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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 16



The dawn of winter was quite cold, and some of the monsters' corpses on the ground were freezing up. Luo Feng slowly walked on this road, and there were two shadow cats enjoyably feasting on a wild boar's flesh. However, right when they realized someone was coming, they quickly hid.

Monsters had some intelligence too. In #003 city, all the humans meddling around here were very powerful, so one or two soldier level monsters can't stop them at all.

’’Those two shadow cats probably went to summon the other shadow cats’’.

Luo Feng swiftly went through the road and continued going forward, going around in a huge circle on purpose to waste some time. He slowly moved forward, and took around half an hour to arrive at the northern door of the liquor store.


The door to the liquor store was extremely dirty, and there was some black colored blood that not even rain can wash away on the ground. Luo Feng stood alone there.

’’It's been half an hour already, so the seven members of the thunderbolt squad have probably walked far away by now’’. Luo Feng looked at the door in front of him that has been long broken, and immediately focused his spiritual force onto his armbands, the shield on his back, and his blade. This powerful force made Luo Feng's body extremely light;every one of his steps became light.


He went along the staircase step by step without making even the slightest sound.

Luo Feng was extremely careful, but right when he reached the third floor, with a glance, he saw that there was a huge mastiff tiger that was slowly moving forward. That mastiff tiger also instantly found this human fighter, Luo Feng! Both of them practically noticed each other at the exact same time, and Luo Feng was so scared he immediately broke out in a cold sweat!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two black shadows basically instantly drew across the mastiff tiger monster, and its gigantic head fell off before it even had the chance to roar. The two throwing knives flew around in a circle and then landed in the outer pockets of his pants.

’’Phew, no problem’’ Luo Feng was relieved, ’’Thankfully this monster didn't remember to roar. If it attracted Zhang Ze Hu and Li Xiao's attention, then there would be some trouble’’.

Even though killing Zhang Ze Hu and Li Xiao is as easy as killing chickens.

But if Zhang Ze Hu and Li Xiao were cautious, then they might be able to contact the other members of the thunderbolt squad right before they die..... once the other members of the thunderbolt squad know that there's a human fighter targeting them, then Luo Feng's next action would be tens to hundreds of times harder to carry out.

’’Sixth floor!’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but to let out a smile when he reached the sixth floor, luckily he only encountered one monster on the way to the sixth floor. The thunderbolt squad probably quickly scanned the building the first time they came here, and that mastiff tiger monster probably just entered the liquor store not too long ago.

On the hallway of the sixth floor, Luo Feng slowly moved forward.

’’In the room with the window pointed towards the south, the eighth window from east to west’’. Luo Feng couldn't be sure as to which room this eighth window corresponded to.

’’It's probably one of these three or four rooms’’.

Luo Feng held his breath and his light body made no sound. He walked into one of the rooms and stopped, then put his ear near the wall and listened carefully. Indeed, he could slightly hear some chatting sounds, which made Luo Feng determine that those two were in that room. He then quietly walked outside the room.

’’It should be this room’’ Luo Feng scanned the situation of the room with his spiritual force.

’’They're just chatting there?’’ Luo Feng laughed.


Inside the room.

Zhang Ze Hu was currently sitting against the broken sofa, while Li Xiao was cleaning the machine gun in his hand. Both of them were nonchalantly chatting.

’’That fire hammer squad sure has no balls. Last time they met us, they directly ran straight back to the resupplying base. No wonder we couldn't find them no matter how long we searched’’ insulted Zhang Ze Hu as he said. Li Xiao laughed coldly: ’’They can escape for now, but not forever. Since we're enemies now, they're dead for sure’’.

Zhang Ze Hu sneered: ’’They think they can fight against us with just them? Hm?’’.

Zhang Ze Hu's face slightly changed, and Li Xiao's face also slightly changed.

’’I felt like there was something just now’’ Zhang Ze Hu looked towards Li Xiao. Li Xiao also frowned as he said: ’’I also, felt something’’.

Since fighters are always on the border of life and death, they'll have some feeling in their heart when they encounter danger. And they had such an obvious feeling because..... Luo Feng scanned the room with his spiritual force. When this spiritual force spreads out, regular people have a hard time noticing it, but powerful fighters will still have some feeling of it.

’’Could there be a monster outside?’’ said Zhang Ze Hu quietly.

’’Probably’’ Li Xiao nodded, ’’Even though we cleaned up all the monsters in the entire liquor store when we first came, there could still be some monster horde that just entered the store’’.


Li Xiao held his machine gun while Zhang Ze Hu held his machete. Both of them stood up and headed towards the door. After several dozen years of corrosion, the locks of these doors were long broken. With a light pull from Zhang Ze Hu, the door easily opened. And outside of the door was neither a human's shadow nor a monster's shadow.

’’Not many sounds’’ Zhang Ze Hu and Li Xiao exchanged glances. Zhang Ze Hu then took in a deep breath and cautiously started to exit the room.

And then!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two eerie, black lights instantly appeared in front of Zhang Ze Hu and Li Xiao. One of the eerie, black lights instantly drew across Zhang Ze Hu's left arm and instantly cut his left arm off. After cutting the arm off, without slowing down, it instantly drew across gunner 'Li Xiao’’s neck, causing Li Xiao's head to fly up.

And the second eerie, black light instantly drew across Zhang Ze Hu's throat!


Fresh blood poured out.

’’Eh eh ’’Zhang Ze Hu's eyes were wide open, but he couldn't make a sound.

These two black lights were way too fast. There was probably only one or two meters between Zhang Ze Hu and the black light, and Li Xiao was only three or four meters away from it. In such a short distance...... against a speed even faster than a bullet fired from a sniper rifle, how could they dodge?

Maybe an advanced level warlord would have a chance of survival but, as for them, they didn't even have the tiniest chance.

’’Eh ’’Zhang Ze Hu wanted to speak, but he couldn't make a sound. He wanted to press his tactical communications watch, but his left arm was already cut off and the tactical communications watch was on the ground.

’’I'm going to die? How, how could I die?’’

Zhang Ze Hu grabbed his throat with his right hand. As fresh blood crazily poured outside from his throat, he could clearly feel his life slowly fading away, ’’How could this happen? HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!!!’’


A shadow appeared at the door, wearing a fighter's battle uniform, alloyed boots, and had a shield and blade on his back. His two eyes were coldly staring at him.

’’Eh!’’ Zhang Ze Hu's eyes instantly became round as he stared, as he couldn't believe which fighter was in front of him!

Luo Feng!

It was actually Luo Feng!

It was actually that rookie Luo Feng who he didn't take seriously at all???

’’You go on first, the other members of the tiger fang squad will join you soon enough’’ Luo Feng's voice rang. Zhang Ze Hu's mouth was wide open, but with his throat slit, he couldn't say anything at all. And as Zhang Ze Hu felt his vision starting to fade, the two eerie, black lights returned to Luo Feng and hovered in front of him. Clearly, they were two throwing knives.

The two throwing knives just hovered like this, and then landed inside Luo Feng's thigh's pockets.

’’Ah, ah!’’ Zhang Ze Hu's eyes were wide open as if he wanted to say something, but his body froze and instantly, lifelessly fell to the ground.

Before dying.....

He finally realized Luo Feng's biggest secret Luo Feng was actually a spirit reader!!! Before dying, Zhang Ze Hu saw the grave, nightmarish future of all the members of his tiger fang squad.


Only the 'DRIP' sound from the blood hitting the ground rang throughout the room;there was no other sound. The two corpses just lay there, and Luo Feng silently stood there as he looked.

’’Zhang Ze Hu’’ Luo Feng lowered his head as he looked at the person in front of him.

Right from the start, Zhang Ze Hu thought he was a seasoned veteran while Luo Feng was just a rookie. So that's why he didn't lower his head at all when they were discussing about Zhang Hao Bai's case. And it was then that Luo Feng's spiritual force awakened.

That argument was just a small case.

If you want a reason, then blame the time where the tiger fang squad tried to kill everyone in the fire hammer squad. Thankfully, Luo Feng managed to save everyone in the end, but even so, Zhang Ke still lost his arm.

Because of that, the fire hammer squad clenched their teeth as they swore for revenge.

The tiger fang squad also feared that the enemy would grow strong, so they tried to destroy them completely! Both of squads wouldn't rest until one side was dead!

’’With Zhang Ze Hu and Li Xiao's death, there are still four members of the six tiger fang squad members remaining’’ Luo Feng stood at the door as he thought to himself, ’’Once they come back here and realize that these two have been killed, they'll certainly get cautious and think about the various possibilities! Then..... I have to decorate this scene and trick them. It's up to the heavens whether or not this works’’.


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