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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 18



The scent of blood that emanated around the liquor store filled the heart of Pan Ya, the tiger fang captain, with anxiety: ’’Their death could've been caused by monsters. But it's even more likely that a fighter was behind this! And what kind of regular fighter would dare to go against young master Li Wei? They most likely have a grudge against my tiger fang squad!’’.

He was clear of this young master's identity. Even though he's a mixed youth, his father is Chinese.

Whether the strength of the young master's father, or his background..... few fighters would dare to anger this young master Li Wei.

’’No need’’ the old veteran Liu waved his hand, ’’With me and Ka Long here, the young master's safety is guaranteed’’.

The white brute also looked at the few members of the tiger fang squad and laughed coldly.

’’Young master Li’’ Pan ya couldn't help but to look at the mixed youth.

’’My training schedule isn't over yet’’ frowned the mixed youth.

Senior Liu slightly frowned as he said, ’’Fighters always walk on the border between life and death. How can you be so afraid about some uncertainties? If you're always so afraid, how can you ever accomplish anything in the future?’’.

Pan Ya and the others said nothing.

’’You guys can just keep following us. Wouldn't that work?’’ when senior Liu said this, Pan Ya and the other members of the tiger fang exchanged glances. All of them abandoned the thought of returning to the headquarter city. They were clear..... that following two advanced warlords was indeed very safe.

’’Senior Liu is right. If we're always so afraid, can we even be considered as fighters? Even if someone is actually after us, right when we find him, we'll kill him directly’’ a cold light flashed across Pan Ya's eyes.

’’We'll listen to senior Liu’’ the one eyed middle aged man laughed as he said.

The members of the tiger fang squad all signalled that they'll listen to senior Liu.

’’This place is full of the scent of blood, let's switch a location’’ said senior Liu.

Immediately, the seven members of the thunderbolt squad left the JJ liquor chain store.


Luo Feng silently watched with his binoculars from his original location.

’’They indeed left the JJ liquor chain store’’ the seven members of the thunderbolt squad left the store and went along the street for quite a bit, and then disappeared from Luo Feng's field of vision.

’’Shit, this villa isn't high enough so I can't see that far’’.

Luo Feng swiftly got his backpack, shield, and blade and flew out the villa like a jaguar. He sprinted at an astounding speed and directly rushed into the tall apartment building across the street. This apartment building was 18 stories tall. With Luo Feng's shield and blade all affected by his spiritual force, Luo Feng's speed was shocking.

A shadow continuously dashed up the stairs.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Within a few seconds, he went from the first floor to the 18th floor! In one of the rooms on the 18th floor, Luo Feng stood beside the northern window and looked down through his binoculars. From such a high location, he was able to see further. He quickly found the seven members of the thunderbolt squad walking along the street. These seven people walked along for quite a bit, and then finally entered a broken residential apartment that was six stories tall.

’’I wonder if the scene I made had any effect’’ Luo Feng squinted, ’’Whether it works or not is up to the heavens’’.

’’I'll keep waiting for my chance!’’.

Luo Feng started his days of watching again.

As a fighter, you first need enough patience and determination! Without either of them, how could you ever achieve astonishing power? Naturally, Luo Feng was fine with watching alone.

On the first day, the thunderbolt squad went hunting during the afternoon. This time, all seven of them left together.

The second day, the thunderbolt squad went out in the morning and afternoon, allowing their mixed youth young master to train. Like before, the seven of them left together, giving Luo Feng no chance.

The third day, they still went out in the morning and afternoon, and they still went out with all seven members together.

’’Looks like this tiger fang squad is actually suspicious’’ Luo Feng sat on the bed that he already slightly cleaned and silently looked through the window. As of now, the sky was dark and filled with stars. The starlight shone into the room through the window. The air was slightly filled with the scent of blood.

’’What should I do?’’ Luo Feng frowned.

If it keeps going on like this, then that mixed youth young master's training schedule will finish and might return back to the headquarter city.


Luo Feng felt the tactical communications watch on his wrist vibrate slightly. When he looked down, he saw that it was a phone call from his brother.

’’Recall’’ commanded Luo Feng.

’’Beep beep beep Hello, bro!’’ Luo Hua's voice came from the watch.

’’Luo Hua, how come you're calling me?’’ a smile filled Luo Feng's face, as he was extremely happy. Hunting down other people in the wilderness all alone is lonely..... to be able to chat with his family, his entire heart felt warm.

’’I've just been thinking about you bro’’ Luo Hua was clearly relaxed and happy, ’’Bro, I've recently made a ton of money from my stocks again, it feels great’’.

’’Oh?’’ How did you get the money?’’ laughed Luo Feng as he asked.

Luo Hua excitedly said: ’’Six of the eight stocks that I've been dealing with are quality stocks, while the other two are investment ones. The quality stocks are great and earn me lots of money every year. But out of these six stocks, one of them started plunging in value rapidly! I was so scared and thought something went wrong with the company. After looking into it, I didn't find anything wrong with it! Jeez, if this happened to my investment stocks, then I would probably cut my flesh off’’.

’’But I have faith in these quality stocks and I'd rather hold on to them for a long period of time. And since I didn't find anything wrong with the company, there's nothing for me to be afraid of’’

’’If it drops, I'll buy it!’’

’’It kept falling continuously, ****, it dropped for like a dozen days and lost 50% of its value. I virtually took 80% of all my money and threw it at those stocks. Who could've knew that it would start flying up in value these past few days. Within 20 days, not only did it return to its original value, but it even went a bit higher! Jeez, just from this, I basically doubled my money. Haha, feels great’’.

Luo Feng could feel his brother's excitement from the tone coming from the watch.

’’Nice, way better than your brother’’ Luo Feng laughed as he complimented, ’’Don't you have around 100 million right now?’’.

He gave his brother 50 million last time, so Luo Hua should have around 80 million.

’’Yea, now it's around 170 million’’ laughed Luo Hua, ’’Bro, this is all thanks to the money you gave me. If my principal wasn't great enough, how could I earn so much money?’’.

Since he doubled the money.

If he only had 10 thousand, he would only have 20 thousand in total.

But since he had around 80 to 90 million, he turned it into 170 to 180 million. This is also why people say that your first 100 million is the hardest to earn, while your second 100 million is way easier to earn.

’’You're good. Your brother has been hunting in the wilderness for around two months, but I only earned around 100 million’’ said Luo Feng, but in his heart, he was amazed..... Playing around with stocks earns tons of money. You're making money with money;the more money you have, the more money you earn! Of course, you could potentially lose tons of money too.

’’However, bro, these chances don't come around often’’ laughed Luo Hua.

Luo Hua has been playing around with stocks for years already, so making this much money in such a short time is indeed quite rare.


Luo Feng thought to himself while he operated his tactical communications watch. He entered his bank account and transferred 180 million to his brother's account.

’’Ah!’’ exclaimed Luo Hua in a surprised tone, ’’Bro, my account.....’’

’’Your brother just made a ton of money recently, so that's for you. Work hard and use them in the stock market. If, one day, you reach 15 billion, your brother will give you a huge surprise!’’ said Luo Feng as he laughed. Luo Feng never told his brother about the 'elixir of life'.

Since that thing is too expensive. But according to Luo Feng's plan, if he and his brother both earn money.....

He can give some of his money to his brother, and his brother can use that money to make even more money. If they keep making money out of money, then maybe reaching 30 billion isn't impossible!

’’15 billion’’ exclaimed Luo Hua.

’’Don't worry, I'll keep lending you money’’ laughed Luo Feng. Maybe then, his money and Luo Hua's money combined will reach 30 billion.

After he gets the money, he'll think of a way to purchase the 'elixir of life' so that his brother can stand up again!

’’Okay, bro, I'll work hard’’ said Luo Hua in a confident tone.

’’Okay’’ laughed Luo Feng, ’’well, you should rest earlier’’.

’’Okay, bro, be careful in the wilderness’’.

The two brothers quickly finished their call.


Ming-Yue sector, Luo Feng's home. In his brother's room on the first floor, Luo Hua excitedly closed his phone and started chatting on his computer.

’’Hua, look's like you're having fun’’ smiled a young girl on the screen.

’’Hehe, of course I'm happy’’ Luo Hua excitedly chatted with this young girl on the screen. This young girl's cheeks were like a baby's and had small ears and short hair. She seemed like a very bright and pure girl. She is Luo Hua's girlfriend, 'Xiao Nan'.


Since Xiao Nan's college is right here, even if she's a college student, she's still sleeping at home.

Xiao Nan was currently in her bedroom chatting with Luo Hua through her computer.

And outside of her room, in the living room.

A middle-aged couple was currently sitting on the sofas in the living room. Even though they were watching TV, neither of them were focusing on it.

’’What should we do?’’ the middle-aged woman said hurriedly, ’’You know Xiao Nan's temper, if we split them apart by force, she'll surely hate us’’.

’’If she wants to hate us, then let her. This is for her own good!’’.

The middle-aged man couldn't help but to angrily say, ’’She never went through any sort of hardship since she was young. Does she still think she's living in a fairytale? We aren't extremely rich, but we are still living a good life. Our girl has nice looks, so why is she with a handicapped person? That handicapped person's brother is a fighter! But so what if he's a fighter? It's not like his brother is in a relationship with our girl’’.

’’No matter what, I can't watch our girl jump into a fiery pit like this!’’

’’If it wasn't for old Li, I never would've known that our girl was dating that Ming-Yue sector's handicapped person behind our backs. I'm so infuriated right now’’ the middle-aged man's face was livid.


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