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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 9



’’The tendon of a ocelot monster's tail is worth quite a bit’’. With a ’’CHI’’ sound of Luo Feng's ghost blade, it drew across the tail and took out the transparent tendon. Luo Feng looked at Wei Tie beside him and laughed, ’’Brother Tie sure is strong. With that collision with the twin tailed ocelot just now, brother Tie was spitting out blood. It scared me, but it seems like brother Tie is perfectly fine now!’’

’’Are you stupid? Should I just force the blood back down instead of spitting it out? The damage will be even worse that way!’’ said Wei Tie jokingly as he laughed.

’’Alright, let's get these one by one’’ laughed Chen Gu.

The six members of the fire hammer squad were in quite a good mood. Gao Feng squatted next to the twin tailed ocelot while dissecting it. Of course, the twin tailed ocelot's corpse was the hardest to dissect.

’’Luo Feng brought luck to our squad. It's our first day and we killed two commander level monsters in a row’’ laughed Gao Feng as he dissected.

’’Haha, captain, you gotta praise me for that. It was me who tried to get Luo Feng in our squad’’ laughed Chen Gu.

The group laughed merrily.


As if Luo Feng's tail was on fire, his eyes instantly widened. It was as if the conditions were exactly the same as his reaction speed examination where he dodged the rubber bullets: the air was hazy in front of him and a bullet could be seen!

The speed of the bullet was at least 10 times faster than the rubber bullets used in the reaction speed examination! Luo Feng didn't even have time to yell out a warning.

Under immense stress, Luo Feng's body instantly started pumping out adrenaline, and his heart started beating at an alarming rate. All the hairs on his body stood up and his mind was pushed to a limit never seen before! Even the spiritual force that was sleeping deep within him spread out across his entire body automatically!

A life or death situation!

Human's innate survival instinct caused Luo Feng's body and spiritual force to instantly reach their limit!


The armor piercing bullet tore through the air and shot towards Luo Feng's brain.

Luo Feng used the ghost blade that was dissecting the ocelot's tail to block the bullet. He pushed his body to its limit and used all of his power to swing his blade around. While his waist exerted its first force, it actually had time to exert a second force!

Everything fell into place! Facing death, his body was able to naturally exert the second force while his concentration and body were at their limits.

Nine Stage Thunder Blade First Stage!

It actually worked!

The speed of the ghost blade instantly flew up!

’’Accelerate!’’ Luo Feng used his spiritual force on his ghost blade to make it move even faster!


Without delay, the spiritual force was used on the armor piercing bullet that was flying towards him at an extreme speed. The armor piercing bullet was reduced to mach 1 from mach 4! And with a ’’CLANG!’’, Luo Feng's ghost blade directly hit the armor piercing bullet.

The tip of the armor piercing bullet pushed into the blade and then bounced off.


The other armor piercing bullet was aimed at captain 'Gao Feng's' brain. According to the tiger fang squad's plan, Zhang Ze Hu requested to kill Luo Feng, while the other bullet was prepared for the strongest member of the fire hammer squad, Gao Feng. So these two bullets were prepared for Luo Feng and Gao Feng!

And Gao Feng, who was currently dissecting the twin tailed ocelot and had his back turned towards the bullet, didn't see the armor piercing bullet at all.

’’PU!’’ the dagger in Gao Feng's hand ferociously cut through the fur of the twin tailed ocelot. This force made his body sway, and the bullet that was aimed for his brain got off target. Right when he was about to feel the toughness of the ocelot's fur


The super fast armor piercing bullet just barely grazed Gao Feng's ear as it flew by. The rapid airflow caused Gao Feng's ear to start bleeding.


The armor piercing bullet cruelly landed in Zhang Ke's shoulder, who was beside Gao Feng. And the shot that is able to burst open a low level commander level monster's scales instantly shattered the bones and muscles in Zhang Ke's shoulder. With a BOOM, Zhang Ke's right shoulder directly flew up, and, ’’PU-CHI’’, the blood started spraying out like a fountain.

’’AHH!’’ Zhang Ke cried out bitterly.

’’A sniper rifle bullet!’’

Gao Feng looked at Zhang Ke's broken shoulder spraying out fresh blood. Some of the blood even sprayed onto Gao Feng, which caused Gao Feng's eyes to turn red. He howled: ’’Enemy attack!’’.

’’Which bastard!’’ Wei Tie and Wei Qing also yelled angrily.

While they yelled out of rage, virtually all the members of the fire hammer squad started moving around quickly. There's no one who would dare to stand in the same location while being aimed at by a sniper. Gao Feng was only able to dodge the bullet because, by chance, his dagger made his body sway.

’’PENG!’’ ’’PENG!’’ ’’PENG!’’ ’’PENG!’’

Four more gunshots!

’’That way!’’ Gao Feng, Luo Feng, and the others all looked towards the gunshots' source with red eyes.

On the rooftop far away, the shadows swayed and disappeared.

’’It's the tiger fang squad!’’ Gao Feng clenched his teeth, ’’TIGER FANG!!!’’.

Luo Feng wasn't able to see them at all..... the distance was too great and the tiger fang squad vanished instantly. Clearly, your eyesight would need to be amazing to see them clearly! A fighter's sight and hearing improves along with their body fitness level. Within the six members of the fire hammer squad, captain Gao Feng's body fitness level neared 'intermediate level warlord'.

So only he was able to see them clearly.

’’The tiger fang squad? The tiger fang squad that Zhang Ze Hu is in?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to feel his rage come up. Of course, he checked before and discovered the news about Zhang Ze Hu being in the tiger fang squad, ’’he actually wants to kill me?’’.

Ice cold!

Luo Feng truly felt for himself that fighters don't live in harmony with each other!

’’Zhang Ke!’’

’’Old Zhang!’’

A couple of them went over, and Luo Feng rushed towards Zhang Ke's side too. Zhang Ke laid on the ground with a pale face. His right shoulder was completely shattered by the armor piercing bullet, and his right arm was blown off a while ago. Even his battle uniform was ripped up. The power of this bullet was just too great. Zhang ke's face was completely pale while Chen Gu hurriedly tried to stop the blood.

’’It's me, Zhang Ke, you took this shot for me!’’ said Gao Feng as he clutched his ear.

’’Brother Zhang’’ Luo Feng's fists were both clenched and his eyes were crimson red.

It was brother Zhang and brother Chen that brought him into the fire hammer squad.

’’Not good!’’ Gao Feng's face changed completely, ’’Run now!’’

The tiger fang squad shot out a total of six bullets just now. Two of them were for Luo Feng and Gao Feng, while the other four were for the surrounding monsters. At this moment, the monsters were already starting to angrily howl, and everyone in the fire hammer squad immediately understood why the tiger fang squad shot those extra four bullets.

’’So sinister’’

’’They want to kill all of us’’

’’Hurry and run’’

Wei Qing put Zhang Ke, who lost too much blood, on his back, and the group started sprinting.

’’RUMBLE~~’’ a large amount of iron fur boars appeared on the street ahead. Each of the iron fur boars were gigantic, and a couple hundred of them were rushing towards the fire hammer squad. It seemed like an earthquake was going on when the boars were rushing together. All the faces of the members of the fire hammer squad lost their color, and right when they tried to change direction, another gigantic rumbling sound came from the other side.

An even more alarming amount of monsters were rushing towards them. Not only were there horned boars in this horde, but also lion mastiff monsters. All of the monsters added up exceeded 1000.

’’Big trouble’’

All the members of the fire hammer squad were pale!

’’Get over the wall!’’ commanded Gao Feng.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The fire hammer squad speedily rushed over the broken wall. The four sniper rifle bullets enraged the monsters greatly. The monsters only knew..... that only humans could have such a horrifyingly sinister assassination weapon! When they saw the humans rush over the wall, all of them were practically united

’’RUMBLE~~’’ the horned boars lowered their heads and rammed into the wall. The wall that has been exposed to decades of wind and sun shattered instantly and over a thousand tightly packed monsters rushed over it.

The fire hammer squad looked back and couldn't help but to have their faces change again.

’’Brothers, this time it's everyone for themselves. Run, if one can survive, then at least that's one. If we stay together, all of us will die for sure!’’ yelled Gao Feng, whose eyes were still red, as they ran, ’’this son of a bitch tiger fang squad, if I, Gao Feng, live through this, I'll definitely make them pay for this with their blood!!!’’

’’Everyone, spread out and escape!’’ Wei Tie and Wei Qing were also clenching their teeth.

Against over a thousand monsters, even an advanced warrior would have trouble escaping.

’’The tiger fang squad, Zhang Ze Hu!’’ Luo Feng felt in his heart that they probably did this because he made Zhang Ze Hu lose one hundred million that time, ’’The tiger fang squad wouldn't just attack for no reason would they? Could it be because of me..... because of me, brother Zhang ended up like that?’’

Guilt rushed out of Luo feng's heart, but also his intent to kill!!!

’’Zhang Ze Hu! Tiger fang squad!’’ both of Luo Feng's eyes were crimson red.

’’Captain, brother Chen’’ yelled Luo Feng.

This yell caused captain Gao Feng, the Wei Jia brothers, and Chen Gu to look at Luo Feng in shock. Luo Feng clenched his teeth as he yelled, ’’Follow me! Everyone can escape alive!!!’’. With a ’’HU’’ sound, all of the throwing knives on Luo Feng's thigh started hovering up and encircled Luo Feng one by one.


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