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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 4



The fire hammer squad quietly entered the suburban part of the #0201 country level city.

’’Luo Feng, we ran along the highway these past three days, which belongs to the desolate area.’’ as they walked, Chen Gu kept his voice low and said, ’’most of the monsters live in the city and in the built-up areas! Places like the counties and urban areas are the truly dangerous locations!’’

’’Understood, brother Chen’’ nodded Luo Feng.

Luo Feng already read about the common habits of monsters in the posts.

In the long war between monsters and humans, monsters found that if they live in relatively empty areas, the human army and fighters could lock-on to them from far away. Without anything to hide behind, the humans could use ’’heavy sniper rifles’’ and missiles to conduct long distance attacks!

But in the city, there were tons of skyscrapers.

As long as the monsters hid in the urban areas, snipers will rarely have a chance, unless they go inside the city! And right when the human army enters the city, they'll have to fight with the monsters on the streets, where the monsters will have an overwhelming advantage. Urban areas are the monsters' heaven!

’’Naturally, the target for our fire hammer squad is a commander level monster! However.....’’ reminded Chen Gu in a small voice, ’’A commander level monster is intelligent, around the level of a human. The commander level monster will command large amounts of soldier level monsters to surround it. Virtually every commander level monster will be surrounded by large amounts of soldier level monsters, so it's very difficult to kill a commander level monster’’.

Luo Feng nodded.

A soldier and a commander not only have a large difference in strength, but also intelligence!

To protect their lives, a commander level monster will naturally summon large amounts of soldier level monsters to protect it. Other than the extremely rare monsters that like to be independent, most commanders will be surrounded by soldiers.

’’Everybody be careful, there's a steel clad bull lair up ahead’’ said Gao Feng suddenly, ’’The head of this steel clad bull lair is probably a high level commander, and there are large amounts of steel clad bulls in this lair. Let's go around it! Chen Gu, don't shoot. If a steel clad bull attacks, remember, kill it instantly. Don't let the steel clad bull call its comrades’’.

’’Yes, captain’’

The other five all nodded.

Unlike the deserted areas outside, the city and the suburbs are much more dangerous.

The six members of the fire hammer squad carefully moved forward along a narrow path.

’’Halt’’ the older sibling of the Wei Jia family, 'Wei Tie', who was in front, raised his hand. He stared seriously in front of him, where a gigantic iron fur boar was lying far away. Beside the boar were two mastiff tiger monsters who had their heads lowered and were feasting on large bites of flesh. Suddenly, the mastiff tiger monster rose its head and looked at the fire hammer squad from far away and became much more cautious.

’’We'll go around, don't do anything’’ said Gao Feng in a small voice.

On the deserted highway, Luo Feng and the others were relaxed;they could kill monsters whenever they felt like it. However, it's different in the city.


After treading carefully on the way, taking at least ten detours, and killing eight regular soldier level monsters instantly, Luo Feng and the others finally arrived at their first destination a small sector in the #0201 country level city, 'Blue Sky Sector'. The reason why the blue sky sector was the fire hammer squad's first target was because there were three residential apartments that were 21 stories high.

’’Go, to the roof’’

’’Everyone be careful, a monster might pop out of who knows where in the building’’

’’Don't make too much noise’’

The six members of the fire hammer squad went along the staircase.

’’Howl~~~’’ a low pitched howl emanated within the building, which made the six members of the fire hammer squad frown. Wei Tie, who was furthest in front, said in a small voice: ’’It should be upstairs, everybody be careful’’. Everybody had their weapon in hand and were prepared to strike. And Chen Gu, who used heated weapons, was being protected in the center.

They went forward one step at a time.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng saw a two meter tall lion mastiff monster suddenly appear from the corner in front. It's fur was long and it looked like a gigantic military SUV. When the lion mastiff monster saw the them, it immediately howled, sending a blood scented wind at them.

The fire hammer squad was going upstairs and the lion mastiff monster dived at them with the energy gained from its gigantic body.


Wei Tie and Wei Qing in the front had almost identical movements. With a shield in one hand and a scimitar in the other, they charged forward at the same time and barely grazed the lion mastiff monster's body. As their bodies grazed past each other, the scimitars drew curved lines that passed through the joints of the lion mastiff's front claws.

The brothers Wei Tie and Wei Qing used the exact same technique!

This caused the front two claws of the lion mastiff monster to stagger and fall onto the stairs. At this time, spear 'Zhang Ke', who was behind Wei Tie and Wei Qing, instantly moved forward. His alloyed spear carried a metallic sound with it as he pierced the lion mastiff monster's head.

PU-CHI! The spear instantly pierced through the lion mastiff monster's eyes and went through its head!

’’ROAR~~’’ The lion mastiff monster unconsciously stepped forward twice and then fell powerlessly.

The cooperation between Wei Qing, Wei Tie, and Zhang Ke was indeed marvelous! The first two took care of the lion mastiff's front limbs to make it lose its balance, which was immediately followed up by Zhang Ke's spear for a one hit kill! Zhang ke was horrifyingly accurate with his spear, he actually pierced right through the eye.


In the process of climbing up the staircase, the fire hammer squad encountered three monsters, which was considered quite lucky. Out of these three monsters, one of them actually charged up from the ground level. At that time, Luo Feng and Gao Feng were at the back of the team, so naturally it was Luo Feng who had to cleanly kill the G level monster.


After exiting the staircase, the six members of the fire hammer squad arrived at the rooftop of the 21 story residential apartment.

’’Shut the door to the staircase, shut it completely freaking tight!’’ commanded Gao Feng, ’’Stop any monsters from running up here to the rooftop’’.


Luo Feng and Zhang Ke went to close the steel doors of the staircase, and found a steel rod to jam the door.

’’Phew, we can finally loosen up a bit’’ a rare smile appeared on Zhang Ke's face. He directly sat on his bottom on the roof and took out some high carb food and water.

’’Everyone brought their binoculars right’’ said Gao Feng, ’’Everyone take out their binoculars and look down from the roof and try to find a commander level monster! Remember, don't expose your body too much;it'll be a bit troublesome if a monster discovers you!’’. However, it was actually very safe on the rooftop.

The residential apartment was 21 stories high, so most of the monsters couldn't climb up from the outside anyway.

Even if a commander level monster commands the monsters to slaughter their way up, how wide is the staircase? The threat wasn't large. The fire hammer squad has enough time to completely escape.

’’Start searching for a commander level monster’’

’’Yo guys, time to start finding some monsters’’

Luo Feng also took out his binoculars from his bag, and some supporting tools like screws. Everyone brought them, since they weren't heavy.

He squatted onto the side of the roof and looked down onto the street. There were large amounts of monsters everywhere he looked: ’’The city area has at least ten or a hundred times more monsters’’. And on one of the streets, one glance showed that there were at least hundreds of monsters walking forward.

Even a warlord level fighter has a slim chance of escaping alive from hundreds of normal monsters.

’’Captain, these are all soldier level monsters’’

’’I don't see any commander level monsters here either’’

Five of the members, including the captain, were all holding their binoculars and looking down from the roof at different spots. Only when standing on a high location could you see far. On the roof of a 21 story residential apartment, you can see really far, and also see many monsters.

’’KA!’’ a steel case opened. The only member of the fire hammer squad who wasn't using a binocular, Chen Gu, opened the steel case. Other than large amounts of ammunition, there was another long, rectangular shaped wooden case in the steel case. In the wooden case, there were a few mechanical parts, which Chen Gu swiftly assembled.

A moment later

A silverish gray heavy sniper rifle that was nearly two meters long was assembled. It's optical aimer device and other things were also completely assembled.

Chen Gu put special bullets into the clip, for a total of ten bullets.

’’Captain, notify me if you find a commander level monster’’ said Chen Gu.

’’Yup, you can first sleep for a bit and rest yourself. Leave the search for the commander level monster to us’’ nodded Gao Feng, while at the same time commanding the others, ’’Guys, focus and don't miss anything’’. This was the easiest way to hunt for a commander level monster in the city. Staying at a high location lets you see farther.

This is ten to a hundred times faster than searching for a commander level monster on the streets, and also much safer.

Luo Feng, Zhang Ke, the Wei Jia brothers and Gao Feng, the five of them held their binoculars and carefully looked below, while Chen Gu narrowed his eyes and went to sleep while holding his heavy sniper rifle.


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