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Swallowed Star - Volume 4 - Chapter 10



After the third day, Luo Feng and Chen Gu left the Ming-Yue sector and grouped up with Gao Feng, Wei Tie, and Wei Qing at the HR alliance market to head towards the resupplying base in the southeast.

The military sector in the southeast was way larger than Jiang-Nan city's northern military sector!

’’This resupplying base is also way larger than the resupplying base in the northern military's sector’’. After getting the key, Luo Feng and the group couldn't help but to take in a breath as they walked inside the resupplying base. The amount of villas in this resupplying base way surpassed the northern sector's amount. And with a glance, you could see large amounts of fighters in every area.

In terms of strength, the fighters here have way surpassed the fighters of the northern sector.

’’Of course they're way stronger!’’ exclaimed Gao Feng, ’’#003 city is near the sea. The uncountable amount of monsters in the sea have split the continent and threaten the mainland along the Huang Pu river. This resupplying base exists to deal with those sea monsters. And the fighters are mainly here to deal with the monsters inside the #003 city.

Compared to the monsters of the land, the monsters of the sea pose a much larger threat to humanity.

Because..... the area of the sea way surpasses the area of the land, and the entire sea is the monster's territory. One could imagine just how many monsters are in the sea.

’’Look, that's a 'poison devil gun', isn't it?’’.

’’Hmhm, holy shit, isn't that a wargod? Wargod level fighters rarely appear in the northern military sector, but we just got here and we already saw one’’.

’’Not surprising, #003 city is one of the few large camps for the monsters in all of Eurasia. Professionals from other headquarter cities come here too, not just from our Jiang-Nan city. So it's not weird for so many strong people to be here’’.

The fire hammer squad looked down from the rooftop of their apartment and were all surprised.

The fighters here truly came from all parts of the world!

’’We'll eat, and after lunch we'll head to #003 city’’ said Gao Feng.

Moments later, the five fully equipped members of the fire hammer squad left the resupplying base.

’’It's the fire hammer squad, they came here too?’’

’’I heard that the rookie, Crazy, who just joined the fire hammer squad is quite strong. He's an beginner warlord, so he's sure to improve rapidly’’.

The people inside the resupplying base laughed as they discussed.

’’Crazy?’’ Wan Dong, who was chatting with his friends in the shade of a tree, couldn't help but to turn his head. At this time, the five members of the fire hammer squad were headed towards the gate of the base.

’’Dong, this Luo Feng is in the same batch as you right’’ spoke the burly brute beside him.


Wan Dong nodded, ’’We became fighters in the same group. During the grade three rat tide explosion from last time, I even met him. I wouldn't have thought that he would come to the military sector in the southeast’’. The captain of Wan Dong's original squad died in the rat tide from last time, so Wan Dong and the others joined another fighter squad and came here.

’’Dong, keep at it, don't lose to this Luo Feng’’ the burly brute smacked Wan Dong's chest.

Wan Dong watched Luo Feng's shadow disappear at the gate while having complicated feelings.

When they participated in the prospective fighter exam together, they were both scouted by dojos! Who knew that in a blink of an eye, Luo Feng has already made his name in the circle of fighters while he's still a rookie that needs to work hard. If you mention 'Crazy of Jiang-Nan city', most people would know what you're talking about.

Know that, making a name for yourself is an extremely difficult thing to do!

Or, rely on a earth shattering battle!

Or, rely on a special battle record! Like Luo Feng killing 10,000 monsters in two months.

Or, rely on the build up of your fame over tiring months and long years! For example, Chen Gu and Zhang Ke spent a dozen years building up their fame before they were known!

And now, Luo Feng counts as someone with quite a bit of fame.

’’He was like me back then, and now he's already someone who has a bit of fame in the circle of fighters. I can't lose to him!’’ Wan Dong clenched his fists. With his target Luo Feng right in front of him, Wan Dong didn't dare to relax.

Along the highway, Luo Feng and the others walked for around 2 days until they finally reached the outskirts of #003 city.

The sky was gray and the fire hammer squad treaded forwards carefully, ’’Into the house!’’ yelled Gao Feng.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Luo Feng and the others swiftly entered a shop on the street.


’’Quack quack~~’’

Only after the few hundred birds that covered the sky flew past did the fire hammer squad carefully come out.

’’This is where the monsters gather. It's their biggest camp in all of Eurasia. Not just land monsters, but all sorts of flying monsters are here too’’ warned Gao Feng in a small voice, ’’And since it's near the sea, amphibious monsters appear too. So everyone, make sure to be careful, careful, and even more careful!’’.

’’Understood, captain’’ Luo Feng and the others nodded.

Everyone knew how dangerous it was here. When the group of flying monsters from before attacked, they were only able to keep their lives because of the terrain and Luo Feng's explosion.

’’Our target is a small sector 2 miles away called 'Wan-Ke Dream City'’’ said Gao Feng in a small voice, ’’This Wan-Ke dream city takes up an immense amount of land, large enough for a million people to live there. Right now, there are quite a bit of monsters there. Since it's on the outskirts of #003 city, horde leader level monsters are rare. It's suitable for us to wander around there for a bit’’.

’’Okay’’ the others nodded.

’’Everybody be careful. Whether the sky, the ground, or even underground, monsters can appear from anywhere’’ Gao Feng waved his hand, ’’Depart!’’.

Luo Feng's ghost blade was already unsheathed, and Chen Gu's RG112 heavy machine gun was ready to fire at any time. The five members of the fire hammer squad carefully moved forward and didn't dare to let down their guard for even a moment. They were completely different from the time they were in the small country level city.

’’HOWL~~’’ ’’GROWL~~’’ ’’DIE!’’

An earth shaking growl rumbled over from a few dozen miles away, and even some human's enraged howls.

’’****, what monster?’’ Chen Gu couldn't help but to turn his head towards the origin of the sound.

’’That's towards the city sector, where real ichthyosauruses and alligators appear. There are quite a bit of horde leader level monsters and wargod level fighters there’’ said Gao Feng in a small voice, ’’If you don't have the power of a wargod, going there is suicide! In #003 city, powerful fighters from not just China, but also Russia and India are there!’’.

Luo Feng and the others nodded.

For a short two miles, not even a minute is needed if they explosively sprint. However, the fire hammer squad spent half an hour to reach the Wan-Ke dream city sector that was abandoned dozens of years ago. In this half an hour, Luo Feng and the others killed two snake type monsters, 30 regular soldier level monsters, and a low level commander!

’’I heard it was dangerous, but I didn't think it would be this dangerous! We were so careful and yet we were still forced to fight a low level commander’’ Chen Gu's eyes flashed, ’’Just what you'd expect from #003 city’’.

’’Go, hurry upstairs!’’

Gao Feng waved his hand.

Luo Feng and the others carefully and swiftly entered an apartment building. This building had 18 floors, and from the 1st floor to the 12th floor, Luo Feng and the others met around 10 monsters.

On the 12th floor was a room around 100 square meters.

’’While we're here at #003 city, this house will be our temporary resting spot’’ spoke Gao Feng.

Luo Feng also nodded.

Unlike other cities, #003 city has large amounts of flying type monsters, so you can't rest on the rooftop. If you rest on the roof, you're looking for death.

’’Look, there!’’ Gao Feng stood on the dusty balcony and pointed towards the south, ’’Look there, at the place that's completely covered in mist’’.

Luo Feng and the others walked there.

Indeed, around 10 miles away, a few buildings could barely be seen in the mist;it was impossible to see any further than the broken sign there. That location was strangely covered entirely by the mist. #003 city is actually mostly covered in dust. All sorts of monsters' howls and birds' cries could be heard. And the rumbling of the tens of thousands of monsters was uncountable!

’’That's the core of this sector. It used to be a Knorr convenience store, but now there's a ’’high level horde leader’’ monsters residing there’’ said Gao Feng sternly, ’’No matter, no matter what, we won't approach that area! I heard that the high level horde leader there has two low level horde leaders, large amounts of commanders, and uncountable amounts of soldier monsters there. It's the tyrant of a 20 to 30 mile radius!’’

Luo Feng took in a deep breath.

A high level horde leader and two low level horde leaders? What kind of group is this?

’’Of course, they can only be a tyrant in the outskirts like this. In the city, horde leader level monsters are everywhere’’ Gao Feng waved his hand, ’’Alright, we'll rest for the night. Tomorrow, we'll start our journey in the #003 city’’.

’’Yes, captain’’.

Luo Feng and the others exchanged glances and let out smiles.


The couple hundred bird monsters flew past from above the small sector, and some of them even flew past the apartment buildings. The closest monster was just 20 to 30 meters away from Luo Feng and the others.

’’Everyone enter the rooms and rest. The windows of the rooms aren't big, so the flying monsters can't fly in here. Today, Chen Gu and Wei Tie, you two rotate and keep watch for the night’’.

In #003 city, even if Luo Feng and the others want to sleep, they have to let someone keep watch!

Nobody dared to relax, for this was an amusement park to the monsters, a den to the humans, and a battlefield to the fighters.


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