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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 15



At times, Luo Feng would sprint, and at times, Luo Feng would suddenly hide behind a wall, waiting for the hungry monsters to pass by. Only until they pass does Luo Feng start moving forward again!

With his spiritual force scanning the area, Luo Feng can correctly determine whether or not there's danger ahead.

’’This house then!’’ like a cannonball, Luo Feng directly flew into the third story's window of a three story villa.

Since no one has lived here for dozens of years, the room was long filled with dust. However, a few electronic household appliances could be discerned with just a look. It's just that most of them were already split apart and broken. Luo Feng quickly flipped the Simmons mattress, since the opposite side was much cleaner. After a bit of cleaning up, he can sleep on it.

After putting his bag down, Luo Feng took out his binoculars and went to the northern window.

The window had tons of dust all over it, making the once transparent window seem like a black window. After opening the window halfway, Luo Feng took his binoculars and looked towards the north. His current position is within Wan-Ke dream city's inner sector. From here, he can clearly see the northern JJ liquor chain store.

He can also see the street in front of the liquor store. Since there's only a difference of two miles between the street and his villa, with Luo Feng's eyesight, he doesn't even need binoculars to see what's happening on the street. But with the binoculars, he can see more clearly.

’’JJ’’ Luo Feng stood in front of the window and watched silently.

5 minutes later.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng let out a face of happiness, ’’It was originally that building!’’. Through the binoculars, Luo Feng could see two people standing on the rooftop of the six story liquor chain store five miles away. They were both currently holding binoculars, and the two were Zhang Ze Hu and a gunner named Li Xiao.

’’I have to wait for my chance’’ Luo Feng put down his binoculars and started his days of observation.

At this time, inside the JJ liquor chain store.

The tiger fang captain said coldly: ’’Tiger, Xiao, both of you look closely! We must find out where the fire hammer squad is hiding! Since their team's Chen Gu has to use his sniper rifle, then they must be at a high location! So you guys look towards the higher levels of the tall buildings and search for them’’.

’’Yes, captain’’ Zhang Ze Hu and Xiao stood on the rooftop and, through their binoculars, continuously searched the tall buildings in Wan-Ke dream city.

’’Pan Ya, the information you told me about the fire hammer squad is correct, right?’’ the old veteran, whose hair was gray, frowned.

The tiger fang captain followed: ’’There is definitely no problem. The information for these six people are extremely accurate..... only this Luo Feng's info is changing. He was scouted by the Dojo of Limits and is extremely talented. His strength has already reached the beginner warlord level’’.


The old veteran named Liu slightly nodded, ’’If so, Pan Ya, find me after you have located the fire hammer squad's position’’.

’’Okay’’ the tiger fang captain responded as he smiled.

Unfortunately, the tiger fang squad couldn't even find the fire hammer squad's shadow. Dawn of the next day.

’’Young master, according to the plan, young master's goal at dawn today is that low level commander monster. That monster is high in power but low in speed. At that time, Ka Long and I won't help’’ smiled the old veteran Liu. The mixed youth laughed: ’’Okay, you and Ka Long watch on the side. I'll take care of it myself’’.

The white brute also smiled.

’’Pan Ya’’ the old veteran named Liu turned his head and commanded, ’’The two members of the tiger fang squad that were on night watch can rest today, the rest of the members will come with us’’.

’’Understood’’ the tiger fang captain, Pan Ya, smiled.

As of now, the tiger fang squad consists of two intermediate level and four beginner level warlords!

’’Steel head, Dong. You two were on watch last night, so rest here today’’ commanded Pan Ya. Protecting that young master is their first priority, so naturally, the members they leave behind are the weakest two..... and of course, the two are picked from the four beginner warlords.

Today it was steel head and Dong. Tomorrow it'll be tiger and Xiao. Taking turns.

’’Understood’’ the bald brute and Dong, who was cleaning his gun, smiled.

’’Let's go’’ commanded the old veteran named Liu.

The mixed youth, the old veteran named Liu, the white brute, and the four members of the tiger fang squad. The seven of them left the liquor store, leaving behind the bald brute and Dong in the spacious room.

’’Damn, having a powerful father is just great’’ the bald brute couldn't help but to say, ’’To gain experience with fighting against monsters, two advanced level warlords can be summoned as bodyguards. Even our whole squad is here to cover him. Hmhm..... when I came out here in the wilderness the other year, I had to bring out everything I had with my life on the line’’.

Dong laughed: ’’How can we compare with him? Didn't you hear him..... that senior Liu or whatever. He even said in a tone of a butler 'The young master's goal for today is a low level commander monster who is high in power and low in speed'. ****, he even has the training session all scheduled out! Which monster to kill first and which monster to kill next!’’.

In a dangerous place like the wilderness.

When does the fighter ever have the chance to decide anything!

If you encounter a powerful monster, can you just immediately shout 'I'm not fighting this monster'? If you don't fight, then the monster will chase after you and force you to act.

’’But that young master is different. If they encounter a powerful monster, then that senior Liu can just take care of it. They'll especially wait for a low level commander monster for their young master to practice on’’ laughed the bald brute as he shook his head.

Luo Feng, who woke up early in the morning and was already squatting in wait, quickly saw the seven members of the thunderbolt squad walk out the liquor store.

’’Seven? Wasn't there nine in total?’’.

Luo Feng immediately thought, ’’Then the other two must still be inside the liquor store!’’.

Luo Feng understood his strength well.

Against an 'intermediate level warlord', he can certainly wipe the floor with them. However, it's hard to say about what will happen if he fights against an 'advanced level warlord'. For example, he might be able to instantly kill his opponent if he attacks them by surprise, but if that fails..... then there'll be a problem. Since in a frontal fight, an advanced level warlord can immediately dodge away from a sniper rifle bullet.

An advanced level warlord's reaction speed is much higher than his own.

’’Out of the nine members of the thunderbolt squad, that white brute and the old veteran named Liu are most likely advanced level warlords. Or else they wouldn't have been so arrogant and have tried to steal the twin headed black striped snake's corpse’’.

’’Let's say that I go alone and face all nine of them! With a surprise attack and some luck, I might be able to succeed. However..... only one of them has to spread the word that I'm the murderer to the world via their communications watch and, once that happens, I'll be in huge trouble’’. Luo Feng understood that, from the old veteran named Liu and the white brute's attitude towards that mixed youth and how they call him 'young master'.....

That mixed youth's background is extremely horrifying!

Since that person can get two advanced warlords as bodyguards, then that big person behind the mixed youth is at least a wargod! Or maybe even a position higher than a wargod!

’’Right now, there are only two people in the liquor store, should I kill them?’’.

Luo Feng hesitated, and then decided against it.

’’I can't kill them. If I kill these two, then the other seven will be on guard. If so, then it'll be much more troublesome to kill the tiger fang captain and Zhang Ze Hu’’.

’’I don't believe that my chance won't come!’’

Day after day passed, and the thunderbolt squad never found the fire hammer squad. And Luo Feng never found a good chance to strike! Everytime the thunderbolt squad left the liquor store, only the two people who were on night watch remain. First it's steel head and Dong, then it's Tiger and Xiao.

And they took turns.....

Luo Feng waited for nine whole days!


’’They're too systematic!’’ Luo Feng had a bitter face on, ’’This thunderbolt squad is just that young master's nanny squad!’’. Not only did Luo Feng watch the liquor store, but he also watched the seven people that came out to hunt these past few days. He tried to see if he could find a moment where the tiger fang squad was separated from the old veteran named Liu and the white brute.

But, not even one moment was found!

The thunderbolt squad was always protecting that mixed youth and never strayed too far, giving Luo Feng no chance at all.

The tenth day!

’’If I keep waiting like this, then I'll probably never get a chance by the time they start to return to the headquarter city! I can't wait anymore!’’ Luo Feng clenched his teeth and a cold light flashed across his eyes, ’’Today is the tenth day, so it should be Zhang Ze Hu and that gunner Li Xiao guarding the liquor store..... Zhang Ze Hu, hmph, I'll destroy both of you two today!’’.

At the JJ liquor chain store.

’’Tiger, Xiao, you two haven't slept all night so take a good rest now’’ said the tiger fang captain and he smiled.

’’Understood, captain’’.

Zhang Ze Hu and Li Xiao both smiled as they replied.

’’Let's go’’

With a command from the old veteran named Liu, the tiger fang squad and the others followed him. A total of seven people left the liquor store. And Luo Feng, who saw that the seven people have left the store, quietly left his own spot and went along another road headed towards the liquor store.


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