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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 21



Tiger captain Pan Ya couldn't help but to charge towards those battle uniforms and corpses. As he looked at the bloody remains, the tiger captain bitterly clenched his fists.

’’Pan Ya, they're already dead. What's the point in being sad?’’ lowly shouted the veteran named Liu.

’’Oh, what's going on?’’

The man named Wang smiled as he looked over and the mixed youth immediately laughed as he explained: ’’Uncle Wang, it's like this. My dad let me come out here to get some combat experience. Not only is old Liu and Ka Long protecting me, but a warlord level fighter squad was also hired to protect me, in case we need more people. However, five out of the six members of their squad died, so he's the only one left’’.

’’Six of them, and five of them died?’’

A deep voice carried out from the throat of the huge brute, ’’Isn't this squad just too weak!’’

’’Mr. Li’’ said the veteran named Liu respectfully, ’’It's actually not because the tiger fang squad is too weak. Truthfully, in the past few days when we left to give our young master some combat experience, the two squad members guarding our point encountered an attack by monsters and died right there! And this time, when we were resting on the sixth floor, we were also mysteriously attacked by a gigantic monster horde.... those three were weaker, so they died in the monster horde’’.

The man named Wang slightly frowned.

The huge brute also said in a confused tone: ’’What's going on?’’.

It's very rare for a monster horde to attack a location where the fighters are hiding. And since this happened twice in a row, there's clearly something wrong!

’’Someone's causing this behind your backs’’

said the man named Wang silently, ’’It's probably someone who has a grudge against the tiger fang squad!’’.

Luo Feng was hiding in a bathroom on the second floor of a residential apartment building. His breathing was already as weak as it could get, but Luo Feng, who didn't dare to make a sound, couldn't help but to be surprised after clearly hearing what that man named Wang said: ’’This guy sure hit the mark!’’.

’’Someone with a grudge against the tiger fang squad?’’ Pan Ya walked over here.

’’Uncle Wang?’’ The mixed youth also had a confused look on his face as he looked towards the man named Wang.

’’Even though your dad has enemies, all of them are wargods! A wargod wouldn't bother to come and kill a child like you. If that happens, then your dad will surely go mad and eradicate that person's entire family’’ the man named Wang smiled as he said, ’’And also, if a wargod wanted to kill you, you would be dead within your first day of leaving the headquarter city’’.

The mixed youth nodded.

’’Your dad did the right thing. Li Wei, the training you're undergoing is the best of the best. However, your current fighting strength is quite average’’. The man named Wang asked, ’’How's your fitness level now?’’.

’’My fitness level counts as an intermediate warlord. However..... I can only fight against most 'low level commander level monsters'’’ answered the mixed youth.

’’Average! Very average! Or you could say..... below average!’’.

The man named Wang said in a dissatisfied tone, ’’Man's intelligence is higher than monsters'! A horde leader's intelligence is only roughly equal to a human's! So..... a true fighter should be able to fight against a monster that's the same level as him. A few messed up fighters can even fight against monsters above their level! Your fitness level is that of a intermediate warlord's, and yet you can only fight against a beginner level commander? You still lack lots of training!’’

The mixed youth earnestly nodded his head.

’’Your fitness level is good, which is why your mom and dad bothered to spend tons of money on you!’’ said the man named Wang seriously, ’’With your talent, and your parents' support, there's a chance for you to step into the 'wargod level' within 10 years! So right now, you should seriously absorb some real battle experience! Only when you become a wargod and enter the 'Palace of Wargods' will people start to respect you and not treat you like a weak, spoiled child of a powerful man’’.

’’Understood, uncle Wang’’ the mixed youth clenched his teeth as he nodded.

His father is a first generation fighter, and his mother is one of the powerful wargod fighters in one of the super families in the European Union. With his parent's genes, Li Wei is very talented. Even without entering the wilderness, after around twenty years, his fitness level has reached the intermediate warlord level!

If his dad and mom spend large amounts of money, then it won't be hard for Li Wei to step into the 'wargod' level.

’’Dare to ask you senior, what is the Palace of Wargods?’’ the tiger captain 'Pan Ya' who didn't make a sound until now couldn't help but to ask.

Even the hiding Luo Feng couldn't help but to pay attention, yeah, what exactly is the Palace of Wargods?

’’Usually, people will only get contacted when they reach the ’’advanced warlord level’’’’ the man named Wang glanced at him, ’’Your skill is pretty good, so it's alright if I tell you in advance! The Palace of Wargods is a group formed by not only all the wargod level fighters, but also all the existences that surpass the wargod level in every headquarter city in all the five major countries on earth!’’.

’’You can say that all the wargods on the entire earth are part of the Palace of Wargods!’’.

’’And the strongest fighter 'Hong' and 'Thunder God' are the creators of the Palace of Wargods! It's a power made for us fighters’’ smiled the man named Wang.

The tiger captain Pan Ya was flabbergasted.

Even Luo Feng, who was hiding far away, was surprised. Holy shit, all the human wargods on earth forming one power together? And 'Hong' and 'Thunder God' partnered up to create that group? Once this power is established, not even those powerful countries can do anything about it!

’’The Palace of Wargods is the palace for fighters’’

’’The Palace of Wargods is the final fort for humanities battle against monsters!’’

’’The Palace of Wargods exist for two reasons. One, to chase our limits as humans. Two, to eradicate the monsters on earth!’’.

Said the man named Wang as his eyes slightly flashed.

The blood of all the people at the scene were boiling, including the old veteran named Liu. He was excited, because he is at the advanced warlord level. Even though he's just one step away, due to his age, it will probably be hard for him to get any stronger. Even Luo Feng, who was hiding far away, was excited.

’’Alright, Li Wei, you guys should hurry up and leave’’.

The man named Wang smiled, ’’Me and your uncle Li have to get ready to go and fight that 'high level horde leader level' steel armored dragon. This operation is very dangerous, so you should get far away from here. It'll be better if you guys at least get to the highway outside the sector’’.

’’Steel armored dragon?’’ the mixed youth's eyes were wide open.

Pan Ya, the old veteran named Liu, and the white brute all took in a deep breath.

’’Holy shit’’ Luo Feng, who was hiding far away, was also surprised, ’’These two wargods sure are brave. A high level horde leader level steel armored dragon!’’. A horde leader's intelligence is roughly equal to a human's. And naturally, the fitness level of this horde leader monster is higher than a human of the same level!

So, against a high level horde leader monster, usually even an advanced level wargod has to run.

Two wargods teaming against a high level horde leader?

Are they out of their minds?

’’Haha, that steel armored dragon just laid eggs recently, so it lost lots of its strength’’ smiled the man named Wang, ’’This is the best chance!’’.

’’Laid eggs?’’ the mixed youth and the others were surprised.

’’Alright, hurry and leave. That steel armored dragon is only 10 miles away from here. Once we take action, the large monster horde under it's control will start moving..... and the surrounding area will get affected. So it's safer for you guys to leave Shanghai city and run to the highway’’ explained the man named Wang.

All the horde leaders are intelligent, and will have a huge monster horde under it's control.

’’Okay, understood’’ nodded the mixed youth, ’’Then your nephew wishes uncle Li and uncle Wang good luck’’.

’’Let's go’’

After the mixed youth's command, Pan Ya and the others immediately swiftly left. They wouldn't dare not listen to a wargod's warning, so they all immediately ran outside the city.

On the way.

The mixed youth and the other three were completely astonished.

’’Mr. Wang and Mr. Li sure are strong. Hunting a high level horde leader! Even if it's weaker after laying eggs, it's still a high level horde leader’’ the old veteran named Liu couldn't help but to say.

’’Are these two people the legendary shadow blade brothers 'Shadow Blade' Wang Tong and 'Bear Strength' Li Kan?’’ Pan Ya couldn't help but to ask.


The mixed youth proudly smiled, ’’When my dad and mom were young, they were in the same squad as uncle Wang and uncle Li. That's a friendship to the death!’’

The tiger captain Pan Ya couldn't help but to be amazed.

This is the background! His parents are wargods, so naturally, his parents have quite a few wargod friends too!

’’One day, I'm also going to become a wargod and join the Palace of Wargods! Once I join the Palace of Wargods, I'll easily be able to make connections with other wargods..... at that time, I'll also have my own gigantic network of wargods!’’ Pan Ya couldn't help but to look forward to, ’’Yup, since I'm the only person left in the tiger fang squad, I'll go search for a more powerful fighter squad to join!’’.

And Luo Feng hid there without moving a hair.

Voices carried from outside.

’’Are you done dissecting? Let's go and prepare first. Our opponent this time is a steel armored dragon! If it was a high level 'SIlver Moon Wolf' or 'Black Cloud Tiger', then that'll be easy to deal with! But a steel armored dragon's speed, defense, power, and toughness are all too extreme. Now that it laid eggs, this is our best chance to strike’’ after listening to this sound, it's clear that this is the voice of the man named Wang.

And the huge brute's deep voice rang: ’’Got it, brother Wang’’.

’’Alright, depart!’’

A slight sound of wind could be heard for a moment, and then nothing more.

Luo Feng looked through the window and saw the area outside. The two of them were already no where to be seen.

’’That Pan Ya got lucky this time. Looks like I won't be able to kill him this time’’ Luo Feng was clear that, once the mixed youth and the others leave the #003 city sector, this time's hunt is over, ’’Yup, can't risk it! Well, it'll just have to wait until the next time I encounter him in the wilderness’’.

A flash of curiosity then appeared in Luo Feng's eyes: ’’Two wargods hunting a high level horde leader steel armored dragon after it's been weakened after laying eggs? And it's 10 miles away?’’

’’I must watch this battle’’

Luo Feng's heart itched. If he doesn't watch such an amazing battle, then he'll surely regret it!


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