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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 8



Luo Feng followed the five veteran members of the fire hammer squad as they quietly went over the wall and into a residential home on the side of the street. The walls of this residential home were mostly collapsed, the corners of the walls that were left had moss growing all over them, and the concrete walkway has been covered with weeds ages ago.

’’The fat sheep is ahead’’. Wei Tie went through a gap in the collapsed wall and looked around on the street outside, ’’We're pretty lucky. This ocelot is searching for prey with its underlings in a relaxed manner’’.

Luo Feng also looked outside through the gap in the collapsed wall.

Around 50 meters away, the commander level ocelot was leading its group of ocelots on the street.

’’Remember guys’’

Gao Feng said in a small voice, ’’First, your mission is to kill those regular ocelots. As for the commander level ocelot, just stay away from it and try not to get hit. Just leave it to me. If it's one low level commander level ocelot, I can handle it alone. Next, Chen Gu, don't fire your machine gun. It's not too late to fire until after something unexpected happens..... once you start firing, we'll have to flee the battlefield’’.


Luo Feng and the others nodded seriously.

Gunshots attract monsters easily. If you're on the rooftop of a high building, then the monsters can't pinpoint your position with just their ears. However, shooting on the ground exposes your position easily. Soon after, large amounts of monsters will be attracted and will surround and attack. As time goes on, more and more monsters will keep getting attracted.

Last time, when they were trying to retrieve the corpse of the 'bloodthirsty tank', everyone started running for their lives once Chen Gu started firing.

’’Alright, this time we're gonna make this quick! Let's go!’’ Gao Feng waved his hand.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Six shadows flew out at practically the same time, and even Chen Gu had a machine gun in his left hand and a short dagger in his right.

Six people, as if six blurred images, all charged at the group of ocelots.

’’ROAR~~’’ the hairs of the two tailed ocelot, head of the ocelot group, all stood up and it immediately roared out of anger. The 16 surrounding ocelots also started to give out an enraged roar one by one. These roars kept echoing between the two sides of the streets and the sound shook the sky. Each of the strong, burly ocelots crazily charged at the humans in front of their eyes.


’’Scum, die!’’

Luo Feng watched the ocelot fly towards him like lightning, and stepped a meter away to the side. The ghost blade in his hand used this position to draw a cold light that went straight for the throat of the ocelot! The charging ocelot growled in a low voice and lowered its head to use its chin to block Luo Feng's attack!


The ghost blade cut the fur of the ocelot's chin and even cut half a cm into the jawbone.

’’This ocelot reacts quickly, much faster than the lion mastiff monsters’’ when Luo Feng landed, a blood scented wind came as another ocelot's mouth was already wide open and ready to bite Luo Feng. Luo Feng first stepped back for some more space and then directly used his shield to block and his blade to stab!

The ghost blade delicately slid across the shield and stabbed through the charging ocelot's chin in an instant.

Luo Feng ferociously pulled his blade out and stepped back.

’’Pu~~~’’ fresh blood sprayed wildly, and the large ocelot fell to the ground. It swayed three times and then fell down to the cracked concrete floor with a howl.

’’Watch out!’’

A huge voice suddenly shouted!


The nearby brothers Wei Tie and Wei Qing were suddenly hit and thrown into the air. Wei Tie's entire body smashed against one of the walls on the street and, with a boom, the poorly maintained wall instantly shattered. Wei Tie fell down and spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

’’ROAR~~’’ the twin tailed cat that instantly smashed into the brothers Wei Tie and Wei Qing was in front of Luo Feng at almost the same time.

’’Too fast!’’ Luo Feng was startled and instantly side stepped.

’’Just barely!’’

Clearly, his dodging speed wasn't fast enough, and as he saw the claws of the twin tailed ocelot about to latch onto himself, he used his shapeless spiritual force to move himself away. The speed of his sidestepped increased by a significant amount and the twin tailed ocelot's claws just barely touched him.


Luo Feng also used this chance to unleash an uppercut! The blade slashed against one of the twin tailed ocelot's forelimbs, but the sharp blade actually made a ’’CHI’’ sound as it slashed against the fur. It couldn't even break through a single layer of fur on the twin tailed ocelot's front claw.

’’The speed and defense of a commander level monster is just too horrifying’’ said Luo Feng out of shock.

’’PUCHI!’’ The twin tailed ocelot landed on the ground and its sharp claws caused the concrete floor to crack open.

’’SCUM!!!’’ Gao Feng, whose carelessness led to his comrades' injuries, rushed like lightning and ferociously rammed towards the twin tailed ocelot with a hideous look on his face. The two gigantic, heavy hammers spun like a windmill as they smashed into the twin tailed ocelot. The twin tailed ocelot, completely unaffected by Luo Feng's blade, turned towards Gao Feng like a huge truck and rushed towards him!

’’PENG’’ ’’PENG’’

The hammers and the claws clashed.

Both Gao Feng and the twin tailed ocelot staggered, but Gao Feng used his left foot to charge at the twin tailed ocelot again. Gao Feng gave the twin tailed ocelot no chance to attack his comrades again! And the bones in one of the twin tailed ocelot's limb were fractured by the heavy hammer, so it could only rely on three of its legs to stand.

In their struggle, it seems that Gao Feng has the advantage!

RUMBLE~~ The heavy hammers kept smashing!


On the rooftop of a six story residential building around five hundred meters away from this scene, the six members of the tiger fang squad were using their binoculars to look around.

’’Captain, it seems that there are quite a bit of monsters around, so it'll be difficult to not agitate any monsters within a ten mile radius of the location of 'the hunter'’’ said the one eyed middle aged man as he frowned. The skinny captain of the tiger fang squad also frowned. Suddenly, his gaze landed upon the fire hammer squad that was battling the ocelot monsters far away.

’’It's the fire hammer squad’’ said the captain of the tiger fang squad as he raised his eyebrows, ’’They came to this country level city too?’’

’’The fire hammer squad probably did this because they brought that rookie Luo Feng’’ said the one eyed middle aged man, ’’The guy with the twin hammers is clearly Gao Feng. Gao Feng sure is powerful, he's going at it with a low level commander level monster. I heard that his strength is already at the level of an intermediate warlord, but it's just that his speed is a bit lacking. Seems like they weren't just rumors’’.

Carrying a gigantic machete on his back, Zhang Ze Hu's eyes flashed. He grabbed his binoculars and looked towards that direction and said joyfully, ’’It actually is the fire hammer squad, and that Luo Feng kid is actually here. Seems like he's performing well!’’. A savage light passed through Zhang Ze Hu's eyes.

’’Captain, it's this tiny rabbit that made me lose a whole one hundred million!’’ said Zhang Ze Hu, ’’Let's use this chance to kill him’’. One hundred million was a large sum of money to Zhang Ze Hu. Since he's only at the advanced warrior level, he has to risk his life for two years to earn one hundred million.

’’Kill him?’’

The other members of the squad were slightly surprised.

The captain of the tiger fang squad frowned, and then laughed: ’’Good idea! Xiao, Dong, you two use your snipers to deal with the most important members of the fire hammer squad, and then immediately fire at the two monster hordes near them! We're far away, so the monsters won't be able to tell where the sudden shot came from’’.

’’These normal monsters have very low intelligence: once they get hit, they'll only attack the humans they can see!’’

The captain of the tiger fang squad laughed coldly, ’’At that time, the two monster hordes will be attracted to the fire hammer squad and will surround them! The gigantic slaughter will attract large amounts of monsters over there, which will lower the amount of monsters in the other areas. When that happens, we can easily go through miles of land!’’.

The other members of the tiger fang squad were silent.

It's not like they haven't killed other fighters before. But they usually only did that to steal monsters' corpses, but to just do it in this case.....


’’Dong, aim on that Luo Feng and kill him in one shot to relieve my brother’’ said Zhang Ze Hu as he clenched his teeth.

’’Do it!’’ ordered the captain of the tiger fang squad.

’’Yes, captain’’.

The two heated weapon using members didn't delay. On the border of life and death, they had too much experience killing monsters and humans.

’’Hmph hmph, Luo Feng’’ Zhang Ze Hu stood on the edge of the rooftop as he watched the fire hammer squad that already succeeded in killing the twin tailed ocelot. He let out a cold smile as he said, ’’You dare mess with my money, I'll take your life! Go regret it in hell!’’.

And the two sniper rifles were already set up.

The two heated weapon using members were in front of their sniper rifles, and they chose to use a special, powerful armor piercing round. They started to aim and adjust for elevation, etc. and then they nodded to their captain, showing they're ready.

’’HU!’’ the captain of the tiger fang squad waved his hand.

The two members pressed the triggers simultaneously!



The two low sounds rang and the two bullets instantly split through the space and headed towards the fire hammer squad that was currently getting the material from the twin tailed ocelot's corpse. The sound rang, but the bullets moved at a couple times faster than the speed of sound, so the bullets arrived before the fire hammer squad could even hear anything!


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