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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 2



Since he decided to enter the wilderness, Luo Feng naturally doesn't hesitate anymore. Afternoon in Yang-Zhou city's Ming-Yue sector, Luo Feng told his dad, mom, and brother about his plans. Ever since Luo Feng decided to become a free fighter, his father and the others have mentally prepared themselves for the fact that Luo Feng will be leaving the city often.


Night, the starry light shone through the square shaped glass in the training hall.

A video was playing on the white wall of the training hall. In the video, someone was fighting against a huge bear monster that was around 8 or 9 meters tall. As the man fought with the monster one on one, the sturdy trees fell, the mountain rocks split apart, and the ground cracked. It was a horrifying scene of destruction.

The man was as fast as lightning and a sound of thunder was hidden in his blade.

The video's explanation echoed through the training hall. This is one of the videos in the discs that came with the《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 instruction manual.

’’An A rank monster, 'Boulder Bear Statue'. Even with its gigantic body, its speed still reaches the speed of sound!’’ Luo Feng listened to the explanation with his heart in shock. This is a clip of a professional who has trained in the ways of the《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》and was fighting against the A rank monster 'Boulder Bear Statue'. The boulder bear statue ranks number two out of the bear type monsters.

According to the level classifications

H level, G level, and F level are soldier levels.

E level, D level, and C level are commander level monsters, low level, medium level, and high level respectively.

B level, A level, and S level, are horde leader level!

This boulder bear statue is a medium level horde leader, whose power is unrivaled. Even a cannon can't blast open its rock-like skin that's tougher than diamond! With such a huge body, its speed still manages to reach the speed of sound. Of course it'll be classified as horde leader......

It's not much for its speed to reach the speed of sound. However, the power that boulder bear statue holds is much more horrifying.


After a bit, with a sound like rumbling thunder, the gigantic head of the boulder bear statue directly flew in the air.

’’Are you done recording? When we get back, sell it. And don't forget the copyright fees’’ teased the powerful fighter who just killed the 'Boulder Bear Statue'. The sound carried throughout the training hall. As for his face, it was clearly edited and very blurry, so nobody could tell who he was.


As the video ended, the screen on the wall returned to the menu, where there were large amounts of channels available.

’’I wonder when I can get to the point where I can kill even a boulder bear statue in one slash!’’ thought Luo Feng to himself. The super strong fighter's battle with the boulder bear statue was turned into a video, which showed that he was very confident he could easily kill the 'Boulder Bear Statue'. He's probably an advanced level wargod.

The discs that came with the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》are prohibited on quite a few channels.

Quite a few channels on powerful fighters are about training in the way of the《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》. However, out of all the channels, only one of them has 'Thunder God' himself in it. The video about Thunder God showed him training by himself in a training hall. With just a simple training scene like that, Luo Feng couldn't tell what was so special about it.

’’Clearly, there are quite a few powerful fighters training in the way of the《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 all around the world’’ Luo Feng looked up towards the sky out of the square shaped glass, and saw the limitless starry sky.

Starting from tomorrow, he's going to start his bitter training.

With a heartbeat, he turned off the projector in the training hall and went to the first floor.

The door to his brother's room on the first floor wasn't completely shut. With a glance, Luo Feng saw his brother, on his wheelchair, in front of his computer desk. However, he wasn't looking at his computer, but had his head lowered and was playing with his cell phone.

’’Luo Hua’’ Luo Feng lightly knocked.

Luo Hua raised his head and turned towards Luo Feng at the door, and couldn't help but to say: ’’Brother, you don't even knock anymore?’’.

’’You're the one that didn't close the door completely’’ laughed Luo Feng as he entered and closed the door behind him, ’’What're you doing? Texting with your girlfriend?’’.


Luo Hua let out a smile, laughed, and nodded.

After Luo Feng saw his brother's goofy look, he could clearly tell that Luo Hua truly liked the girl named Xiao Nan. What this Xiao Nan looks like...... Luo Feng wasn't too sure either. However, when dad and mom push his brother's wheelchair to the park, they see the one named Xiao Nan. And it seems like she left a pretty good impression.

His parents have way more experience in life and are better at judging a person. If they think she's good, then that Xiao Nan is probably actually good.

’’Has Xiao Nan brought you to meet her parents?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’It's way too early for that’’ laughed Luo Hua as he shook his head, ’’Xiao Nan is only a freshman in college this year, so she still has three or four years left before graduating. Xiao Nan isn't in a rush to tell her parents. And..... I'm handicapped. Xiao Nan probably has to think of some way to tell her parents;it'll be troublesome to just tell them directly. Most parents don't want their daughters marrying handicapped people’’.

As he looked at his brother's bitter face, Luo Feng's heart hurt a bit.

His handicapped status...... is the scar on his brother's heart. No matter how tough he acts, he can't act with complete confidence in front of Xiao Nan. In other words, he has low self-esteem!

’’Hm, well, keep at it. I'm sure her parents will be understanding’’ comforted Luo Feng, ’’There's no rush anyway’’.


That night, Luo Feng chatted with his brother for quite a bit. After a good nights rest, he was fully equipped with his backpack, shield, and blade by dawn and was ready to head into the wilderness. And this time, alone!


Jiang-Nan city, northern military sector.

After the train stopped at the military's station, Luo Feng and some other fighters got out of the train carriage.

’’The wilderness’’ Luo Feng took in a deep breath as he took the trail to the resupplying base alone. Very quickly, he arrived at the resupplying base.

’’Luo Feng, just you?’’

The guardsman at the resupplying base's gate looked at the message displayed by the scanner and then looked towards Luo Feng with a shocked expression, ’’You were with the fire hammer squad before. How come you're alone now? Coming to the wilderness alone is very dangerous’’.

’’Haha, am I looking for death? I've been to the wilderness before, so I know the dangers. Hurry and give me the key’’ laughed Luo Feng.

’’You have a point, you've been here before so you know the dangers’’.

The guardsman laughed as he handed over a key, ’’H322. Since you're alone, I gave you a small sized villa’’. The fire hammer squad went to a larger villa, since they were a squad. One person naturally doesn't need that much space.

’’Oh yeah, the name's Wang. It's fine if you call me brother Wang. Luo Feng, if you ever get any materials from monsters, you're welcome to sell them to me. I'll be sure to give you a satisfying price’’.


Luo Feng received the key and headed towards his villa.

Beside the window on the second floor of one of the villas in the resupplying base, a few men were looking down as they watched Luo Feng walk past.

’’It's Luo Feng!’’

’’It's Luo Feng from the fire hammer squad. Captain, should we take this chance to take him out?’’. The one who said that was indeed Zhang Ze Hu of the tiger fang squad.

The tiger fang captain walked beside the window and looked down silently. Luo Feng quickly left his field of vision. The tiger fang captain coldly said: ’’How come he's alone? Did you guys see the other members of the fire hammer squad?’’.

’’We didn't see them’’ the other members of the squad shook their heads.

’’Luo Feng's alone’’ said Zhang Ze Hu confidently, ’’I saw him enter the resupplying base's gates alone;I didn't see anyone else with him’’.

With that, Zhang Ze Hu's eyes lit up: ’’Captain, we were the ones who made the first move against the fire hammer squad. Most importantly, the fire hammer squad knows that we were the ones who did it, so we're enemies now. You said so yourself, that we need to completely destroy this enemy to stop them from threatening us anymore’’.

’’Yea’’ the others nodded in agreement.

The most dangerous thing about making a move on others in the wilderness isn't the act itself, but the chance of them surviving and finding out who did it!

’’Don't rush’’

The tiger fang captain spoke coldly, ’’Yes, we have to destroy them completely. When we get the chance, we have to obliterate the fire hammer squad. However..... Luo Feng is alone. He's just a normal warrior level fighter! Once he enters the wilderness, he's sure to stay in a safe area’’.

’’It won't benefit us much to kill him. In fact, it'll just stir them up’’

The other squad members nodded in agreement. What the captain said made sense.

’’The person who poses the largest threat against us is actually twin hammer Gao Feng!’’ said the tiger fang captain seriously, ’’Gao Feng himself is quite strong;he's about my level. And he's been in this field for ten or so years already, so he has many connections and knows quite a bit of strong people...... If he really goes all out on us, we will suffer too!’’.

’’So, don't act unless completely necessary. If we act, we have to kill Gao Feng first! After that, we can take out the little shrimps’’ said the tiger fang captain indifferently.

Clearly, the tiger fang captain didn't take the other members of the fire hammer squad seriously at all.

’’The captain's right’’ nodded Zhang Ze Hu. After that, he laughed coldly as he glanced out, ’’We'll graciously let this shrimp Luo Feng live for just a bit longer’’.


In the H322 villa of the resupplying base, there were three bedrooms, two lobbies, and one large bathroom. Luo Feng took off his equipment, took a bath, and then put on a relaxing robe.

’’Hello, I'd like a portion of the #12 meal with three dishes and soup. Also, change the drink to tea’’ Luo Feng hung up and laid on the sofa.

’’After lunch, I'll head out towards the #0231 country level city’’ Luo Feng's heart suddenly skipped a beat, ’’I'm going to train bitterly for around two months, going back and forth between the city and the resupplying base. I might bump into the tiger fang squad sometime. Hmph, if I see them, I'll follow them secretly!’’.

Right when he thought about their act towards his squad, Luo Feng's heart was filled with unlimited killing intent! This kind of killing intent has no hesitation at all.

’’When we get to the wilderness, I'll directly obliterate them’’ Luo Feng's gaze scanned the area outside of the window, ’’Tiger fang squad...... I hope that I'll be able to bump into you guys during these two months!’’.

As for the tiger fang squad, Luo Feng didn't take them seriously at all.

With his current strength, it'll be enough to destroy the entire tiger fang squad!


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