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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 11



After the night, dawn.

Luo Feng stood on the balcony of the 12th floor. The winter chill of the morning touched his face, startling Luo Feng's spirit.

’’It's around 5 or 6 degrees below 0 today’’ laughed Gao Feng.

’’It is a bit cold’’.

Luo Feng looked down from the balcony and saw a monster hunting for prey, ’’But right in the morning, there are already quite a bit of monsters in the area! Look, there are around 12 monsters in my field of vision, and three of them are commander level! Hmhm, #003 city is indeed the camp of the monsters’’.

Gao Feng laughed.

Indeed, in a regular city, a commander usually leads around a few hundred regular monsters;they have lots of authority! And in the city that Luo Feng stayed in to train his blade technique, a commander level monster had around a few hundred to even a few thousand monsters under its control!

In a city, the fewer the commanders, the more monsters each one can lead!

But in #003 city, even in the outskirts, a commander level monster only has around two to three soldiers with it. Sometimes they have none, becoming a leader without any followers.

’’These are all weaker commanders, they don't have many followers! As for the stronger commanders and even horde leaders, they'll have tens of thousands of followers!’’ Gao Feng turned his head to look at the others, ’’Everyone, wake up, let's go hunt the monsters below!’’.

’’Let's go brothers, let's earn some money’’ Chen Gu couldn't help but to laugh as he said.

’’This #003 city is full of opportunity! Commanders are everywhere!’’ the eyes of Wei Qing and Wei Tie flashed.

#003 city is dangerous!

But chances exist together with danger. There are many powerful monsters here, and if you don't have enough skill, you'll easily die. Even if you're powerful, once you get surrounded by a horde, you're also finished..... however! The commanders here don't have many followers, so it's much easier to hunt these commanders!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Luo Feng was in front of the staircase, and after using his spiritual force to scan the corners, waved his hand: ’’No problem, no monsters in a 20 meter radius’’.

Monsters usually lie in ambush from the corners! And Luo Feng's spiritual force is the best detector.

’’Being with a spirit reader is fantastic’’ smiled Chen Gu.

’’Everyone watch yourselves, don't make a sound. Monsters ears' are very sensitive’’ Gao Feng glared at Chen Gu, and Chen Gu immediately shut up.

Luo Feng was leading while Gao Feng was in the back.

Wei Tie and Wei Qing were on the two sides, and Chen Gu was in the middle!

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng's gaze landed on a three horned boars around 100 meters away. One of the horned boars was extremely large and its horn was black. Unlike the usual gray fur, its needle-like fur was black. All of this pointed to its identity Low level commander!

’’It's that’’

Luo Feng said quietly, ’’I'll take care of that horned boar ahead. Everyone watch the surroundings’’.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Luo Feng charged ahead while the four in the back naturally spread out according to the formation. They were watching for other commander monsters, or if there were other human fighters trying to interfere.

’’HOWL~~’’ the commander level horned boar saw the human Luo Feng rushing alone and immediately howled. Its speed shot to 100 m/s, which is around 360 km/h. And that horned boar was charging straight at Luo Feng! With its body size, the force of impact would be enough to even smash open a truck.

Luo Feng held his ghost blade and kept his regular speed of around 60 to 70 m/s.

The two met!

Luo Feng's speed instantly rose, and with a step, he accurately dodged to the centimeter. Meanwhile, Luo Feng's blade was drawing up! As the blade went, it increased in speed twice, making the blade blurry! It became a blinding light!

The cold light of the blade was like a thunderbolt, and it drew across the neck of the horned boar. The light of the blade was like a mist from a dream, and instantly dispersed!

Blade technique Thunderbolt! First success!


The two seemingly simple slashes from Luo Feng's ghost blade instantly slashed across the necks of the other two soldier level horned boars.

’’RUMBLE~~’’ the commander level horned boar who lost its life continued to sprint for around 10 more meters before falling to the ground with a rumble. It slid on the ground for a few dozen meters before smashing into a large, tough tree that has been growing on the side for dozens of years, causing the entire tree to shake a bit before stopping.

’’Hmhm, nice job, destroying a commander level monster with just blade technique alone’’ Chen Gu and the others huddled around.

’’You've improved quite a bit’’ Gao Feng was also happy, and he was already heading over to dissect the corpse of the monster.

’’My technique, along with my blade technique and bountiful experience, made killing a low level commander so easy’’ Luo Feng was amazed inside. Since he killed over 10,000 monsters, Luo Feng was able to remain perfectly calm when dealing with these monsters, enabling him to use his blade technique and technique to their maximum.

Using the smallest amount of strength to instantly get rid of the opponent!

’’Alright, dissection complete’’ Gao Feng let out a smile, ’’Let's see, we can hunt quite a bit of commander level monsters today’’.

’’Go, to the next one’’ Luo Feng also let out a smile.

Everyone in the fire hammer squad were in high spirits.

In #003 city, even though they knew that they were going to be able to hunt many monsters, once they actually started fighting, Luo Feng realized..... Holy shit. They weren't killing monsters. They were basically printing money! Even a money printer wouldn't be able to make as much money as Luo Feng and the others were making right now!

The materials of a low level commander are worth around 5 million ~ 15 million.

The materials of a medium level commander are worth around 10 million ~ 100 million.

The materials of a high level commander are worth around 50 million ~ 600 to 700 million.

Of course, there are some exceptions, like some extremely rare monster, or some high level commander that's approaching the horde leader level. Naturally, the prices for their materials will be higher. But most of the monsters fit the price range above.

The fire hammer squad killed around 10 commanders a day! Of course, most of them were low level commanders! The amount of money they made was simply shocking!

After fighting for 10 days, Luo Feng and the others killed 92 low level commanders and 3 medium level commanders. The estimated price for them is probably a billion! Since they fought hard for 10 days, Luo Feng and the others were quite tired, so they took a good day to rest. After that, they kept hunting monsters and oh..... it's just that the monsters in the area have clearly decreased by a significant amount.

The 15th day.

On the 12th floor of the 18 story apartment building, Luo Feng and the others were resting.

’’Captain, we rarely see any low level commanders near this area anymore’’ said Chen Gu hopelessly.

’’It can't be helped. We've been killing quite cruelly recently’’ laughed Gao Feng, ’’But no need to rush, monsters come in groups..... According to my estimations, the amount of monsters here will start increasing within 10 days! All we have to do is quietly defend here, since we're familiar with the area’’.

Luo Feng also nodded.

Even though this area was big, Luo Feng and the others memorized it completely these past few days.

’’Looks like #003 city is still the best for making money’’ Wei Tie couldn't help but to be amazed.

Even though Luo Feng and Gao Feng mainly did all the work, Wei Tie, Wei Qing, and Chen Gu still benefit greatly. After dividing the money, each of them will get over 100 million! Before, in the small cities, commanders were rare. Wei Qing and Wei Tie probably couldn't earn 100 million in a year. But now they passed that amount in just 15 days.

Of course

The bigger the gain, the bigger the risks! In these past few days, Luo Feng and the others also encountered an assault from a flying monster. Thankfully, they hid in the house and relied on Luo Feng's throwing knives to scare them away.

’’Tons of money? It's not a lot at all’’ laughed Gao Feng, ’’It's normal for a spirit reader to earn billions a year. The only reason we're able to stay here is mainly thanks to Luo Feng’’.

’’Haha’’ Chen Gu, Wei Qing, and Wei Tie couldn't help but to start laughing.

’’Captain, don't say that. It's because of your help that killing these monsters became that much easier’’. Luo Feng was telling the truth when he said that. It's impossible for one person to pay attention to all of his surroundings. Some squads have three members responsible for keeping watch and to remove potential dangers.

And only with the help of an 'intermediate warlord' like Gao Feng will Luo Feng's efficiency be high.

Luo Feng and the others talked in a relaxed manner, but their voices weren't raised high.

’’Hm?’’ Chen Gu looked down through the laser aimer of his heavy sniper rifle and suddenly said, ’’****, a big one's here!’’.

’’What?’’ Luo Feng and the others basically immediately came over and looked through their binoculars.

Luo Feng looked carefully.....

In a apartment building faraway, the corners were filled with vines and moss. And in these vines was a gigantic snake that was 20 meters long and as thick as a person's waist. The snake's body had black stripes and the closer they got to its head, the thicker they became.

The very end of the gigantic snake split into two triangular snake heads, and both of these heads had a bulge on their foreheads.

’’****, is this the snake type monster, 'black striped', that has lethal poison?’’ cursed Gao Feng under his voice, ’’And this is even a mutated snake type monster, 'twin headed black striped snake'. And it's almost growing a horn and becoming a dragon’’.

Luo Feng also took in a deep breath.

A mutated black striped snake that's almost a dragon?

This thing shouldn't be messed with!


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