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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 14



Usually, a heavy sniper rifle can barely threaten a 'low level commander level' monster. But monsters are different from humans. Humans are powerful, but the defense of their skin and muscle is much lower than the defense of the monsters' fur and scales. This is also why human fighters have to wear battle uniforms!

If an intermediate level warlord fighter gets shot, even if he doesn't die, he would still suffer a heavy wound.

However, a sniper rifle is much less threatening to an advanced level warlord level fighter, and as for a wargod? A sniper rifle can't even threaten a wargod at all.

’’It looks like the old veteran and the white brute are protecting the mixed youth, so he's the most important member of the squad’’ Luo Feng's gaze scanned across the thunderbolt squad. Some of the members of the thunderbolt squad were raised towards the residential apartments, searching for the snipers' locations. And some of them exchanged glances.


Luo Feng, Gao Feng, the Indians, and the thunderbolt squad were all silent for a bit.

’’Senior Liu’’ the tiger fang captain looked towards the indifferent, balding veteran. This balding veteran frowned and looked at him, and the tiger fang captain immediately shut up. The old, balding veteran then said quietly to the mixed youth's ear: ’’Young master, since you want to come here to train, you should fight against the monsters personally’’.

The mixed youth looked at the veteran and then turned his head to the white brute. The white brute also slightly nodded.

’’Alright, let's go!’’ ordered the mixed youth helplessly.

His father has seriously warned him

After entering the wilderness, he must listen to his two bodyguards.

Even though the leader of the squad is technically the old veteran, but the actual leader is this mixed youth. And now that the mixed youth gave his order, the members of the tiger fang squad stared at Gao Feng and Luo Feng with a look of dissatisfaction. Zhang Ze Hu even cursed under his breath: ’’Luo Feng kid, you got lucky this time!’’. Zhang Ze Hu didn't even try to hide his hatred for Luo Feng.

It has always been clear that the tiger fang squad and the fire hammer squad weren't on good terms.

Very quickly, the nine members of the thunderbolt squad left.

Wan-Ke Dream city is gigantic in area, and the thunderbolt squad continued to move forward in this small sector.

’’Pan Ya’’ as they walked on the road, the old veteran frowned as he spoke.

’’Senior Liu’’ the captain of the tiger fang squad neared and lowered himself.

The old veteran named Liu spoke solemnly: ’’Since you tiger fang squad members accepted this mission, you should know that the young master's safety takes priority over everything! That twin headed black striped snake is indeed a treasure, but is not even close to the importance of young master's safety. If something happened to the young master, not only will I not be able to escape, but all of you tiger fang squad members will die too!’’.

The tiger fang squad captain froze, and soon nodded: ’’Understood!’’.

’’Ok, as long as you understand’’ said the old veteran named Liu coldly, ’’We'll soon arrive at a ruined JJ liquor chain store. The young master will then kill the monsters in that area. If you guys want to steal others' prey, do it yourselves. Don't drag in the young master’’.

’’I understand’’.

The captain of the tiger fang squad replied that, but was cursing in his heart.

Which fighter squad in the vicinity of #003 city is weak? If it wasn't for the two 'advanced level warlords', the old veteran named Liu and the white brute, the tiger fang squad doesn't even have the power to steal prey.

The tiger fang captain slightly nodded: ’’I understand. The fire hammer squad dared to enter #003 city, so I understand that their skill has increased’’.

’’Captain, we can't delay anymore. Especially that Luo Feng, he just became a fighter not too recently. I heard he's already a beginner level warlord’’ said Zhang Ze Hu hurriedly. Zhang Ze Hu is clearly the one who holds the most hatred for Luo Feng.

’’This kid, does have surprising potential’’.

The tiger fang captain said lowly, ’’Leaving our enemies like that will just make their threat to us larger and larger! Since we met them in the wilderness this time, well good, I'll think of a way in these few days to kill them directly! Or else..... I'll spend some money and ask senior Liu and the other senior to help’’.

On the grass of the residential apartments filled with the scent of blood, Luo Feng, Gao Feng, and the three Indians were dissecting the gigantic snake. Not only did they take out the poison sacs, but they also took out things like the bladder. Of course, they'll have to skin it. The skin of this twin headed black striped snake is worth quite a bit.



The Indian group and Luo Feng's group quickly split apart the large amounts of material.

’’No matter toughness or hardness, the scales of this snake is amazing’’ Gao Feng couldn't help but to say as he touched the scales, ’’These scales are definitely important materials for battle uniform production!’’. The most important invention by man Ke Luo Alloy, is mainly made from all sorts of monsters' material.

Of course, it was the 'Blue Gold' metal found on the moon that finally made the Ke Luo alloy! Ke Luo alloy allows human fighters to wear battle uniforms with extremely high defense and wield blades that are unrivaled in sharpness! Even some heated weapons gain a huge increase in power.

’’Cooperate, great!’’ the Indian leader, the bald brute, squeezed out some Chinese as he greeted Luo Feng and Gao Feng.

’’Haha, great’’ Gao Feng also laughed.

Luo Feng and Gao Feng both carried their bulging bags and headed upstairs. The snake's scales seemed to have a huge area, but they were actually very thin. Half of the snakes' scales stacked together can't even fill up one bag! And fighter's bags already had amazing elasticity. With the bag's mechanism, you can adjust the size of the bag.

At its largest, you can make it as large as a regular man. However, that size isn't needed for these scales.

They quickly arrived at the 12th floor of the residential building. Right when they entered, they were greeted with cheering.

’’Warm welcome, warm welcome’’ shouted Wei Tie purposefully.

’’Welcome back, captain and Luo Feng, from your battle’’ Chen Gu also said purposefully. Of course they were happy. Since Luo Feng and Gao Feng came back successfully, they would get quite a bit of money too.

Gao Feng didn't have such a happy look on his face: ’’You guys saw the members of the tiger fang squad right?’’.

’’We saw them’’ the faces of Chen Gu, Wei Tie, and Wei Qing immediately sank. Chen Gu even grit his teeth: ’’I even wanted to shoot them in revenge for old Zhang!’’. Out of the entire squad, Chen Gu was clearly the closest to Zhang Ke, since they were both from Ming-Yue sector.

Together throughout the life threatening times, together as they went back home.

All these years, they're even closer than brothers! But Chen Gu knew he couldn't fire back them. Even if he was able to kill someone, the thunderbolt squad would certainly immediately take action..... at that point, there's no turning back.

’’Chen Gu, where's the tiger fang squad right now?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’We've been watching them the whole time’’

At the northern window, Wei Qing held his binoculars as he looked down, ’’that group just walked out of the dream city sector and are walking east along that street!’’.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Luo Feng and the others immediately went. Luo Feng first took the binoculars and looked downwards. Indeed..... the nine members of the thunderbolt squad were walking along a street a few miles away. Thankfully, Luo Feng and the others picked a good residential building, a tall building that was farthest up north in their sector. In front of their residential building towards the northern sector were just some short buildings, so they could freely look towards the northern area.

’’Captain, brother Chen’’ spoke Luo Feng.

’’Hm?’’ the members of the fire hammer squad all looked towards Luo Feng.

Luo Feng couldn't help but to clench his fists and say with his teeth clenched: ’’I'll never forget what they did to brother Zhang. I swore long ago..... once I meet the trash of the tiger fang squad in the wilderness, I'll destroy them!’’

’’Luo Feng, your point is?’’ said Gao Feng in a surprised tone.

’’I'll go after them secretly and find a chance to kill all the members of the tiger fang squad! Since they were prepared to kill all of us, of course we have to strike first!’’. Luo Feng will never forget the two sniper rifle bullets. One of them was barely dodged thanks to his spiritual force.

But the other one handicapped brother Zhang!

’’Luo Feng, I'll go with you. We have to avenge brother Zhang’’ said Chen Gu with his teeth clenched.

’’Brother Chen, going alone is best for me’’ Luo Feng said in a low tone, ’’With my spiritual force, I can escape even from a wargod just by flying!’’.

This is why spirit readers are horrifying!

Even if a wargod fighter is tens to hundreds of times stronger than them, even a weak spirit reader can fly! Other than spirit readers, only existences that surpass the wargod level can fly.

’’Chen Gu, Luo Feng is right. You'll just be a burden’’ commanded Gao Feng.

Chen Gu clenched his teeth. The captain said it in a bad way, but he knew the captain said it for his own good.

’’And if we want to destroy the tiger fang squad, then wouldn't they try to destroy us too?’’ said Gao Feng, ’’Ever since their scheme from last time, of course they wouldn't want us to live. However, they just haven't met us in the wilderness. Now that they've met us..... they'll take action for sure’’.

Everyone there was surprised.


With the way the tiger fang squad handles things, they'll definitely do something like this.

’’We killed enough monsters this time anyway and our bags are almost full. The other members of the squad will first return to the resupplying base’’ said Gao Feng, and then looked towards Luo Feng, ’’Luo Feng, you're a spirit reader. No one knows how many times better you are at escaping than us, but you still have to be careful and not let your guard down’’.

Luo Feng nodded.

As they talked, the members took up their binoculars and observed where the thunderbolt squad was headed.

’’They entered the JJ liquor chain store’’ said Chen Gu excitedly, ’’Looks like that'll be their temporary base’’.

’’No delay, let's go now’’ said Gao Feng clearly.

Luo Feng also stood up and saw the captain and the others off.

This was already the border of the city, so Luo Feng saw the captain and the others off in just two to three miles on the highway. After leaving the #003 city section, there were barely any monsters. It'll be weird if something happens to the fire hammer squad on the highway with their current strength.

’’Luo Feng, be careful’’ Gao Feng and the other members of the fire hammer squad looked towards Luo Feng.

This time, Luo Feng is going to take up the fire hammer squad's task alone.

’’Captain, don't worry, none of the members of the tiger fang squad will make it out alive!’’ laughed Luo Feng, and then he became a shadow and disappeared into the distance and towards the city densely filled with buildings far away.


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