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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 20



Year 2056, October 7th, Saturday, the day where the five members of the fire hammer squad agreed to meet at the HR alliance market.


A coupe with beautiful curves that gave off an air of elegance slowly drove into the HR alliance market's plaza and stopped directly in front of the gate to the HR skyscraper's lobby. Luo Feng, who was wearing a casual shirt, got off the car with Chen Gu. The doorman greeted them as they entered the first floor of the building.

’’Alright, please wait sir’’.

Luo Feng just stepped into the lobby and, with a glance, saw the professional Xu Xin in a white shirt at the far away bar smiling as she chatted with some fighters. She couldn't help but to notice a shadow approaching the bar and, with a closer look, joy appeared in Xu Xin's eyes.

’’Luo Feng’’ yelled Xu Xin as she smiled.

’’Xu Xin’’ Luo Feng smiled as he was next to the bar, ’’Give me a cup of pu-er tea. Oh yea, do you have time? For us old students to chat?’’.

Xu Xin hesitated for a bit and then laughed as she asked the other waiter. She then walked out of the bar as she laughed: ’’There aren't too many guests here today. Luo Feng, let's go chat over there’’. At this time, Chen Gu, who was sitting on a couch far away, gave Luo Feng a big thumbs up.

In a quiet corner of the bar, Luo Feng and Xu Xin sat face to face.

’’Luo Feng, when did you come back from the wilderness? Did you just get back?’’ Xu Xin sat quietly as she held a tea cup. The green tea caused the transparent cup to give off a green light.

’’I've been back for a while’’ answered Luo Feng.

Xu Xin let out a smile and couldn't help but to laugh as she said: ’’You've been back for so long and you didn't even come to see your old classmate. Or could it be..... you're looking down on me? You're the only person in my senior class that became a fighter, so I want to brag about you when you become famous one day’’.

’’Haha, Xu Xin, which college are you at now?’’ asked Luo Feng.

Luo Feng and Xu Xin, the two sat here as they chatted freely. They talked about some of the things going on in their lives right now. Even though Luo Feng had a crush on Xu Xin, which Xu Xin was aware of..... none of the two brought up that topic. They just sat here and chatted normally and quietly.

Luo Feng himself was quite satisfied with chatting normally.

At this time, a youth wearing a black shirt and black trousers walked out of the elevator. He glanced at the corner of the bar and saw Xu Xin and Luo Feng.

’’Who's Xin talking to?’’ frowned the youth as he looked carefully, ’’It seems to be..... Luo Feng who was an elite student in Xu Xin's high school senior class?’’. He knew a lot about those in Xu Xin's high school and has looked over the data on the famous ones like Luo Feng and Zhang Hao Bai.

The youth let out a cold smile: ’’Xin has brought up Luo Feng at home when we were eating before. Looks like they have some sort of relationship’’.

The youth quietly sat on the other side of the bar.

Luo Feng was having a good time as he chatted with Xu Xin, but it seemed that someone from the bar was calling Xu Xin's name. Xu Xin stood up and apologized: ’’Sorry, Luo Feng, I need to work now’’.

’’Don't mind me’’ laughed Luo Feng.

’’Xin, is this your friend?’’ at this time, a man's voice rang. Luo Feng turned his head and saw a handsome youth who looked kind of similar to Xu Xin. The youth stood on the side as he smiled towards Xu Xin and then towards Luo Feng. Xu Xin was joyfully shocked: ’’Brother, you came to the market today too. Yes, this is my old classmate, Luo Feng. Brother, I need to go work now, so you can chat with Luo Feng’’.

’’Alright, go ahead’’ laughed the youth as he nodded, and then he turned his head towards Luo Feng, ’’Hello, Luo Feng. let me introduce myself. I am Xu Xin's brother, Xu Gang’’.


If he can get Xu Xin, wouldn't this guy be his brother-in-law?

’’Hello’’ Luo Feng stood up to shake the other person's hand.

’’Hello, Luo Feng’’ laughed Xu Gang as he sat down, ’’I've heard of your name a long time ago in my sister's high school and that there were only three elite members and that you were one of them! And I also heard from my sister that you're officially a fighter now?’’

Luo Feng laughed as he nodded.

’’Ah, how amazing, an 18 year old fighter’’ praised Xu Gang, and then laughed, ’’Wasn't my sister quite low-key in school?’’

’’Yea, no one could tell that her family is super rich’’ laughed Luo Feng. Xu Xin was indeed quite plain and quiet back then.

A smile bloomed on Xu Gang's face: ’’Haha, well, my grandfather is worried about the madam of the family becoming spoiled. So he let her attend a normal school instead of an elite school so that she could be together with the general population and live with them! Now that I see it, my sister has indeed performed quite well’’.

Luo Feng frowned a little, madam of the family? He already knew that Xu Xin was the madam of the Xu family.

’’Didn't my sister tell you about her family's circumstances?’’ asked Xu Gang in a confused tone.

’’She didn't, but I know. The Xu family’’ smiled Luo Feng calmly, ’’One of the 12 families of the HR alliance in the country-’’ Luo Feng understood the meaning behind Xu Gang's words. Xu Gang didn't say it himself, but used another topic to bring this subject out

Xu Xin is the madam of the Xu family!

’’Oh, so you know’’ said Xu Gang thankfully, ’’Actually, even a large family like us has a large family's troubles. For example, sometimes we can't marry who we want to. Right now, quite a bit of gifted young men are going after my sister. Like Wang Xing Ping from Kyoto city, and the intermediate level warlord level fighter from our Jiang-Nan city that is just 21 years old, 'Guo Hai'’’.

Luo Feng was startled.

Others going after Xu Xin?

’’That Guo Hai is quite cheeky’’ insulted Xu Gang as he shook his head, ’’Isn't he just a warlord level fighter? What does he think he's playing at. Our Xu family has quite the position on even an international level. How can we let the madam of our family marry an unpromising fighter? Maybe that fighter will just die in the wilderness someday’’.

Luo Feng frowned.

’’Luo Feng, don't you agree? Fighters walk on the border of life and death, so they have a high chance of dying. How can I let the madam of our family marry a fighter, right?’’ laughed Xu Gang as he asked. After seeing Luo Feng's expression, he laughed as he said, ’’Oh, don't get the wrong idea. I'm not talking about you’’.

Luo Feng was in an extremely bad mood.

Not talking about me?

This Xu Gang just has to bring this specific topic up, which is giving him a clear message The madam of his Xu family has no chance of marrying a fighter that could just die to anything. So, Luo Feng, you better not get ahead of yourself.

’’Actually’’ said Xu Gang thankfully, ’’Compared to that, I prefer that Wang Xing Ping more. Wang Xing Ping is the young master of the Wang family in Kyoto. The Wang family is also in control of large amounts of wealth. If he just stays home and gives the command, quite a bit of fighters will work for him, so he doesn't have to risk his own life’’.

’’As a brother, I want my sister to live a stable life’’ sighed Xu Gang, ’’Compared to a fighter, young masters with large amounts of wealth are the perfect match for my sister’’.


’’For example, families like my Xu family and the Wang family, which one doesn't have a crowd of warlord level fighters under them? And I don't even have to mention the numerous warrior level fighters’’ laughed Xu Gang as he shook his head. Xu Gang clearly doesn't care much about fighters. He cares even less about warrior level fighters.

He has the capital to do so!

As one of the 12 families of the HR alliance, they indeed have a large amount of warlord level fighters and an extremely massive amount of warrior level fighters.

’’Luo Feng’’ a sound carried from far away.

Luo Feng turned his head and looked. Captain Gao Feng and the Wei Jia brothers have arrived and were sitting next to Chen Gu. Luo Feng laughed as he yelled: ’’Captain, I'm coming now’’.

’’Young master Xu Gang’’ Luo Feng laughed as he looked at Xu Gang.

’’Hm?’’ Xu Gang let out a smile.

Actually, after saying that much, Xu Gang believed that his message has been clearly sent to the other person. His family even belittles a 21 year old intermediate level warlord level fighter. So you, Luo Feng, a rookie fighter should know his place and stop bothering my sister.

’’Young master Xu Gang, your Xu family sure is great, being able to control a crowd of warlord level fighters’’ smiled Luo Feng, ’’However, I wonder if your Xu family can command a wargod fighter at will?’’.

Xu Gang froze.

Wargod? How many of those are in Jiang-Nan city? His Xu family does have a wargod level fighter, but that's just because the Xu family is coaxing that fighter with large amounts of money.

’’I wonder if your Xu family would be able to meet an existence that surpasses a wargod?’’ followed Luo Feng.

Xu Gang's face became even worse.

An existence that surpasses the wargod level, like the strongest fighter, 'Hong'. An existence that equals an entire army. Even if his family wants to meet the strongest fighter on earth, they don't have the right to. And don't even talk about trying to equal them.

Compared to ’’Hong’’ and ’’Thunder God’’, the Xu family is just like an ant!

’’Young master Xu Gang, we count as friends, so I'll remind you..... don't look down on fighters’’ Luo Feng looked at Xu Gang. Xu Gang treated him with no respect, so why should Luo Feng respect him?

After saying that, Luo Feng turned his head and walked away.

The cold air from the lobby's air conditioner was calming while the soft music was flowing like a river. However, there was fire in Luo Feng's heart, ’’For example, families like my Xu family and the Wang family, which one doesn't have a crowd of warlord level fighters under them? And I don't even have to mention the numerous warrior level fighters’’. Xu Gang's words repeated over and over again in Luo Feng's head.

’’Xu Gang!’’

’’Didn't you say all of this to get me to back off and stop going after your sister?’’ Luo Feng's gaze was cold, ’’Don't worry, I, Luo Feng, will definitely reach the peak of the fighters! A fighter that is treated equal by a government's army! At that time, I'll have your Xu family accept me with smiling faces!’’

Of course, he'll go after Xu Xin......

However, he'll have the Xu family accept him with smiling faces and a low profile as they do!

’’Fighters, are the ultimate power of the world!’’

’’The so called super families, in front of the strongest fighters, are just scum!’’

In this moment!

The noon of year 2056, October 7th!

Luo Feng's first contact with Xu Gang caused his ambition to begin!


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