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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 5



When the six members of the fire hammer squad were searching for a commander level monster and hiding on the rooftop of the blue sky sector's residential hall.... Around 30 km away from the #0201 country level city on the ruined highway was a six-man elite fighter group rushing towards the #0201 country level city.

All six of them had a tiger shaped medal on their left breast pocket of their battle uniform.

This was the famous ’’Tiger Fang Squad’’ of Jiang-Nan city. There were six people in the tiger fang squad: two of them used heated weapons, and the other four used cold weapons. Two of the four that used cold weapons were warlord level fighters, and the other two were advanced warrior level fighters! And the two that used heated weapons were also warlord level!

Actually, as long as you have enough talent, experience, and time, it's quite easy to reach the warlord level using heated weapons.

Because they rely on their guns and bullets!

’’Old Han, have you found that old guy's position yet?’’ asked Zhang Ze Hu in a small voice. This Zhang Ze Hu was indeed one of the six members of the tiger fang squad, and was an advanced warrior level fighter. In terms of strength, the tiger fang squad was extremely powerful. The weakest members were both advanced warrior level fighters, and these two were barely away from the warlord level.

’’According to the signal flare I left on that old guy, it's probably 40 km away from us. According to me, I'd think it's in the #0201 country level city ahead!’’ said the guy who was holding and looking at a compass-like instrument.

’’Finally confirmed the position’’

’’If we can hunt down this old guy this time, we brothers are gonna be rich’’.

The people of the tiger fang squad laughed.

When they were hunting for monsters before, they found the wolf type monster, 'Hunter', by chance. There were lots of different classifications for the monsters today. Before the Grand Nirvana period, there were mostly pigs, dogs, cats, cows, and sheep in society. So most of the monsters today are mostly pig type, dog type, cat type, cow type, sheep type, snake type, etc. Monsters like foxes, monkeys, scorpions, wolves, tigers, and jaguars are rarer.

Wolves, tigers, and jaguars were already strong, so after a mutation, they'd become beyond horrifying.

Of course, since there are so many regular monsters, some of them become horrifying existences.

For example, one of the cat type monsters is a legendary existence Nine Lives Demon Cat!

The Nine Lives Demon Cat is the most frightening monster within the cat type monster category. It has nine tails, and it's strength surpasses a horde leader! On the entire earth, it's considered as one of the scariest monsters in the rankings.


Since the wolf type monsters have a high reproduction ability, fighters could often encounter a few wolf type monsters this past decade.

And the 'Hunter' is one of the most horrifying mutations within the wolf type monster category. They're also called the king of the wolves 'Silver Moon Wolf', each silver moon wolf is practically independent, and they love hunting other monsters and fighters. As they're also sly and cruel, they got the name of 'Hunter'.

As of now, the weakest known silver moon wolf is a 'medium commander level monster', so a head of a silver moon wolf is worth a fortune.

’’This hunter we're chasing is probably a ’’high commander level’’, practically nearing the horde leader level! Thankfully, this hunter was already wounded when we engaged before, so we were able to give it another heavy wound’’ said the captain of the tiger fang squad, a dark skinned, thin, short man in a small voice, ’’As of now, we've already healed up and regained our strength! This time, we have to grab our chance and hunt down this 'Hunter' whose strength has declined greatly’’.

’’Yes, captain’’

The six members of the tiger fang squad were full of fighting spirit! One dead hunter is practically worth more than one or two years of their income.


On the rooftop of one of the 21 story high residential hall in the blue sky sector.

Five members of the fire hammer squad had their binoculars pointed down and were looking carefully. Luo Feng held his binocular with his left hand and his water bottle with his right. He drank a little bit of water, put the binoculars down, tightened up the cap of the water bottle and put it into his back. Only after that did he continue looking downwards with his binoculars again.

’’Captain, do we just foolishly wait here?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’What do you understand?’’ Gao Feng laughed as he put down his binoculars, ’’In this area, a 21 story high residential apartment is already pretty high. From the rooftop, we can scan a radius of 5 km with our binoculars. How big is a country level city? Of course, because some of the buildings are blocking, our efficiency isn't that high. However this efficiency is already immensely high. Everybody can rest and find monsters. It's the best way.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

’’Captain, you guys come look here’’ shouted Zhang Ke suddenly as he pointed down in a certain direction.


The other four ran there, each of them holding their binoculars and looking downwards. Luo Feng also looked towards the direction Zhang ke was pointing at, and through the binoculars he saw that there were horned boars and iron fur boars appearing in some of the streets in the north west direction. There was probably a total of a couple hundred boars, and the number of boars were still increasing in his field of view.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed. On one of the streets, there was a peculiar monster that was moving slowly and calling upon more pig type monsters. It was completely red and looked like a tank.

’’This is the Bloodthirsty Tank?’’ said Luo Feng out of shock.

Out of the pig type monsters, they are ranked at #2 Bloodthirsty Tank herd. It's called a bloodthirsty tank, but they're also a pig type monster. They have a large amount of scales on them and their defense is amazing. At a glance, it resembles an armored tank, and its defense and attack isn't inferior to a real tank at all.

’’It's a bloodthirsty tank!’’

’’Man it's a big catch’’

’’Captain, according to the color of its scales, it should be around a 'low commander level monster'. Maybe nearing 'medium commander level'’’.

Some of the fire hammer squad members started arguing.

’’Hm’’Hm, the price of a bloodthirsty tank is quite high’’ laughed captain Gao Feng, ’’even though it's only a low commander level monster, its price is comparable to medium commander level monsters. This is a great catch! Everybody cheer up’’

’’Old Chen’’

’’Chen Gu’’

The captain's voice caused Chen Gu to finally open his eyes. Chen Gu laughed as he stood up, ’’Yo guys, found a commander level monster?’’

’’Come and look’’ laughed Gao Feng.

Chen Gu sprinted over and looked through the binoculars. He was astonished as he said: ’’Damn, its the bloodthirsty tank that's ranked second in the pig type monsters. This guy's defense is crazy;the armor piercing bullets I brought probably wouldn't even be able to pierce through its scales! Looks like it's time to use my precious ones’’.

’’Hurry, bullets aren't worth that much’’ persuaded Gao Feng.

Chen Gu was quick;he immediately sprinted to the steel case, took out three blood-red colored bullets, and changed the bullets in the sniper rifle.


Chen Gu laid on the roof and set up his silverish gray heavy sniper rifle. The barrel of the gun reflected the light from the sun. And Chen Gu stuck out his hand to get a feel for the direction, and started doing detailed calculations as he calibrated his optical aimer device. The other five members of the fire hammer squad didn't dare make a sound.


’’PENG!’’ a deep sound full of force rang.

In practically an instant, the bullet went through the air and shot through. Not only was the power of this alloyed armor piercing bullet destructively high, but its speed was also a couple times higher than the speed of sound. Because it was faster than the speed of sound, the sonic boom it causes is behind the bullet, which means that the sound won't reach the monster until after it has been hit by the bullet.

The bloodthirsty tank walked slowly on the street, commanding large amounts of monsters.


The scales between the back of the ear and the neck instantaneously combusted, dramatically blowing up a hole as the bullet forced its way through.

’’AO~~’’ the bloodthirsty tank wailed in pain as it started staggering and swaying around. After it regained its balance, the bloodthirsty tank immediately howled in rage and bitterness over and over. In an instant, the large amounts of pig type monsters that were spread out immediately rushed towards it, and the spot where the bloodthirsty tank was hit started bleeding. It kept howling over and over, but it wasn't able to determine where the bullet was shot from.


On the roof, Chen Gu slightly raised his head and moved the optical aimer device away from his eye as he said confidently: ’’My luck was pretty good, I hit its vital spot. This bloodthirsty boar didn't die instantly because its life force is strong, but it'll fall for sure within 5 minutes’’. The first shot is the most effective shot in long ranged sniping because the commander level monster isn't prepared for it.

However, if the first bullet fails to strike a vital point, then there'll be trouble.

And a commander level monster has extremely high defense, so its pretty good if a bullet could just pierce through its armor. Because of that, bullets usually concentrate on high penetration powered 'armor piercing bullets' and not some of the destructive explosion bullets. If you can't even get through the armor, then what's the point of being destructive?

’’Nice shooting’’ laughed Zhang Ke as he gave a thumbs up.

’’The skull of a bloodthirsty tank is extremely hard. Even if you get through the scales, the bloodthirsty tank isn't affected much’’ laughed Gao Feng, ’’Chen Gu, this gun is fantastic’’. If Chen Gu failed, then they would have to kill all of the monsters guarding the bloodthirsty tank, which is too difficult!

’’Don't praise me too much’’

Chen Gu laughed: ’’Now you guys have to think of a way to get the corpse of that bloodthirsty tank. There are hundreds of monsters surrounding it. And if we're too slow..... another fighter squad might steal our loot’’.

’’Don't jinx it, there are probably at most two or three fighter squads in this country level city’’. Gao Feng laughed, ’’Alright guys, let's tidy up and depart, to get the corpse down there’’.


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