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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 17



Luo Feng swiftly rushed down the stairs, all the way from the sixth floor to the first floor, to the entrance of the liquor store.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng looked around the area.

’’There aren't many large monster packs nearby, how annoying’’ Luo Feng frowned as he could see a few monsters around with just a glance, but there weren't enough monsters. For his plan, he wants to trick the other seven members of the thunderbolt squad into thinking that Zhang Ze Hu and Li Xiao were killed by monsters.

After that, Luo Feng sprinted along the alley towards the outer area. After leaving the alley, with a glance, he noticed a large horde of horned boars. There were at least one hundred of them. If a regular fighter saw this, they probably wouldn't even have time to run away, but Luo Feng let out a smile.

’’It'll be them’’ Luo Feng swiftly got closer to them.


Quite a few horned boars were staring at this human fighter. One enraged roar carried from the horde, which was from the leader of this horned boar horde! Suddenly, all the horned boars spread out and crazily rushed towards Luo Feng. In an instant, the entire street started rumbling.

RUMBLE~~ The horned boar horde came rushing!

’’****, I was going to kill one or two monsters first to make them hate me first. I didn't know it would be this easy to get them to chase after me’’ Luo Feng turned around and started running away. He quickly headed towards the alley and started running in there.


The alley was quite wide, so two horned boars could run in it side by side. Luo Feng was sprinting ahead while the horde of horned boars were crazily chasing from behind.

’’PUCHI!’’ ’’PUCHI!’’

Two eerie black lights flew around a circle and returned to Luo Feng. The two horned boars in front of the horde instantly died, and another horned boar behind them also had a gigantic wound. At this time, the horned boars' enraged howls became even louder, showing that they were clearly even more enraged.

’’The angrier the better!’’ Luo Feng, like lightning, went up the stairs past the backdoor of the liquor store.


The horned boars crazily flew up the stairs one by one. The quality of the concrete making up the stairs was pretty good;even after a dozen years, it can still support the running of the horned boars. Luo Feng purposefully ran ahead the horde by around 10 meters and rushed to his destination sixth floor!

After arriving at the sixth floor, under the effects of Luo Feng's spiritual force, Zhang Ze Hu's machete and Li Xiao's machine gun started hovering. The machine gun even dragged along the long, long bullet chain with it.

The machine gun floated in front of Luo Feng, and so did the machete.

’’HOWL~~’’ the monsters, like a flood, rushed into the sixth floor. Each of them went along the hallway as they crazily charged towards Luo Feng.

’’Come at me!’’

Luo Feng sneered and a crazed light appeared in his eye. His spiritual force pulled the trigger, and the large barrel of the machine gun started roaring as it crazily fired bullets out one by one. The force of each boar's charge was absurd, so even though the bullets crazily shot into the horned boars, they couldn't make them stop!

Puchi! Puchi!

The floating machete started crazily dancing around, drawing across the throats of the horned boars one after another. The bodies of the boars that lost control started slamming into the walls, ’’RUMBLE~~’’ , the walls started splitting apart after getting slammed into so many times. With the power of both the machine gun and the machete, dozens of horned boars were killed in a breath. The hallway was filled with corpses.

’’HOWL~~’’ an enraged roar came.

A huge horned boar with black spots and shining silver fur appeared.

However, the machete and machine gun already fell beside the two corpses in the room, and Luo Feng himself has long jumped out the northern window!


Luo Feng shot down the window like lightning and, using his spiritual force on both of his arm guards, created an uplifting force which slowed him down. Luo Feng easily landed on the roof of a two story building, sprinted right into an alley, and quickly disappeared.



The horned boar horde, which lost a couple dozen monsters, madly rammed the insides of the liquor store as they tried to find that damned human fighter. They didn't find that human fighter, but they did find two fresh human fighter corpses. These horned boars then immediately crazily chewed up the flesh of these corpses.

To horned boars, the flesh of humans is indeed a delicacy.

Even more horned boars went for the corpses of the dead horned boars! For the monsters that live in such cruel environments, they are rarely able to eat any humans, so they mostly eat other monsters' corpses..... for especially savage monsters, eating corpses from the same species is very normal.

Whether the human corpses or the horned boar corpses, they quickly became a pile of crushed bones.


Luo Feng snuck back to his original spot and watched silently.

’’The seven members of the thunderbolt squad will probably come back in around two hours’’. Luo Feng finally saw the seven people in his field of vision, ’’Well yeah, you could hear the roars of the monsters everywhere in #003 city, and the battle just now occurred in the liquor store..... since the thunderbolt squad is only a few miles away, it'll be weird if they didn't notice’’.


In front of the liquor store, the seven high-spirited members of the thunderbolt squad laughed as they returned.

’’Young master's blade just now was beautiful, it so accurately drew across the throat of that commander level monster, 'Rapid Wolf'’’ the captain of the tiger fang squad smiled as he praised, but his expression suddenly froze.


The tiger fang captain looked towards the interior of the liquor store, and the other members of the thunderbolt squad did the same.

’’The scent of blood!’’ the old veteran named Liu directly walked into the liquor store, and the others followed, ’’The scent of blood became stronger’’.

’’A large scale battle happened here, one or two monsters can't have such a heavy scent of blood’’ the tiger fang captain frowned, and the one eyed middle aged man beside him immediately pressed his tactical communications watch and yelled: ’’Tiger, Xiao! Tiger, Xiao, both of you hurry and respond. What happened?’’.

The faces of the four members of the tiger fang squad all changed.

’’Captain, they didn't reply’’ the one eyed middle aged man looked towards his captain.

’’Maybe they didn't notice that their watches were vibrating’’ the bald brute couldn't help but to say.

Fighters are all extremely sensitive, how can they not notice?

The tiger fang captain said quietly: ’’Let's go take a look upstairs’’.

’’Go, let's go see’’ the old veteran named Liu also commanded. Soon, the seven of them all arrived at the staircase, but after seeing the marks on the staircase in front of them, all of their faces changed slightly. Clearly, this staircase was just stomped on by a huge amount of monsters;quite a bit of the concrete was already split open.

’’Everyone be careful’’

The seven of them carefully and slowly moved forward.

Even though they went slowly, they arrived at the sixth floor without spending too much time.

’’Hu!’’ the seven members of the thunderbolt squad all took in a deep breath. The entire sixth floor of the liquor store was clearly a huge mess. The walls of the rooms of the liquor store were smashed to pieces, the floor was filled with marks of blood, and there were large amounts of crushed bones from corpses, most of them being from monsters.

All the hearts of the seven members of the thunderbolt squad sank, they knew..... that Zhang Ze Hu and Li Xiao weren't lucky today.

’’Look, there are even bullet holes on the wall’’

’’There are quite a few bullet shells on the ground. Xiao probably fired his machine gun to try and stop the monster horde. Sadly, there were just too many of them’’.

Everyone quickly found various marks.

Soon after, everyone looked at the ripped up battle uniform, the slightly deformed machete, the completely smashed up machine gun, and a few human bones.

’’Tiger's machete and Xiao's gun’’

’’These two battle uniforms......’’

The battle uniforms were extremely sturdy. Even though they were chewed up by the horned boars and were in tatters, they could still be made out. They were precisely Zhang Ze Hu and Li Xiao's battle uniforms.

’’How could this happen?’’ the bald brute couldn't help but to clench his teeth as he said, ’’Tiger and Xiao were in their room. How could they be so unlucky to meet a hungry monster horde?’’

’’Go, let's go downstairs!’’ the old veteran named Liu suddenly ordered.

’’Downstairs?’’ the one eyed middle aged man, the bald brute, and Dong were all shocked, and then were slightly angry.

The tiger fang captain frowned as he ordered: ’’Alright, tidy up Tiger and Xiao's remains and then go downstairs!’’. Since their captain gave an order, of course they wouldn't dare to refuse.


Moments later, the seven members of the thunderbolt squad stood in the lobby of the liquor store's first floor.

’’Everyone should know’’ the tiger fang captain, 'Pan Ya', said quietly, ’’With Tiger and Xiao being as cautious as they are, even if a monster horde enters the liquor store, they should have had over a 50% chance of escaping! Even if they couldn't escape, they should have been able to contact us once they noticed danger!’’.

The faces of the other members slightly changed and couldn't help but to nod their heads.

’’Indeed’’ the old veteran named Liu nodded and said, ’’It's suspicious because these two didn't contact us at all before dying. So I'm worried that someone purposefully set up the scene and left a listening device at the scene. That's why I brought everyone downstairs to discuss about this’’.

The other members of the tiger fang squad couldn't help but to respect the old veteran named Liu even more.

To be able to instantly find the problem and make his decision, old veterans are clearly more experienced.

’’This is one possibility, the other possibility is...... the commander level monster in the monster horde! Once they found the traces of those two, they sneakily attacked them. Huge amounts of monsters rushing upstairs...... under such an urgent situation, the two of them didn't have the chance to contact us’’ the old veteran named Liu continued speaking.

The four members of the tiger fang squad exchanged glances.

The mixed youth let out a worried expression, and the old veteran named Liu laughed as he quietly said: ’’Don't worry, young master. Even if someone made this scene, he isn't necessarily targeting you. Wargod fighters wouldn't use such tactics and warlord fighters wouldn't dare mess with you’’.

’’Senior Liu, taking the young master's safety into consideration, we should return back to the headquarter city’’ spoke the tiger fang captain, 'Pan Ya'.


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