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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 19



The middle-aged woman hurriedly said: ’’Don't be angry. No matter how angry you get, it's no use. You only have this one daughter, so what can you do? Most importantly, we should think of a way to separate our daughter with that handicapped person, and try our best not to hurt our daughter's feelings’’.


The middle-aged man was then silent with a frown on his face as he smoked.

The smoke from the cigarette emanated around the room, and the room remained silent for a while. The only sound was the ’’Tick, Tock’’ from the mechanical clock.


The second morning, #003 city was filled with a deathly, cold air as usual. And the usual heart-chilling monster roar carried from the city from time to time. If we say Jiang-Nan city is a technologically advanced city teeming with life, then this city that used to be the greatest city of China a few decades ago is now a playground for the monsters. Here, you could see the stains of blood and corpses anywhere and everywhere.

This is the monster den!

In that 18 story apartment that was filled with dust, Luo Feng, in his battle uniform, held his binoculars as he looked down in one hand and ate a skewer of meat on another hand, taking a bite and chewing twice before he swallowed.

Chew, swallow.

In the aged room, it was clearly quiet: there was only the sound of Luo Feng's chewing.

’’Gulp gulp~~’’ Luo Feng took out his water sack and drank a bit. After a moment, he took another drink.

Luo Feng didn't bring too much food and water to the wilderness, so he has to conserve a bit every day.

’’All seven of them together again!’’ Luo Feng looked through his binoculars and clearly saw that the seven of them left the six story apartment building together under the morning mist. Luo Feng frowned as he angrily threw his binoculars on top of the bed on the side.

Luo Feng massaged his temples and spent the whole day stooping;his eyes were extremely tired.

’’All seven of them together every day. They don't give me even the slightest chance’’ frowned Luo Feng, ’’At this rate, I'll have to keep waiting until that young master finishes his training plan. When that happens, I would've wasted all my time waiting! What should I do?’’ Luo Feng quickly started thinking, since he hasn't even had a single chance to take action.

Is he just going to wait like this?

’’There are no chances’’

Luo Feng's eyes flashed and he clenched his teeth, ’’Since there aren't any chances, then I can make them!’’

’’Aren't they always together? I'll force them to separate!’’ Luo Feng lightly tightened the cap on the water sack.


Around three hours later, the seven members of the thunderbolt squad carefully treaded forward in the old den of the monsters. Sometimes they move forward, sometimes they walk around, and finally they arrived at the six story residential apartment from before.

’’Time to act!’’

Luo Feng, who was fully equipped, slightly smiled as he left his room and ran down the stairs like a swift monkey. Even Luo Feng can't be too cocky after leaving this 18 story residential building, so he carefully moved forward while searching the area.

Avoiding monsters is hard, but finding them is easy!

15 minutes later, Luo Feng arrived at a dog-type monster horde that had around two to three thousand monsters. This dog-type monster horde was staying in a gigantic factory that manufactured home appliances. Usually, no human fighter would even try to challenge such a horde, since the threat of two to three thousand monsters is too great.


The roars of the large monsters echoed around the factory and the smell of urine emanated around the area.

’’Heh, what a strong monster horde’’ Luo Feng looked through the cap of the wall, ’’Let's begin!’’.

Soon after


’’Roar Roar Roar~~’’

The monsters in the factory howled madly. The death of a few dozen monsters caused this huge monster horde to become enraged, because they have never suffered such shame before. Even the leader of the monster horde and two high leveled commander level lion mastiffs started howling. The entire monster horde crazily chased after.

’’They sure run fast!’’

The hexagonal shield on Luo Feng's back was under effects of the powerful force of his spiritual force;in an instant, Luo Feng became a flying hurricane.


Some tiger mastiffs were mixed into the lion mastiff horde. The tiger mastiffs ran just as quickly as the lion mastiffs as they chased after Luo Feng. The ones in the front of the horde were sprinting at a rate of 70 to 80 m/s! Under such astonishing speed, it would take only 30 seconds for them to cover the 4 miles between the factory and the six story residential building!

Just 30 seconds!

And Luo Feng ran towards the six story residential building like lightning.


In one of the suite rooms on the sixth floor of the six story residential apartment, the seven members of thunderbolt squad were resting. Actually, when the entire monster horde was howling as they chased after Luo Feng, the seven members of the thunderbolt squad weren't alerted at all.... because what kind of place in the city doesn't have a monster howling in a four mile radius?

But after around 10 seconds.

’’Seems like a battle has occurred to our east’’ laughed the one eyed middle aged man.

’’Who cares, there's always a fight going on between fighters and monster hordes here in #003 city. This time, a fighter probably enraged some monster horde’’ the tiger fang captain, Pan Ya, was completely calm. Since he has dozens of years of experience as a fighter, he has seen this type of scenario way too many times.

But in the time that these words were passed around.

’’The monster horde seems to be really close to us now!’’

’’Even the building is shaking a bit’’

Within an instant, the seven members of the thunderbolt squad rushed towards the northern window and looked down, and saw that there were large amounts of mastiff monsters near the entrance to the staircase of the six story residential apartment. Some of the lion mastiff monsters were even charging into the staircase. In just these few seconds, the entire residential apartment started shaking, like an earthquake was occurring. The roars of many monsters also echoed around.

’’BOOM!’’ The door to the room where the seven members of the thunderbolt squad were in was blasted open.

The lion mastiffs with their SUV sized bodies charged in the room one by one. Not only was the door directly smashed into smithereens, but even the walls were startling to crumble. The over a thousand monsters were continuously smashing the residential building up. It seemed like the building could fall down at any moment.

And outside of the residential building were around one to two thousand more lion mastiff monsters. These lion mastiff monsters can't even enter the building, so they just surrounded the residential apartment completely. If you can imagine a scene where one to two thousand SUVs are surrounding a building, then you can imagine how scary it'll be for so many monsters to surround a residential apartment.

’’WHAT'S GOING ON!!!’’ the mixed youth immediately started screaming as his face turned pale.

Anyone would panic after witnessing the apartment building that has shook so much that it's on the verge of collapse, the large amounts of monsters pouring into the room, and the densely packed horde of monsters surrounding the residential apartment building below.

’’Protect the young master! Tiger fang squad, protect the rear!’’ roared the old veteran named Liu.


Dong Zi's machine gun was crazily roaring and the bullet shells crazily flew around. The powerful bullets shot into the bodies of the lion mastiff monsters one by one. The monsters were charging so quickly that even when they were hit by the bullets, they would continue charging forwards. The bald brute, the one eyed man, and the tiger fang captain Pan Ya relied on their cold weapons to smash the monsters to the side one by one.

’’PENG!’’ ’’PENG!’’ ’’PENG!’’

The old veteran named Liu and the white brute already brought the mixed youth along with them as they directly jumped out the window.

’’Let's go!’’ The tiger fang captain roared and was the first to follow as he jumped from the window.

’’Dong Zi, hurry!’’ roared the one eyed man.

When comparing physical fitness, gunners are the weakest. The gunner, Dong Zi, also clenched his teeth as he jumped out the window. Finally, the one eyed middle aged man and the bald brute also jumped out the window. Even if a beginner level warlord fighter is carrying several hundred kg of things on him, they wouldn't suffer any injury from jumping from a height of six stories.

However, the thing awaiting them below isn't a flat ground, but over a thousand monsters!


The walls of the second floor of the residential apartment were already smashed into pieces. And Luo Feng was hiding in the corner of a room on the second floor!

When Luo Feng rushed into this room, he used his spiritual force to control the concrete walls, the stone tables, etc. to completely seal the bathroom he is in, and he even broke the ceiling. After the concrete fell down, the room was completely ruined, so even after the monsters charged in, they wouldn't be able to find Luo Feng.

After that, the monster horde spotted the thunderbolt squad on the sixth floor and directed all their attention onto them.

Standing beside the bathroom's window, Luo Feng stared outside and his ears were listening closely.

’’They're fighting!’’ Luo Feng heard a few faint roars from the sixth floor.

After that, three shadows quickly fell from above.

’’They jumped’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed and two black throwing knives immediately hovered beside him.


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