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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 2



’’Luo Feng, this is your first battle, so don't get cocky. These monsters are much more ferocious than the ones they breed in the military’’ Chen Gu solemnly reminded. Luo Feng laughed, he knew brother Chen was worried about him. In this fire hammer squadron, he is definitely closer with Chen Gu and Zhang Ke, who are also in the Ming-Yue sector.

As for captain Gao Feng and Wei Jia brothers....

Since he was new and wasn't familiar with them, it was going to be hard to get Gao Feng and his group's recognition.

’’Good luck, Luo Feng. With your current speed and reaction speed, you're just at the level of an 'Advanced Fighter'. Your power is also nearing that level too. There should be no problem facing this horned boar’’ Spear Zhang Ke, surprisingly, also gave some words of encouragement.

The other three, captain Gao Feng and the Wei Jia brothers, watched Luo Feng.


Luo Feng pulled out his ghost blade. With his left hand holding his shield and his right hand holding his ghost blade, he smiled: ’’Captain, brother Chen, watch me get that horned boar's horn’’. As he said that, Luo Feng rushed towards it.

They watched Luo Feng go.

’’Captain, don't you think giving Luo Feng a rank F horned boar is expecting too much out of him for his first fight?’’ Chen Gu couldn't help but to say, ’’Even though our fire hammer squad should test him, we have to do it step by step. It'll be better if we get a rank G monster instead’’

’’Yeah, we can't rush this’’ Zhang Ke also spoke.

’’There's no problem with the captain's arrangements’’ The older of the Wei Jia brothers, 'Wei Tie', said lowly, ’’Luo Feng's body fitness level isn't inferior to that beast. Even though it is a bit difficult, he should be able to win with a bit of suffering and pain’’.

’’But this is his first time entering the wilderness’’ Zhang Ke wasn't convinced.

’’So what if it's his first time? I don't want him to become a burden. Or else, how are we supposed to hunt some stronger monsters with a rookie?’’ Wei Qing frowned on the side.

At this time

Out of the five veteran members of the fire hammer squad, Chen Gu and Zhang Ke were clearly on Luo Feng's side, while the Wei Jia brothers were suspicious of him.

’’Stop arguing’’ Gao Feng spoke.

Chen Gu and the others quieted down.

’’Watch, talk after watching Luo Feng's battle with the horned boar’’ Gao Feng said expressionlessly.


Like a nimble jaguar, Luo Feng raced to the back of a flipped car on the highway. From there, he looked towards the horned boar that wasn't too far away. All the hairs on the boar were black, and each hair was like a black needle. And its horn was like an edged blade!

Under the light of the evening sun, the horn's edge reflected a freezing coldness.

If the iron fur boar in the fighter combat exam was like a heavy, savage hummer, then this horned boar is a flexible, sturdy existence!

’’This is my first battle, so I need to put on a good show’’

’’I was only able to join the fire hammer squad because of two reasons: Chief instructor Zhu Ge's request, but more importantly, brother Chen and brother Zhang's help’’. Luo Feng was clear on one point: it was very hard for a rookie to join an elite fighter squad. Captain Gao Feng and the Wei Jia brothers are clearly suspicious of me, so I need to prove myself with this battle!

Luo Feng stared at the horned boar, who was currently searching for prey.

The three levels, H, G, F, are the titles for low level soldier, medium level soldier, and high level soldier, respectively. Clearly, the horned boar in front was nearing the F level.


The horned boar roared and scanned the surrounding with its murderous stare.

’’It found me’’. Luo Feng's heart rate increased, and he was a bit excited.

[BOOM!] The horned boar flew ferociously towards him, like a high speed tank. It directly rammed into the 'flipped hummer' that was in front of Luo Feng. Luo Feng dashed away like a nimble monkey, and with a boom, the hummer was blasted away and rolled several times on the highway. The hummer that has been exposed to the sun and wind for several decades immediately split up, and the tires rolled on the highway for a while until they stopped.

Within a moment of dodging, Luo Feng headed straight towards the horned boar.

’’Die, scum!’’ howled Luo Feng.

Like lightning, he shot towards the horned boar, and the ghost blade in his hand instantly flashed towards the horned boar's head. It seemed like the horned boar that just rammed the hummer didn't have enough time to dodge, but right when Luo Feng approached it


A black shadow headed straight towards Luo Feng's brain.

’’So fast’’. Luo Feng was startled, and with a step of his foot, he barely managed to twist his body to evade the black shadow. This black shadow was the horned boar's tail, which was like a steel whip!

’’Puff!’’ ’’Puff!’’

After retracting its tail, the horned boar soared nimbly, and flew straight towards Luo Feng. Its rough, steel hooves and its sharp, blade-like horn were headed straight at him.

’’F*k, this boar is too damn fast’’ Luo Feng stepped back again and he raised the shield in his hand.


The shield and the horned boar's hooves collided ferociously. In the moment of collision, Luo Feng used the rebounding force to go into a dive, where he rolled on the floor to divert the force. The horned boar chased right after him, and Luo Feng rolled to a broken truck and, with a dart, got behind the truck.

With the truck blocking, the horned boar's lunge wasn't able to achieve its desired effect.


After watching this scene from afar, the five members of the fire hammer squad all slightly nodded.

’’Captain, Luo Feng has good reflexes doesn't he’’ laughed Chen Gu.

Captain Gao Feng smiled as he nodded: ’’He is good. I thought he would have a hard time with this horned boar on his first time! I didn't think his reflexes would be so good. His basic skills are pretty good too, his shield block was done skillfully, and his movements flowed like water. This Luo Feng didn't even receive any injury from the barrage of attacks from the horned boar! Good!’’

The Wei Jia brothers' cold expressions finally loosened up a bit.

’’Wei Tie, Wei Qing, Luo Feng's good ain't he’’ Zhang Ke let out a smile too.

’’This battle isn't over yet, so we still can't tell’’ said Wei Tie coldly.

The five members of the fire hammer squad continued watching the battle between Luo Feng and the horned boar.


Luo Feng was concentrating extremely hard, and thought to himself: ’’This horned boar is so sinister;he purposefully made me think it was weak at the beginning. And then it suddenly used its tail to attack me and then rushed me with its hooves and horn. Along with the final crazy dash..... it chained all of these into a combo. Thankfully I've been practicing the

《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》these past few days, so I have more precise control over all of my strength!’’

He has been practicing the Nine Stage Thunder Blade this past month.

It seems that Luo Feng will need to use some of his spiritual force to be able to get out of the horned boar's barrage unscathed.

[ROAR~~] The horned boar howled, it didn't foolishly collide into the truck, but it jumped over it and rushed straight towards Luo Feng.

’’Scum, this time, you're dead!’’

Luo Feng ferociously kicked the tire next to him, and as if it was launched by a trebuchet, it flew straight towards the horned boar. The horned boar didn't slow down at all;it merely lowered its head slightly. The horn on its head, whose sharpness had no rival, split the tire in half, which then fell apart and dropped.

Luo Feng headed straight towards the horned boar after kicking the tire.

[ROAR~~] Right after hitting the tire away, the horned boar turned its head and directed its horn towards Luo Feng.


At this moment, Luo Feng made a flexible turn like a butterfly and just barely evaded the horn. While turning, the ghost blade in Luo Feng's hand, with help from the rotational energy, slashed instantly! The ghost blade then picked up even more speed during the slash!


As fast as lightning, the spinning blade directly hacked into the head of the horned boar. Luo Feng could clearly feel the rigidness and toughness of the hair of the horned boar. No regular bullet could pierce through this hair.

Fresh, red blood leaked out, and after cutting into 5 cm of the boar's head, Luo Feng's blade couldn't go any deeper.

[HOWL~~]The horned boar howled crazily, and ferociously turned its head to ram into Luo feng.

The injured horned boar, became even more fierce!



’’Such agile technique!’’

The Wei Jia brothers' faces were filled with shock.

’’He could dodge the horn of the horned boar so delicately!’’, exclaimed the older sibling 'Wei Tie', ’’Incredible. And he dared to turn in front of the horned boar's horn like that. Wasn't he afraid of the horned boar's 'horn' piercing through his body? Amazing. Is this bullshit luck, or does he actually have skill?’’

The turn seemed simple, but it revealed Luo Feng's astonishing technique.


’’Beautiful’’ Chen Gu and Zhang Ke couldn't help but to praise.

’’This kid, has strength’’ laughed Gao Feng with a smile, ’’In such a dangerous situation, he dared to do such a thing and was even successful. His technique is not average! His timing was also good, but..... this boar's life force is incredibly strong. Killing this horned boar is no easy task’’

The five members of the fire hammer squad, including the Wei Jia brothers, all let out a smile.

The five of them continued to watch from far away, the battle between Luo Feng and the crazed horned boar!


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