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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 7



’’Yo, bro’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but to laugh after hearing the sound that came from the tactical communications watch: ’’Luo Hua, weren't you heating things up with that young lady? How come you have the time to call me!’’


On the balcony, Chen Gu, Zhang Ke, and the others came one by one and started laughing.

’’Even if I have a wife I can't forget my older brother’’ laughed the younger brother in the tactical communications watch, ’’Oh yea, bro. I called to tell you something. Nan officially agreed to be my girlfriend, haha..... isn't your brother great’’

The younger brother laughed joyfully.

How long has it been? He hasn't been this happy before.

’’The power of love is indeed great’’. Luo Feng thought to himself, ’’He's been crippled for so long, so he has a lot of psychological pressure to deal with. For him to be so happy after getting a girlfriend......’’ Luo Feng was happy for his brother, and immediately laughed: ’’You still gotta work hard and get that certificate!’’

’’Bro, we can't rush this. We gotta go step by step’’ laughed Luo Hua.

’’Oh yea, what about mom and dad?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’They went grocery shopping’’ answered Luo Hua.

Luo Feng nodded.....

Mom can finally go grocery shopping in the afternoon, and Dad can finally relax and spend time with Mom in the market.

’’I'm fine bro. Be careful while you're out of the city’’ said Luo Hua out of concern.

’’No worries!’’

After the call ended, Luo Feng had a smile all over his face.

’’Alright, since Luo Feng is done with his phone call, everyone come here for a sec’’ said Gao Feng. In a moment, Luo Feng and the others walked over, ’’today, we just entered the city and produced great results! As always, we'll divide the spoils based on everyone's contribution in the battle!’’

’’After we finish hunting and return to base to resupply, we'll do the dividing’’. Suddenly, Gao Feng's expression became very serious, ’’However, let me give a reminder, that everybody must be extremely cautious! This is an area with a high amount of buildings, where all the monsters' nests are. There will be a huge amount of commander level monsters in the entire city. So don't let your guards down, or else it'll be troublesome if any of you get into a dangerous situation. Many fighters died last year’’.


Chen Gu, Zhang Ke, the Wei Jia brothers, and Luo Feng all nodded seriously.

Luo Feng also knew.....

That joining the army was the safest. The mortality rate of a fighter like him barging into the wilderness was extremely high!

’’Everybody used up quite a bit of energy in the slaughter just now. We were also rushing through the night, so everybody rest now. After 4 PM, we'll move out!’’ decided Gao Feng.


’’Phew, time to rest’’

The six members of the fire hammer squad either leaned against something or laid down to rest.


While the fire hammer squad was well-hidden and resting on the rooftop of the hotel, the tiger fang squad already entered the #0201 country level city. The six of them were carefully moving throughout the alleys of the ruined city. Some of the alleys' walls were collapsed, and some even had corpses of monsters in them.

’’Halt!’’ the skinny captain rose his hand and everyone else stopped.

The captain of the tiger fang squad said in a small voice: ’’Everyone listen up, we only have one target this time the already injured silver moon wolf! So while we're here in the city, make sure you don't mess with any of the other monsters! If you can hide, hide. If you can run, run. Try not to fight them, and it'll be troublesome if you get injured!’’

The other five members nodded seriously.

This is a ’’high level commander level’’ silver moon wolf. The amount of money you could make is even greater than hunting dozens of low level commander level monsters.

’’Also..... once we catch up to the silver moon wolf! This silver moon wolf is extremely wounded, so we only need to hit it two or three more times to kill it. So never try to fight it head on. Let me remind you guys again, do not, DO NOT try to fight it head on and drag it out! If we really start fighting this silver moon wolf with everything, at least one or two of us will lose our lives!’’

Everyone nodded their heads with serious expressions on their faces.

A high level commander level monster, and the king of the wolves: 'silver moon wolf'. Even when injured, if it stakes its life for revenge, it's possible that most of the tiger fang squad will get killed.

’’We just have to keep injuring it and let it bleed;torture it to death!’’ laughed the captain of the tiger fang squad with confidence, ’’A country level area like this has a very low chance of attracting a wargod fighter squad. There are probably just a few teams in this city, and with a team like ours, we should be the strongest ones in the city. So we don't need to worry about someone stealing it away!’’

Usually, stronger warlord level fighter teams are more active in the urban level areas. There's more of a challenge, and there are more independent commander level monsters!

For example, there's a reason why the fire hammer squad came to this country level area. And that's because Luo Feng is a rookie!

Otherwise, the fire hammer squad would also enter an urban level area, and not a country level area.

’’Captain, if there actually is a fighter squad that actually tries to steal.....’’ said the one eyed middle aged man as he wrinkled his eyebrows.


Zhang Ze Hu laughed on the side, ’’Even we don't dare to stick too close to that hunter! And most of the fighter squads in this city are warrior level! One warlord level fighter squad would already be pretty good. And if they try to fight the silver moon wolf? They'll probably get torn to pieces immediately by the silver moon wolf’’.


The captain of the tiger fang squad nodded, ’’They don't have the ability to steal the silver moon wolf away. If they do..... kill them!’’


The other five nodded.

’’Let's go’’ the captain of the tiger fang squad waved his hand and the six of them swiftly moved forward silently.

The wilderness isn't like a headquarter!

Headquarters are cities controlled by humans, where there's law! Where there's a government!

But in the wilderness, monsters rule the area. Here, dark, chaotic, and bloody cases are everywhere. For a prized corpse of a monster, there are many cases where fighter squads have killed each other over it! Of course, most of the time it's a stronger fighter squad stealing from a weaker fighter squad.

Many fighters in the wilderness die to monsters. However, quite a few fighters die to other fighters too.


Midnight. The six members of the fire hammer squad ate a lot and were well rested, and all of them looked through their binoculars and had them pointing downwards.

’’We already saw two commander level monsters in two hours’’ said Wei Tie helplessly, ’’Sadly, each of them have a gigantic amount of soldier level monsters surrounding them! Looks like the urban areas are still better. Even though there are many commander level monsters, and sometimes even a 'horde leader level' monster there... Most of the regular soldier level monsters are all focused around the horde leader level monsters and the powerful commander level monsters. Many of the commander level monsters are independent’’.

Before, Chen Gu had fired two shots from his sniper rifle!

However, they didn't get so lucky this time.

These two shots were fired at the two commander level monsters. One of them barely had any effect at all, and while the other one was heavily wounded, it didn't die! Most importantly, they have tons of soldier level monsters protecting them.

’’That's the bad point of a country level city. Even a regular commander level monster has a huge amount of monsters under its control’’ sighed Zhang Ke.

’’However, country level cities are safe’’

Gao Feng laughed, ’’Out of the entire country level city, there are only one or two high level commander level monsters. And all of them are surrounded by a gigantic amount of normal monsters, so we wouldn't even touch them. As for the regular monster hordes, with our squad's strength, we can wipe them out if we really wanted to! We aren't afraid of suddenly getting surrounded by a few commander level monsters’’.

In the cities, there are many commander level monsters, so it's easy to get surrounded by several of them.


Luo Feng looked through his binoculars, ’’This, this is a commander level monster?’’

Around ten monsters appeared on the edge of the street, and all of them had spots. They gave off the feeling of a tiger, the 'ocelot race' of the cat type monsters. All of these ocelots had large bodies, and one of them even had two tails!

’’Two tails? Commander level?’’ said Luo Feng excitedly.

In the ocelot race, two tails means a low level commander, three tails means a medium level commander..... five tails, low level horde leader..... seven tails, high level horde leader...... eight tails, already surpassing the horde leader level, and is one of the strongest existences in the ocelot race.

And out of all the cat type animals, nine tails..... is the Nine Lives Demon Cat (Nine Lives Cat King), which is one of the most horrifying monsters on earth.

’’Captain, look, a commander level ocelot’’ yelled Luo Feng.


In a moment, the other five rushed over and looked for it with their binoculars.

’’It's really an ocelot! Looks like the fact that ocelots don't like large groups isn't just a rumor. There are only 16 regular soldier level monsters surrounding the commander level ocelot’’ laughed Gao Feng, ’’Guys, get ready for action’’.

’’Only 16 regular monsters, I can handle them alone’’ laughed Chen Gu, so all the other members were relaxed.

’’Let's go!’’

Under Gao Feng's command, Luo Feng and the others left the rooftop one by one. This time, they didn't fire in advance..... for if they fail to kill the ocelot, it might run away! For a commander level monster to only have around a dozen monsters with it is very rare in a small country level city.


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