the Grand Nirvana period until the present’’ Luo Feng entered and closed the door behind him. Indeed, all the objects in the room were orderly placed.

A glass cabinet, a sofa, a marble table, and a 24 inch T.V.

All of these things are the style from before the Grand Nirvana period.


Luo Feng took off the wool blanket that was on the sofa, since the skin of the sofa itself was cleaner. He took that blanket and immediately ran to the balcony and wiped the glass on the balcony, and then opened the glass window.

’’What nice scenery’’

’’I'll stand here and try to take a good look at the monster nest ahead’’ Luo Feng threw the blanket aside and leaned on the railing as he looked at the area three miles away from his position. He only saw smoke, which completely covered the family mart that acted as the nest for the monsters. The naked eye couldn't see past the smoke at all.

However, with the daylight sun shining down, the naked eye could see much more clearly than usual.

With his binoculars in hand, Luo Feng closely looked towards the area with smoke. At the smoke's border, large pig-type monsters could be seen. Some of them were laying on the ground, some of them were walking around, and some of them even seemed to be competing against each other as they rammed into each other over and over again.

’’There's no commotion at all. Where are those two wargods?’’ Luo Feng tried his best to observe the area, but he couldn't find the traces of those two wargods at all.


While Luo Feng was searching for the two wargods, in the room on the 12th floor of a residential apartment that was at a distance of around 500 meters away from Luo Feng, Wang Tong and the huge brute Li Kan sat cross legged as they drank some water, replenishing the water in their bodies.

’’Kan’’ the young, handsome looking Wang Tong lightly sipped a bit of water, ’’When we directly barge into the nucleus of that monster nest and directly go against that steel armored dragon..... of course, it's two underlings, the two 'low level horde leader flame scale triple halberd boars' will definitely come to its aid. At that time, I'll leave those two flame scale triple halberd boars to you, Kan’’.

’’Okay’’ answered the huge brute Li Kan in a low voice. He lightly waved his mace, as if it was as easy as waving a match.

’’Flame scale triple halberd boar, rank 1 out of the pig-type monsters! Not good to mess with at all. Your mission is just to stall them, no need to kill them’’ seriously reminded the young, handsome Wang Tong.

A steel armored dragon and two flame scale triple halberd boars!

With this kind of combination, they absolutely have the authority to rule over the entire #003 city sector. If it wasn't for the fact that the powerful steel armored dragon just laid eggs causing it to dramatically decrease in power, Wang Tong wouldn't dare to charge in.

’’Brother Li, I'm ready’’ the huge brute Li Kan stood up.


Wang Tong also stood up and coldly watched the smoke covered area far away, ’’Go, let's depart!’’

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two human shadows directly jumped off of the 12th floor, and as if they were human-sized grasshoppers, directly crossed a distance of 100 meters, landing on another building. Using that building as a boost, the two of them immediately flew into the forest of steel and concrete..... and the speed of both of them has long surpassed the speed of sound!


When Luo Feng heard that sonic boom, he turned his head around..... and only saw two blurry images enter the smoke covered area.

’’They already went in? So fast!’’ Luo Feng didn't dare to be careless and closely stared at the smoke covered area.



Enraged howls immediately rang from the smoke covered area, as if the entire world was coming to an end. And the huge amounts of monsters outside of the smoke covered area also immediately sprinted into the area, causing the earth to shake for a moment!

’’They started fighting?’’ Luo Feng could only stare at the smoke and guess, since he couldn't see what was going on inside at all.


The family mart that was full of dust and had quite a bit of blood stains had no signs of human life, for this has already become the playground for monsters.


A huge being that was covered in deep green scales was currently in deep sleep as it lay in the family mart. Two bloody smelling smoke currents blew out of its nose, emanating around the area. The first and second floor of the entire supermarket had long been destroyed, causing the entire supermarket to be quite spacious. Just the first floor alone was around seven to eight meters tall.

Suddenly, the enraged howls of monsters carried from outside.

’’HOWL~’’ This huge being slowly crawled up, it's flaming red eyes could scare any human away.

This is a being that is five meters tall and around 10 meters long. And it's tail is also an astonishing 10 meters long! It's body seemed to be narrow and long, and there was one curved black horn on it's forehead. When it stood up, a green egg that was around one meter tall appeared under it.

With just a movement from this green scaled beast, it disappeared from the supermarket.


This family mart supermarket is the nucleus of the monster horde! There was a sea of monsters surrounding it.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two human shadows were as fast as lightning, speedily jumping on the bodies of the monsters as they charged towards that family mart supermarket.

’’Hurry! Don't fight or you might get held back by this monster horde’’ shouted Wang Tong.

’’Understood’’ Li Kan was trying hard to hold back his tyrannical temper.

In front of the door to the family mart was a huge 'Bloodthirsty Tank' monster, and there were also horned boars there too. The scales of each of these monsters were much shinier, and also seemed to be much more intricate, than a regular monsters'. There seemed to be some intelligence in the eyes of these huge monsters.


All these huge monsters, surpassing the count of a hundred, were all commander level monsters! This is the nucleus of the entire horrifying monster horde!

In front of the horde made out of over a hundred commander level monsters were two huge monsters that seemed to be on fire, causing one's heart to skip a beat. The bodies of these two monsters were full of flaming red scales, not a single other color! Their large heads especially stood out, having three huge curved horns pointing forwards!

Flame scale triple halberd boars! The race ranked one out of the pig-type monsters! Even the weakest flame scaled triple halberd boars were medium level commanders. And these two were low level horde leaders!

’’HOWL~~’’ a roar that shook the skies then followed.

A blurry image appeared in front of the two flame scaled triple halberd boars. After the image cleared up, it turned into a body that was just a bit shorter than the flame scale triple halberd boars, a body that was full of deep green scales. Two smoke currents angrily shot out of its nostrils, and its eyes were staring at the two humans coming to kill it.

’’Scum, die!’’ Wang Tong roared as huge amounts of monsters charged at him, but Wang Tong brought a rain of blood along with him as large amounts of monster corpses came flying from the sky.

The steel armored dragon felt like the two humans in front of him were powerful, and it turned back and looked inside the interior of the supermarket, it's dragon egg was still there......

If they battle here!

The battle between an advanced level wargod and a high level horde leader, if the dragon egg gets affected, it'll easily break!

’’HOWL~~’’ The steel armored dragon let out a deep roar and suddenly flew outside. When it sprinted, it even caused a sonic boom.

’’I knew this would happen!’’

Wang Tong and Li Kan were extremely happy as they saw this. They have guessed long ago..... that because of the dragon egg that the steel armored dragon laid, it would probably give up on fighting in the old nest. This way, without being restricted by huge amounts of monsters, the chances of Wang Tong and Li Kan's victory will increase by quite a bit.

’’BOOM!’’ ’’BOOM!’’

Wang Tong and Li Kan also instantly reached the speed of sound as they chased after it.

’’BOOM!’’ ’’BOOM!’’ The two low level horde leader flame scaled triple halberd boars too reached the speed of sound as they chased after.

As for the commander level monsters, only around 30 of them chased after. The other elite commander level monsters were guarding the area, protecting their leaders' nest. Out of these 100 commander level monsters, there were around 30 high level commander level monsters. With such a team......

Even a wargod can't instantly charge inside.


On the high building, Luo Feng was standing on the balcony as he watched with his binoculars. He saw an image, two images, and then two more images all connected as they charged out of the smoke covered area.

’’Haha, they actually came out to battle’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed, ’’Hmhm, they're all horde leader and wargod level!’’


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